Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to the Renaissance

Renaissance Man are sweet. This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but the first song I ever heard ever in a nightclub ever, out of every track I will ever hear wherever I go, was 'What is Guru?' played by Kato this time last year, about 6 months before it was released. Like wow. Anyway since then they have fully just smashed the year with some crazy crazy tracks that are sitting quite nicely in the new found era of Sound Pellegrino sounds - too banging to be minimal, too minimal to be banging. I saw them live back in november and it was really really good, just too bad it was at a festival outside with heaps of too loose kids. They still played awesome tune likes Roud Table Knights Calypso before it was even mastered! 

They have a whole bunch of new stuffs coming out soon which sound really awesome. I love the track names, the track sounds, the track everything. Scat Track sounds incredible, as do the other ones. This is very exciting times indeed, so have a listen and tell your friends, they need to come back soon!  

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