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Africa plays home to quite a few native fruits that can be very difficult to find on any other parts of the globe. The Baobab tree resides on the top of this exclusivity and is one of the most coveteted plants in Africa. 
You've probably seen the tree, because its pretty much the funniest/coolest looking tree on earth. Its just a huge trunk with a sunken christmas tree on top, and reminds me a lot of Beyonce. Just like Beyonce, the trunk is pretty much a water tank and can hold some serious megalitres, which is often relied upon in drought-affected regions of the continent. The main star of the tree however is the fruit, unoriginally labelled the Baobab fruit. 
The fruit grows in oval shapes on top of the very tall tree. It is relied upon by many animals who call these trees home, as well as a huge propotion of native Africans, who can often be seen hammering holes in the tree as a makeshift ladder to the top. The fruit has a furry outter shell, hiding a soft pulp that is ridiculously nutritious, being mainly enriched with more Vitamin C then the top 10 of the year 2000. The fruit is said to hold more V-C than 6 oranges, which is pretty impressive if thats your thing. 

For more information, skip to 2 mins 50 sec of this video. It's from the awesome Planet Earth series, and is actually really fascinating, so brace yourself for KNOWLEDGE. 

Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba has 999 wives. He hails from a thin layer of impenetrable rainforest in western Africa and has been performing since approximately 2007. Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba also got pretty lucky when Diplo, on another one of his worldwide scouges for non-western musicz, saw the light in his very tall hat and threw him on one of the finest jams from Major Lazer's debut album. Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba was therefore responsible for one of the coolest freestyles on said album, is since known as Prince Zimboo and can now be seen causing a ruckus at every live performance on this side of Jamaica. Check it out, heh!  

Prince Zimboo - Santa Flaws! (Cocotaxi Remix) by COCOTAXI

Sinden provides a really nice Miike Snow remix, little bit behind with this one but its such a nice and original piece of work that the word needs to be spread. 

Also swirling out around the same time as that one was this fucking monster. Buraka Som Sistema working it hardcore. Nice!!!

Emvee is a seriously great producer from the UK, delivering that tropical UK -bass fulled funk sounds that are really blowing up big. Also a bit old, but its just so good to see it hit larger audiences.

Heres a preview from the debut release from his label One Tonne, plus a few other gems, some of which are available for free. B-B-B-B-BASS!!!! 

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