Monday, April 5, 2010

Ya'll were probably expecting this one. This is one very very cool motherfucker with the best name in fruitforms: The Miracle Fruit. How amazing does that sound? It reminds me of playing pokemon and you could buy fruit that healed your shit. God bless you Nurse Joy and your sweet sweet elixers. Can be seen here with a ridiculous tan and Chancey. 

Anyway, The Miracle Fruit (aka Synsepalum dulcificum) makes this crazy berry that, when eaten, messes around with your taste- buds and makes anything sour taste really sweet. How mad is that. Apparently tribesmen of yore (specifically in the plants native africa) would eat it before meals, probably so their roasted tree-bark wouldn't taste so bad (cultural ignorance for the lose, minus one point to me). Apparently theres a molecule within the plant called Miraculin which binds to the tastebuds and messes round for a while. I think once at the Ivy they had a tasting session there. Big ups to Chevalier des Marchais for discovering this! 

How great is Tim Green. Seriously, he makes such great tech tracks that side-steps the 'holy-shit-this-is-so-serious-dont-even-think-about-dancing' vibe and just makes it fun. Funky basslines, cool as shit vocals and subtle percussions make these so stupidly awesome. Big love. 

Last August (I think??) I caught Mikix the Cat at Boysnoize Records night in Sydney, who managed to deliver most definitely the set of 2009 for me. Incredible stuff, and I have been a huge fan of both him and his alter ego Mommas Boy ever since. Seriously this set was so out of this world my brain was blown to the highest degree. Anyway their both doing great things for their respective styles (electro and minimal respectively) and I shall be keenly following anything they do in the future. If you ever get a chance to see Mikix The Cat or Mommas Boy live I highly recommend you do so, shit just gets so fucking real. 

and heres a vid my great pal Brez took of the evening. I can be seen multiple times getting my groove on, especially during EPMD - Rampage. ahhhhh.... amazing!

I'm gonna be honest here - one of the main reasons im putting this here is because of the cool pattern this track makes on the soundcloud player. But its pretty rad anyway!

Sorry if these are a bit much for whatever time of day your reading it, but they have a nice 'wella wella' vibe. 

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