Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Serious Unoriginality Pattern Developing Here....

Holy shit. I'm writing about already posted stuff AGAIN. I can't help it. I find that people will never remember the billion of so called 'upcoming' artists blogged every day so lets just take a step back, choose a few absolute DUDES out there and follow what they do. Yes? Sure why not.


Anyway, Levins aka Levins, aka probably one of my favourite Sydney DJ's ever and part of the illustrious Ro Sham Bo has made a new mix for a club night he played in Melbourne last weekend called Favela Rock. Sorry about the lag on this, obviously I can't use it to promote that night because it's gone and time travel is severely limited, BUT you can have the mix because its probably timeless and pretty far out wow. Sorry, but yeah...

- This mix to put into a few words is really..really...good. That's about it. Its unpredictable, wild and diverse as hell. Pretty much every happening genre is going on here, from the pop/RnB sensibilities of Ciara + The Dream to the blissful electronica of James Blake, Mark Pritchard and Guido. Hip hop, electro, reggae and dubstep are all thrown in for good measure with artists like Joe, Malvado, Benga, Devin the Dude and Skream. Best of all, even with that much going on, there is not a single bum mix. Nice. 
Every one of the genre's mentioned is represented by some of it's best artists, which makes for a really enjoyable and educational listen. But enough description. Download it. You'll like it, I love it, and we can all get along. Here's the link, tracklist and some of my thoughts. ENJOY IT.  

ERYKAH BADU / BD1982 soldier (subtract)

JOE claptrap

MAVADO gyal a mad over

RUDE KID alien skank


CIARA ride

BEYONCE diva (J-WOW remix)


THE BOOGALOO CREW calling all dancers

DESTINY’S CHILD bills bills bills (HARMONIX remix)

BENGA rock music

GUIDO mad sax


AFRICA HITECH blen (rmx)

RUSKO kumon kumon

DONAEO riot music




THE-DREAM turnt out

KILLER MIKE swimming


ERYKAH BADU / BD1982 -Soldier (subtract) - probably my favourite track on this. Amazing next-level beat remixing over one of my all time favourite artists. Stunning

JOE - Claptrap - Love this. NOT a banger, but so curious. 

MAVADO - Gyal a Mad Over - Love the snare on this. Groovy dancehall.

RUDE KID - Alien Skank - Nice reggae beat to bring in the dubstep. 


CIARA - Ride - Inexplicably awesome RnB track. Have you not seen the video? Jesus Christ. 

BEYONCE - Diva (J-WOW remix) - Not from jersey shore - Buraka Som Sistema member solo project proves hefty on its own. Nice throwback to the original. 

RICKY BLAZE feat TONY MATTERHORN & ELEPHANT MAN - Cut Dem Off (remix) - Elephant man always has the craziest vocals in dancehall. Shit is nasty. 

THE BOOGALOO CREW -  Calling all Dancers - So dope. Like halfway between dubstep and tropical and house its ridiculous. 

DESTINY’S CHILD - Bills Bills Bills (HARMONIX remix) - 2nd favourite track. Such amazing production and creativity. Beats are addictive. 

BENGA - Rock Music - So much guitar wub. 

GUIDO - Mad Sax - Feels like a dubstep remix of an 80's soap opera Intro.  


AFRICA HITECH - Blen (rmx) - Bass is delivered. Nice African vibes goin on here. LOVE. 

RUSKO - Kumon Kumon - Half dubstep/2step with nice synth lines and a distinctly beautiful lack of the wub plaguing dubstep right now.

DONAEO - Riot Music - Classic. 

RAMADANMAN - Glut - One of the most beautiful vocal chops since Deadboy's - If U Want Me. Stellar cut. 

JAMES BLAKE - CMYK - Painfully addictive - can't believe the mix into this actually worked. And work it does. 

THA DOGG POUND feat KRAYZIE BONE - Money foldn - Slidin' Glidin' 


KILLER MIKE - Swimming - I got caught busting some severe head-nods in the car from this this morning. That was embaressing, but totally forgiven coz this is awesome. 

I hate the term 'journey' to describe a mix (sorry but Sharam's Essential mix was not a journey - it was a 2 hour visit to the museum of bore) but this is a highly educational and inspiring listen, gonna be plaguing my iPod for MONTHS. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hey so I don't mean to get retrospective all the time but I'm writing on two different things as follow ups to past posts. Don't get angry, its not that I'm not getting original, its just the same people keep killing shit, and it needs to be shown.

Mat Cant of the Scatterblog + Scattermusic (amazing things), who I recently wrote on for the absolutely DOPE mix he did which had about 5000 of my favorite songs on it, has completely shattered both the interbutts and my headphones AGAIN with this new mix he did for Melbourne Radio Station PBS show Shake'N'Bake. Loltronz! But seriously. This mix has some absolute tunes on it. DJ Zinc'c upcoming 'Nexx' EP makes for a standout, as does the new Dubbel Dutch, Jackbeats and WAFA tracks that have/will make massive dents on beatport accounts worldwide. It also has a few exclusive Mat Cant remixes and re-edits which are working really well. BIG LIKE.

Also bonus round, new Mat Can't remix of Sydney hip hop SUPERBITCHEZ KillaQueenz. Its tight, with the best opening/drop I've probably heard this year. SUPER GOOD, so Check it.

Mat Cant - 30mins for Shake N Bake (PBS 106.75FM) (June 2010) (direct link)

Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim (Mat Cant Badman Place Blend) (direct link)

Moombahton Round #2


So a while ago I posted about that dude MUNCHI from the Netherlands who was really one of the few producers out there making Moombahton original tracks. Not just original, but detailed and swift, very sample heavy but still enough to stand on their own as quality tracks. Dave Nada + Matt Nordstrom (Nadastrom ..der) both agreed he's they're fave producer right now, and I think things are looking good all round.

Anyway, the dude is BACK, collaborating on a new EP with DJ Heartbreak called Munbreakton (Munchi + Heartbreak + Moombahton - that took me about 20 minutes to figure out). It's less banging than the first one, with a more ambient, experiemental apporach with proper throwbacks to the origins of a still emerging genre. Either way, I'm digging it pretty hugely, and like a lot of good things it's available for free.

'Pero Que lo Que Mujer' has a mad tropical vibe to it as 'Aponte o Não' brings things back to a total melodic piece of niceness. Tracks like 'Pilulas Azuis e Brancos' and the 'Boneknuckles' remix hold their roots down to the dutch influence, as 'Soltero y Sin Compromiso' again holds its own in originality. I spose it kinda reminds me of the melodic dubstep of Joker, combined with tropical vibes, the new electronica of peeps like Joy Orbison and the banging-ness of fading dutch house. It's sweet, fresh and will surely interest the crap out of you.

Download here. Get involved.


Speaking of important events in Sydney, FBi (aka the glue of NSW independent music *props to Generic Collective for that most important analogy*) are holding another fundraiser, which are always dope events for a better cause.

CUDDLE PUDDLE, taking place on July 9th, is transforming the Oxford Arts Factory into a late night Danceteria (before the really important one re-opens - more than that soon) showcasing pretty much every good DJ in Sydney and abroad.
Mark Pritchard? *UK*!!! Fuck yes. Kato? Bezt! Anna Lunoe? check. A full Ro Sham Bo? Sure. Motherfucking Hoops! Hellz yeah! Kid Kenobi, Toni Toni Lee, Generic Collective, Wedding Ring Fingers, James Taylor, James McInnes, Boonie and Dizz1 ????? FUCK YEAH.

No seriously, these are Sydney's best acts.

In the one place.

In one night.

Holy hell. I might just die several times. Not only are all these people super good at musicz but they are total dudes and I dont even know what to say. I'm adjective-less for this night, so just get your butt on the door, pay the $13 ($10 pre sale non-supporters, $8 supporters) and have one of the best nights of the year. I'm pretty sure you will hear every type of music in the world, tropical, house, rap, hip hop, dubstep, 2step, G-Funk, everything inbetween and a few yet-to-be invented genres in one of the most fun venues in the city. Also on a personal note, its my last night out in Australia before I head off for a long...long adventure. More on that later.




Not really. Kinda, but not really.

It really makes no difference where you go, but a music scene anywhere could really do with improvement. It doesn't matter how good it is, how many bands you score, who goes where and how good it is, it can always be better. Music as a whole can always be better. If it couldn't, whats worth listening to? Nothing, and that's a fucking bleak future.

Personally, live shows were the beginning of my true appreciation for good bands and music in general. Not only that actually, it was the beginning of my real life. It's hard to say how many experiences I've had- the people I've met, the feelings felt, the music heard and the places been, all as a result of looking beyond the familiar and taking a chance. Its crazy!
In Sydney, music is everywhere. There is always something I wish I could go to, something coming up I want to go to or something past I wish I went to. There's never enough information and always too much music, so bridging the gap is always a good thing.

There's a site out there called Posse. Stupid name that makes it sound like some hussy site, but it rewards peeps for making people take a chance and give rise to opportunity. In other words, its a ticket vendor aggregator. Basically you sign up, you tell your friends to go to a fucking show, they buy a ticket and you get rewarded. It's like being a promotor, but not being a promotor for Soho or TrashBags or Candys or MusicPeople every other piece of shit operator plague-ing our city.

I want to stress this is so not spam. This is for music, and anything that supports good music I support. Anything that brings people together I support, and anything that makes Sydney that little bit better than it could be is always welcome.

It's all about making our times a bit more fun, and Im down with that. Check it out.

...Oh and come to Cuddle Puddle....

Monday, June 21, 2010


I just spent 20 minutes writing some totally stupid bio for Bambounou where I explained why I like him and listed all these reasons and wrote some sentences that could probably get me a band 5 in english if I wanted to go to school which I do not. Then I realised, hey this makes me sound like every other bloggy douchebag out there, lets NOT do this. 

Bambounou is French, and has released under Sound Pellegrino and Demento Mori. I have heard of one of those. His music is tropical bass infused tech house and house with a whole shitload of crazy influences from all around. His BFF's with French Fries and they teamed up on last years massive track 'Coconut'. Oh and he's fucking killer. New remix w/ french fries for Manare aka Riot Kid called 'Voodoo' + 'Alijy' on new sound Pellegrino SCION compilation.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Base non-specific

I think the main thing I love about DJ P.O.L Style is that despite all assumptions of his sound he is actually based in Tokyo. Seriously, its like one of the greatest trolling efforts ever. Telling someone 'hey check out this dude from Tokyo' then playing one of his ruthless garage/grime tracks like bwowwww bwowww bwow wub wub wub (thats how you type out bass) with wild MC's and killer half-tribal half-insane mental asylum beats is just hilarious! Best!

But seriously, this guys tunes are madness. There is some definite talent in someone who can pull off grime in asia, and I'm more than willing to pay that. He recently released a new track called Vampire Killah Check out all these beautiful things he's done! So good!  Also remixed by Lolboys who are looking very very very good at this point in time. 

He also very recently did a mix for Mishka, which featured some absolutely monster tracks, lots of 2step garage bass dubstep party music. I really love this, tracklist is just supurb!!! 


How many times have you heard some stupid smartass come up to you thinking they're really clever, saying 'DID YOU KNOW THAT TOMATO ISN'T A VEGETABLE!!!'. "Really?" you would say, in a desperate hope they will just get to the punchline that it is in fact a fruit and fuck off to harrass another victim with their non-facts. No, thats impossible.... "BECAUSE ITS A FRUIT OH MY GOD I BET YOU DID NOT KNOW THAT I AM WAY BETTER THAN YOU AT LIFE YEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!". 

God I hate those motherfuckers. Tomato's being a fruit is the most factual non-fact ever. It's not even funny or interesting. I love tomato's though, they're great. Just don't let douchebag's humor ruin them for you. 

Anyway, the point of this is to write about the Persimmons fruit, aka Diospyros digyna, a relative of the tomato and member of the Ebony Wood Family (hehehe). Diospyros literally translates into 'fruit of the Gods' so this stuff must be pretty wild. Of all places, I've seen these things in the David Jones Food Hall in Sydney, but I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find them. best of all, they are available in Autumn. Yew! 

Permissons are ridiculously close-looking to tomato's however taste nothing but. How good would it be to take these on public transport and make people believe your eating tomato's whole when actually your salivating on sweet juicy  berry goodness. Seriously though...who eats tomatos. Thats funny, unlike stupid fucking Tomato fruit facts. 

Hold The Rewind!

Remember that killer Sonora I wrote about a week or so ago who did the totally dope remix of Major Lazers 'Hold The Line'? Well he's back and I've decided to put a whole bunch of other crazy excellent stuff. Very tropical and very very good.  He's from Mexico which seems to be the new 'it' place of dance music at the moment. Silly location trends aside,  I'm actually really excited to see where this will go. 

Not a silent Lamb.

This dude is called Lambs. His real name is Ben Lambs, and he is from France. As such, he's just a little bit cool, and so are his tunes. I'm not one to post on so called 'up and coming' artists but I actually really really dig what he's doing. It gears towards generic Ed Banger french stuff but definitely filters away from it. What's really cool is that nothing he makes is that similar from the last. You know artists who use 3 samples/pieces of gear to produce 20 tracks at once? This isn't like that. And I like that. So yeah check it out. His Jay Z remix is probably my favourite, adds a whole new feel to the original (as all good remixes should) and is definitely sunday drive material. Nice!!  


Warning: Fruitbeats massive alert!!!!

Somewhere in some place on random nights of random weeks, GRECO ROMAN parties are held in the darkest and furthest corners of the hipster globosphere, a beacon of madness, parties held without promotion and organisation. A new city every time holds a party of limitless proportions, usually last minute and plagued by unforseen popularity, amazing surprise DJ's and police interjection. DJ's and artists from such acts as Buraka Som Sistema (yep there I go again), hot chip, drums of death and Ross Allen have all played in the past, with the Greco Roman soundsystem holding it all together. Now GR themselves score top festival spots and nightclub headline gigs, but the last minute party spirit of their events havn't dissapeared. 

The artist known as Greco Roman himself delved into solo production (I think with another guy - two guys play live but I'm not sure how it works studio wise) to form 'Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs'.  I'm really not feeling adjectives right now, but to keep it simple these dudes are totally totally off the chain dope crazy awesome ridiculous mad crazy GOOD. All of those yep! Their productions are just massive and really unique, choc full of bass and danceable beats, some enough to go crazy with. So awesome. They have a new EP out now, here's a couple of my absolute favourite tracks. They also did a dope remix of that Wafa 'Ewid Disco' track I wrote a while about. Please as a favour to yourself download and listen to these, I promise if you like what I write about you will love this!!!!!!!!!! BUY IT HERE!!!

fuck off Im not finished yet!!

J-Wow is a member of the aforementioned Buraka Som Sistema, but produces a whole lot of stuff by himself, which is very much in essence of the Kuduro sound but with a lot more bass and samples from lots of other cool places. His work is pretty diverse but still really awesome and accessible, being somewhat slower than some of the Buraka balls out ultra jams. It just goes on and on. Anyway I'm a huge fan so heres some stuff thats blowing my brain. 

First of all. This video. HOLY SHIT! Words will never describe how awesome I think this is. Also, massive tune! Out now on MADDDD DECCEEENNNNTTTTTTTT!!!! Buy it here

There's nothing better than an amazing remix of a shit song, and this Beyonce remix is off the richter. Hell its even off the Ridichter! 11/10  

More fun stuff. And a bit crazy. 

Looking Good!

Buraka Som Sistema are by far one of my favourite groups ever. They are everything I love in dance music, wild tribalness, absolute monster bass lines and filthy world language vocals. I'm pretty dissapointed I missed out on their show last year for the Sydney festival I heard it was super dope but these things happen. 

Anyway they recently did the coolest ever cover of a track by Neneh Buffalo from the 80's called 'Buffalo Stance' for a colab with Doc Martins. Now a lot of people hate on this track, I have no idea why, I personally see it as a mad slice of music from the time. This Buraka cover has taken the essential elements and crossed them over into one of the most fun jams I've heard in ages. They also colab'd with a dude called Anthony Burrill from London for this awesome video. So cool it hurts! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Massively In Depth Review #005 - Wham! + United Colours Presents: Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team @ World Bar 12/6/10

"Kids, don't do drugs"

You know when your having such a wickedly good night out and your just doing your thing, appreciating, enjoying, dancing, going nuts, then some douchebag comes along and automatically assumes you have drugs because you obviously cannot be having that much fun without them? Fuck them. I hate those people. People who do that are insulting you, the DJ's and everything else because they cant run without an extra charge. Take note kids, its just plain rude. 

Anyway thats my rant over, but its important in explaining that United Colours took over Wham! at World Bar last night and it was by far one of the most fun nights I've had this year, if not ever. It was so good that I, and a lot of other people lost all self-consciousness to the motherload of the best tropical tracks on this side of the Carribean. Seriously again, it was SO good that I genuinely feel sorry for all the Tiga/Dim Mak fools because they missed out (although something tells me that that crowd filter may have contributed).   

So when I got into World Bar after a solid week of excitement, the ever-fresh Bad Ezzy was throwing down a really really...really solid set, with perfect warm up tunes to a modest crowd. The cool thing about UC parties is that they are clearly run by professionals, with clear clubbing knowledge and tracklists to kill for. I'm sure next door at Candys they were busting two year old fidget monsters by 9:30, but here we had groovy, chunky tropical tech house, not too banging but not too boring. REALLY GOOD. I found some friends which was nice (everyone else I know were at the aforementioned lower quality events) and I think a lot of us definitely dug the set. Ezzy if your reading this and I know you will at some point I overheard a group of dudes mentioning to eachother how they thought you were definitely the coolest chick ever, way cooler then Ellen Alien. Take that whatever way you want, coz I have no idea what the fuck that means... 

Ezz played killer cuts like Warrior One's absolutely massive King Riddim, Roska's powerbassed 'Squark' and this awesome mashup of the Stush Sirens Riddim with Sean Pauls 'Temperature' vocals. Finishing up with the Camel remix of Malente + Dex's 'In Nightclubs' it was the epitome of the perfect warm up. Fun as hell, but not too tiring for rest of the night. 

Kato came up doing the shit he does best- destroying the backroom of World Bar with some serious power bombs. Like I said, awesome support work with solid tunes, holding faithful to the tropical theme of the night but still somehow diverse and fun as anything. Fat, bassy trop tech house, I definitely heard Babbadabba (Renaissance Man were in the building!) a nice re-edit of Claude Von Strokes Vocal Chords, and this crazy good remix of Township Funk. He also played that awesome Jack Beats 'Revolution' cut thats floating around at the moment. I dug that shit hard. The place was packing out like nothing at this point so dance space was limited, but the vibe was definitely maxxing. I don't think I've ever seen World Bar that crowded + every room was getting large. Oh and Renaissance Man + Crookers were in the fucking building! Is United Colours finally gaining the following it deserves? I fucking hope so. 

So I saw Teki Latex + DJ Orgasmic hanging out behind the decks before their set which was a total geek out on my end. I really respected them checking out the entire night and not just come and go as some more arrogant DJ's do. Everyone was havin' fun, and that makes everyone else want to have more fun, and the cycle continues. Mad. Anyway they came on at about ten to one, and excitement was definitely in the air. The Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team were in the house, and shit was definitely about to get real. 

Strolling on up in their Lacoste gear, looking like the coolest motherfuckers in the world, the set started with the original sample from that Gucci Vump 'Sha! Shtill!' track (possibly the ISM remix?),  the dudes rolled into this pretty much indescribable set of techy (pun intended) bassy house tracks much in line with the Sound Pellegrino image. Too banging to be minimal, too minimal to be banging and its all funky as shit. They played quite a few tracks from their upcoming compilation for SCION, the first being the new Bambanou track 'Alijy'. Very very cool. From there the set really can't be pinpointed to a particular style because everything was just all over the place. And I say that with the highest respects. 'Ganja' by DVA thrown around with Tony Senghores 'If You Came Here', the Tim Green Remix of Cassius' 99 into Para One's Duckface. DJ Tonka - Freeze was held somewhere in that mix, alongside the Douster Remix of Yolanda Be Cools 'Afro Nuts' and some nice throwbacks to the past with a seriously cool track sampling Bell Biv DeVoe's  'Poison'. Dope! 

About 3/4 of the way through the set I'm pretty sure it was Teki, being the massive dude that he is, slowed down the tempo big time to drop a completely dope and inexplicably rad set of club rap bombs to a completely packed out floor. You couldn't move on this shit, but the place was still pumping in a big way. California Swag Districts 'Teach Me How to Dougie' blew into M.I.A's Paper Planes (probably one of the few times that track has been played at the perfect moment. And I emphasize it was...the perfect moment). Massive. They even played TTC's 'Dans Le Club' which really was just surreal, seeing those dudes drop that with Teki on mic shoutouts? Un-fucking-believable. 

Bringing the tempo back up with a perfectly timed 'King of Africa' the last 1/2 hour or so was just laden with absolute monster tunes. I heard Buraka Som Sistema and other dancehall goodies with a huge amount of bass fuelled floor destroyers. I wish I could remember more of this but everything was just too much - bit of a fun overload. All I remember was that it was seriously fucking good, and nobody wanted to leave. Teki shouted out to Sydney over Dinosaurs with Guns and yeah I don't really know what else to say. It was just dope. I'm genuinely lost for words. Pure and simple brilliance. 

The set was extremely true to Sound Pellegrino as a label, laden with unreleased remixes of a huge majority of their own releases. Some crazy Bart B More 'Romane' remix got dropped something heavy, whilst their latest EP, from Para One had the Jesse Rose remix on live duty. It seemed to be more about switching up what people expect from their tracks and bringing something fresh and new to the floor. True to their goal, they seemed to be bringing the fun back into house music, nothing too serious or hardcore, just two and a bit hours of really fun dance music, with respect and throwbacks to the past genres which evolved into what we saw tonight. 

What was even more interesting about the duo was the genuine chemistry between the guys. Playing B2B, one track each for 2 hours could go seriously wonky unless the people playing had a clear inclination and idea as to what they wanted to push. It forced quick thinking and ingenuity, which I think contributed to the beauty of the set. Also, I'm going to write the following in capital letters because I think it was one of the coolest parts of their show: 


Yep, it was seriously refreshing watching DJ's not hiding behind a laptop, struggling to find the song they want on their CD. It just adds something you don't see with a lot of headline DJ's, and again, just added more to the set.

Anyway enough on the Thermal Team, Charlie Chux and Wax Motif came on after playing some seriously heavy 'warmdown' beats, packed full of bass and wild tribal ideas all over the place. To be honest, I found it way too heavy to handle after dancing to Sound Pellegrino's ripper of a set, but it still went down nicely. We all hung out and I met the Generic Dude's coz I totally missed out on their 1st B'day party with Renaissance Man the night before. Apparently it was just as dope as this night so I'm pretty devastated about that. But yeah they are total dudes, so be sure to follow them coz they have some super cool stuff coming up. 

My night ended with the Wedding Ring Fingers in the terrace, who played a massively dope party set to an unfortunately passing crowd. I thought it was weird how not many people were dancing but then I realised that 'holy shit it was 5am I had already missed my first train home but who cares coz Im having so much fun'. Yeah like that. But seriously, the Wedding Ring Fingers are dope DJ's and ever cooler dudes, so make the fucking effort to check em out one day, I promise it wont suck! The rest of the rest of my night contained a visit to rave pizza with Levins, mistaking Timmy Trumpet for Tenzin, laughing at Tenzin, hating on people who like pizza crust and a two hour train ride where I DIDN'T get jumped. To me, thats a pretty fucking good night. 

This was my second United Colours and I hope to God its not my last. These dudes know how to throw a fucking party, and it was definitely one of my favourite nights out this year. Amazingly dope music, super cool people (Teki Latex is a fucking DUDE) good venue, good friends, good night. Tonight, I give the biggest fucking props EVER to the United Colours crew. To Kato + Bad Ezzy for killer efforts and for delving outside the 'VIP' area (term used loosely) to come dance with the real people. To Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team for delivering one of the most painfully next-level sets of 2010. To Bianca from Wham! for keeping the night tied up nicely, to Levins for...something I'm not too sure of yet, and to everyone who came for being one of the most fun bunch of people ever. 


Monday, June 7, 2010

Death by Autotune.

So I was discussing with a friend the possibility of a mix made entirely of tracks like this, and the ease to which it could be done. We then established that the person who would do this would be a person with way too much time on their hands, but this is really cool anyway. 

Sounds good.

The amount of times I have mentioned Anna Lunoe + Kato's show on FBi every thursday on this blog is mind boggling (bloggling?). Its almost embarrassing if it wasn't so damn good. Anyway last thursday they had Teki Latex + DJ Orgasmic aka Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team on the show for a small guest mix, which turned into an hour + 10 min dj set which was mind blowing on about twenty different levels. The tunes were almost all exclusive and just ridiculously good. Ive been told a lot of the track come from an album their compiling for Scion, who have released compilations for a lot of very cool artists in the past, so yeah there's something to look forward to.  

I'll stop ranting because I don't have the mix here, but I'll give you the tracklisting to play around with, if you score any of the good tunes in there then please send them my way stat. (in the comments ya filthy animals). 
The reason I'm posting it though is actually for that new Brodinski tune 'Arnold Classics' which is totally dope. Kinda minimal-ish electro stomper, such a solid beat. I don't know where the fuck Brodinski came from, like, I always considered him another electro player that could easily dismissed but I think after 'Peanuts Club' everyones standing up and taking notice. I heard his last few DJ sets have been absolutely phenomenal so hoping to see him sometime soon. Tony Senghore's on the remix privilege, its just as nice. CHECK IT KIDS! 

Internet capping just aint as fun as it used to be....