Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's obviously always exciting when local artists makes it overseas, and by Local I mean Australian, because if we're going to be honest it doesn't happen often, especially in the dance scene. Then when you factor in the international disco scene, its REALLY exciting when someone from a country not-particularly known for its disco scene makes audio tidal waves across just about the globe.

'A+O', the disco guise of Melbournes Andee Frost and Ooh Eee, are producing some seriously new-sounding old-school disco music for an analogue crowd. Their recent EP 'You Ain't Jack' on Jerome Derradji's ridiculoulsly cool StiLove4Music, is a 3 track throwback to analogue disco, packed with groovy basslines, acidic melody lines and piano chords to make the Juan Maclean jealous (even though this made it onto their DJ Kicks compilation) . Honestly, try listening to 'Take Me' without moving a tiny bit, its IMPOSSIBLE!
If your from Australia, this will be the record for your upcoming summer pool hangs. If you live in EU/USA, this will be the underground club record to warm yourself up. It's that good. So congrats to these Melb. boys for not only bringing the funk back to our clubs, but for bringing the funk to the world. COOL.

It's vinyl only, and if you go to Phonica records you can buy it *** EDIT: Sorry I bought the last one LOL - even still the staff here are c***s so I wouldn't bother anyway.

Get it from Juno.

Adult Disco - Andee Frost - Saturday 5 June by future classic

Swindle - Grime For the Future.

As 2step, UK funky and Grime really took a hold of the world this year, certain names continue to pop up on registers no matter where you look. Swindle, the young British hotshot working with pretty much everyone in grime, is one of them.
Apparently producing since the age of 13 (he's a bit older than that now), this total dude crafts grime instrumentals and beats for the stars + future and present keepers of UK-based music. Artists like Terror Danjah are amongst his closest allies, having an obvious influence on his funky, reggae dubstep infused style. Almost typically, Swindle's productions are filled with manic bass, bleeps and tweets, but its a distinct attention to subtle melody that lifts his game above that of most. Whilst its somewhat easy to produce some fucked-up electronic shit that sounds cool, its a head-spinning melody, throwback (and respect) to genre and thought out beats that elevate the best. This includes his softer work as much as the bangers. This Terror Danjah colab called 'Kiss Chase' made it onto the Girl Unit mix I posted earlier, and is a real amazing example, but it is followed by some more-recent things, some original, some colab'd, and all pretty damn cool. Very highly reccomended.

Swindle - Airmiles

Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)

Swindle - Daredevil


Flying Lotus. The all time, the originator, the brainfeeder, the man, the myth. It's a name that has become synonymous with beauty, originality and the future, crafting an endless stream of undefinable beats, making up for a lack of solid beats with mind-melting ideas and experiments within synths and basslines. Three albums and countless production hours into a career, there really is no end in site with a brand new EP, 'Pattern + Grid World' blowing minds globally. A continuation of the Flying Lotus style, its crammed with ideas and projections so incredibly special its simply worth buying as a snapshot of what music can be.

The first single from this EP, the amazingly titled 'Kill Your Co-Workers' is a juke-inspired nintendo-fest, beautifully crafted and accompnied by a seriously cool video scene of a name-saked pattern and grid world - a paint by numbers city where things get a little bit out of hand. It's making some obvious comments that the instrumental could not, but its absolutely stellar anyway and you should definitely watch it. Song + Video = :)

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from Warp Records on Vimeo.

Buy it on vinyl I think. Or just buy it...


Girl Unit slowly but surely crept into my tops for 2010 with a fucking incredible debut EP, IRL on Night Slugs records. Together as a force (Girl Unit, IRL and Night Slugs) these three carved a music trend for the year, with big bass tracks influenced but grime and electronica, avoiding the dubstep wobble thats plagueing itunes worldwide. Creating one of the best mixes of the year in May, it's no surprise that it's standout track is only just getting unleashed at the end of October. Entitled 'Wut' its a track that stands on its own, undefinable and un-forgettable. It's a synthey, melodic, part-grime instrumental part-dubstep beauty. I hate the word 'uplifting' because it reminds me of girls in angel wings at hard style raves, but this is a seriously beautiful track, proving just how un-inspired and unecessary constant bangers are. I hope with this release average bandwagon producers will take a step back and re-consider their game plan for how music should sound in 2010. Underneath is the mix that shaped my year. Stunning.

Girl Unit - MIX 2010 (Mediafire) - F+B highly recommends.


Braiden is a name that I think will be coming up more and more and more and maybe more over the next year or so. It's also a name I will now be associating with the future, courtesy of this debut stunner of a release. Member of the Rinse family alongside just about everyone great, the UK futurian only started producing last december. Here is his track called 'The Alps' - a track people in the future will be calling future-istic to say the least! Sly whispers and an atmospheric breeze underline a dubby bassline + percussion section so good it makes me want to do dangerous...dangerous things to myself. If this was my debut release I would probably never feel the need to create another track again, which is just as well I didn't produce this. But still...amazing. Underneath is a mix he did on the Mary Anne Hobbs show, 100% original production, so you can get a feel for what should be a big big name in the '011. Nice.

Braiden - The Alps - Broadcast on the Mary Anne Hobbs show by braiden

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Foreign language'd artists are always fantastic if you never want to know anything about them. Google translate is also always fantastic if you want to know about foreign-languaged artists that you previously couldn't.

When it comes to Rohe Rodríguez AKA NoAipre, understanding doesn't even matter, as his music continually defies language, space and probably time. From what the translater told me, this project was started in 1997 as a hip-hop orientated form, before UK Funky, Grime and a post-electro movement interrupted and flipped the style (did I just sat post-electro? LOL). Anyway since then, his music has transformed into an originally fresh combination of styles, never too abrasive but on-point enough to get the message across. It really taps into the RnB/wonky side of things thats really hitting amazing heights lately, with a lot of high-pitched synth and bleeps for days. His latest bomb comes from Arkestra records, a 2 tracj experiment in broken RnB beats, with too much bass and a lot of fun. Reallly enjoy.

ARKST002 Noaipre by ARKESTRA

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flight Facilities: Living up to the name.

Things I will try to do in this post.

- Convince you to come to party in London this friday. Yes!

- Talk about the headlining act at this party - maybe THE breakout artist of 2010 for Sydney based dance music.

- Not make a single mention of the breakout hit that got them to this point.

- Not sound like a total twat in the process. (impossible).

::: Flight Facilities hit it big in 2010. Despite being in physical form for the past few years, and spiritual form since at LEAST the 1970's, the Sydney duo won hearts and minds with a refreshing and renewing style of disco and chilled house treats that seemed to be lost in an endless winter of soul-less club music . Combining a genuine love for sound with a knowledge of music past and present to make anyone envious, they slowly but surely gained accolades from stars local and abroad, most notably from the-then duo Aeroplane (after a chance fanboy moment from the Australians - see video below). Since then, a huge hit single (whoops there goes no.3 - it's Crave You..obviously- heres a post I did on the matter ages ago), a maiden Australian Voyage tour, a remix by personal favourite James Curd, an Aeroplane produced bootleg, more radio-plays then you can fly a plane at and a loving, heartful embrace by the people of Sydney, and these guys are officially real. Can't help but feel a little pride for homegrown heroes to make it this far. Tear...

After conquering Australia and recently Japan, Flight Facilities are taking to their name and flying all the way to Europe for what will be one giant sunny soul-hug for this miserable climate. (They are playing London at the Lock Tavern). And obviously at the other selected dates for all your other international readers (Paris Social Club IS the gig of this tour). If you listen to the mixtape they produced below, you may get a feel for how cool this party will be, and why I say that the music knowledge here is greater than you can hope for. TV themes, 80s house, 90s disco edits, 00's pop hits, nothings off limits should it have a groove, and Im pretty sure it will all be good

If you like your sounds a little more thought out and respectful to grooves past and present, this is the party for you. If you enjoy sounds with sexy basslines, vocals and cowbells this is probably the party for you. Fuck, if you enjoy sound at all, I assure that this is the party for you.

Come along I promise you will love it. It starts quite early at 8:30 so don't miss out.

Here's the big hit I promised I wouldn't mention, alongside the 'Mid Flight Mixtape', the James Curd remix, a few other goodies, the Aeroplane bootleg and the super interesting interview that I said I would. Cya friday!! Remember 8:30 PM @ the Lock Tavern, Camden.

Flight Facilities @ Adult Disco by future classic

Got To Have (Flight Facilities Remix) - James Curd by nancychen

I Crave Paris by Aeroplane (Official)

Flight Facilities - Who are they and how it begun - Part 1 from futureclassic on Vimeo.