Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hilariously, this little snapper of a berry is called the Common Yew. Whilst it doesn't look very exciting stay away from these bitches, they are bitter as fuck and even more poisonous. NOTHING on this plant is edible, so I really think that this is the worst- named fruit in existance. Common Yew? Theres nothing Yew about it. Boo to Yew.

What is YEW however, is the long awaited final details on the latest UNITED COLOURS party to hit Sydney, aka the best parties to hit Sydney ever aka very akin to what you would see if this blog was a nightclub. And man what a party they have coming up, bringing probably the illest duo on this planet right now, two of the most inspiring curators, performers, artists and figureheads on this site of Nibiru, SOUND PELLEGRINO THERMAL TEAM.

Sound Pellegrino are made up of Teki Latex and DJ Orasmic, two irregular tastemakers and trendsetters hailing from France, where they are practically heroes in French audiospheres. Seeing as though the French are pretty much the masters of everything thats cool in our world, this is a pretty huge deal. Before they became the duo they are, Teki fronted galactic french rap group TTC and various arts, fashion and musical side projects, whilst Orgasmic, getting his start DJing for aforementioned TTC, went under a disputable number of different names, producing, remixing, creating, curating, djing and releasing mega underground dance musicz and french rap , including the hyper Craiz and rap obliterator Fuzati. Come 2003 a collaberation was born, Parisian label 'Institubes' which would later house cutting edge creators of bass such as Para One, Surkin, Bobmo and Jean Nipon.

But no, despite numerous releases that paved the way for the future of dance music (take note start date: 2003 - long before the Daft Punk comparison to EVERYTHING took over) the ever creating, ever thinking edge sitters decided that there was a niche bracket that they felt required a specific, more attentive style of release. Thus in 2009 Sound Pellegrino was born, a home to music they descibe as 'too banging to me minimal, too minimal to be banging'. Grey area sounds that define a generation of music lovers who require something a little more attentive than regular club bangers. As such, the label is a special collection of digital only tracks, with exceptional artwork and attentive remixing by suited artists.
Bio aside, Sound Pellegrino has released some of the years biggest tracks, from Bart B Mores ridiculous 'Romane', Renaissance Man's 'What is Guru' L-Vis 1990's 'Sha! Shtil!' to the monster by Teki Latex himself 'Dinosaurs With Guns'. Every SP release is a much hyped event, having succesfully carved an image of quality and danceability. Not to mention the massive fucking awesome factor.

So after reading all that, realize that the HEADS of this label. The creators, the curators and the visionarys are coming to SYDNEY for one night only. This is going to be seriously special, word suggests that Sound Pellegrino DJ sets are rather phenomenal, a blended party brew of grime, funky, techno house and everything in between. Regardless, its United Colours so you know its going to be good right? Didn't you read my solo review. DIDNT YOU!

Oh and I almost forgot, out of 4 UC parties so far this is the 4th venue, restless these guys are! Anyway this time in a very cool link up with my favourite joint World Bar, the United Colours crew will host the club room of Wham!. Its a super valued $20 ($15 before 10pm) and it all happens on the 5th of june. Supports from the UC crew (Kato, Bad Ezzy, Wax Motif, Chux) and general party kids Wedding Ring Fingers - all mad fun. Seriously, dont miss this, you'll regret it for ages, trust me I'll make sure of it. Heres a live video to show you what your gonna see (also its a fucking amazing video), and some tracks to get you PUMPED. So excited for this!

Teki latex - Dinosaurs With Guns

Teki Latex - Answers

Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Its Raining Ice Crystal From The Future Mix (amazing)

Modeselektor - 200007 (feat TTC) (Siruismo Remix)

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