Friday, April 16, 2010

00o0o0o0o0o we love local produce in all senses of the term, and Melbournes Mat Cant has it in melonloads. He also runs my arch-blogomy scattermusic (only because its so farking good) and works freelance club demolitions in Melbourne and occasionally other Australian habitats. He just put out a super sexy mix full of all these mad UK club tunes, which is just beyond sick. Includes a lot found right here on this site AND is mixed with impossible groove. Get on it! 

Mat Cant - The Mix That Can! (picture is direct link!! - im getting better at blogging by the day!)

He also has lovingly nominated todays fruit to be the Cantaloupe, his reasoning being that it rhymes with antelope and tastes like heaven. The fact it has his DJ name in it might have something to do with it. Either way, the Cantelope (aka ROCKMELON...oh yeah now you understand) originated in India, but have been grown throughout history in both Egypt and Italy, before being introduced to North America by Christopher Colombus. In my opinion, the best way to eat this is wrapped in prosciutto. SO GOOD.  

Anyway the similarity between Antelope and Cantaloupe ends in the name, as I discovered with this visual aid. 

.....also, as an added bonus for my 5 loyal readers, Mat, being such a generous guy also provided us with his new remix of Paz, enjoy. 

Sticky provides beats and bass for the UK's illest MC's to pretty dope effect. He's also responsible for some pretty mad remixes, or he calls them versions. I think thats cool, I think he's cool, not to mention the fact that he looks like a fucking PIMP.  check him out yourself and brace for some maaaaaaaad. 

Zombies For Money - Kolkata (Sticky Version) - (ripped from mix- tuuuuune!) 

Everybody likes a nice segue, so Zombies For Money is/are (im not good with those heaps difficult english decisions) made up  of DJ Malvaia and DJ Klipar, who specialize in no specific genre but just plain awesomeness. Collabing for a whole bunch of original tracks and mixtapes their getting some big support from Mad decent and Trouble and Bass. Cool. 

DFA have a new signing from someone named Michoacan and that makes us all heaps excited. Its a pretty groovy jam, would go nice with toast of a morning. Nice. 

Peeps like RIOT KID make me depressed at how much I havn't done by age 19 (my birthday was last saturday, thankYOU!) The Parisian 18 year old has a string of super tracks and is getting backed by peeps like Sinden, DJ Fame and Mightyfools. If your under 21 these tracks may be full of jealous pangs, but hopefully you can see past it and enjoy his latest. Large! Buy it HEREHEREHEREHEREHEREHERE.

Besides SBTRKT's colab with Sinden mentioned in the last writingz on here, the man is seriously killing it solo with a slew of originals, edits and remixes which defy their originals and blast them with some crazy amount of danceable bass. This is so good its serious. Yewww!

Interactive released their seminal house classic 'Who is Elvis' back in 1991, and has been REVIVED in 2010 for a remix EP. For those of you who checked that video of Solo @ Goodgod on this site, this is the track that is really good and makes you say coooooool. Buy the whole thing here

PS. Just got blog tips from one of my sydney dj heroes. Things are gonna be changin' round here!!!!!!!

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