Saturday, April 3, 2010

Massively In Depth Review:  SOLO @ GOODGOD SMALL CLUB! 

So on thursday night I was doing my usual thang, watching Getaway and listening to my favorite radio show, Kato + Anna Lunoe Sunsets on fbi. Its always a great listen and they play continually mad tunes for two hours straight. Anyway Bad Ezzy was filling in for Lunoe this week and about 90 minutes into the show they announced a competition for double passes to see SOLO at GOODGOD SMALL CLUB. Being the natural tight ass + Solo Fanboy + competition fiend that I am I was dialling those numbers as they read them out, and alas I was the second winner for a double pass. Huge deal. 

Fast forward to Saturday night, and I'm out the front of Goodgod/La Campana talkin to Bcattz about who the fuck knows what. I was way too pie-faced already. Solo came and said hi, then was refused entry to the club because he didn't have a stamp. loltronz. The security there are hilariously stupid. Anyway I go down through the Spanish club trying not to touch anything or anyone, to the front door of the back room- otherwise known as Goodgod Small Club
The club is so sick, its tiny, so impossible to lose anyone, fully decked out in tropical gear. Palm trees, rubber snakes, everything.  The crowd is real nice, people are already busting out something severe and its only like 11. Yes!

Act Yo Age were up when I got in, and they were building the beat pretty nicely with some relatively slower tech jams, think Yolanda Be Cool - Song for Nona. We spent their set smashing down jugs of Sangria (Goodgod tip: the more you tip the staff the stronger your next drink will be) and chatting to Solo, who is actually a really really nice guy. Promised to smash it for us which he ultimately did. (Special note to Generic Djs who I missed out on, but assured me that had I been there I would be writing how they played some ambient dubstep and a dancehall track about tight vaginas - sorry guys!)

Bad Ezzy hit the decks during dance time and threw the place down!! Immediately lifted the mood and got feet moving with some seriously bass heavy tropical jams and hints of dance-hall, reggae and tropical tech. Played some of my favourite tracks of the night including Kyla - Do you Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix) from one of my all time favorite ever mixes, the Ro Sham Bo survivor mix from July last year (so many happy memories from this mix) and that DJ Zinc/Ms Dynamite Bootleg of Wile Out/Blunt Edge. If I remember more of what she played I'll update. ha! but in the meanwhile you can check the video below.  

Wax Motif up next, holding the bar that Ezzy raised ever so attentively. More jugs of sangria, more watermelon. I dont remember much of this moment in time. I think Solo wrapped a snake around my neck. Also met Pablo Calamari who is a really great guy. Nice tunes too!

UPDATE: Waxxy played the mastiksoul remix of run for cover by mastik soul, and the douster remix of de style deh. Its coming back to me in bits and pieces. there was some mad scratching and the best quote of the night: "Give it up for my 3rd favourite italian behind Mario and Luigi....SOLO!!"

1am hit and it was headliners duttty, and It seemed the man was itching to get on. You get the idea pretty quickly that these sorts of gigs are rare not only for punters but for players as well, with a killer venue, crowd and policy. Opening up with some nice percussive tunes the place fell to pieces after a very built up Solo remix of Con Allegria. The night officially turned on. People were goin nuts, a guy in a leopard onesi was dancing above me on a sub, nemo toys + rubber snakes everywhere and not a single person sitting down. It was a beautiful thing. Solo was getting mad into it as well, check the video for an idea. 

The set graduated into deeper sounds (Con Allegria was one of the few tracks he played of his own unfortunatly) and morphed again into straight tech-house with very layered percussion. The tracks were never too serious, being laced with that sense of humor and fun that makes his productions so awesome. He played a real nice remix of James Curds 'Keep Quiet' which is when Kato came in for the party. I think I got a bit excited by this point and probably talked some dumb shit. Sorry guys. Anyway point is, despite Solo not playing too many of his own tracks, it was a stupidly great set that that was filled with way too many moments of cool.

Solo bailed from the decks a bit after 3 and left Kato to hold the floor which stands to be one of the best B2B's of recent times. The transition got a bit strange and quiet for about 15 seconds, but just as I assumed it was water-time *BOOM* Teki Latex - Answers busts on the system. "This is what your grandfather calls house music". SICK. Things from here were pretty loose and I dont remember much, was there something in that watermelon?? The hour and a bit was ridiculous fun, despite a large proportion of the crowd bailing for some reason. Recorded a nice remix of 'Whose afraid of Detroit' and so many more jams which I have no idea what they are. Dedicated groups always stay to the end, and everyone felt a little family-like. My friends ( term used loosely) bailed on me without telling me but I was having too much fun to source them out. Anyway Kato dropped some really excellent tracks and did nothing to subdue the crowd. Renaissance Man - Rhythm went down a treat, and a few other disco/tropical sounds which I really..really....really want. 

The last set switched the night on its ass, courtesy of the Goodgod himself JIMMY SING of Ro Sham Bo. 
Sing and the entire Ro Sham Bo crew scare the shit out of me. Their music knowledge is absolutely intimidating and makes me feel like I know NOTHING about the music I love. Not that thats a bad thing, they just manage to blow my mind continually based on how much is out there, and how much I do not and probably never will know. Anyway Jimmy Likes dancehall. Like the real dancehall, the straight-outta-jamaica, hardcore multi-language bass fuelled reggae stylings. None of this genre-crossover stuff, and its so much fun. Crowd (who im pretty sure were all his friends) were loving it, with some seriously (ahem) tropical dance moves being busted on the stage. Even Spruce Lee aka Toni Toni Lee jumped on the mic, which was real cool. The tempo changed a lot, it felt like a hip-hop set but with more palm trees. Pretty tired by this point, but the final hour had an all-in jam from all the dj's. Great fun to listen to, but my feet refused to allow any more dance movement. I bailed at 5.30 and caught the most disgusting 2 hour bus ride home of my life. Worth it 5000%. 

It's always nice to see everyone having a good time and it was equally refreshing to see everyone dancing and not chin-stroking. GoodGod is just like that, you get the picture that everyone is there for the music and you can leave your bag anywhere and no one will steal it and you can make friends with everyone and we all have a good time. The night represented more than just a ridiculous, all in night of rad, for me it meant that there are people in Sydney who like to have a  real mad time without trouble. Everyone wants to be friends. You can like what you like and do what you want, and you get an awesome sound track to go with it. The place is great, and I beg you to check it out some time if you havn't done so.

All up it was a fucking AWESOME evening made even better by the fact that it was free. Big ups to Kato and Bad Ezzy for the pass and the hi-fives, to GoodGod for the free watermelon and to everyone who went and made it such a fucking ridiculous night. And of course cheers to Solo for being....well...Solo. Heres some tracks and a video. Cheers!

BONUS: Songs played last night. I cannot express enough love for this stuff. This is what this site is about. 

- Bit devo I cant post the RO SHAM BO survivor mix because its truly fantastic and brings back heaps good memories of last year. If you find it hiding in the interwebs let me know!


ps. United be continued

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