Friday, April 30, 2010


Genre, as my year 12 extension english teacher constantly taught me, is a fickle thing. Never staying in the one place, with fashion dictating what goes where and when. What makes a great piece of art is the ability to go beyond trend and produce timeless pieces that are not dictated by anything but the artists intent, which is in turn malleable. This applies to all forms of art - not just crappy extension english novels but also obviously music. 

Two artists here are proven strong to turn against the tide of what their genre should be, and produce tracks that are original, unique and special not only for their sounds, but for the fact that they are what (some people say) they shouldn't be. Dubstep has become popular on the back of electro bangers, with people now expecting these cracked out intense ear-piercing things that are being dropped in way too much excess. But now artists are recognizing and utilizing restraint, and the results are truly awesome. 

I dont know anything about Jackman trouble. He is definitely under CatznDogz' new label 'Pets Recording' which is looking very solid in 2010, but thats about it. The label head even said that they didn't know what he looks like, only that he's a top secret artist from Poland. Nice mystery going there! Anyway Pets Recs is a digital label pushing young sounds from Poland. 'Light Again' is the #003 release with a few more in the pipelines over the coming months. 

Jackname Trouble - Light Again EP (beatport link - BUY IT!!!!!)

On another side of the world, JOKER has been doing great things with some MAJOR KEY (note: not minor) productions, held-back dubstep numbers that are quite atmospheric and really just great. I'll let the tunes speak for themselves yeah?? Perfect! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

LEVINS aka Levdawg aka Andrew aka the artist formaly known as Sleater Brockman aka the Jammiest Jammer to ever Jam in Sydney (breathes....) is a very busy man. Between his charity work with Heaps Decent, his radio-show every tuesday on FBi, his consistantly eclectic (and seriously fucking fun) dj sets (occasionally alongside Ro Sham Bo) and his continous quest to attain culinary nirvana, he also finds time to record some super awesome mixes built from every region of the globe. His latest is the only thing on my iPod at the moment, however if I needed it to be, it could last for months - its just so damn cool. Its full of lots of unreleased/yet to be released stuff and snippets of auditory awesomeness that you don't catch every day. Download it!



WARD 21 never sell out - Awesome dancehall/uk goodness.

CHRISTIAN MARTIN ghosts - Creepy atmosphere, incredible production and extremely original.

WAFA ewid disco - Seen here before: bastardised italo banger. Just great!

DVA ganja - SO COOL! - has vibe for days!

DJ TAMIEL back it up & dump it part 2

DEADBOY if u want me - One of my favourites for 2010 - just listen. It actually made my heart skip a beat. Its got this weird effect that actually makes you feel.

HOT CHIP feat BONNIE PRINCE BILLY i feel bonnie - This is pure brilliance. Its the middle ground between hot chip's party asthetics and their deeper, more meaningful tracks. 10/10

KINGDOM mindreader (TODD EDWARDS remix) - What to say? great remix, but that goes for everything related to this track.

ROSKA squark - Yep. Awesome.

G-SIDE feat DJ CUNTA bandz - Nice glitchy/bassy/rap track. Very cool.

ZERO 7 everything up (JOKER & GINZ remix) - Heavy!

JESSICA MAUBOY burn (STENCHMAN remix) - I love good remixes of crappy/pop songs, and this does it perfectly. Awesome dubstep re-edit. Big fan!

GUCCI MANE lemonade - this is THE track of this mix. 20/10.

Levins enjoys cooking up auditory storms just as much as culinary ones, and has been noted to whip up 5-star gourmet treats in the time it takes you to read the recipe. His old blog used to post some mad food stuffs, but his new site is even better and does recipe run downs on all different food groups. So far burgers and pizzas, but they always have crazy twists. He has also kindly donated time to cook tasty things for his + Kato's Wamp Wamp parties at Goodgod. Said treats are known to be a bigger spectacle than the parties themselves.

Being such a food obsessive I expected some pretty cool fruit suggestions from the man and I am not dissapointed. Levins has nominated ACHAHA as his exotic fruit of choice because they taste like Sorbet and a clearly as tropical as balls.

Achaha is native to Bolivia in the Amazon, and is known to be difficult to (commercially) cultivate. It has been grown natively for centuries and is a highly prized item in local tribes. It is a cousin to the mangosteen, which has been previously mentioned here. The name Achaha directly translates to 'Honey Kiss' if that helps for a taste description. Interestingly, once picked, the fruit is 'locked' in its growth and can hold for weeks without going bad, but its so damn good thats not really a problem. Can be eaten room temp, cold or frozen, and according to Levins the skins can be made into juice (check below for the recipe!). Its seasonal, only being available in the summer at select fruit markets so check your hood.

Cheers to levdawg for both these pieces of tropical wonderment.

Achachi Skin Drink Recipe:

Washed skins from 12 Achachas (skins can be collected and stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week)
2 litres water
1/2 cup honey or 1/2 cup raw sugar dissolved in 1 cup boiling water
Fresh mint leaves (optional)

1. Place the Achacha skins in a blender or food processor and blend with 1 litre of water.
2. Add the honey or sugar syrup and the other 1 litre of water.
3. Place in a jug and leave in the refrigerator overnight.
4. Strain the drink, and keep chilled until ready to drink.
5. Serve with fresh mint leaves if desired. You can also serve with lime wedges or add some rum for a refreshing alcoholic drink!

posted by me, who the fuck else writes on here?????

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Okay well my laptop is still at apple retreat, last time I heard it went canooing in the camp lake - but i'm at a friends house for a super cool post about a super cool audio ting.

As you would have read (someone is reading this right?) the next United Colours featuring master of bass K-K-K-ingdom is coming up real soon (like this saturday soon holy shit!) and its going to be absolutely huge. Not only is it premiering an absolute star of the future but also a new venue (The Black Boater) and the best support crew in Oz so get involved and buy a ticket here.

As a preview to get you HEAPS excited - queen of colours and all around purveyor of radness Bad Ezzy (of the Hoops!) has made a nifty little promo mix. Nifty aint really the right word - bassed up, banging, scorching, party starting and tropical goodness-ing are all pretty useful terms. It's a bit of a homage to Kingdoms myriad of styles and a total teaser for Saturday Night. However to simplify it down a bit, Ya'll should download this because its just plain sick.

Everybody’s Bleeding (Kingdom remix feat. Shyvonne) - Egyptrixx
Pistol In Your Pocket - Hackman
Hey Cutie - Rusko
Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom remix) - Marcus Price & Carli
Dancing On Me - Telephoned feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore
Different (Kingdom remix ft. Jazmine Sullivan) - Lil Silva
Neighbourhood 09 (Roska remix) - Zed Bias feat. McRumpus and Nicky Prince
Mercy Time - The 2 Bears
Upside Down - David Keno
Get Up (Guido mix) - Pinch feat. Yolanda
Burn (Stenchman remix) - Jessica Mauboy

As a new part of this site, I am asking any contributing artist to the blog to tell their favourite exotic fruit and why. This has become my favourite part of writing this site. Bad Ezzy has provided her favourite all time fruit to be Jakfruit. Her reason being that when she was young (and just named Moderatly Rebellious Ezzy) she went to Indo with her fam and ate her weight in the stuff. Ezz says: "its a combination of Pineapple and Banana - what more could you want!?

I have to agree there, but what she failed to mention is that Jakfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world, hardly being less than 25 cm in diameter. It is native to South East Asia and is the national fruit of Bangladesh. Interestingly, the tree is considered an invasive species in Brazil, as the native animals pick up its fruit and disperse its seeds across native forests. Personally if my country was over run with these, I wouldn't feel so bad about it....

Heres a photo of a dog with Jakfruit....

F+B = fun

Monday, April 26, 2010


hey ya'll,

My laptop is having some self esteem issues and is off to the apple repair store for some well deserved R+R. I promise I will write heaps when it comes back, should be a week or so!!

Sorry guys!!!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to the Renaissance

Renaissance Man are sweet. This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but the first song I ever heard ever in a nightclub ever, out of every track I will ever hear wherever I go, was 'What is Guru?' played by Kato this time last year, about 6 months before it was released. Like wow. Anyway since then they have fully just smashed the year with some crazy crazy tracks that are sitting quite nicely in the new found era of Sound Pellegrino sounds - too banging to be minimal, too minimal to be banging. I saw them live back in november and it was really really good, just too bad it was at a festival outside with heaps of too loose kids. They still played awesome tune likes Roud Table Knights Calypso before it was even mastered! 

They have a whole bunch of new stuffs coming out soon which sound really awesome. I love the track names, the track sounds, the track everything. Scat Track sounds incredible, as do the other ones. This is very exciting times indeed, so have a listen and tell your friends, they need to come back soon!  

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I have always been on the fence when it comes to Moombahton. I love hip hop, I love slower tempo stuff, I love deh faster ting, but something about that 108 bpm on electro monsters just didn't work out for me. BUT, seeing as though Moombahton has totally blown up over the world we're starting to see a whole heap of dedicated Moombahton ORIGINALS as opposed to slowed down dutch tracks. Songs made especially for the timing and the slowness. 

Munchi is a producer out of the netherlands who has dipped into baltimore, dubstep and all sorts of other funky madness, and has now decided to jump right into M-tone for a FREE promo EP. These are pretty awesome I must say, very bassy and bleepy, making up for the lack of speed with a focus on shit-loss inducing bass and synth lines. Very nice!!! 

Dave Nada's coming to Aus in june. This is THE night of 2010 for me as he is my favourite DJ ever, but when more details come up I will explain, elaborate and exemplify. In the meantime...enjoy! 

Munchi - Moombahton Promo  Click Picture for Link! (oficially gaining html skillz that killz)

1. La Brasilena ta Montao
2. Metele Bellaco
3. Pepe Volvio
4. Sandungueo
5. Vamo A Darle Slow (Toma Essa Porra VIP)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rose Apples = Danger Ting!

You guys might not know this, but the common Apple is actually a member of the Rose family. I don't know why. I don't even think thats cool. I think that falls under the useless things to know alongside tomatos being a fruit and the name of every album by Korn (see what I did there?). That being said, the Rose Apple actually looks pretty decent. Originating in South India, the Syzygium Jambos can now be found on almost every continent on the planet, and is known for its strange pear shaped fruit that tastes like weak apple and rose water.  

Wikipedia had this interesting tidbit to ad. Take it away boys! 

"In ancient Sanskrit, the land now called India was referred to by the ancient Indians themselves as Jambudvipa, which is one of the ancient names of India (another being Bhaarata, amongst many others) and for a cursory glance could be mistakenly interpreted as Roseappleland (jambu= rose apple; dvipa = land). This however might be incorrect, as a slight familiarity with some of the epics would show - Jaambuvanta for example was an ancient king who helped Raama in his fight for justice against kidnapping of his wife, and one of the wives of Krschna was daughter of (perhaps another) king Jaambuvanta; the said king, Jaambuvanta represents an evolutionary rung and resemblance to a giant bear. Needless to say his name has nothing to do with this fruit, rose apple, as far as anyone knows - the rose apple is not that well known in north as it would be if this were the case." 

Well there you have it. Rose Apples kidnapped the queen of India and resembles giant Bears. Nice!

Nope I dont see it either...


Some super new exciting news, the details on the latest UNITED COLOURS party have finally been unveiled, with a seriously crazy headliner revealed by the name of Kingdom. 
Kingdom is a serious contender as a leader of the future of dance music, creating these jams that are so unique and original, packed to the brim with bass and lo-fi ethereal hooks. If anything, his music crosses the barrier between dance and 'listening' music, mainly due to his perfected rhythms and melody patterns, of which none have gone un-noticed. Currently releasing within A-Trak's Fools Gold family in New York, Kingdom has remixed Kid Sister, L-Vis 1990 and Blackbox, which totally trump all the originals in a huge way. Whatever way you look at it, the man has style. As a HUGE bonus he's supported by the entire United Colors crew aka Kato, Bad Ezzy, Wax Motif, Charlie Chux and Wedding Ring Fingers, who just happen to be the coolest hip hop jammers in the city. Yep, awesome. 

Anyway for those who read about the crazy Solo-ness of the last United Colors party you should know how good this will be and how badly you need to get your faces down there. Its at a new venue called the Black Boater (cool/ominous name) on Wentworth Ave just round the corner of Oxford St. This new place is apparently boasting a converted warehouse setting (how Sydney of them...), but also a heart, soul, drinks menu and staff policy that will hopefully work out to be an awesome new place for Sydney to sink its heart into. Personally, the chance to check out one of dance musics future superstars in such an intimate setting alongside the coolest party team/support acts to exist in Sydney is a pretty mad idea. Bang it! 

Oh you want tickets???? - Of course you do. Buy em off Moshtix here!!!!!!!!! 

oh ps. YEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Heres some Kingdom tracks to get you PUMPED. 

Ro Sham Pew Pew!

So remember the other day when I was writing about that Ro Sham Bo survivor mix that wasn't available on the internet because certain file sharing sites SUCK? Welllll one of my Sydney dj heroes LEVINS of the guys has very kindly re-uploaded the mix for everyone to see. What a dude!

The Ro Sham Bo survivor mix of July 2009 was definitely one of my favorites for the year, and was used to promote a party they used to throw by the same name. Lots of tropics and ghetto bass. I don't know what happened to the party, but the mix has certainly dominated my itunes play count, and got me into a whole bunch of new musicz that introduced me to a whole new world of genres and artists and clubs and everything. I have a lot to thank for this mix.  
The really really cool thing about this is that despite its july-09 creation, its full of artists and tracks that are really only getting mainstream/blog/club recognition today. Artists like Chuckie and Emvee and Hot City and other peeps that hadn't had their first big hit at this point, but Ro Sham Bo knew and gave them a chance, and now these are getting massive plays today from a lot of trendsetters. I think thats beautiful, and so is this. Enjoy yo!!!! 


BUSY SIGNAL like a shaker
ROSKA gone to a better place
CHUCKIE drop low
EMVEE glitch dub
DJ BIGGA boeke anthem
JUSTIN MARTIN my angelic demons
MJ COLE gotta have it (MJ's funky dub)
NB FUNKY riddim box
NB FUNKY remix box
KYLA do you mind (CRAZY COUSINZ remix)
DJ NG tell me
HOT CITY no more
DVA god made me funky (remix)
ZED BIAS neighbourhood 09

Friday, April 16, 2010

00o0o0o0o0o we love local produce in all senses of the term, and Melbournes Mat Cant has it in melonloads. He also runs my arch-blogomy scattermusic (only because its so farking good) and works freelance club demolitions in Melbourne and occasionally other Australian habitats. He just put out a super sexy mix full of all these mad UK club tunes, which is just beyond sick. Includes a lot found right here on this site AND is mixed with impossible groove. Get on it! 

Mat Cant - The Mix That Can! (picture is direct link!! - im getting better at blogging by the day!)

He also has lovingly nominated todays fruit to be the Cantaloupe, his reasoning being that it rhymes with antelope and tastes like heaven. The fact it has his DJ name in it might have something to do with it. Either way, the Cantelope (aka ROCKMELON...oh yeah now you understand) originated in India, but have been grown throughout history in both Egypt and Italy, before being introduced to North America by Christopher Colombus. In my opinion, the best way to eat this is wrapped in prosciutto. SO GOOD.  

Anyway the similarity between Antelope and Cantaloupe ends in the name, as I discovered with this visual aid. 

.....also, as an added bonus for my 5 loyal readers, Mat, being such a generous guy also provided us with his new remix of Paz, enjoy. 

Sticky provides beats and bass for the UK's illest MC's to pretty dope effect. He's also responsible for some pretty mad remixes, or he calls them versions. I think thats cool, I think he's cool, not to mention the fact that he looks like a fucking PIMP.  check him out yourself and brace for some maaaaaaaad. 

Zombies For Money - Kolkata (Sticky Version) - (ripped from mix- tuuuuune!) 

Everybody likes a nice segue, so Zombies For Money is/are (im not good with those heaps difficult english decisions) made up  of DJ Malvaia and DJ Klipar, who specialize in no specific genre but just plain awesomeness. Collabing for a whole bunch of original tracks and mixtapes their getting some big support from Mad decent and Trouble and Bass. Cool. 

DFA have a new signing from someone named Michoacan and that makes us all heaps excited. Its a pretty groovy jam, would go nice with toast of a morning. Nice. 

Peeps like RIOT KID make me depressed at how much I havn't done by age 19 (my birthday was last saturday, thankYOU!) The Parisian 18 year old has a string of super tracks and is getting backed by peeps like Sinden, DJ Fame and Mightyfools. If your under 21 these tracks may be full of jealous pangs, but hopefully you can see past it and enjoy his latest. Large! Buy it HEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHERE.

Besides SBTRKT's colab with Sinden mentioned in the last writingz on here, the man is seriously killing it solo with a slew of originals, edits and remixes which defy their originals and blast them with some crazy amount of danceable bass. This is so good its serious. Yewww!

Interactive released their seminal house classic 'Who is Elvis' back in 1991, and has been REVIVED in 2010 for a remix EP. For those of you who checked that video of Solo @ Goodgod on this site, this is the track that is really good and makes you say coooooool. Buy the whole thing here

PS. Just got blog tips from one of my sydney dj heroes. Things are gonna be changin' round here!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Native to Malay Archipelago, Southeast Asia Coming from an evergreen tree, the Rambutan fruit resembles the Lychees, have a leathery red skin and are covered with spines. Rambutan is a popular garden fruit tree and one of the most famous in Southeast Asia. The fruit is sweet and juicy, being commonly found in jams or available canned.



First up, huge apologies. In my quest to find you (I think I have like 5 regular readers now) fully hektik new tracks I overdid it on the downloads and went over my limit. Dial up for 4 days almost killed me, but also gave me time to reflect and find more stuff. I'm so used to having access to all this new music so it's somewhat debilitating when thats taken away from you. All well, hopefully I make up for it. 

BON CHAT, BON RAT have a really good publicist. Their press release has stolen every adjective, verb and noun I could have possibly used to describe the Sydney trio, and as such, I have no choice but to quote it here... 

"Bon Chat, Bon Rat is the debut EP from Sydney band Bon Chat, Bon Rat. Only a year since forming, the electronic noise pop group crafts a hypnotic release for the wide eyed and wild. The trio self-produced and mixed the EP, which encompasses elements of IDM and experimental pop music. With synthesisers and vocals that layer and clutter, chanting guitar loops and frantic rhythms, Bon Chat Bon Rat is as much chaotic and claustrophobic as it is inspiring. By Warping conventional song structures and drawing on innovating instrument use, the result is a bold, mesmerising experience" 

Yep that will just about do it. What it doesn't mention however is that they're also fucking fantastic. The tracks on this EP, despite being extremely polished, layered and well written, feel raw and uncompromised. This is music made as art. The tracks feel both organic and hollow, with a continuous theme of machine vs. instrument constantly evolving the tracks over multiple listens. The names M83, Flying Lotus, Decoder Ring, Portis Head and Thom Yorke will spring to mind, but not overpower it, as the album constructs its own sound and attitude that separates it from its inspirations. Awesome. 

As a live bonus, the band have hooked up with a Wollongong-ian visual artist for psychadelic live shows, which will travel from Sydney to Melbourne. Sick. AND on top of all this, theyve given away the damn thing for free! Yes please! Heres a taste of some standout tracks, and the EP link itself. Enjoy!! 

BON CHAT, BON RAT - BON CHAT, BON RAT (highly reccomended!) - click the picture to download the EP. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAMEL is (yet another) producer based out of Italy, with quite the diverse tech-ish sound thats a lot less banging, and a whole lot cool. He's bff's with all the Deadfish crew, remixing for the likes of Mowgli and Yankee Zulu, besides a large amount of original releases - the product of years of producing, djing and dreaming sounds of another world. This works its way into lovely little tracks that ooze funk, constantly swaying between the serious and the silly. His latest remix is for Malente & Dex and has a very James Curd G-Swing quality to it. Also has a host of originals, some of which you may enjoy below.

Sindens Grizzly label is definitely proving itself the one to watch in 2010, despite only having (so far) a minimal release number. The next coming months should be very interesting, with coming releases by Deadboy, WAFA, Bassonovva and SBTRKT. 

On that note, two things you must note: 

1: Watch this space, BASSANOVVA, the combination of New Yorks' Grahmzilla + Jess Jubilee (aka two of the coolest people in the land of the free) and Sydneys own SPRUCE LEE all colab'd to produce possibly the track of 2010, awesomely named 'Chicken Lover'. I dont have it, all 3 refused to send me anything (which is understandable) but it is floating around on some mix-tapes and youtube WMC clips. Beg, borrow, dont steal, but however you get this makes it worth it. BANGER. Out on grizzly around July- August. 

Only way to find it is via the Grahmzilla podcast, which you can get here. Also has some other awesome tracks on it!!!!

2: SBTRKT + Label head Sinden combined to produce the 'Midnight Marauders' EP, a very cool set of bleepy house tracks that, in simple terms, just work. Buy it HERE, preview on this site here

Its out on Grizzly on 18/4. 

SOUND PELLEGRINO, the label both I and the world are officially FROTHING ON, have a brand new release, which always gets the music world just a little bit excited. Continuing with the diverse quality of past sounds unleashed by the french purveyers of avant garde, this comes from the Label founder himself Teki Latex, a triple track monster of restraint, featuring the huuge Answers, the amazing spoken awesomeness of Dinosaurs With Guns and newie I Was Sober. Super excited for this, it comes out on the 20th with remixes by Noob and Mikix the Cat, yewwwwww!!! 

Heres some 128kbps set-rips. Buy this fucker on the 20th, also Teki + Orgasmic are playing United Colors in June aka FUCK YES!  

Spruce Lee AKA Toni Toni Lee deals in funk and has that shit in excess. His debut EP 'The Intercom' came out last year and is a serious trip into groove territory. It jips, it jives, it swings, it hollers, it screams all things awesome and will for sure keep shit rolling. He is due to release new material over the next coming months so love, respect and spread the word. Check some of the tracks here, and brace yourself for some serious head nodding... 

On top of creating original productions and remixes built of cool, Spruce recently completed a three-part mixtape of all things West Coast to some seriously mad results. This is the ultimate sunny day-cruising soundtrack that will just make any moment of your life that much cooler. Two hours of uncensored, no holds barred west based funk that will have your brain consistently saying 'holy shit I remember this, this mix is the best thing Ive ever heard ever, I'm going to buy Toni Toni Lee's album now, amazing!'. Maybe not so much, but you will definitely feel some nostalgia, and hopefully discover some gems. Highly reccomended, and available for free download! 

Toni Toni Lee supports Dam Funk at the basement on the 15th May. You can buy tickets here, and become a facebook fan here. GET INVOLVED. 

This is blowing my brain also, glad to be back in the blogosphere, I hope all 5 of you are enjoying the read. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Africa plays home to quite a few native fruits that can be very difficult to find on any other parts of the globe. The Baobab tree resides on the top of this exclusivity and is one of the most coveteted plants in Africa. 
You've probably seen the tree, because its pretty much the funniest/coolest looking tree on earth. Its just a huge trunk with a sunken christmas tree on top, and reminds me a lot of Beyonce. Just like Beyonce, the trunk is pretty much a water tank and can hold some serious megalitres, which is often relied upon in drought-affected regions of the continent. The main star of the tree however is the fruit, unoriginally labelled the Baobab fruit. 
The fruit grows in oval shapes on top of the very tall tree. It is relied upon by many animals who call these trees home, as well as a huge propotion of native Africans, who can often be seen hammering holes in the tree as a makeshift ladder to the top. The fruit has a furry outter shell, hiding a soft pulp that is ridiculously nutritious, being mainly enriched with more Vitamin C then the top 10 of the year 2000. The fruit is said to hold more V-C than 6 oranges, which is pretty impressive if thats your thing. 

For more information, skip to 2 mins 50 sec of this video. It's from the awesome Planet Earth series, and is actually really fascinating, so brace yourself for KNOWLEDGE. 

Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba has 999 wives. He hails from a thin layer of impenetrable rainforest in western Africa and has been performing since approximately 2007. Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba also got pretty lucky when Diplo, on another one of his worldwide scouges for non-western musicz, saw the light in his very tall hat and threw him on one of the finest jams from Major Lazer's debut album. Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba was therefore responsible for one of the coolest freestyles on said album, is since known as Prince Zimboo and can now be seen causing a ruckus at every live performance on this side of Jamaica. Check it out, heh!  

Prince Zimboo - Santa Flaws! (Cocotaxi Remix) by COCOTAXI

Sinden provides a really nice Miike Snow remix, little bit behind with this one but its such a nice and original piece of work that the word needs to be spread. 

Also swirling out around the same time as that one was this fucking monster. Buraka Som Sistema working it hardcore. Nice!!!

Emvee is a seriously great producer from the UK, delivering that tropical UK -bass fulled funk sounds that are really blowing up big. Also a bit old, but its just so good to see it hit larger audiences.

Heres a preview from the debut release from his label One Tonne, plus a few other gems, some of which are available for free. B-B-B-B-BASS!!!! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Fucking hell, some people take their watermelon way too seriously....

Anyway...I feel terrible.  I think I should re-post, add to and explain the tracks from the Solo review, because their so good and deserve as much attention as possible. 

STUSH is known as the original bad girl MC from the UK. She started out as a dancehall MC until she hooked up with british legend STICKY to produce Dollar Sign, which will take up most of the google search results from her name. Last year she released this MASSIVE jam alongside Hard House Banton called We Nuh Run and its so awesome. Cheers to Jimmy Sing for this one. 

Fellow female MC Ms. Dynamite (aka coolest name ever) got the mashed treatment for a colab with DJ Zinc called 'Wile Out'. This got huuuge plays the other night and its one of those certified tracks thats sure to get shit started. I dont know the origins of the track but you can buy it here. Weeeeeeee!! Also, DJ Zinc is playing laundry soon. If I wasn't moving to london I would be there in a flash, need the moniez. gah. 

No need to post on Solo - Buy his first EP here, which funnily enough I heard on the same radio show that gave me the tickets to his show, lolz. BUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUY

I dunno what to say about the Crazy Cousinz remix of Kyla. Its just a really really nice tropical song with excellent vocals and its just a feel good jam for the times. Just enjoy it! 

Anyway Im glad I cleared those up. Support the artists because they support you. Download all the top 10 you want but give something to the guys that are going out of their way to deliver something personal and amazing and full of hard work and creativity and everything and combine it all to make 3 minutes of your day that whole lot cooler. 

New Shizings!!!!

Dunno if Roska needs an introduction as a personality, but his new album titles ROSKAROSKAROSKA is out either now or soon and has some deadset TUNES on it. Seriously, the man is killing it, so fresh and new and original and just amazing. Dope ass video as well. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Speaking of youtube, original and amazing I'm reposting a track which got nowhere near enough attention the first time. Well not so much an individual track but it was on that super sick sound pellegrino mixtape and its definitely one of the standouts tracks, which is pretty difficult considering the amazingness coming from that mix. Very well produced and imaginative. Congrats Para One for this stormer.

This is unreleased but has been swirling around the internets for a fair while. It featured on the latest mystery mix by Brodinski and is set to be released on Sindens Grizzly Label. Its called Ewid Disco by a newie called WAFA. The kid is killing it with some seriously bastardised Italo-house monsters!! Listen to all these in full and Sing along: wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwub.


This is just amazing, Percussion, bass, rhymes and riddim. Beast!!!!!!