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This segment is a SUCCESS! Off to a super good start with our homeboy Kato, Fruitbeats REALLY GOOD INTERVIEWS got heaps of kudos for being super informative and generally just awesome. Unfortunately all these reviews have followed with'...mainly because your not writing it' which is really rude but probably fair. Anyway, I'm super stoked to be presenting another one coz I've been looking forward to it for ages, as we discuss life and limbs with probably the most past-minded future star of Sydney: TONI TONI LEE.

Toni Toni Lee does not come from another world, but most likely another time-frame. From the look to the sound to the personality, it all screams from a time when most of us wish we were alive, a vehicle similar to the Delorian from Back to the Future, but with way less bad acting. Starting with 2009's stellar 'The Intercom' featuring one of my favourite tracks of the year 'Nate's Theme', Toni Toni didn't sleep (much), working and releasing one of the premier EP's for 2010, 'Feelin' Real Good' *nows a good time to buy this record*. Hitting the Aria Club and Juno Download charts like nothing else, the house beauty was heralded as one of the timeless records of 2010, a cosmic beacon of funky goodness. He just produced KillaQueenz new track 'break the rules' and plays a small cameo in the video which is under the interview. Might also explain the beat-up photo above....

I've been pretty lucky to catch the Toni Toni Lee live show three times out of three, which may warrant groupie status. Let it be known that I am TOTALLY FINE WITH THIS. I am again SUPER SUPER LUCKY to have a small Q+A with the man himself (sometimes going by the alias of Spruce Lee and a real name of Chicken Lover) to discuss disco, reggae cover bands and the outcome of managing 3 personalities. Enjoy.

F+B: It's the most over-asked question in music journalism, but when it comes to Toni Toni Lee it seems to stump pretty much everyone. Who/what are you influences and Why??

TTL: I've always listenened to a range of music, when I was young I used to be really into folk artists like Neil young but was also listening to punk and metal as well as funk groups like Parliament. Currently i'm listening to a lot of early 80s funk and gfunk because I kind of missed out on it in when I was growing up. I like things with grooves, drum machines and synthesis, but im also interested in music that is soulful and honest that can evoke an emotional response from a listener.


 Feelin' Real Good is a straight up disco record, but a lot of your work both past and present sits massively on the funk tip. How did you come to connect the two?

TTL: Feelin Real Good In my mind is my attempt more at a house record rather than disco. As far as it being connected to funk I think that house is descended from disco and funk you can really hear it In artists like D-train where they have a housey feel as well as a synthesised funk. I wouldnt say my music is really true funk, but does contains elements and influences from it.

F+B: Going on from that, do you ever find yourself sampling something you wouldn't expect? Is there any hidden death metal references on the record? Can there be?

TTL: Hahah, no real secrets there, I used to mess around more with sampling random things when I was younger buying strange records from 2nd hand stores, but for my coming releases im trying to remove as much sampling of other music as I can from my work just so I can create something more original and interesting. It takes me twice as long but in the end I think its worth it. 

F+B: The live show (as a combined dj/show) seemed to be a journey not just into your own music but into your favourites/influences. Was it designed that way, or just limited by live restrictions.

TTL: Ideally the show is meant to be a several hour dj and microphone thing that can be settled into and set up a vibe im going to do one of those when Goodgod re-opens in September. The shows ive done with the small live set in the middle were more a product of the time and material I had available to make it happen. Im taking a break from doing the show so I can work on more material and get something more thought out and interesting happening.

F+B: What do you think of Australia's current disco/funk scene? Who is killing it right now in Aus?

TTL: Im not sure if there is a scene per-se but there are a lot of artists doing great work. I find a lot of “disco house” sounds a bit impersonal and emotionally removed to really get me goin, but thats just me. As far as specific artists im a fan of Shazam's downtempo productions and enjoy Canyons and what A+O have got happening and I dont mind the Loin Brothers. But im not up on current affairs as I should be really.

F+B: Depending on who you ask, I've heard some pretty interesting things about your past musical endeavors- care to shed some light on any previous musical projects both solo or otherwise?

TTL: I used to be in a couple of pretty funny bands in highschool. The best one we called the “Pleasure Dome” and we wrote songs using the lyrics from our HSC poetry texts it was pretty funny. I used to play in a politically concious reggae band when I was at university (suprise suprise) and did a stint with Richard in Your Mind around the release of their first album (you should go buy their new album by the way its called My Volcano and its great).

F+B: Toni Toni Lee seems to be a separate character from both yourself and Spruce Lee. Do you three get along?

TTL: Its one big happy family baby

F+B: Do you see the live show expanding? Will we ever see Toni Toni Lee as a full band?

TTL: It would be nice, but currently I cant see that happening, im more interested in tinkering in my studio...

F+B: Cliche alert! What can we expect in the future, any upcoming tours/releases?

TTL: Theres two more singles coming out on Yes Yes Records this year and i've produced a couple of tracks on Catcalls upcoming debut album which I think have turned out really nicely. There is some cool other stuff coming up on the horizon but I guess youll have to keep and ear out.

'Feelin Real Good' is available from all fucking decent record distributors, including online (see the link above) BUY IT NOW.

Feelin Real Good by Toni Toni Lee

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hated vegetable into loved fruit: Cupuacu

Potato's are my least favourite food on this earth. I see them as plain, boring and genuinely terrible things, that need either a buttload of oil or intense processing to be any good. I love fries, I love potato in other dishes, but on their own they make me angry. They don't make me sick or feel better - they are the most beige vegetable known to man.
What? The V-Word he says? on the blog dedicated to nothing but the F-one. Relax dawgs, I have meaning for this. The following fruit had me thinking it was a potato for the longest time until I got to see inside of it and learn of it's inner goodness. Slow burning/revealing fruit is sensual and what I like best. Mmmm.

The Cupuaçu is mainly found in the Amazonian basin, as well as large cultivation fields in Brazil. It grows on tree's which are also used for timber and other practical products. Bit vague on those details. The fruit itself however is very cool. Despite looking like FUCKING potato, it is actually made of a literal wooden shell, that must be sawn open to reveal a soft white pulp, which has proven itself as quite nifty produce. Smelt from metres away, the intensely fragrant inside apparently tastes halfway between pineapple and chocolate. Or chocolate covered pineapple (mental note: get this done). Either way - fucking yum! It is also intensely good for you, containing over 9 known antioxidants as well as a hgue variety of minerals and vitamins - all good for you. The pulp is also used in lotions and make up, and is only know being commercialized for use in pills, shampoo's and candy. Mad diverse and shit. YEAH!

Cupuaçu is a bitch of a fruit in terms of appearance and access. But application wise it takes off as one of nature's most promising new fruits. Who ever said nature can't re-invent itself??

Future stuffz/aluminium.

These last few posts have been pretty damn great havn't they? I'll even admit it myself. So much amazing music out there just makes me proud to actually enjoy this stuff. I hope you do too. Let me know?? Shoot me an email maybe. I get pretty bored sometimes so need distractions. Also I'm moving to the UK which is kinda funny. Posts might slow down a bit - but more on that later.

CANBLASTER has a dangerous name and hails from France. Danger and style all before you even start listening to his tunes-which are pretty much deadly anyway. I'm gonna keep it simple coz his music is not - psychotically catchy bass rhythms with the occasional Duke/Ghetto Tec and crunk sound, along with a lot more stuff I can't quite put my finger on. Word. There's not much definition to his sound coz its all over the place, but it retains its own signature of classic french style with massive world influence. A lot of it is actually quite beautiful and I can genuinely see it soundtracking my next summer (which starts tomorrow LOL-YES).

Anyway his absolutely monstrous new remix of Crystal Fighters 'In The Summer' is being given away for free through RCDLBL - its an insanely hooked and beautiful summer jam with huge tempo changes and a lot of clever/diverse ideas all thrown into one. REALLY GOOD, and surely a star for the future. Also check out some other awesome things he made, including a remix for fellow frenchman Myd. AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!

Myd - Train to Bamako (Canblaster remix)

Canblaster - Chicken Run

Basement Jaxx – Everybody (Canblaster Ballroom Remix)

Audrey Katz – Drugs (Canblaster Remix)

WOW is all I can say about this dude. LAST JAPAN, out of London (again - I swear 90% of this blog is from London, just as well I'm moving there tomorrow lolWHUT) is still studying music production at University but is producing better sounds then 99% of his class ever will. Partly experimental, partly dance heaven, this stuff borders on just about every sub-bass-genre there is. Incredibly well thought out and produced works hint at experimental dubstep and house, before dipping into severe electronica and plough-ing cosmic mines for music styles that are massively un-definable. There's a lot of danceable stuff, and a lot of very undanceable stuff. And I think thats just great.

You can almost tell that this dude (real name Marco Giuliani) is still at uni - so much of it is so experimental it almost feels like an assignment or musical guess that just transcended into something a lot more polished and well produced. Kinda like a joke that got out of hand (not that the music is in any way a joke). He obviously impressed a lot of people quickly - at 20 years old he's signed to FatBoySlim's 'Southern Fried Records' alongside some incredibly big names. Nice!

Last Japan just released a new work, this track called Scanners. It says in the title its under the bandicoot riddim, which I hope to god is crash-bandicoot sampled. I think it is. Needs more of those ooga-booga helmet samples. Amazing nonetheless.

I know I said Sydney has the weekend from heaven....



Green Money are fucking persistant. Starting with an undeniably COOL name, they managed to fly under my radar, whilst colliding that of pretty much every good DJ, radio show, mixup, blog and live set that I know. Bastards!

Anyway, excusing my sucky-ness, Green Money are made up of two clowns from London, producing a massive range of UK-funky inspired bass awesomeness, driven by killer percussion and often ridiculously catchy melodic parts. A little bit ravey, a little bit bassy, they work best as remixers with superior style. I'm digging the massive dancibility factor as well as their stylized approach to funky. It's really good!!

The dudes have a new release on A-Traks label, Fools Gold. It's called 'Gold Ru$h' and contains some literally mind blowing stuff. Lots of literal dance music that, despite being a bit weird, totally works and will have your head nodding for dayz.

Get onto it and buy it all here!!! Here's a EP sampler on top of some goodies past and present. GET FONKY. Amazing...


Professor Green feat Lilly Allen - Just Be Good To Green (Greenmoney's Colour Blind remix) by Greenmoney

Busy Signal "Tic Toc" Greenmoney's Liquid Remix (VP Records) by Greenmoney

Busy Signal "Picante" Greenmoney Remix (VP Records) by Greenmoney

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend revisited.

I havn't led you astray have I? In all the nights I've told you to attend I don't think there's been any shockers, and certainly not any deaths. Pass outs, lost money and unfortunate bathroom encounters maybe, but definitely not bad times. Yep. And I think that's just great.

With that, the good times keep rolling this weekend for one of the most jam packed party times I think Sydney has seen this year, a perfect storm of good events outweighing bad ones. Seriously, this shit is insane, and would silence any critic dissing the Sydney scene. Man I love this place.

First and foremost is the very strategically placed GENERIC PARTY this friday featuring Slap n' Dash all the way from Melbooooouuuuurne. I say strategic only because it's taking place on friday, as a very nice (although potentially excessive) way to begin the weekend from heaven.
Slap n' Dash are 2 parts of the seriously amazing Scattermusic Crew (Mu-Gen + Scattermish), who in a few short years have developed a world renowned music blog, record label and regular clubnight ALL OF WHICH are bangable for free. Not only do these guys run insanely great parties but they've release some of the biggest tracks of late, and all of which for no cost whatsoever. If there's any international I've talked about here playing Sydney, chances are they are playing for Scatter in Melbourne and chances are they get it for free, which is great but kinda sucks for us.
Anyway, as DJ's, a 4 deck-2 mixer live show definitely constitutes the term 'party machine' as they roll through about 5 songs and 10 genres every 15 seconds. Maybe more. Playing alongside your Generic BFF's (ALL OF THEM), expect mega awesome party vibes, with way less bad music.

Saturday would take me way fucking long to delve into detail, but here's my cut of where you should be at!

#1 Gets a special mention coz' the best club in Australia, GOODGOD SMALL CLUB is reopening for an exclusive Lady Chann/Killaqueenz double up (see what I did thar?) But otherwise you can catch me probably at all of the above (or in this case...below).

#2: THE RETURN of one of the most reportedly badass, soul destroying and ceiling-busting parties, HALFWAY CROOKS, the ALL-RAP night for those who need a bit more G in their timez. I keep missing out on these but it's bought to my attention literally EVERY time that I missed out majorly and need to get my ass there. Don't be a mad loser like me - get yourself to this. LEVINS, Spruce Lee (aka Toni Toni Lee) and Captain Franco will be dropping more rap explosives than you can twitter request in a day. According to Levins: Rap + DJs x nice crowd - breakdancing = Halfway Crooks. Mad. Here's a fucking killer mix to get you mad EXCITED. (tracklist and download on the link)

Captain Franco presents... The Clearance Sale by captainfranco

#3: ADULT DISCO at The Civic who I'm sure you know is also mega mega fun times continues with Cadillac from Melbourne and Youth from Bris. Local homeboy FRAMES plays a somewhat rare set (his new track is major wicked-bizz, I will post on it soon) as do the ever-amazing and educating Future Classic DJ's. The Civic is also wicked close to Goodgod Small Club so that would be an excellent double-header for you to consider.

#4: WHAM at World Bar has Mu-Gen (from the aforementioned Scattermusic) busting more mad party times if your Kings X bound.

#5: Chinese Laundry has James Holden playing a crazy 4 hour set alongside my bromies the WEDDING RING FINGERS. Again, mad fun. They (chinese laundry) are also shitheads at self promotion so you don't get a poster. Seriously guys. It's not that hard to upload a photo SOMEWHERE of your event.

Anyway I'm gonna stop now because that's way too many mega-vibes for one night. Seriously. If someone does all those I will personally give you mad props.


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In the relatively short time this site as been around I've met a lot of cool people, heard a lot of good music and written some really shitty articles. I still havn't figured out how to widen my text box so youtube videos are still cut out, but regardless I think it's been fun. As a project, this has evolved from a small joke into quite an awesome launching pad into good music in general (for myself anyway) and better nights out. Getting props from the likes of Sound Pellegrino, Nadastrom and Dam Funk helps, as does the bittersweet acceptance of the hypem community.

As said, this has been an excellent place to meet some super sick people, most of whom have way too much insight and not enough time to get it out there. Taking full advantage of this, we start a new segment of artist interviews that I think and hope will be REALLY GOOD for all involved. I've always been proud of being quite thorough and positive about whats written here, and we will try to chat to people who share this thorough-ness.

As for our first guest, the box is ticked for one of the leaders of the Sydney club scene - a dude whose been around long enough to solidify what he says. KATO, of United Colours, Wamp Wamp and Bandits fame, has been DJing and throwing parties for just about a decade, supporting and touring the likes of...well.. just about anyone that's good. If you've read ANY night reviews on here there's a good chance he gets a mention, and a better chance its positive. So, as a natural progression, there's nobody better to start what might be the most insightful section of this whole site (mainly because it's not coming from me) we go!

F+B: Your sets are known to be pretty eclectic, hopping genre's like it ain't no thing. Do you attribute that to any personal DJ heroes or is it just a case of too much music not enough time?

Kato: I feel it's important for a DJ not to get too sucked in to any one different genre as you're pigeonholing yourself and you'll become irrelevant and boring. When a new sound starts it can be really exciting but then there's always alot of bandwagon jumpers who's substandard production, purism and unimaginative djing / track selection can make a sound stale [disco and fidget house are great current examples of this - I'm even noticing it with the tropical tech sound I've been championing recently]. There is heaps of amazing new music out there and I want to enjoy and share as much of it as possible whilst maintaining my own unique personal style, letting enough of each track play [I hate quick mixes] and obviously vibing with the crowd. I love watching good DJ's and i always take something away from watching a dj that will influence what I do but I wouldn't say my sound comes from a love of any one particular DJ.

F+B: Do you still enjoy playing out as much as you used to? How do you keep things fresh for yourself after so long?

Kato: Like I said before the constant flow of new music is what really keeps me excited and also the challenge of convincing the crowd they dig it is always fun. After 10 years I can definitely say I still enjoy it as much as I did at the start. Some DJ's are getting all cynical now saying it isn't what it used to be but for me it's just a new challenge, I believe in what I play and my ability to make the music work.

F+B: You seem to be almost single handedly running Newcastle's club scene, on top of throwing a whole bunch of super sick parties around Sydney. How did the touring side of things come about?

Kato: I don't really tour artists but I book alot for newcastle and sydney basically because I wan't to get the right internationals playing to the right people not just in some afterthought room at a big club with shitty support DJ's. I started in Newcastle because my friend and I were throwing a monthly breaks party and we'd pretty much got all our favourite Australian DJ's to play so the next thing was to look overseas. I guess it all comes back to me constantly looking for the next new musical experience.

F+B: Continuing from that, how do you feel about the state of clubs at the moment? Better/worse or just different? Do you forsee a close end to the plague of one day festivals attacking Sydney right now?

Kato: Festivals are not really the problem [except the bad ones] - fly by night promoters and bad DJ's are the real trouble - these guys aren't it for music - just to be cool and get laid. People often compare nights to others that shouldn't be compared - I just do my own shit that I love, put in the time and effort, promote it properly and it just works. Profits and big crowds aren't how I judge the success of a party though - if I have a good time, the party attracts an educated, enthusiastic crowd and they good time and the DJ has a good time then that's perfect for me. Promoters worried about bar quotas, door takings and whether or not the music is commercial enough are the real scourge on the scene but I think the tide is starting to turn and those who have been flogging it over the past couple of years are seeing a downturn and the cool cats are starting to make a comeback.

F+B: We have a few of your special Kato 'Blends' below, whats the story behind those. Do you have any inspirations/influences when your making them? Are there any current or pending original works happening?

Kato: I guess my aim in Djing is to be original but still rock the crowd so these are musical curveballs combining a more underground instrumental with a well known but not-necessarily-cheesy vocal to help with the crowd over. As for original works there are definitely more happening in the future.

F+B: No one can listen to club bangers 24/7, what do you listen to at home?

Kato: Still alot of electronic music like warp records stuff, James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Guido, lots of dj mixes - especially deep house and future garage stuff, lots of hip hop and rap, some r&b, some world music especially african, creole jazz and latin atm, lot's of early 80s new york melting pot stuff like Talking Heads, ESG, Kid Creole and rock stuff like dead kennedys and led zeppelin.

F+B: Whats the go for Kato in the future??

Kato: Definitely more production, more United Colors and Wamp Wamp parties, more great new music.

F+B: And most importantly, what is your favourite fruit and why.

Kato: Watermelon for sure - get's me through those summer hangovers / bangovers and also it's fun to get a little messy

AGREED KATO. AGREED. Here's all the super awesome Kato blends mentioned earlier. mashups of killer dance tracks with more than accessible vocal layers. Some of these are seeing the light of internet for the very first time, so very special, very cool.
Kato plays radio DJ every thursday with Anna Lunoe for Sunsets on FBi @ 6pm check out Also can be seen at most clubs in Sydney destroying floors and brains. WAMP WAMP and UNITED COLOURS parties are both returning soon with big lineups and bigger times. FEEL FREE TO GET EXCITED FOR ALL THESE THINGS.

For our next interview, we have TONI TONI LEE answering questions on life, music and alter-ego battles. Look forward to it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Military Speed on this one!

I'm totally gonna claim this one coz it was uploaded about an hour ago by two very very special artists who are surely set to kill it/kill it more over the next couple of months. Wafa, who bought us the MASSSSSIVE Ewid Disco amongst a bunch of other super tasty jams and Sinden whose remixes and live sets have caused more ruckus than any oil spill I've ever seen, have teamed us for this somewhat hard-to-describe mix of thousands of sounds and synths and a super heavy drum line. Its massively techy and all over the place in an excellent way. It's called 'Military' and you can check it out below alongside some of their other colabs and other WAFA stuff in case you missed it last time.




WAFA /KANGA/ played on toddlat, mary anne hobbs radio1 show and giles peterson s radio1 show by WAFA



It's currently 12:15am and for whatever reason it may be I am not listening to whatever it is I would normally be listening to at this hour (usually some form of euro-trance). I'm actually watching some show about chick fights on channel 7 which is pretty damn incredible. Everyone likes a chick fight don't they? The lack of girl fights was one of the multiple downsides to me going to an all-dudes school, but I mean that's a whole other story.

This one kinda jumps out of nowhere.

I kinda slept on this mix, but it's by Girl Unit who are totally killing it under the Night Slugs label alongside every future pushing artist around right now. This mix is SUPER good, packed full of exclusive bass jams and forthcoming releases on a bunch of labels probably not even founded yet. It's that next level. There's some seriously wicked tracks on here full of nintendo-esque bleeps, heavy handed beats, soul punching synths and of course bass to kill an army. So far one of my tops of 2010, here's the soundtrack to your next girl fight.


A few things I like about this dude...

Mike Slott kinda looks like the skeezy dude out of '10 things I Hate About You' is one of those next level artists, pushing future sounds amongst ambient and wildly original beats in a flurry of un-definable sight and sound. Sample heavy yet never uninspired, his work is lush and contains that vibrant sense of hope that seems to be lacking from the myriad of tasteless production plagueing music over the last couple of months. Working with Hudson Mohawke on a series of parties and a project knows as 'Heralds of Change' since 2004, the dude has since released several solo EP's and moved from his native Dublin to Harlem, NYC where he surely retains his connections to those on the forefront of musical experiments.

This music makes me feel ridiculously good about both myself and the fact that music can still do that to people. None of this stuff is typical by any standard, but is super positive and actually very, very clever. I suppose imaginative would be the best word to describe it, but either way I really love it. Please download a couple of my favourites and buy his work here. It's worth it I promise!

Mike Slott - Home

Mike Slott – 23 Halfs

Mike Slott - Flunky

American Men - AM System (Mike Slott Lazer Mix)

Mike Slott - 40 Winx by ChoiceCuts

Monday, July 12, 2010

Okay this is more real...

So a couple of posts ago I wrote about a local who wasn't really-that-local, but more like 'hey that guy has a neighbour who used to know someone who lives in Australia lets claim him as our own!' This time I thought we'd get on the dedicated Sydney tip for a couple of mixes from the next generation of DJs who are pretty much in line to inherit the city. Two mixes from two equally as rad dudes, with music matters on completely different sides of the spectrum. Go Sydney...

First up is my dude GADGET from ultimate bromies The Generic Collective, who did this super diverse mix of east coast rap and dreamy hip hop beats for your next Sunday drive. But - save it for a good weather day, coz the vibes in here are too good to waste. If you read my Toni Toni Lee review you will know that I hardly know much about this music, but even I knew quite a few of the artists on here, mainly because they are the big guns with unmistakable sounds. Talib Kweli, The Roots, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, Common, its like half the Soulquarians or Dave Chapelles Block Party in an hour. Amazing. If you feel like super super vibes or just an education into something that (like me) you may have slept on in your teenage lame-ness, give it a download.

Swoontape01 by genericgadget

Second is a fellow young-gunner HARRY COTTON, whose mix of disco treats is absolutely excellent until you realize he is probably younger and most definitely cooler than you. There's some slow jams and some faster slow jams from the type of artists that come to mind when you think about how much music you don't know. On top of that, there's some vinyl, some rarities, some super funky edits but most of all some serious JAMS on this 66 minute soundtrack to your next intimate moment.

Make love to this.

Sequins And Pearls by Harry Cotton

One Good SnItch.

SnItch have it totally going on. Seriously, these incredible rad Londonites are not only producing some seriously future inspired tropical bass numbers, but they are also totally sending them to the right people. And by the right people, I mean me....yeah.
Idioacy/wankery aside, these guys are absolutely killing it with some ridiculously cool remixes that are as much on the bass side as they are on the funky tip. They hint at quite a few different inspirations that resolve into these super percussive, rave synth future blend freak outs that are just great.

At the moment, their currently flogging their remix for Man Like Me's super catchy 'Man Like Me' with a really forward thinking style that I love. On top of that, you got a bit of a Wile Out diversive remix from the original (in case you ever get bored of the original which I think is impossible) and a super banging rework of Crystal Fighters 'I Love London'. If you take a look at their blog you will find pretty much 90% of the music they promote is the music this site promotes, so obviously if you like this, you will like them. If not then why are you on here?


ps: The Man Like Me remix is available for free download. And isn't the cover art just fucking awesome????

Run Over (sniTch Remix) - Man Like Me by sniTch London

Wile Out feat. Ms Dynamite (sniTch Edit feat. Dread MC) - Zinc by sniTch London

I Love London (sniTch Remix) - Crystal Fighters by sniTch London


If one were to hear the name 'Cherimoya', it would be assumed that one would liken it to the word Chernobyl, that of course being the home to one of the biggest nuclear distasters in recent history. When you think about Chernobyl, or maybe just when I think about it, you really believe that some shit must have been seriously mutilated in that area. Seriously, If that area began growing 600ft pine trees or baby corn the size of regular corn (ala The Simpsons) I would not think twice of it. I'm from regional NSW, and stranger shit has happened.

The Cherimoya unfortunatly does not hail from any nuclear zone, but definitely resembles something that does. It actually comes from South America (Peru, Chile etc.) and true to the last paragraph, looks like an artichoke that has been continually microwaved since 1986. Unlike those savourey bulbs of salt, the Cherimoya has a mega tasty strawberry/pineapple/banana taste with super poisonous seeds that can paralyse on a single bite. Cherimoya flowers also have a (depending on personal taste) kinda cool ability to turn from female to male in a matter of hours, considering their life span is about 2 days. I think thats pretty G, but I'm just waiting for one of these to get their hulk on and destroy the shit out of everything.

It's going to happen...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This is by far the most balls out fucking retarded, mentally insane pieces of footage I have ever seen. I'm not kidding. It is so absolutely inexplicably fucked in the head that I just need to warn everyone that if you get creeped out it's just not for you. Seriously. If your a prude or a douchebag who complains about PG movies or maybe even just catholic I advise you to stay away from this.

In saying that, I happen to think this is the most absolutely incredible, amazing, awesome thing I have ever seen in my life. I regard 3 mins 30 as a momentous occasion in the history of both youtubed videos and amateur talent competitions, and believe it will go down as the best thing to ever be recorded on video...ever.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not Really Ours...

If you have been reading this for a while you would know that I am ALL about supporting the local boys. Seriously, if your from Sydney and casually killing it then you are pretty much my bag baby! Yeah! Anyway, I don't really know if this counts because this dude is FROM Sydney but currently killing Germany. I've always thought Australia's ability to claim neighbouring superstars to be super embaressing and I am not at all interested in claiming something we didn't create.

Regardless...this is pretty cool.

This dude is called 'So Called Friend' and resides in Hamburg, Germany. He recently kinda came out of nowhere with his track 'Fever' and somehow got Hostage, Malente and Spoek Mathambo to remix it, which is pretty dope!! It's just been released through Raving Looney Records and the Hostage Remix has been given away as a teaser. It kinda hints at forward thinking fidget, with the funky snares and total fart synths. Squelch. Whatever. Download it and get the whole EP here...its pretty cool!!!! (the hostage remix is free yo! goodies!)

So Called Friend - Fever (Hostage Remix)

So Called Friend by Raving Loony Records

Monday, July 5, 2010

Essential. Absolutely fucking essential.


I'm not writing anything big about it coz I don't have to. GO TO THIS.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hey so I'm just gonna put it out there, this review is gonna suck.

 It's not my fault, I swear. I usually pride myself on being able to at least draft message enough insights on a night to give some indication of what went down. Sometimes that detracts from the fun but I can deal with it. The thing is though...Toni Toni Lee launched his latest EP Feelin' Real Good at the Civic Hotel last night, and I spent the night having so much fun that I did not record a single piece of evidence to give ANY understanding or comprehension as to how good it was. But when I think about it...perhaps that is a testament to how much fun it was. Is that next level journalism? Maybe. Probably not...

Anyway, to be honest I don't think it matters. Adult Disco is up there with the most fun parties running around Sydney right now. It is also the most frustrating. It's an absolute compliment and a testament to it's credibility that when you hit The Civic on a saturday night you will hear music you have never heard before and will probably never hear again. And it's still fun. Really fun. Like my entire body is killing me and my brain is actually split into 3 different places. Kinda like Voldemort in the last Harry Potter, but not really. Anyway like I said, the music at Adult Disco requires full body movement, none of this fist pumping neck bouncing yuppie bullshit, it is straight up bassline movements with a crowd ready to love. 

So first of all - my fucking God it was cold. Really cold. Sydney, what is your deal at the moment I do not like this at all, ruining my life and sober walks from train stations to The Civic. I was a bit worried that the turnout would be a bit low as it is everywhere right now because lets face it- who the fuck wants to leave the house on nights like this. 

Anyhoo first ingredient - tequila blanket. Check. Awesome. I hit The Civic really early to catch my homeboy Huggz of the Wedding Ring Fingers, filling the place with massive amounts of VIBE courtesy of G-Funk and West Coast rap classics. And when I say classics thats a huge assumption because I hardly knew any of them. There is too much rap its overwhelming so to pull everything together for the hour or so that he did was super cool. I already said vibe but I don't think there's many other words to describe it - it was just vibe. Yep.  I managed to score a limited tracklist with a warning that (as presumed) half of the stuff played is ridiculously difficult to find or unreleased (standard). However acts like DJ Quik was represented with 'Summer Breeze' and Get Together Again. The EastSiderz G'd up, Kokane's Nite L.O.C (tune), Twinz 'Hollywood' and XL Middleton's 'Poplock Funk' could probably give you a very very limited perspective on the max level of Vibe attained in the room at the time. Also worth noting... tequila drink specials. Cool. 

The last (for now ;)) Goodgod back with Solo was the last time I saw Jimmy Sing DJ before tonight, and what I said back then retains today. His sets as both himself and with Ro Sham Bo are lessons in music you've never heard before and are really intimidating on just how awesome they are. Tonight the job was to up the tempo just that tiny bit to bring the disco waves dominating the rest of the night.  A sizeable crowd was beginning the gather (Adult Disco > bad weather) as groove kicked in and basslines started to take full control of the Civic's awesome sound system. The term 'Sound System' has always annoyed me, I don't see why people just don't call them speakers (especially when they suck) but the Civic actually has a set worth deeming a system. I think their speakers take up the same amount of space as the dancefloor so there's definitely enough sound to go around for all. Anyway back to the case at hand, and Jimmy Sing set a theme for the night of songs I didn't and will not know. It was awesome though. Like really awesome. The disco influence was undeniable and so casually groovy. People weren't dancing but if you took a look around the room and there was not a single still head in the place. So much goodness. Agh. Its frustrating me that I can't list any of the songs, but I spose you get the point...yeah.  

So Jimmy Sing wrapped up at a time I was too drunk to notice as the MAN we had all come to see, Toni Toni Lee hit the stage to a constantly filling dancefloor. Hooollyyyyy crap. So much atmos to be soaked up on the dancefloor right now. Things started to get a little freaky as Toni started up his set with some dj throwbacks to freaaakkyyy disco, warming up the place with some really groovy things. Things were getting funky and the crowd (who were pretty much the best ever by the way) were showcasing some killer moves. 
The Toni Toni live show is a strange beast, a mix of DJ set, live vocals, vocodoring (lol) live tracks, improv shoutouts and freaky dance moves, the combination of which equals a journey through time and space into another world of music, one from an era I can only wish I grew up in. Actually funnily enough, the few tunes I did recognize was from the totally awesome 'West Coast Selection' mix that Toni Toni Lee did under Spruce Lee that I posted about a few months ago. I found that kinda funny. But pretty cool. Unfortunatly those mixes have since been made unavailable but I will try and get them to you soon coz if your into this sort of stuff they are pretty much essential listening. Sorry dudes. 

The show is constantly changing, and one of the early jams to get the show rolling was the latest Toni Toni remix, from the Heaps Decent track Miimali Gangsters from the Detours and Destinations program (see below). This is the jam, and most of the crowd knew what was going on. Such a huge amount of cool going on. Continuing on, he kept the vibe rolling and ascending with a slow but sure buildup of disco tunes. Basslines became groovier and the drums heavier as Toni began shouting out what he was playing and why, very much in similarity from the Dam Funk gig which he himself supported. Major influence? Most likely. 
The show progressed again from DJ mode into live territory, switching on the vocodor for some seriously cool live work. As much as I would class it as singing, it was obviously through a vocodor and like I said completely warped the dancefloor back to a past era. The g-funk 80s/90s Rap House RnB influence was coming through strong, with the Toni Toni modern twist that makes things so damn cool. I don't know many of the tracks he played live, mainly because they are mostly forthcoming releases, a point I should note that is super exciting. The live element fitted so well as an extension to a singular DJ set and it was so cool to see something this different original and unseen on the streets of Sydney. Whats more is that at first I thought he was singing over songs that weren't his, which is both incorrect and testament to how faithful he is to his influences and inspirations. Feels good man. 
Like I said a lot of the stuff he played are forthcoming releases, probably towards the end of the year. There was one track I'm assuming is called Body Heat which is pretty much going to be the critical track of 2010 - its so damn catchy I had it in my head the entire way home. Actually scrap that, I still do have it in my head. Killing me in the best way! 

So Toni Toni Lee wrapped up his set about 100 minutes after he started, as El. Ron Golden aka The Radge took to the decks, continuing and expanding upon the disco influence that defines both Future Classic and Adult Disco as a sound and label. Everyone was pretty loose by this point on account of both the awesome tunes and the drinks had in the last minute dash before the specials finished. I'm gonna be a massive uneducated FOOL here again and say that I pretty much did not know anything that got played. I couldn't even tell you the artists! and I will AGAIN say that this is why you need to come to Adult Disco. I hope I'm intriguing you because I'm frustrating myself..

In the late hours of the night the crowd remained sizable (so much better then those nights where everyones bailed by 2am) as Toni came BACK for a second surprise set. This time just keeping to the decks, he did what he does best, dropping groove bombs in a relentless fashion. It was literal bomb o'clock from start to finish but like in the good context, not the bad one. The only track I caught here which I actually knew was 'Weekend' by Class Action, and even that is because it was so cool I had to film it and ask what it was a bit later. Anyway if you go listen to that- thats the kind of tunes we're talking about here. Most of us were still drinking by this point. I don't know why. Such a day break, but so fucking worth it. 
Im gonna interject here to take a vendetta out on anyone who hangs out behind the DJ booth/on stage. I don't actually care who you are or how much your involved in the night but if your trying to steal headliners attention then thats just sad. However, the few *ahem* people...on the stage late last night provided probably the funniest on stage moments I've ever seen. I'm just gonna leave it at that but if you were there then you know what I'm talking about. Seriously....funniest thing I've probably ever seen. Mega lolz. 

So my night finished with me being hit by a cab (its kinda funny looking back) and getting bad pizza on account of Subway running out of meatballs. Other than those shit 10 minutes, this night pretty much rooled. Toni Toni Lee slayed the civic with a live experience that will hold vibe for days. The supports were true to their term, adding alternate experience, groove and all around awesomeness to the night. To the crowd that came and danced ALL fucking night, massive props. Funnest people ever. Next time you don't know where to go please give Adult Disco a chance, whilst you might not be familiar with the music it's fun as hell and you won't regret a night in the best venue in Sydney with a suited crowd to match. Props to Huggz, Jimmy Sing and El.Ron Golden for their awesome efforts, and to the total dudes who ran the night for providing one of the funnest club nights in Sydney right now. 

If I've done my job as I wished to, you will be so inexplicably curious to check out the Toni Toni live show, which (luckily for you) is making an appearance at this fridays CUDDLE PUDDLE @ The Oxford Arts Factory which you can obviously read more about HERE

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that this was a REALLY fucking good night. And I had so much  fun it was ridiculous. REEESSSPPPPECCCCCCTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Your weekend plan...

Toni Toni Lee is an undefinable character. I spent too long trying to find artists to compare him to, and genre's to match his sound with but in the end it just won't fly. He is his own dude,  and no amount of comparisons or adjectives will ever do that justice. 

He's bringing the boogie back for his latest EP Feelin' Real Good, with a special headlining gig for Adult Disco this saturday at The Civic. Like I said, this is a pretty undefinable sort of gig so check out this video, go buy his EP, and get yourself down to THE premier album launch of 2010. This is the future of Sydney, and damn does it sound good...


I'm such a fucking idiot. When I wrote about Bambounou the other day I completely disregarded the fact that I posted the entire new Manare EP without even acknowledging it. Why would I do that? What was I thinking? and what alterior motive did I have? 

1: Don't know. 
2: Don't know. 
3: None. I dont think. So yeah...don't know. 

So yeah. I suck. 
Manare is way too young to be producing the goodness that he does, I think he's 19 or something. I've written about him twice now (not including that last total douche post), once as Riot Kid for the Quiet Riot EP, then again for his latest work under the Manare ep. He just keeps killing it, which like I said sucks for the rest of us who havn't done shit with our lives yet. 

Yet is the keyword here though. Positive thoughts guys. 

Big hugs.  

Here's the EP. That Bambounou + French Fries remix is actually my favourite out of them all, it's got such a awesome stomach churning synth line to it. The Blitzkrieg Riddim comes in a close second. Buy it or some shit?? Yeah!!