Friday, April 30, 2010


Genre, as my year 12 extension english teacher constantly taught me, is a fickle thing. Never staying in the one place, with fashion dictating what goes where and when. What makes a great piece of art is the ability to go beyond trend and produce timeless pieces that are not dictated by anything but the artists intent, which is in turn malleable. This applies to all forms of art - not just crappy extension english novels but also obviously music. 

Two artists here are proven strong to turn against the tide of what their genre should be, and produce tracks that are original, unique and special not only for their sounds, but for the fact that they are what (some people say) they shouldn't be. Dubstep has become popular on the back of electro bangers, with people now expecting these cracked out intense ear-piercing things that are being dropped in way too much excess. But now artists are recognizing and utilizing restraint, and the results are truly awesome. 

I dont know anything about Jackman trouble. He is definitely under CatznDogz' new label 'Pets Recording' which is looking very solid in 2010, but thats about it. The label head even said that they didn't know what he looks like, only that he's a top secret artist from Poland. Nice mystery going there! Anyway Pets Recs is a digital label pushing young sounds from Poland. 'Light Again' is the #003 release with a few more in the pipelines over the coming months. 

Jackname Trouble - Light Again EP (beatport link - BUY IT!!!!!)

On another side of the world, JOKER has been doing great things with some MAJOR KEY (note: not minor) productions, held-back dubstep numbers that are quite atmospheric and really just great. I'll let the tunes speak for themselves yeah?? Perfect! 

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