Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top shotta, me hesitate none, pop ya...

Wamp Wamp is a rap song by Clipse and Slim thug, full of durty lines, a killer beat and awesome booty vibes. It is also the name of a party run in Sydney by Sydney-ans Kato, Levins, The Wedding Ring Fingers and Generic Collective, pushing only the best/most fun examples of new music killing soundsystems worldwide. Think Baile funk, Dubstep, Garage, Grime, Funky and the more-than-occasional rap jam AKA GOOD times.

This Friday, October 8th @ GOODGOD SMALL CLUB, Wamp Wamp brings along two of the (genuinely) rising stars of future minded music, both from Europe and both high on my to-see list. These being UK's DEADBOY and Frenchman 'MYD'.

Deadboy (as you would probably know from reading here) produced what is probably one of my favourite tunes for 2010, being the ridiculous 'If U Want Me', which to this day still makes my heart skip a beat courtesy of that weird left-out third beat with the synth ascension. To me it speaks for this year so much, as well as (probably) a few years into the future. His remix of Delphic's 'Halcyon' set into stone his style of melodic, restrained bass tunes with heavy vocal chops and an emphasis on delicate synth parts. Just recently he completed a remix for Foals' stunning 'Spanish Sahara' adding a small electronic tinge to an already beautiful track. Very clever this one. Also to get everyone riled up for the tour he did a promo mix full of unreleased gems from Numbers HQ, alongside family labels Planet Mu, Night Slugs and Hessle Audio. Bit frustrating with the un-released-ness of this, but amazing nonethless. Also check out the unreleased futue garage madness of 'Unofficial Girl'. SO cool.

Deadboy - Bouncers Dream Mix

Foals - Spanish Sahara (DeadBoy Remix)

Deadboy - If U Want Me

Delphic - Halcyon (Deadboy Remix)

Myd got a lucky break in his native Paris, when Teki Latex and Orgasmic (if I have to tell you who they are one more time....) hand selected his tune Next Novel for their engaging sounds from the spring collection, not to mention 'Train to Momako' from an earlier mix. Working and supporting just about every big player in the game since, he has found his place in a hefty whirlpool of minimised beats, african/tropical influence and mind melting techno. A few months back he did a mix for triple J and floored my car with a lot of artists I didn't hear about a few months later (ie. now) so he is definitely on the money with what you should be listening to. One thinks of Myd as the type of dude you wish you saw two years from now. I know I will.
Herez sum muzik frum him:

Rhianna - Rude Boy (Myd Bootled)

Lazy Flow - Mambo Fever (Radioclit Remix Myd & Mo Laudi Rework)

Myd - Train to Momako

Myd & Sam Tiba - Next Novel

Always pulling an insanely huge amount of big-name guests (Diplo, Dre Skull Klever etc.) before they hit the big time, this is one of those nights that people talk about like '..that night. This night IS 'that night' so get in early and support good things. Cantina Levins will also make a famed appearance on the night, where you can pick up amazingly home made soul snacks by the dude himself. Here's the event details...Get at it!!!

Black Sapote

Yes everyone likes/loves chocolate. Its a huge cliche but its true because its just so damn great and everyone enjoys it at all times of the day - uless your one of those social outcasts who were brave enough to admit they didn't like chocolate in primary school (but everyone knows they were just attention seekers because they also didn't like macdonalds or ice cream...fucking non conformist douches). But anyway, the only thing that stops me from eating more is all the years of people telling me not to eat too much chocolate catching up to me.

Anyway, 'Diospyros digyna' or 'Black Sapote' as it is non-formally called, is a fruit hailing from Mexico and South America (as does most of the fruit I write about on here). It is a sub-species of Persimmons and the tree it grows on (now grown all over the world) can reach up to 30m tall. The reason I'm writing about them however is because APPARENTLY the fruit, with an inedible outer-skin, has an inner-pulp that tastes like chocolate pudding when ripe. Yes you heard me, chocolate fucking pudding. In fruit. And it doesn't even matter because its fruit and fruit is always good for you. Yeah it looks kinda gross and is probably an effort to get to, but its FUCKING FRUIT THAT TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE. What part of this don't you get!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Who likes chicken??

A long long time ago (in dance music time anyway) I wrote about a newly built duo between NY home-girl JUBILEE and GRAHMZILLA. It was called Bassonova, and I only knew about it coz Ro Sham Bo played a track called Chicken Lover which featured Spruce Lee on vocals. I was instantly hooked to its saucy bassline, tropical backgrounds and all around phreaky nature, then instantly dissapointed to hear it had no sure release date.
Anyway the Gods spoke (not to mention a few smashing plays by Brodinski at the WMC) and Sinden picked it up for his label Grizzly. Its a 3-part EP alongside ultra tune Terrodactyl, and the soulful mysteriousness of 'Ovva'. It still has no set release date, but its gonna be soon, AND we have a mini-mix on soundcloud of the three.

Good enough for me.

Bassanovva EP sampler by nautiluss


I should maybe post more music and less parties, but this one is important. Sorry Sydney-siders its more on the London front, but I gotta brag coz maybe the most original, refreshing, creative and next-level producers of the time - Bok Bok, is playing for FREE tomorrow night @ The Alibi. This is why I move.

I'm not sure how much of an introduction Bok Bok needs but all the aforementioned words work pretty well. Probably like most things you've never heard, the refreshing yet insane bass work by this dude is phenomenally good, as is his work with L-Vis 1990 (co-owner of Night Slugs records) as leaders of the pack for futurist dance music. Flying into my radar roughly last july with the killer remix of Dre Skull 'I want you', I've been pretty much in awe and not a single release has let me down, especially considering the on-point nature of music that to me seemed unimaginable, melding heart attack inducing synth scales, overtly syncopated percussion and enough bass to blow headphones (Yeah I'm a fanboy, what of it?) If your into most of the bass stuff I post on here, and want to hear music that probably wont be invented for another year or so, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. And to be totally honest - part of the reason I flew to London from oz was based on a list of artists I needed to see but probably wouldn't back home. This guy runs high on that list.

As a total treat for the night, he is joined by one of the majority-elected leaders of 2step, dubstep and garage, DJ Oneman, who will be hopefully unleashing an arsenal of future minded tracks based on superior current genres. As a DJ only and not a producer, his talents are such that he has supported enough artists to make my computer crash, as well as being the first ever DJ to appear on Mary Anne Hobbs BB1 radio show without releasing a record (thats skill in case you weren't sure). Thats some damn fucking good dj-ing. Check it in action below. AAAAND The dude is on the poster so don't think I forgot, Night Slugs close-family and all-round imaginative DJ - Braiden, will be playing support too, with (apparently) a dedicated style to some seriously creative track selection and mixing. I'm being told to expect the unexpected. Fuck this night is gonna be good!

Keep an open mind and, if anything, admire the creativity. Its damn pure. Here's my favourite jams. See you there right? Holla if your coming.

Citizens Dub - Bok Bok by bluntedrobots
Var E Näääken (Bok Bok Remix) by Palms Out Sounds
Youth Blood (Bok Bok Remix) by user2303475

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Important Mix...

---How damn great is the end of winter? The sun rises earlier, the beach becomes bearable and for some reason music just seems to get better, especially with the onslought of live acts beginning early and thickening as the months wear on. It's an all-around happy time and it kinda sucks I'm too busy being overseas to enjoy it. But worldwide music knows no boundary's, and I'm really stoked to show you guys this ballin' mixtape from one of my home-town favorites.

- Bad Ezzy, the ultimate worldwide home-girl and purveyor of just about everything that rocks my world, has totally factored the happy spring and put together a mix of tropical, bassy house JAMS for you to finally solidify the change of seasons and get back into a summer tropic groove. The last time we heard from Ezz was from her Kingdom mix which, amazingly dope as it was, is totally fucking TRUMPED by this 59 minute compilation of awesome.

In case ya'll didn't know, Bad Ezzy is 1/3 of female continental conquerers Hoops, and is one of the masterminds behind my favourite EVER party - United Colours. This mix is a bit of trek into the more tropical side of her interests (which vary pretty-damn heavily) and is honestly just super dope. I reckon all the artists on this mix have got a mention on this site at some point and are pretty much personal favourites. Greenmoney, Solo, Buraka Som Sistema, Canblaster, Bambounou and a whole lot more are represented between the bleeps, the drums and the all important sexy-ethnic house ethics. Jesus Christ there are so many fucking good songs on this I've run out of adjectives so ill sum it up in telling you to download the fucking mix. It's great, you will learn a lot and (between you and me) it's a tiny bit of an indication into some balla-ass tours coming our way in the near future. *

*You didn't hear that from me. If you want to catch Bad Ezzy this weekend you gotta live in Sydney as she goes B2B @ World Bar with my other favourite United Colour-ian Kato. SO MUCH FUN.

Bad Gyal Club Mix by Bad Ezzy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A while back I posted a very important and informative interview with Sydney dude KATO, which also had attached to it some pretty fucking awesome blends he did of not-so-cheesy vocals and left-field house tracks. We saw, we downloaded and we grooved and it was good...

Anyway Kato is back with another dope-ass blend, so cool that it made its debut on the Sound Pellegrino blog. Sound Pellegrino being the coolest label on earth definitely know what they are doing, and Kato himself is not half a step behind, so this rework of The Martin Brothers' 'Duck Face' and the ever-banging 'Work' by Masters at Work will fit nicely on a packed out dancefloor. If you missed out last time download the rest of these killer re-works now, and you might gain some knowledge along the way. Give it a go, I dare you...

DUCKWORKX - Face the M.A.W (Kato Blend)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


To all my London peeps, come this saturday (24th sept) to The Question Mark (129 Stoke Newington High Street) for the approproatly name FRUIT LOOP, starring one of my favourites for 2010: WAFA.

WAFA came out of nowhere in '010 with the HUGE 'Ewid Disco' and has continued to kill eardrums since. The Ewid Disco EP was released under Sinden's new and (you will totally see with its upcoming roster) groundbreaking label Grizzly, alongside the similarly huge 'Man Down' , 'Pop Up' and a killer remix from the bass-stalker himself Drop the Lime. Collab'ing with Sinden on the aforementioned 'Military' and releasing a whole bunch of awesome teasers since, you would be in a good mindset if you came to see tonight what is sure to be a forthcoming mega-star in bastardized dance music.

Also pretty cool is the fact that he is supported by the mega-cool snItch DJ's, who scored big ups with their very cool remix of 'Run Over' by Man Like Me. Their left-field tropical style totally speaks to me, and if your into this site, then you will be into this. The Fruit Loop DJS (damn I fucking wanted that name) are doing an all vinyl jungle set, so shit should definitely be popping in a big way all night. Going to be sa-weeeet!

Anyway again I urge, get yourself to the Question Mark for what will be a huge indication for your taste in upcoming months. You wont regret it I promise. Here's some new and not so new WAFA stuff, as well as the awesome SnItch remix I was telling you about. Check out WAFA's Jon Giovanni remix - so cool!


WAFA REMIX of [TAKE OFF] Jon Giovanni/out soon grizzly by WAFA



Run Over (sniTch Remix) - Man Like Me by sniTch London

El Guincho

Im not too sure how I want to describe this one, so straight up love will be my best bet for a truly unique, worldly and all-round-stellar release straight outta Spain. El Guincho is the recording name for Catalonian musician and member of Coconut, Pablo Díaz-Reixa. Utilizing what I think sounds like a buttload of clever samples, incredible percussion, steel drums, tropical left of centre instruments, multiple languages and tonnes of worldly melodic vibe, this ARTIST has just crafted an EP called Pop Negro, a release so inexplicably stunning that its not even worth trying to evaluate without telling you to just listen. He's given two songs away for free on his website here (including my favourite 'Bombay'), and a small instructional video on how to enjoy the release. Even if you don't have access to the locations in the vid (which makes up 90% of us AKA it sucks to be us right?), you can always dream. Or just move. Damn Spanish...

Out now on Young Turks, El Guincho comes to OZ in december for the meredith music festival amongst other dates. I think you should go.....

YT047 - El Guincho - Pop Negro by Young Turks

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Holy shit is all I can say about this one.

Back in June 2010 my all time favourite djs/dj partnership NADASTROM, the lovechild between Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom came to my hometown in New South Wales for a one off show that slayed the citizens for just about the rest of the year. Besides being the most fun I've ever had in one night at home, it was also my first real example into how Moombahton works live, fitting seeing as though Dave invented the damn thing. Anyway work it did, in a HUGE way with a full 1/2 hour encore of it destroying the entire club forever. Amazing.

I did recognize quite a bit at the time, a lot of Munchi + Nada stuff I have absolutely blogged here before, but this latest offering from Dave Nada, Nadastrom and T+A Records fills in the blanks for probably the best, most banging and spot-on Moombahton release this side of Baltimore. Its called 'Rum n' Coke' and features all the original hallmarks used in the best way yet: mental sensibilities of Dutch House, Baltimore beats/vocals with a heavy peppering of Latin + Cumbia vibes to really get the freak factor going. This one is seriously off the chain and let it be known that the Crooklyn Jacked DJ Tool will be known as the track that forever killed me in 2010. Trompaton is an ultra-bitchin' mash of cumbia + Rye Rye, Cuerdas Vocales throws in Claude Von Strokes 'Vocal Chords' with Latin crump, whilst 'Sabina' rounds out the release with a heavy dose of mental electronic goodness.

This is Moombahton wrapped up into a fucking tight package, perfecting and rounding out the highlights of the best new genre of late. It has every element to solidfy its place in dance music and (I really hope) it propels it to new heights. Dave U IZ ON FIYAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

The essential 'I-Dont-Care-That-Its-Spring-In-Australia-Its-Cold-In-London' Post.

God damn its starting to get cold...

Diversity is always important in any healthy musical diet, and us health fanatics (we are a fruit blog arnt we?) always enjoy music from all sides of the spectrum. There's always a nice feeling made from following a band go from small to big, and an even better feeling when your there right from the beginning, which is something we strive to do. Woo!

WINTERCOATS is the suitably titled project of young Melbournian James Wallace, a lone melodic ranger with wide ideas and wider results. Weaving an impressively intricate series of muddy soundscapes, the solo musician crafts layered packets of balearic excellence through strings, keys and winds - plus a host of electronically-tinged vocals, loops and orchestral parts. Stunning.

Like all of the best music we find on the blog, Wintercoats' latest EP, Cathedral, has been released for free and is an excursion in melody, air and pure nostalgia. Opening with the dreamy 'Overture' the 4-track beauty of an EP floats past stellar arrangements from a vast and creative catalogue of sounds, instruments and ideas. Whilst tracks like 'Unberable Thinking' have catchy vocal parts to hold attention, 'Windmill' relies on a softly high pitched stab to sustain its ever-lasting dreamyness, as title track 'Cathedral' lets it slip through your mind alltogether. I had the fortunate experience of listening to this EP whilst coincidentally looking at super old photos and the moment felt just right. It's very well programmed and thought out as a bit of a word-less narrative, despite its somewhat short length. Very clever indeed.

Anyway like I said diversity is super important and if your ever in the mood for something that is more mind-relaxing than mind-blowing, this is totally your bag. Grab the EP from the link below and soundtrack your next rainy day to it. I know that in Australia its spring right now but here in Europe + The States shit is starting to freeze like a mother. For us, this EP comes perfect with the times, for everyone else, stop whinging at least you have good weather....ungrateful dicks. Enjoy.

WINTERCOATS - CATHEDRAL EP (F+B Highly Reccomended!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Your weekend planned - Fri 17th/Sat 18th September

I do like to plan your weekends for you don't I? Its all out of love I promise - Here's your friday/saturday night DONE. (17th-18th September)

1: Way 2 Fonky @ Club 77, Fri 17th September

- Considering the slackers from Halfway Crooks only hold their parties once every 3 months, a new generation of partisians (party artists) have taken a hold of the demand, supplying an evening of relentless rap and golden era vibes for you, the tasteful public. The Generic Collective, Wedding Ring Fingers and Mike Who? will be supplying good music by the bucketloads at Way 2 Fonky, the hip hop party doing down this friday (17th Sept) at Club 77. Also, its Huggz' (from Wedding Ring Fingers) birthday celebrating a big 2-1, so go buy him a drank and let the rap timez roll. ***

Mike Who? did a super awesome promo mix which you can peep here, alongside this DOPE video for this night. Full details and that all important 'attending' button can be found HERE AND MAYBE HERE.

Way2Fonky, a hip hop party. from Michael Tyson on Vimeo.

2: An Evening w/ Toni Toni Lee @ Goodgod SmallClub. 18th September

- GoodGod has oficially re-opened. Kiss the ground, hail the sky, worship whatever God you prayed to for it to happen. Either way, the best nightclub in Sydney/Australia is back, with its non-stop roster of killer events, all of which being better than pretty much EVERYTHING in your life. As one of the coolest events on the calender, GoodGod's main music machine and all around phreakazoid TONI TONI LEE is hosting what sets to be one of the grooviest nights in Sydney's short history. Taking over the club for the entire night, Mr. Lee will be bringing his less-than-casual groove city vibes for a 5 hour set, complete with live bizness, new Toni Toni released and unreleased goodness, worldly basslines and synchronized dancers. SUPER HOT.

As an added bonus, HEAPS DECENT, the FB charity of choice has just released Toni Toni Lee's DOPE ASS remix of Miimali's, 'Late Night' as well as the Aston Shuffles go. Both are absolutely amazing. If you never got a chance to hear the original or just don't know much about Heaps Decent peep the website here and my own thoughts on the matter here and here.

And when you go, take lots of photos and videos and send them all to me.

Oh and...enjoy your weekend.

*** Fruitbeats wishes Huggz a very happy 21st birthday and another excellent year ahead.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The MegaRecap: 8 Things I missed out on whilst I was gone.

I wrote a big apology, but fuck you. Im back, we're back. LEZGO!

To get the ball rolling, I wont try to bother and write of everything I missed out on whilst I was gone, but I will sum it into a neat little top-eight package. Go for it.

1: Sound Pellegrino/AV Scion Compilation:

- This unmixed, 8 track BEAUTY of a free release came out not longer after I bailed, so I never got to annoy people with it on my train trips. If you listened to Sound Pellegrino's FBi mix like 5 months ago you might have heard quite a few of these but its nice to finely have them in the flesh. The dOP remix of 'What Is Guru' already wins one of my favourite tunes for this year, and every other artist is on the personal fruitbeats favourite list.

2: Magnetic Man - Everything.

- Not the song name, just everything they have done in the past 2 months. The perfect triptych of Skream, Benga & Artwork created somewhat heavy yet extremely refreshing and original dubstep with emphasis on airy melodies and maddening basslines. I got to catch them twice in one week, once at Pukkelpop Festival and again at Leeds. Take it from me, they killed it at both. BuyBuyBuyBuy.

Magnetic Man - I Need Air

Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger

3: Tensnake - Coma Cat: Mixes

- Coma Cat was one of those tunes that many people genre-listed as 'timeless' before they even got a good listen to it. The remix EP kinda goes against Tensnakes ability to make a popular song without a buildup, but its worth a purchase just for the Round Table Knights remix alone.

Tensnake - Coma Cat RTK Remix by Round Table Knights

4: Jay R Revlon - The Godzilla Ha

- TUNE. Played by L-Vis 1990 @ Pukkelpop (who actually unfortunately sucked all round) But still AWESOME.

5: Hudson Mohawke vs. Keri Hilson

Just listen.

6. Percolator: Remix Package

- Finally! This was so required it was ridiculous. Probably the best dance tune of all time, Cajmere's 'Perculator' gets a remix workover by some personal favourites including Riva Starr, Claude VonStroke and Major Lazer. The remixes are all amazingly good but Riva Starr seems to be on tune with the most relevant. Nice.



- This album is the shit. It virtually funded the entire mental bank during my trip. 15 hour train ride? No worries, I got XXX. 12 Hour bus ride the next day? Sick - I get to listen to XXX. 5 Hour Segue tour 2 days later? Cool, XXX. XXX. XXX. XXX. Amazing. Hot Raw Sex is the single, but buy the entire album, I promise it will soundtrack the next awesome moment you have in your life. DOPE. He's just casually playing in Sydney soon for the stellar Adult Disco parties - a double header with Egyptian Lover - shits gonna be HUGE! Peep the deets here ya'll.

Jimmy Edgar - Hot Raw Sex by fabric

8: LOLBOYS - 123

- Finally released on Palmsout Sounds, this stellar end of summer jam blew minds when Sound Pellegrino played it on FBi a few months ago (quite the adequate future-tastemakers arnt they?). Such an amazing cross between chilled house, bassy beats and shameless yacht vibes. Fucking jam!

POS019 - LOL BOYS - 123 by Palms Out Sounds