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First up, huge apologies. In my quest to find you (I think I have like 5 regular readers now) fully hektik new tracks I overdid it on the downloads and went over my limit. Dial up for 4 days almost killed me, but also gave me time to reflect and find more stuff. I'm so used to having access to all this new music so it's somewhat debilitating when thats taken away from you. All well, hopefully I make up for it. 

BON CHAT, BON RAT have a really good publicist. Their press release has stolen every adjective, verb and noun I could have possibly used to describe the Sydney trio, and as such, I have no choice but to quote it here... 

"Bon Chat, Bon Rat is the debut EP from Sydney band Bon Chat, Bon Rat. Only a year since forming, the electronic noise pop group crafts a hypnotic release for the wide eyed and wild. The trio self-produced and mixed the EP, which encompasses elements of IDM and experimental pop music. With synthesisers and vocals that layer and clutter, chanting guitar loops and frantic rhythms, Bon Chat Bon Rat is as much chaotic and claustrophobic as it is inspiring. By Warping conventional song structures and drawing on innovating instrument use, the result is a bold, mesmerising experience" 

Yep that will just about do it. What it doesn't mention however is that they're also fucking fantastic. The tracks on this EP, despite being extremely polished, layered and well written, feel raw and uncompromised. This is music made as art. The tracks feel both organic and hollow, with a continuous theme of machine vs. instrument constantly evolving the tracks over multiple listens. The names M83, Flying Lotus, Decoder Ring, Portis Head and Thom Yorke will spring to mind, but not overpower it, as the album constructs its own sound and attitude that separates it from its inspirations. Awesome. 

As a live bonus, the band have hooked up with a Wollongong-ian visual artist for psychadelic live shows, which will travel from Sydney to Melbourne. Sick. AND on top of all this, theyve given away the damn thing for free! Yes please! Heres a taste of some standout tracks, and the EP link itself. Enjoy!! 

BON CHAT, BON RAT - BON CHAT, BON RAT (highly reccomended!) - click the picture to download the EP. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAMEL is (yet another) producer based out of Italy, with quite the diverse tech-ish sound thats a lot less banging, and a whole lot cool. He's bff's with all the Deadfish crew, remixing for the likes of Mowgli and Yankee Zulu, besides a large amount of original releases - the product of years of producing, djing and dreaming sounds of another world. This works its way into lovely little tracks that ooze funk, constantly swaying between the serious and the silly. His latest remix is for Malente & Dex and has a very James Curd G-Swing quality to it. Also has a host of originals, some of which you may enjoy below.

Sindens Grizzly label is definitely proving itself the one to watch in 2010, despite only having (so far) a minimal release number. The next coming months should be very interesting, with coming releases by Deadboy, WAFA, Bassonovva and SBTRKT. 

On that note, two things you must note: 

1: Watch this space, BASSANOVVA, the combination of New Yorks' Grahmzilla + Jess Jubilee (aka two of the coolest people in the land of the free) and Sydneys own SPRUCE LEE all colab'd to produce possibly the track of 2010, awesomely named 'Chicken Lover'. I dont have it, all 3 refused to send me anything (which is understandable) but it is floating around on some mix-tapes and youtube WMC clips. Beg, borrow, dont steal, but however you get this makes it worth it. BANGER. Out on grizzly around July- August. 

Only way to find it is via the Grahmzilla podcast, which you can get here. Also has some other awesome tracks on it!!!!

2: SBTRKT + Label head Sinden combined to produce the 'Midnight Marauders' EP, a very cool set of bleepy house tracks that, in simple terms, just work. Buy it HERE, preview on this site here

Its out on Grizzly on 18/4. 

SOUND PELLEGRINO, the label both I and the world are officially FROTHING ON, have a brand new release, which always gets the music world just a little bit excited. Continuing with the diverse quality of past sounds unleashed by the french purveyers of avant garde, this comes from the Label founder himself Teki Latex, a triple track monster of restraint, featuring the huuge Answers, the amazing spoken awesomeness of Dinosaurs With Guns and newie I Was Sober. Super excited for this, it comes out on the 20th with remixes by Noob and Mikix the Cat, yewwwwww!!! 

Heres some 128kbps set-rips. Buy this fucker on the 20th, also Teki + Orgasmic are playing United Colors in June aka FUCK YES!  

Spruce Lee AKA Toni Toni Lee deals in funk and has that shit in excess. His debut EP 'The Intercom' came out last year and is a serious trip into groove territory. It jips, it jives, it swings, it hollers, it screams all things awesome and will for sure keep shit rolling. He is due to release new material over the next coming months so love, respect and spread the word. Check some of the tracks here, and brace yourself for some serious head nodding... 

On top of creating original productions and remixes built of cool, Spruce recently completed a three-part mixtape of all things West Coast to some seriously mad results. This is the ultimate sunny day-cruising soundtrack that will just make any moment of your life that much cooler. Two hours of uncensored, no holds barred west based funk that will have your brain consistently saying 'holy shit I remember this, this mix is the best thing Ive ever heard ever, I'm going to buy Toni Toni Lee's album now, amazing!'. Maybe not so much, but you will definitely feel some nostalgia, and hopefully discover some gems. Highly reccomended, and available for free download! 

Toni Toni Lee supports Dam Funk at the basement on the 15th May. You can buy tickets here, and become a facebook fan here. GET INVOLVED. 

This is blowing my brain also, glad to be back in the blogosphere, I hope all 5 of you are enjoying the read. 

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