Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hold the line, finally!

Its funny last night I was listening to Major Lazers album all the way through again, and realised just how much of a fucking awesome track 'Hold the Line' is. Seriously its one of the best tracks on the album, theres so much going on, so I never really thought a remix could do it justice. Edu K had a go but that was a bit off, and I gave up not long after. 

I have no idea who this guy is, but I like his style. If anyone has any info on him plz send it my way yo!!!! 

One of the best Major Lazer remixes I'm yet to hear, but I havnt listened to the La Roux mashup album yet. Cheers to Anna Lunoe + Kato FBI Sunsets show for this critical JAM! So cool.  


Yo this is my shit. 

On the 6th of june last year as a freshly 18th birthday-ed kid I went to We Love Sounds music fest in Sydney, the first (as an 18 year old) dance fest and I was hell pumped. I saw Shazam for the first time which was many levels of cool, Justin Martin killed shit, Armand Van Helden sucked, Neoteric played songs just getting released now, Kato + the artist formerly known as Sleater Brockman (post name: Levins) played to a guy getting sexy with a tree, and we all had a good time. 

The day would have been average, but at 6.45 I dogged my mates to see some guy called Dave Nada who had massive props coming from all angles and was told as an unmissable persona. So, this was probably the best Dj Show I may have ever seen. Deadset, it was the wildest, most balls out fucking retarded hour + a bit of power bass jams and baltimore bangers, and not a single person had a single idea of what was going on. And I mean that in a good way. Seriously, I died a short time after because there was no way not a single set that day, month or year could ever match the nut-ness that hailed from that show. 

So I got really really really excited a few months back when I was told that the Dave Nada halved duo NADASTROM (with tech maistro Matt Nordstrom) were coming back for a gig at the Oxford Arts Factory, as part of their new Dance Club parties. Really excited probably aint the right be disgustingly literal, I lost my shit. To me this is the party of the year, and it's been the longest time coming. 

Nadastrom are a collective and expansive duo, creating original tracks and remixes with no set genre in mind but have come out as electro/tech-/dubbed/bass fuelled monsters with enough power to charge a nation. From deeper bleeped out house remixes to balls out firestarters like 'Ritalin' and last years massive 'Pussy' to dubstep monsters like their remix of Udachi's 'P- Funk Skank' the pair have crafted a back catalogue of style and substance, productions that are as attentive as they are banging, ignoring trend and genre and remaining as a league of their own. Probably one of the most hyped about guys going around right now, a worldwide tour seemed to make sense. And I guess here we are. 

So they're playing in my hometown Wollongong on the 4th June with the Proxy and Aston Shuffle, and then in Sydney on 19th June w/ kato and a few other cool cats. I'll probably be at both, so holla! Like I said, Nada is probably one of the best DJ's out, his headbanging skills alone are worth seeing, but all over he's a performer and a nutter, not a man to be missed! Nordstrom is also rather world renowned as a high class producer for some kids like Dubfire, so you know, shits gonna be poppin'.  NOT TO BE MISSED. 

Grab tickets for the W'Gong show here, and the Sydney show here. If you see me come holla!

Heres my favourite Nadastrom tracks, fucking bangers!!!!!! Yeoooowww!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hilariously, this little snapper of a berry is called the Common Yew. Whilst it doesn't look very exciting stay away from these bitches, they are bitter as fuck and even more poisonous. NOTHING on this plant is edible, so I really think that this is the worst- named fruit in existance. Common Yew? Theres nothing Yew about it. Boo to Yew.

What is YEW however, is the long awaited final details on the latest UNITED COLOURS party to hit Sydney, aka the best parties to hit Sydney ever aka very akin to what you would see if this blog was a nightclub. And man what a party they have coming up, bringing probably the illest duo on this planet right now, two of the most inspiring curators, performers, artists and figureheads on this site of Nibiru, SOUND PELLEGRINO THERMAL TEAM.

Sound Pellegrino are made up of Teki Latex and DJ Orasmic, two irregular tastemakers and trendsetters hailing from France, where they are practically heroes in French audiospheres. Seeing as though the French are pretty much the masters of everything thats cool in our world, this is a pretty huge deal. Before they became the duo they are, Teki fronted galactic french rap group TTC and various arts, fashion and musical side projects, whilst Orgasmic, getting his start DJing for aforementioned TTC, went under a disputable number of different names, producing, remixing, creating, curating, djing and releasing mega underground dance musicz and french rap , including the hyper Craiz and rap obliterator Fuzati. Come 2003 a collaberation was born, Parisian label 'Institubes' which would later house cutting edge creators of bass such as Para One, Surkin, Bobmo and Jean Nipon.

But no, despite numerous releases that paved the way for the future of dance music (take note start date: 2003 - long before the Daft Punk comparison to EVERYTHING took over) the ever creating, ever thinking edge sitters decided that there was a niche bracket that they felt required a specific, more attentive style of release. Thus in 2009 Sound Pellegrino was born, a home to music they descibe as 'too banging to me minimal, too minimal to be banging'. Grey area sounds that define a generation of music lovers who require something a little more attentive than regular club bangers. As such, the label is a special collection of digital only tracks, with exceptional artwork and attentive remixing by suited artists.
Bio aside, Sound Pellegrino has released some of the years biggest tracks, from Bart B Mores ridiculous 'Romane', Renaissance Man's 'What is Guru' L-Vis 1990's 'Sha! Shtil!' to the monster by Teki Latex himself 'Dinosaurs With Guns'. Every SP release is a much hyped event, having succesfully carved an image of quality and danceability. Not to mention the massive fucking awesome factor.

So after reading all that, realize that the HEADS of this label. The creators, the curators and the visionarys are coming to SYDNEY for one night only. This is going to be seriously special, word suggests that Sound Pellegrino DJ sets are rather phenomenal, a blended party brew of grime, funky, techno house and everything in between. Regardless, its United Colours so you know its going to be good right? Didn't you read my solo review. DIDNT YOU!

Oh and I almost forgot, out of 4 UC parties so far this is the 4th venue, restless these guys are! Anyway this time in a very cool link up with my favourite joint World Bar, the United Colours crew will host the club room of Wham!. Its a super valued $20 ($15 before 10pm) and it all happens on the 5th of june. Supports from the UC crew (Kato, Bad Ezzy, Wax Motif, Chux) and general party kids Wedding Ring Fingers - all mad fun. Seriously, dont miss this, you'll regret it for ages, trust me I'll make sure of it. Heres a live video to show you what your gonna see (also its a fucking amazing video), and some tracks to get you PUMPED. So excited for this!

Teki latex - Dinosaurs With Guns

Teki Latex - Answers

Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Its Raining Ice Crystal From The Future Mix (amazing)

Modeselektor - 200007 (feat TTC) (Siruismo Remix)

Things that make me love that I love music #3

Genre is always a pretty safe thing to stick to if your boring. It is also pretty useful when your feeling uncreative or you just are uncreative or your making music you shouldn't be coz its cool at the time. There is lots of that around hey. Anyway things always get interesting when songs can't actually be defined in writing. That makes me excited. I think that makes lots of people excited, and its always these artists that get attention, if only for pure originality. The best people who make music are the people who don't like a particular type of music exclusively. Good things come from people who have transpired a taste for everything, because this always shows in what they do and who they are. As a reflection of yourself, if your music or taste is boring than chances are you are too, so even as a precaution not to find yourself getting stale its always good to find something a bit different.

Ending rant there, Guido is another UK music splitter who creates beats for a genre that I dont think has been named yet. If I were to describe it, I would say diva-ish, dubstep-ish, grimy, 2-steppy/garagey/experimentish but, minus all those genres coz none of them really apply. I guess the umbrella term of experimental is what I have him under on my itunes, but even that is a little bit offensive. Fuck classifying things is annoying, do it yourself. Live it, love it, rate it and let me know what you would call it!

Guido - Way You Make Me Feel

Pinch ft. Yolanda - Get Up (Guido Remix)

Things that make me love that I love music #2

James Blake is a key underground player (does that term even really make sense?) in the UK grime/funky/dub/ambient-ish sound. Packed with choppy samples and loads of bass, his tracks are hugely uncompromised, original and spacey. Experimental yet massively accessible, his stuff really evokes emotion and energy, not forgetting the fact that their just beautiful. This is a definite future star of experimental music but don't sit back, just enjoy. Cheers to Huggz from the Wedding Ring Fingers for this gem.

Here's some of his tracks that I'm really enjoying right now. Headphones only. Nice..

James Blake - CMYK (removed by request) (buy it yourself on the 31st on R&S Records)

Lil Wayne - A Milli (James Blake Harmonimix) (so awesome, even if its ANOTHER Milli remix, its definitely up there with the best).

James Blake - Air and Lack Therof

James Blake - Measurements (this is so wow)

James Blake - Sparing The Horses

Untold - Stop Doing What Your Doing (James Blake Remix)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let it be known that I hate David Letterman. He is the most unfunny person on television today, and genuinely the only time I EVER laugh at his show is when someone else is telling jokes. On top of this, most of his music 'guests' suck, either top ten generic stuff or indie bands who make no effort on the live stakes.

But lately the stars aligned, the producers finally did something good and booked the raddest musical guest currently operating in the solarsphere. This guest, was Janelle Monae.

Janelle Monae is a 25 year old soul WONDERWOMAN, hailing from New York, Kansas and Atlanta, where she records with the Wondaland Arts Society label, alongside Outkast's Big Boi. Her music is massively conceptual, but full of raw power and unashamed funk. For a relatively young performer with a smaller frame, her voice, sound, image and concepts are all incredibly massive, the type of artist who sets out to change the world through music. I reckon with this gem, she definitely could.

The only thing that sucks about this video is David Letterman ruining it at the end. 'That was lovely' he says after probably his most intensive musical performance ever. Fuck you letterman, fuck you.

If your looking for the sound thats going to change soul music in modern days, this is a next level image. Clip + Tracks Below. Painfully Cool.

Janelle Monae - Tightrope

Janelle Monae - Violet Stars Happy Hunting

Janelle Monae - Cold War

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cook it errrp!

It's really annoying when you get into an artist just after theyve finished an Australian tour, especially if their international. But if you havn't been keeping up then I spose thats your fault...poo poo head! Kingdom, who played the last United Colours party a couple weeks ago did the crazy awesome remix of Marcus Price and Carli - Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed (aka Food, Beer, Women, Weed). The original has just been released with a full on video clip that makes absolutely no sense, but its so damn hypnotizing and crazy it definitelty deserves some love.

Killer track, video and remix. Cook it errrrrp!

Marcus Price & Carli - Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed from Palms Out Sounds on Vimeo.

Marcus Price & Carli - Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed (Kingdom Remix)


I originally laughed at this fruit because the first description I read said it looked like "fucking maggot larvae". More conservative sites said boiled potato, rasberrys, a lumpy grenade and a beehive. But no. Maggot Larvae. Thats what sticks now when someone mentions the Noni Fruit, and as such I will probably avoid this if it ever makes an appearance in my life. Just like Jennifer Lopez, or the South Australian Locust Plague (their really the same thing anyway).  

Hilariously, this fruit creates quite a 'pungent' odour whens ripening, which led villagers to name it 'cheese fruit' or 'vomit fruit'. LOL. Its fruit contains so many seeds its often called the starvation fruit, which is funny, but less funny. This fruit is hated on hardcore.

But we're not all about useless fruit here. The Noni Fruit aka Morinda Citrifolia has a huge range of non-eating appliances. First and foremost, it has been successfully evaluated as a preventative element for preventing and treating breast cancer, although this is in its vry early developments. In past times, the fruit, leaves and roots were used as medicines for urinary tract infections and menstrual cramps. Noni Seed Oil has found a place in new-age skin care, its acidic content shown to assist in acne reduction and anti-inflammation. '

So, despite its bat-shit crazy, alien, orbital, interplanetary balls out, maggot resembling , vomit scenting, seed overbearing appearance (Just to be clear we're posting about the Noni Fruit and not Jennifer Lopez here), its definitely proving itself quite useful in the future. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not A Generic Party...

I'm not sure if its official on their end, but the Generic Collective are my serious blog BFF's, coz they're totally dope and they like the same things I do and they post about mad things on their site and they throw these wicked sick parties and yeah their just real mad. One of the few refreshing audio-obsessives hanging around Sydney, the boys in just ONE year have managed to build a name out of tours and support slots for a whole bunch of crazy peeps like Mowgli, Riva Starr, Solo, Douster, Grahmzilla and a shitload more. I reckon every artist there has come up on fruitbeats some way or another, so theres your linkage if you weren't already convinced. Solid effort for a year, and their celebrating their first birthday! Yew!

However, all good birthdays deserve a celebration, and The Generic Collective have pulled some tricks (not in the literal sense..I think?) to throw one of the biggest first birthday parties, nay, birthday parties..nay....PARTIES to hit Sydney this year. To help celebrate their momentous day they have bought the ultimate one name, two piece masters of left-field house, RENAISSANCE MAN as well as a basketload of Sydneys BEST supports. Kato, levins, Wedding Ring Fingers and of course the Generic Boys. This is going to be MENTAL. 

Renaissance Man, if you have been keeping up with my short history with dance music, claim the rights to first song I ever heard in a club environment. Since then, they have absolutely mastered a niche sound of obscure novelty house that remains excellently accessible, timeless and full of b-b-bass! Sample heavy and bass driven, their releases have crossed a very nice line between the strange, the hilarious, the minimalistic and the down right banging, with a whole bunch of awesome new stuffs on the horizon (their 'BABBADABBA EP' comes out on the 24th). 

Here are some tracks you will most likely hear on the night! 

bang bang! So damn pumped for this. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


ONE word reviews are really convenient. For me, I dont have to write much but at the same time can still express how I feel about a night, especially if I got too hammered to remember it (in this case...check). Two word reviews are usually the same just with an adjective so their kinda pointless time wise, and no one really gains anything. But here on the off occasion I think I can pretty much get away with a one word answer for how Dam Funk at the Basement last night went down. 


Yeah thats it. Wow. Like wow what the fuck just happened I think a small part in everyone just overdosed on goodness. Or wow like this sucks because nothing will ever be that dope again. Or wow like Dam Funk killed it last night and if you missed out then wow your a damn fool! Yeah, last night was fucking killer and if you weren't there (through your own sucky-ness) then hang your head in shame. 

Walking downstairs into The Basement bought a little tear to my eye, it resembles Goodgod too closely and that's just a bit sad. Like its good that we have a similar venue to enjoy, but it will never be the same. The night was opened by Dj Japeye (best name....ever?), who was throwing down some hefty vinyls and made me realize three things. 

1: I wish I knew more about funk music. 
2: I wish I collected vinyl
3: I wish I knew more about funk music. 

Yeah 1 and 3 are the same, thats the point. His grooves were so solid, a nice mix up of vocals/instrumentals/jams/grooves - I really dug the set. Not many people dancing but at the very least very very cool background music. The sound was sweet in there, just enough to bust out all the basslines happening, and there were a damn few of them. There were some tracks towards the set that just blew my brain they were so cool. I don't want to say they were disco but they were definitely in that direction. Either way it was mad. 

I think people had come to check the supports just as much as the main act, and Toni Toni Lee was a pretty good choice for that. This is one very smooth motherfucker. Before you even hear the funk goodness coming out of his Korg and other technical pieces of rad, his image is samurai sharp, with an attitude to match. Arguably, image has nothing to do with sound, but in Toni's case it doesn't need to. Slowing down the tempo, sounds moved into serious groove - heavy bass riffs, toasty synths, generic adjective funky percussions, it was all good. A combination of dj set and live show, Toni sings along to his own original pieces through a vocoder adding this totally sweet authentic sound. With a super sick tribute holla to Sydney aka S.Y.D ,the crowd was frothing pretty ridiculously, and it was all well deserved. The show was clean, authentic and funky as balls, and no feet remained still the whole time. yewww! 

So I dont know how to talk about Dam Funk's show because I don't think any amount of words could possibly do it justice, not even one.  The man is tight, his entrance and look was inexplicably rad, maintaining this level of cool Sydney has definitely not seen before. His show started on the vinyls, dropping a whole bunch of his own tracks including a nice starter of 'Mirrors' and 'Killdat'. The show was a combination of dj set, vocals, keytar, some korg action and a whole bunch of funk that seemed whole, thought out and complete, despite being a one man show. I know how much I think people are wankers when they say a set is 'a journey' (especially when its generic tech house that sounds exactly the same start to finish) but this definitely felt like it took you places. It was more of an exploration, into genre's, era, style, scenes, age and ultimately artistry, with a constant mix up of original tracks and other progressive influences. Tracks such as Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover, Eazy-E - Eazy Does it and Red - I Should Tell My Momma On You mixed into his own funk based originals bought this diverse unashamedly sexy funk, RnB feel to the set and the crowd was LOVING it. He played some absolutely intense original beat-based tracks, less dam funk and more along the glitch hop lines of artists such as Hudson Mohawke and Actress. 

As said, Dam switched between the mic, mixer, keytar and keyboards throughout the set, refusing to allow a medium to get stale by moving to the next. Each element complimented its backup and felt well thought out and planned, with his constant vocal shout outs a nice way to know what's going on and why (eg. 1983 funk in the house!). He let us know a buttload of what he was playing and why he was playing it. When he moved into his beat-oriented territory, he loudly yelled  "for those who said I can't make a beat..this is for you", but I dont think anyone in the room had. It was a sold out crowd who were there for the music. Everyone there knew why they were there and were totally clued in. Nobody was there 'because someone else was going' it was fan after fan, and the atmosphere was beautiful. Many a Sydney Dj was there, obviously paying respects to a legend. 

Probably the main thing I took away and noticed from Dam's set was just how passionate and knowledgeable he was as an artist and fan of funk music. He knew and demonstrated knowledge of every beat of every song through hand points and head bangs. Keeping a certain connection with the crown often unseen in modern gigs, Dam never forgot who he was with and why. There was no arrogance, it was all for us. It was if anything one of the most generous shows I've ever seen, and sets a bar high for a lot of gigs to come. And on going home I definitely have a newer level of inspiration to learn more of what was heard. Dam Funk was Damn Funk, and it was awesome. 

So afterwards was a bit of an adventure in itself, in finding a cab in the middle of the city during changeover time is no easy feat. Taxi no. T-1450 has been reported by yours truly for driving off WITH THE DOOR OPEN when he decided The Cross was too close by for his time. A good half hour later we scored a driver, a great man who told us tales of his two kids and his frequent sunday night trips to Club 77. I don't know what the fuck was going on there. 
Eventually we ended up at World Bar where Sydney's eternally cool locals were holding the place nicely. For those who arn't cross-oriented (see I resisted the cross-eyed pun because its terrible and doesn't really make sense) World Bar holds Wham! every saturday night, a super rad party run by the coolest coolant to ever cool Bianca K. Wham is one of the few parties in Sydney that I can promise you will enjoy week after week, in the similarly sweetest venue in the cross. A mixup of Internationals and Locals weekly hold up 4 rooms across even more styles. The only thing really consistant is a good time, and I definitely urge you to go. 

Bianca is also 1/2 of the Sandwichface Blog, where her and others make these amazing sandwiches (for personal consumption) and take photos and post them on the net. This site sucks because its so good it makes you ridiculously hungry every time you look at it. Then when you are inspired enough to copy one of them you realize how much effort goes into them and settle on something less. Its really frustrating, but I urge you to check the site anyway, its many levels of rad. 

So aside from those adventures, in 24 hours I woke up at 5am, went for a three hour 7am Cityrail interview, bailed that interview after half an hour, climbed the Harbour Bridge, had dinner at Peter Doyles on the quay, caught gig of the year with Dam Funk, hit the cross and caught a two hour 30 min train home to go back to sleep 26 and a half hours later then when I started. 

What did you do with your weekend? 

Tracks from the night: 


Thursday, May 13, 2010

" in the style of jazz singing, not the other thing"

Totally on the ball with this one! 

I did show ya'll the renaissance man teaser before but now the full previews are up. The 'Babbadabba' EP comes out on the 24th of may on Made to Play, and is going to be the DOPENESS. 

Renaissance Man are so fucking cool, and I just froth on this x 20000000000000. This is huge and going to be punishing peeps for MONTHS. YEWWWWWWWWWW! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easter Show Fails!

When I was 15 and the easter show was cool, there was only one showbag I would get, and I would buy about five of them. That showbag was the 'Heartbeats' showbag. Thirty pieces of Heartbeat love candy goodness. I swear they put about 5kg of strawberrys and 10kg sugar in each bite sized piece of amazement, and they were all usually gone by the train ride home. 

But alas, there is always a downside, and the glorious tastemakers behind them made the same fuckup every year. LYCHEE FLAVOR. 
I had it once. Never again, it was weird and unfamiliar and just not for me. Maybe it just didn't translate well into the candy, maybe I was yet to discover the glory of Lychee, I'm not sure. What I did know was that at the end of every home-ward bound trip from the easter show I would be sharing about 15 lychee flavoured lollies that no one ever wanted. 

As a fruit though, which I later discovered, Lychee's are actually a pretty cool guy. They originate in Asia, predominatly in China and the Phillipenes but have recently found their way into global market coz of their kick-ass sweetness and bite sized flavour punch. They are a very good source of Vitamin C (three a day equals the nutritional minimum for V-C), at the same time containing healthy amounts of Riboflavin (glavin), potassium and copper. Consider them bite sized periodic tables, and they totally have this alien egg look which I dig.  

They go pretty damn well in fruit salads and cocktails, as well as being pretty good plain or canned. They dont travel well, with a very short shelf life, but if you were like me and too ignorant taste-wise you should definitely go past your fear and give it a go. Just don't try them in candy. 

Native Title...

 Apparently the correct term to describe people from Newcastle is to call them Newiegian. I suppose Newcastleite and Newcastlian are all weird. I don't even know, can someone who bases themselves from there let us know?? I'm from Wollongong, so if you know how to reference people from there you can do that too. 

Anyway back to Newie, and I reckon native Bcattz is the most posted about dude on this site, and what a dude he is. Between recent support slots for peeps like Edu K, Justin Martin and Worthy the kid has found time for some killer production work, with a nicely minimised remix for Teki Latex's monster tune Dinosaurs With Guns. I really like this, its like a true remix. It stays faithful to the original whilst adding and switching and turning and flipping its parts for a totally original slice of nice. Cool yeah? Yeah cool...

fuck you bloggers!

Are you guys insulted when someone writes ' *so and so unknown producer* needs no introduction'. The whole reason people go on sites is to be educated and discover new music and artists and become part, or at least knowledgeable of the culture surrounding the music that we call home. Writing 'needs no introduction' is insulting to the intelligence of your readers, a sentance specifically designed to show that the writer is aware of more music than you...and they want you to know it. 

So fuck you insulting insulters! I'm going to post heaps of well known stuff and still explain it, because knowledge is key! 

Bok Bok needs no introduction (...kidding peeps). But the kid from the UK has been at the forefront of  next level production - bound by nothing, inspired by everything. He also fronts the Night Slugs label with bff  L-Vis 1990. His work is completely inspiring, some of the creative efforts are just incredible and cause small inner deaths that we can't come up with anything close to it. Its very percussive, very wobbly and very bass. And I dig it. He has a new remix (seen below) and a whole library of creative wonderment, to which I implore you to do your research. Great! 


I wrote about Riot Kid not long ago, with some serious jealousy towards both his young age and his incred talent for some crazy bass jams. He only put a few releases under his name but has decided whilst he still can, to change his name to a new mysterious, tropical and accented name as Manare (thats Marnaray, but said really quickly!). Anyway new name, same jealousy, crazier jams. Expect big things! This release (available from
TODAY HERE!!) has remixes from heaps of kids, including Dubbel Dutch and my favourites Renassiance Man (more on them to come...exciting!) You can catch a preview here, and a couple of tracks below. Buy it don't blog it. 

If you havn't caught up on Riot Kid heres some of his previous alias jams. 

Toucans Are Shifty Crakkas!

The term "tribal" genuinely makes me think of what it would look like if Brazilians had bush doofs. Like when someone uses the term 'tribal' I immediatly think of bronzed and blackened South American kids going nuts around a campfire in the middle of some crazy ass jungle with aged Toucans looking onwards all like 'I am going to kill all these motherfuckers'. Either way, I don't trust Toucans, and I dont like tribal. 

Actually, I love tribal, I just don't like genre names. Stop ranting Chris, pull yourself together! This is Rishi Romero and he makes bongo based dance music thats heaps of fun and really good to dance to, all we need now are Brazillian teens, dense amazonian jungle and ....aged Toucans. 

ps. Toucans, suspicious as they might be....coolest bird ever. 

Hire a publicist + get good photos + ???? = profit!

Matteo Poker is an Italian tastemaker whose genre description doesn't do his releases any justice. Whilst he would be found on beatport under 'techno' and 'minimal and 'other boring things' I'm digging his samba vibe. Unfortunatly he's in desperate need of someone to take some promo shots that don't look really lolzworthy, but I mean thats just me. He's due out for an Aus tour in July so that might be a bit fun. Try these out! 


Uffie's new track sucks. Sorry man, its just not good. And I'm a pretty big Uffie fan as well, but it gets to a point where you dont know whether a release is a joke or serious. When it gets to that point, I give up. 
Anyhoo, the track has been saved massively by New York housemeister Armand Van Helden, whose remix brings this huge piano funk beat with a nice vocal cut up. I really love this, and I hope you do too! Massive woo on this one!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Massively In-Depth Review #002 - Heaps Decent Presents: Detours and Destinations @ Sydney Opera House

So last night I had the privilege final session of Detours and Destinations,  the aforementioned exhibition by the HEAPS DECENT foundation, an initiative designed to give underprivileged children creative ambition. It all went down at the Sydney Opera House on a amazingly balmy evening so the mood was set before you even stepped in. NICE. 

Before I continue let it be known that plugging in your iPod to tell you it is corrupted is not cool. Whats worse is when you restore it only to have it delete every single song it holds. This happened right before my 2hr + train trip to the city, so I had no access to all the ridiculously good music thats been happening right now. Ridiculous!  

Anyhoo, me and guest enjoyed some great drinks and bitter scowls at the Opera Bar (wank joint x 1000) and headed on in to the bottom level of the O'House to finally check all this that I had heard about (nice joint in the Telegraph yesterday as well!). The program began in the foyer with two wave-like structures designed to look like street roads, laced with quotes by the many kids the program has helped. It was designed to showcase just how the program has changed lives, installing ambition, drive and desire for a better life through creative outreach. It was really nice and sweet and made you feel kinda good about supporting the project. 

As you walk inside there was a second installation, three maps of the world. I'm just gonna copy the story out of the program as it explains it much better than I could... 

"About halfway through the workshop process, I asked a young man from Lomandra if he could tell me about places he had travelled to. He replied that he hadn't really been out Campbelltown. So I asked him, if he could go anywhere, where would it be? - His answer was: "where could I go?"

Aside from that being totally sweet I thought it was a little inspiring, it made you think where you are at right now, where you want to be and how your going to get there. Although the kids involved with the program have a tougher life than a lot of us, it was still a rather personal touch and made one that little bit more self aware. 

Following from this we moved down stairs into the main exibit, made of a giant interactive dancefloor, a huge screen projecting a hole bunch of collected visuals made over the course of the program and a heap of interactive games for controlling those visuals. The whole thing was pretty cool, it was fun watching everyone jump on the dance floor and then being able to hear how it makes a difference in the tunes. If anything, it shows how much effort went into the tracks for that to be possible, not forgetting how cool the songs they made are as well. My favourite is 'Late Night' but their all pretty mad, especially when heard over such a large system. Cool! 

So for all the night sessions they invited a few friends to do some live performances and tonight we were pretty lucky coz MC Shureshock came along and did some freestyles over the beats made by the project. This was pretty mad, live freestyle always blows me out because I am not anywhere near that clever or creative, at least not on the spot. So that was sick. A bit later Shureshock did kind of a rap battle with a second MC I have completely forgotten the name of, but that was killer! 

The exhibit (the exhibition not the rapper) felt really thought out and a lot more personal than what I expected. Despite none of the kids involved being present, you really felt as though this was their project and the art belonged to them. You felt that the project was not just a one-off experiment, but an effort to support those who need it over a longer period of time, planting ideas and aspirations for a better life. As I already said, it was quite affecting to be asked 'where could I go?' and it made you very self-aware of your impact and your lifestyle. The interactive audio-visual-twitter-sms idea was a very cool and creative way to express the effort and amount of work thats gone into the project and further the idea that this was not just about a few kids trying to rap, but about an entire experience, being free and doing what you want. The exhibition was an enriching and slighty educational experience, highlighting not only the gap between us and them, but displaying an effective alternative solution to bridge it.  

Congrats to Heaps Decent for the amazing work they have done, from bringing a small charitable organization into this massive project at the Opera House is a truly remarkable accomplishment, let alone the effort and detail that went into the exhibit. I spoke to levins for maybe 2.5 seconds, he seemed pretty flustered and I definitely don't blame him. 

For all who missed out the D+D website is gonna upload a whole bunch of videos and photos so you can relive the coolness, cept without the whole interactive-ness. You can probably still text and tweet and pretend if you really wanna feel involved, but your probably better off just making a donation.  

Apparently HD have been pledged another large sum of money for a new creation later in the year, I will definitely be keeping an eye out and will let ya'll know asap! Can't wait. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



PABLO CALAMARI, who is a definite friend of Fruitbeats (but I mean...who isnt??) has a new EP out now called RIDDIM KILLER. I write this with extensive use of capitals because it is going off MULTIPLE CHAINS in my new bass heavy headphones. Seriously I am frothing all types of tropical vomit from this 4-track piece of crunk bingo bongo tropical NONSENSE, so do whatever you can to buy it. 

Buy it or do whatever you need to do. This is BEYOND! Out on Sweatitout either now or soonish!

One track teaser. Ahhh this is so MAD! 


over-use of capitals ends here...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


HEAPS DECENT is the charity founded by blog-friend Levins and his bff's Diplo and Nina Las Vegas, focusing on providing creative outlets for Sydney's underprivileged, including those held in detention centers and broken neighbourhoods. Since its 2007 conception, the initiative has moved in leaps and bounds, pulling strings from all corners of the globe to bring a truly original and practical service to lesser assisted individuals. 

The service has culminated in the projects FIRST EVER exhibition at the Opera House, named Detours and Destinations, the result of months and months of hard work from organisers, artists, and the generous donations of a wide myriad of sponsors. 

So... holy crap this is next level exhibitioning. The project in itself is an audio/visual/interactive production months in the making, taking cues from the various creative outlets the kids have explored throughout the Heaps Decent initiative. Over the past 3 months, the group have been working on four entirely original tracks with two schools, taking production credits from Australian + elsewheres finest artists. As (obviously) music is the centre of the project, it forms the basis of the exhibition, as the song parts are fed into an INTERACTIVE DANCEFLOOR laced with audio triggers. So kinda like the FAO Schwartz Keyboard (but not really at all) you can jump around and sample, effect, loop, twist and do heaps of mind bending stuff to de/reconstruct the songs the original artists have spent so long creating. 

If that wasn't enough, each of these triggers also control a vast set of visuals, recorded during the months of production and recording, some of which took place inside the Opera House itself. AND EVEN COOLER, there are five laptops scattered around the joint, hooked up to joysticks that too control the visuals. Hopefully there wont be any joystick vs. interactive dancefloor pew pews, but thats no guarantee. Oh yeah I'm not done yet, you can also even tweet or text the Detours and Destinations exhibition to affect the visuals. For example, tweeting 'blue' will turn the visuals blue and so on. like WOWOWOW!

So despite all that sounding well hectic, there is obviously a vastly deeper meaning to the exhibition than joysticks and sampling dance floors. Heaps Decent work with children to produce something original and creative, for things that they can call their own and aspire toward future endeavors both practically and creatively. They create a platform for the future, and give hard hit humans a chance to express themselves- away from environments that restrict them from doing so. The power of music and creativity is not always understood or believed in, but when used can lead to amazing things, and I genuinely think this exhibition represents how people can come from nothing and twist it into something amazing. That is told for both the kids and the organisers, so congratulations and adulation are due to both. The session times are as followed and its obviously going down at the Sydney Opera House. An absolutely huge amount of effort has been put into this event and I think as a collective cultural hub Sydney deserves to see this, just  as much as the artists deserve to show it. 

Wednesday 5 May 
1.15 - 3pm
6.30 - 8pm

Thursday 6 & Friday 7 May
11 - 11.45am
12 - 12.45pm
1.15 - 3pm
6.30 - 8pm

If your still not convinced, heres the full four tracks that will be featuring on the days. These are really cool so I'm looking forward to seeing the full experience. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The do's and dont's of Grapefruit...

This is a Grapefruit: 

Grapefruits originate in Barbados as a hybrid fruit, and was formerly known as the 'forbidden fruit' coz its so damn good. 

Uses for grapefruit: 

- Eating 
- Putting in a nice fruit salad 
- Cockail ingrediant. 
- Excellent source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. 
- Grapefruit oil as a skin conditioner 

Things you shouldn't use Grapefruits for: 

drugs are bad mkay....