Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I have always been on the fence when it comes to Moombahton. I love hip hop, I love slower tempo stuff, I love deh faster ting, but something about that 108 bpm on electro monsters just didn't work out for me. BUT, seeing as though Moombahton has totally blown up over the world we're starting to see a whole heap of dedicated Moombahton ORIGINALS as opposed to slowed down dutch tracks. Songs made especially for the timing and the slowness. 

Munchi is a producer out of the netherlands who has dipped into baltimore, dubstep and all sorts of other funky madness, and has now decided to jump right into M-tone for a FREE promo EP. These are pretty awesome I must say, very bassy and bleepy, making up for the lack of speed with a focus on shit-loss inducing bass and synth lines. Very nice!!! 

Dave Nada's coming to Aus in june. This is THE night of 2010 for me as he is my favourite DJ ever, but when more details come up I will explain, elaborate and exemplify. In the meantime...enjoy! 

Munchi - Moombahton Promo  Click Picture for Link! (oficially gaining html skillz that killz)

1. La Brasilena ta Montao
2. Metele Bellaco
3. Pepe Volvio
4. Sandungueo
5. Vamo A Darle Slow (Toma Essa Porra VIP)

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