Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Very Special Engagement

It could go without saying that the Wedding Ring Fingers are up there with my favourite DJ's out. But I don't think it should - people should be flying that shit as much as possible. So I'll say it again. The Wedding Ring Fingers are up there with my favourite DJ's out. Did that hurt? No. It didnt, and I could probably repeat if it didn't mean contradicting myself x2.

Ignoring all the marriage puns possible, Wedding Ring Fingers are made of two disturbingly knowledgeable and begrudgingly young total DUDES from Sydney, Australia. Their style is to have no style, which is my favourite, as I've never really seen two similar sets - although the maximal level of vibe somehow remains the same. Whenever I see them, the music is so ridiculously funky they seem to have it on lock for just about every genre you should love. They introduced me to the beauty of RnB, the intricacies of G-Funk and the type of dubstep that doesn't completely suck. I (and therefore this blog) have a lot to owe to these guys and am completely fucking SCHOOLED every time I see them. Not a bad thing. Aww!

Suckup aside and examples forward, they recently recorded a very live and very vibe mix of super-summery Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae and G-Funk (capitals in place for RESPECT gentlemen!) for both listening pleasure and support for the upcoming super sick Rap party 'WAY 2 FONKY', hosted by The Generic Collective this friday at Club 77. This mix is a awesome example of the ridiculously dope-stuff you will probably dance too at this party - a night they provide for the house party tunes you forgot about, and the future-minded stuff you wont want to. Also present is Mike Who? The Generic DJ's and tonnes and tonnes of awesome party partying! Yeah!

The mix itself is so smooth my laptop turned into edible audio jelly before the 3rd tune. I am absolutely in debt and intimidated by the amount of cool that this is, as it makes me want to quit my life and cruise the US east coast for 26 hours a day (or dance all night at Generic-hosted Rap Parties). Download it, play it the next time you drive ANYWHERE and be transported to the better place. All signs point to that better place being Club 77 this friday (3rd December). Be there, be fonky, be square, be download, be vibe, be Wedding Ring Finger.

Hot Raps Live Mix by Wedding Ring Fingers


1. Peanut Butter Wolf - Currents
2. Aaliyah - Rock The Boat
3. Shade Sheist - Where I Wanna Be (ft. Nate Dogg And Kurrupt)
4. Twins - Eastside LB
5. Glasses Malone - Sun Comes Up (ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain & Birdman)
6. Mack 10 - LBC and the ING (ft. Snoop Dogg)
7. Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)
8. 2nd II None - Up n' Da Club
9. Savage Life - Tha Ride
10. Mike Jones - Flossin' (ft. Big Moe)
11. Cam’ron - Oh Boy (ft. Juelz Santana)
12. Guerilla Black - Compton (ft. Beenie Man)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm just going to put this out there, and you can take it or leave it but don't leave it because its important and I don't think you will regret it.

I fucking love Death Strobe Records.

They are on to their second release. Do I care? No. Should you? no. Let me explain: When it comes to DSR, I love everything. I love their music, I love their style, I love their logo, their art, their aesthetics and the fact they are laughing in the face of generic music and doing something new and amazing. I love that they are from Sydney, and that they are a boutique label where music rules over money. I love that whenever I see something amazingly cool on in Sydney, it is some how involved with Death Strobe. I love that one half of Death Strobe runs DiscoDelicious, one of the few Australian blogs that I follow on an amazingly regular basis. I love the potential for this record label as a leader and legal guardian of the cool, both past and future. I love that I love this record label, and I love the hope that after hearing some of these, you will too.

Death Strobe was formed in the very recent, proudly showcasing their first release entitled 'The Circle Trilogy; from Domeyko/Gonzales - a powerful stamp of noise that provided a refreshing punch in the face for anyone getting bored with the times. The next however is what made me so madly excited to write about this.

Midnight Savari is an ACTUAL disco machine whose slow synth rhythms contain unhealthy amounts of groove for the soul. He makes only the best type of disco that is real and is warm and fuzzy and has basslines made of complete and utter deliciousness. Lucky for us, Death Strobe picked up on this awesomeness and has chosen DSR002 to be 'Pinisi', a 3 track 12" that is set to blow some serious socks. I'm gonna post the soundcloud previews here but highlight the track 'Rimshot' as one of the coolest things you will hear in ages. That is a straight-fact. The 12" comes out on 1st Dec with digital downloads (aka frownloads) a few weeks later. ***

Death Strobe are also Collaborating with one of my favorite Sydney crews 'Adult Disco' for 'DEATH STROBE DISCO' a full EIGHT HOUR SET by the two heads of the label which is going to go down an absolute TREAT. If your in the area I highly recommend this night on the basis that its going to be fucking awesome and cool and everything you would ever want in a night. Its a 1/2 oficiall release for the Midnight Savari EP *** too so maybe brace yourself for some surprises on the night, but thats just a pure guess. Get down anyway! Poster has all the deets. Check the music I was talking about everywhere, and join the love machine that IS Death Strobe Records.


Rimshots by Midnight Savari

Domeyko/Gonzalez - The Circle Trilogy EP (DSR001) by deathstrobe


Yay for Frames.

Frames is a Sydney local which in my opinion is the best type of local because Sydney is great and so are heaps of people from there. He is young enough for you to be jealous of what your about to hear, and (unfortunately) cooler to match. Sucks to be everyone but-frames right now right? Right.

Frames goes by many names, but hosts a show on FBi (like all mad Sydney citizens) and is heavily involved with creating the ever-increasing alternative dance-scene in Sydney. I've spoken a lot about the next-wave of Australian music-enthusiasts changing our shores (think Harry Cotton, Gadget, the Generic Collective and more...) and Frames is 100% part of this group. A close friend of the ULTRA-tastemakers from Future Classic, his sound originates in 'proper' disco, but lends itself to house, strange funk and maybe techno if you wanna get serious but I don't really think its techno because I find techno to be soul-less which is not what Frames is about! Yeah!
I guess I can't define the sound in words because I never really can. It's about you listening to this latest remix of electro-dons Grafton Primary and not-being able to stop nodding, then listening to this ALL-VINYL mix he made to soundtrack your summer of 2010. Expect disco, beats, vibe, Dam Funk, auditory sex, Jimmy Edgar, and endless - replays. Lookout for that remix + more in the future, all of which will surely be posted here.

Yay for Frames indeed.

The Eagle (Frames Remix) - Grafton Primary by Frames

Melting Wax - A BBQ Cassette Tape by Frames

Tom Flynn is a fucking DUDE. Apparently one of the most "respected, forward thinking house music producer right now" (-some bio) its important to disreguard that promoter crap and realize that as a dj and producer under Deadfish, Jackmode and DirtyBird, he is one of the most refreshing and straight-up FUN producers of the world. He mixes everything I love in house music and churns it into pure dancefloor butter. This is meant in a good way. For me, house is about fun, about melody, beats and rhythms that tell yourself to never-stop moving. EVER. I think his stuff reflects this quite nicely, and the worlds dancefloors are definitely starting to notice. Hype from Pete Tong, Claude Von Stroke and some other serious names has elevated his stance, and things keep on looking brighter.

To elaborate what was said earlier, Flynn seems intent on injecting the much needed funk in house. He is exactly what I think house should be, full of world influence, too-many funky percussion rhythms and brilliant cuts of original (and not-so original) melodies. The drums seems important, and thats what is good. It's all about the drums, and I'm glad someone has finally realized this.

Jackmode just very recently uploaded his insanely dope and insanely free re-work of Worthys KILLER 'Work The Walls'. This is one of the finest remixes I've heard this year without a doubt, and holds HUGE dancefloor appeal. Catch that mix here and watch yourself struggle to not move I swear its near-impossible. So much fucking fun. Also catch this new DirtyBird EP, and a remix of Mowgli, which holds a crowd sample to put the Tim Green remix of Cassius 1999 to shame. Expect some serious promotion of this dude from here. And big ups to my holmes Brez for introducing.

Worthy -Work The Walls (Tom Flynn Edit) by worthy

Dirtybird EP by tomf

Mowgli - Caraibi - Tom Flynn Remix by tomf

plz listen to this.

You know when your listening to a mix and it kinda sucks but then theres that one song or another that just completely grabs your attention and you find yourself repeating that 60 minute mix over and over again just to hear it - over..and over again. Nonstop. This is how I feel about Ghostmutt, a Brighton beat-maker and a name I hope to never forget.

Ghostmutt's music stands somewhere between bleeped out psycho-beats, carefully aligned dubstep, Kingdom-esque RnB reference, synthey space-funk and that weird and wild mash of genres that is sometimes referred to as funky (but really isn't). Diverse and wobbly as hell, this twenty one year old Brighton native is contributing to something amazing and I really hope this project goes far. Thoroughbred is the tune that made my heart stop in the middle of Cambridge, the bleepy diva-y 1/2 of a split release with fellow Brightonian Slugabed. Check the other tunes though and appreciate diversity in all its stunningly melodic glory. You can also read a dope interview with him here, then you can buy his new release here! The other tunes attached include remixes of Tokimonsta and Red, and are both as original as nothing. And by nothing I mean anything. 10/10.

Slugabed/ Ghost Mutt EP here on boomkat - STUNNING!

Thoroughbred by GhostMutt

Tokimonsta - Almost Free (Ghost Mutt Remix) by GhostMutt

Sasquatch by GhostMutt

I Should Tell Ya Mama On You (Ghost Mutt Remix) by GhostMutt

Mean Poppa Lean - Personality (Ghost Mutt Remix) by GhostMutt

I really am SO glad that Kingdom exists. A one of a kind producer hailing from the lusciously hollowed streets of Brooklyn, NY, he has seamlessly integrated some seriously chopped (and not-so chopped) diva vocals, RnB magic, afro-flavour, UK Skank and total garage vibes into this mind-meld of super creative future-house. And thats me just TRYING to explain what he does, I promise its so much better than that.

Absolutely slaying it this year with releases on Fools Gold and Night Slugs, not to mention a FabricLive CD and mixes for every important avenue possible, I personally believe Kingdoms roll in 2010 to be much more important than just 12 inches. Whilst a lot of people will disagree, Kingdoms first love of RnB heralded a somewhat newfound re-affection for the (what some people would unfortunatly call) a guilty pleasure - a term which we, as a music loving community, would prefer to be banished from the realms of vocabulary forever. Kingdom highlighted all that was and will be popular and smashed them together to form a complete melting pot of trends past and present, and somehow turned them into music for the future. The way he uses this diva influence makes for some insanely beautiful tracks, not as dance music, but as music by itself. I am not only glad that Kingdom exists, but more-so that his style has been both recognized, appreciated and promoted by the exact people who should be doing so.

Kingdom has just released two new dubs of his new release for free. They are ridiculously dope, but as some more you can have my favourite mix by him (one compiled for discobelle PACKED full of original jams) and some previews from his latest Night Slugs release as well as the jam that really started it all - Mindreader. Ten Thousand points for Kingdom.

Kingdom - Coming to America (vocal)

Kingdom - Coming to America (Dub)

Kingdom - Mix for Discobelle (Link to Mix + Tracklist)

Kingdom feat. Shyvonne-Mind Reader by user2203915

Sunday, November 21, 2010


NMBRS, as a label, continue to defy gravity with releases so stunningly diverse that its really hard to decipher what they are going to do next. Based in Glasgow and headed by ultra-cool Dj Jackmaster, they have quite literally killed it in 2010 (in the good way). Releases by Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Lazersword and SBTRKT have all firmly solidified their place as a centre of forward thinking yet insanely good-sounding MUSIC. (I'm a big fan).

Clearly looking for the next way to up both themselves and modern-music as a whole, NMBRS next release comes from a UK street dweller by the name of Slackk. A fusion expert, Slackk seperates the best parts from genres abroad (think Chicago, Detroit, London and the Amazon) and surgically grafts them to his own grinding, twisted form of house music. A fearless release, it pushes itself forward without never letting go and getting all-electro-ey on us. Thank god for that. It's very clever, its very danceable, its very now and its very released on the 27th of November (12" + MP3).

Slackk – Theme from Slackk by Numbers

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey remember back in march when I was telling you about Bassonovva's incredibly dope 'Chicken Lover' featuring the inexplicably cool Toni Toni Lee on vox? Yeah. That was so long ago I wouldn't remember either, but this is so good you will find it impossible to forget.

Bassonovva. This bad boy of a production effort (and surely fruitbeats regular) combines Nautilauss and Jess Jubilee of Brooklyn NY. They seem to be on this psuedo-tech house-freak-funk-spastic-dance-classic vibe combining some stellar production efforts with sound oddities, party esthetic and basslines to roll your heads off. Oh and its absolutely awesome.

'Chicken Lover' has had a long journey for a release until it was picked up by Sinden's ever-impressive Grizzly label. A 3 part release led-forward by the completely dope 'Chicken Lover', a rolling homage to feathered friends. On the flip, supporting tracks Terrodactyl and Ova have this full odd-feeling to it with a lot of soul, accompanied by some crazy-good remixes from SamoSoundBoy, HACKMAN and fruitbeats mega- homeboy MUNCHI, slowing the Tempo as he does for this cool-as-shit moombahton monster.

This is such a ridiculously huge release I cant express enough love for it. It scores an official release by the end of November if Sinden's word is anything to go by. Judging by this, I think it is.


Bassanovva - Chicken Lover (Original Mix) by onmygrizzly

Mind Bender!

Holy moly check this out! Teki Latex, my definitive all star of 2010 has teamed up with fellow french Sound Pellegrinian to remix Canblasters already way-good 'Clockworks'. God damn these guys have skillz, and I keep hearing to expect bigger things. So exciting either way. Sorry to be continually posting youtube links but this is so ridiculously unreleased its impossible any other way! YEW!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Fuck off Generic DJ's!

Throwing crazy-ass parties on a way-too regular basis, pushing the unstoppable sounds of the future, inviting some of my favourite artists to tour Australia AND running one of my favourite blogs outside this one - these dudes are making me super jealous, and proving themselves as a strong force to reckon with. I swear if you broke it down, half of the posts here would be on these dudes' parties, and I don't think I would have it any other way. Again these units strike gold, hosting a party for the year with some fellow futurehead local stars.

Continuing with their tradition to hype only the most forward - thinking mad fun music around, the Generic Collective have the honour of hosting the Sydney leg of SCATTERMUSIC SOUNDYSTEM's East Coast Tour, and you will be a damn fool to not go.

The ScatterMusic DJs, record label, weekly party and the associated ScatterBlog are probably Australia's musical ambassador to the world (and vice versa). With no limits they have forged themselves as one of the most innovative and celebrated record labels around, pushing the freshest sounds of the world through their own releases and on the blog, constantly (and frustratingly) spearheading new genre's before they get close to blowing up.
As a record label, the team have eight releases to their name, including some groundbreaking work from as far as the brazilian Baile Funk master Edu K to their own locals Mu-Gen and Scattermish. As a weekly party, "ScatterMusic Presents..." has toured some of the most groundbreaking dance acts of our time, including the Thermal Team, Kingdom, Nadastrom, DJ Sega and Douster. The best part of their work? They give it all for free! Yes. ALL their releases - free. All their parties - free. All their music knowlegde - well, that will cost you on beatport but when your getting everything else for free you should have some spare dollars to play with, so stop being such a cheapskate and buy some shit.

Anyway, The Scattermusic dudes have decided to leave their hometown Melbourne behind and share the love to the wider-Australia, embarking on a huge-scale tour of the entire East Coast of Oz. Starting in Melbourne and moving on upwards, four of the Scatteri (Matt Can't, ScatterMish, Mu-Gen and Lewis Cancut) will be doing their best impression of their tour namesake over ten dates (that being the huge Jamaican-vehicle soundsystems bursting with exclusives and bass). With no set playing order (or playlists at all), one expects to expect the unexpected and nothing less. If you check the blog you will note that these guys genre-hop like nothing else, with worldwide music, groundbreaking artists and tracks to blow your face off being the only real guideline. From Baile Funk to Bmore, Dubstep to Hip Hop to House then back down to some probable Moombahton and party-classics, you will hear some mad music, have some mad drinks, score some mad exclusive tour-only merch and most definitely have mad times. MAD. As usual the tour is supported by fellow barons of good-timez The Generic DJ's and Mike Who?, who we believe to know and love much more than the name suggests. This is going to be one of those stupidly good nights, packed full of party jams, party people, party vibes and the partiest-party place in all of Sydney - the Civic Hotel aka BEST SOUNDSYSTEM FOR THE BEST SOUNDSYSTEM. Oh and also, its ScatterMish's Bday so wish him well and have an extra drink. If you go to the Generic Blog they have a much more informative interview, which will help sort out what to expect if you can't finish the mindless dribble I'm rambling here.

Everyone thats been posted about here is bursting at the seams with new productions, mixes and remixes to promote the tour and their own-abilities, so I am now required by law to bombard you with previews for just how good this night is going to be. SERIOUSLY.

One of ScatterMusic's many forthcoming releases is their first ever compilation entitled 'Bin Juice'. Not much is known except for the facts that a) It will be filled with new and exclusive tracks, b) there will be a ridiculously small amount of them up for grabs at the tour (before it's oficiall release on the blog) and c) will probably contain a lot of good shit. Probably the only thing I can preview is a track the entire crew contributed to with UK based MC Serocee. Vibe/rhymez. Also, the crazy kids each contributed to a 4-part tour mix, highlighting their individual styles and a lot of the sounds you will most likely hear on the night. The myriad of styles and genres represented by these djs are all well-presented here, but if you want to read more about it check the specific post (tracklist is here too!).

Scattermusic Soundsystem ft Serocee - East Coast Anthem by Mu-Gen

Moving more specifically, Mat Can't of the Scattermusic Crew is well on his way to being a Fruit Beat regular, his regular mixes true all-stara in terms of worldly goodness. Having moved into production only recently, his sounds resemble that of someone a lot wiser, always changing, but never undeveloped. First up here is a juke-inspired track (probably one of my fave genres right now) from Paris Wells, a piano-based stomper with some mad drum work and a vocal part to make your stomach melt. His remix of Affiks and Fraksha's 'Next Sound Level' on the follow makes a much stronger reference to his global roots, stealing influence from grime, funky and garage before the first minute it up. So ridiculously cool.

Paris Wells - Lets Get It Started (Mat Cant Remix)

Affiks & Fraksha - Next Sound Level (Mat Cant Remix)

Not forgetting the gracious hosts of this lively event, Joseph Gadget, one member of the Generic Collective (and the insanely cool looking dude in the photo) has been keeping ultra busy on the music front to add to the already- insanely busy times they have been keeping up of late. Expect a hemorrhage soon.
As the gracious host that he is, young Gadget has completed a 30 min mix to promote the bass-ness/fun-ness/amazing-ness of this party. In my opinion, he has delivered. 'A Head Full of Rain, a Bucket Filled With Bass' is a stupidly impressive mixup of some of my favourite low-register artists- including Redlight, Seiji, Bambounou, Supra 1 and Ramadanman. Never heard of those? Expect a mindmelt (and listen on a decent set of headphones). Anyway, download, listen, enjoy, learn and love. Then you may be a little prepared for Saturday.

A Head Full of Rain A Bucket Full of Bass (Mixed By Joseph Gadget) by josephgadget

On his own front, he has also just finished this clever and inexplicably mature remix of Caribou's 'Sun'. Maybe a widely remixed track of its own, Gadgets retains the originality and sparseness of the original and adding a nice tech-like twist to it. He said that he's come a long way since this, but I don't think I would be too fussed if he hadn't. Neither should you, so expect bigger things.

Caribou - Sun (Joseph Gadget remix) by josephgadget

Did you just make it to the end of this mega-post? Congratulations. Now your only thing next to do is hit the Civic this Saturday night for the Scattermusic East Coast Tour. Its $10 before 12 but one will think the vibes will begin much before then, so get yourself down and live what will surely be one of the biggest vibe-offs of the year.

Night Sluuuugs!

Night Slugs as a music label continue to defy gravity, constatly pursuing and presenting music thats never been heard and may never be heard ago. Synonymous with themes like future, space, time, intergalactic oddities, stars and bass, the somewhat fresh label curated by Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 has strengthened their place with each release, again defying what people thought could not be done. Girl Unit, Lil Silva, Egyptrixx, Kingdom, Jam City and Mosca have become true names of stature and beauty, their individual releases works of art in their own right, and to celebrate one year of forward thinking space-music, the label are presenting their first ever compilation: Night Slugs All Stars Vol. 1.

There is no point in posting the entire history of the label, especially when RA has already written one of pure perfection to celebrate their place as Label of the Month. The compilation is what I want to talk about, and is (in my opinion) a true reflection of the year gone past - in certain circles anyway. Thirteen tracks by the labels stars past, present and future, packed full of unreleased, unheard and un-thinkable tracks conjured over since NS001 way back in January. You can see how far the label has come and if you hear some of these tracks one cannot help but be genuinely excited by whats to come.

Something that has always impressed me about Night Slugs is not the label itself - but the fan devotion, and fairness in not posting ANY of their forthcoming releases in any way. Girl Unit's 'Wut', simple one of the most prolific and sought after tracks of the year was impossible to get before it's release. Similarly, the forthcoming Jam City 'Magic Drops EP' (which is absolutely mind-bending by the way) is still completely difficult to attain. They seemed to have crafted an honest audience, who know, respect and follow and love their music dearly. Just last weekend this was evident at the Night Slugs compilation party, of which the full review will be up soon.

This 13 track compilation of amazingness is released on the 17th november and contains new tracks from Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Jam City, Egyptrixx and many more. If you want a sweet heads-up, check out this mix attached to the RA interview with the label-heads (I assure you that you won't regret the download). If you have less attention than that, check out this uploaded remix of Girl Unit - IRL by Bok Bok. This is honestly one of the most flat out incredible things I've ever heard, so get at it hard and try not to let it melt your ear off. Congratulations to Night Slugs, RA Label of the month and curators of 2010.

Download: RA Label of the Month 1011 Mix: Night Slugs Mix (Via Resident Advisor)

Girl Unit - Shade On
L-Vis 1990 - Forever You Dub
Egyptrixx - Liberation Front
Mosca - Square One VIP
Kingdom - Bust Broke
Girl Unit - IRL (Bok Bok Remix)
Jam City - Magic Drops
Lil Silva - Golds 2 Get
L-Vis 1990 - Reprise
Jam City - Arpjam
Velour - The Scent of Romance

Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want

Optimum - Broken Embrace

Girl Unit - Wut

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This track Jacques Greene created is appearing on the Night Slugs all-stars compilation out on nov. 27th, and I have no words for it other than to listen and LOSE YOUR MIND. Don't really get the Kubrick visual but fuck it.

Anna Yewnoe

I guess life is just not fair. When there are so many incredible and popular artists to write about, way too many get lost in the storm and one is torn between what they have been chasing, and what there is left to chase.

Certain F+B all stars make my list for appearing on here maybe way too many times, or maybe not enough. It can't be helped, some people are just way too good, and represent what is good with everything they do. I find the Hoops to be one of those, the all-WOMAN trio whose mixes and live sets constantly blow my mind with relevance and general fun-ness. Again, way too often I am representing that, but completely ignoring about 2/3 of the sister DJ's, with Bad Ezzy's mad mixes taking all my pixels. As a change of direction, it is time to represent one of the most game-changing and flat out awesome DJ's in the game: Anna Lunoe.

A. Lunoe got her start on FBi radio station, a spiritual home to most Sydney musicians for which she still presents a weekly show with fellow mindmaster Kato. I still listen to this, and you probably should to. Scoring gigs off the back of her-then-lunchtime hour, it wasn't long until a passion for Worldwide music and fun times was picked up by national promoters- probably helped by a year spent travelling and absorbing New York aka the city you go when you want to be a bit of a legend.
Supporting just about......everyone in dance music since, the Lunoe vibe of worldly sounds, ridiculous times and insane music knowledge rubbed off on her constituents as she was chosen to support the likes of Daft Punk, Diplo and M.I.A (who I saw last night and was totally fucking BOSS - more on that soon).

This year, Anna became the first woman to mix a disc for Ministry of Sound (it was actually pretty good too), mixed up for some mad fashion parties, repped some sweet-ass tunes, continued the awesome Das Monk clothing label and still found time to fly the female flag (note: Babe-ing shit up) with her sister-in-djs Hoops. Her record 7-line e-signature surely solidifies her as one of the busiest peeps in Syd without a doubt.

Anyway, last month she scored an ultimate Australian residency as the October resident for Triple J's saturday mixup program. For five weeks (5 sats a month only happens every so often so obvs a sign) she did a different themed mix, full of amazingly relevant and future-minded tracks/artists. From Disco to dubstep, tropical, funky, grime, house and bass, each mix is a rough hour of who you should definitely be listening to for this year/most of next year. The fact that a huge amount of these tracks has appeared on here someway or another is something I'm pretty proud of. Being the mad generous person she is, they have all been uploaded to for repeat listens.

Anna Lunoe represents a league of DJ's that make me proud to support Sydney talent as some of the best. Without specific genre and therefore limitations, she has changed the way the general public perceives music and in turn how it is presented. As a DJ with huge mass appeal, roots have never been lost and the more-than-conscious effort has clearly been made to bring such a crazy knowledge of music (past and future) to the masses. Being chosen to support some of the most artistic people in the world (not limited to music) is indicative of a world admiration, and after listening to these you will be knowledge set for at least the next 6 months. These mixes also contain some mad exclusives, from an Anna Lunoe/Wax Motif remix AND a strictly original tune called Love Ting out soon on Sweat It Out. Listen, gain knowledge, learn and enjoy. It won't hurt I promise.

Here are the 5 mixes straight up. The first is deep house and disco, week two is mad house shit, week three is loads of bass, week 4 (aka my FAVOURITE) packs all the next-level jams of the future and week 5 rounds it all out with Dubstep and some-suchery. Diverse yes, awesome yes, listen yes.
Support fun. Anna Lunoe continues her regular weekly radio show with Kato every thursday @ 6pm on FBi radio. Check her facebook page for regularly changing tour dates.

Anna Lunoe Triple J Mix Up Exclusives Series. Week 1 by Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe Triple J Mix Up Exclusives Series. Week 2 by Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe Triple J Mix Up Exclusives Series. Week 3 by Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe Triple J Mix Up Exclusives Series. Week 4 by Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe Triple J Mix Up Exclusives Series. Week 5 by Anna Lunoe

Monday, November 8, 2010

I can't believe its taken this long to writeup about this one.

In 2010 one name has flown, swam and jumped into my radar more than any other. Not so much a blip, but a giant fucking flashbomb of a name, one that soon became synonymous with such a huge amount of awesome that it was hard to believe it exists. A name that has taken the hearts and minds of many, and thrown a whole city into a vortex of pure booty-shaking fun.

That Toni Toni Lee.

As an alter-ego for the serious groove crusher Spruce Lee, Toni Toni Lee rose to 2010 with his debut EP 'Feelin Real Good'. A release that still kills my iPod with one of the most ridiculous/fun groovelines that I've seen this year. A purveyor of disco and soulful funk, the first Toni Toni Live show (in support of Dam Funk) cemented his place as a rising star of Sydney, absolutely killing the basement for one of the premiere gigs of the year (not to mention the catalyst for this totally dope review). Some mad fun Adult Disco gig a few months later (again with the mad reviews wuuut!) and a total takeover of GoodGod, the best club in Australia, and here we are with release #002. A summer funk stomper by the name of 'Last Love'.

The literal success of Last Love comes down to pure memory. That being, the entire EP invokes memories of only the best times. Soulful summer hangs, beach times and more than a bit of romance, the amount of pure moments packed into a single synth line is absolutely stunning. Add some mad vocodor sounds and a somewhat napolean-dynamite-esque lead line, and the amount of win is just right. The EP comes packaged with a huge lineup of remixes that add and elaborate on the original in just the right way. Funky legend Todd Edwards breaks the beat into a serious jazzy moment. Chesca and Yorke dub the shit out of everything, Diamond Lights drop the pitch and Hello Buttons flip over the sounds for a lo-fi number to soundtrack the lightest of times. This EP comes crazy-reccomended from your boy Fruitbeats and the entire city of Sydney. Whilst there are no planned live shows for the immediate future don't be fooled into thinking this is the last you will see of Toni Toni Lee. He ain't done with you yet!

Check all the mixes, then buy it all right hereeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Toni Toni Lee - Last Love Original Mix by Toni Toni Lee

Toni Toni Lee - Last Love Hello Buttons Parallel Universe Mix by Toni Toni Lee

Toni Toni Lee - Last Love Diamond Lights Remix by Toni Toni Lee

Toni Toni Lee - Last Love Chesca and Yorke Remix by Toni Toni Lee

Space Dimension Controller is too fucking great to even put into words. As a member of the previously legendary- then not-so-legendary and then legendary-again R+S records, the one man creator otherwise known as Jack Hammill, lists his interests as “Controlling dimensions, loitering in space and seducing astro-bitches". His music just about sums this up.
Whilst space-funk and astro-psychedlia are terms that are (funnily enough) overused in todays modern genre-sphere, I do happen to think that the correct combination of keys, beats and effects used here are a prime example of space as inspiration for sweet ass tunes. The obvious ques from G-Funk, chicago house and electro round out some incredibly slick music and when Virgin Galactic start offering space flights that don't cost $10000000, I will be listening to this on the way.

Futuresoundstemporary did this completely boss post here which I will never be able to match, so if your after more adjectives or praise, this is where you will find it. As for me, you can find a sampler for his dope new EP 'Temporary Thrillz' and a whole host of other pieces which I hope will convince you to buy some vinyls or online music. Temporary Thrillz is onto some serious future-minded stuff and if you go to this post AGAIN you will find this incredibly dope back-story behind the album. The story alone is worth the price of the release.

R+S are really on the way back up, so expect some more music from them on here very very soon.

temporary thrillz sampler by spacedimensioncontroller

Still Shadow On Hedge by spacedimensioncontroller

The Pursuit (A-Side Lock) by spacedimensioncontroller

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey Sydney peeps I hope you guys are steady as Spring has truly kicked into gear, bringing amazingly terrible weather and oppositely-terrific artists to your insanely handsome shores and nightclubs. I miss this place like anything - especially when you get mad invites to crazy as hell parties, beginnning but not limited to this Friday's boss breakdown at Club 77. Gatekeepers of good and all around gangsters The Generic Collective are bringing down one of 2010's most defining and down-right fun producers FRENCH FRIES and I actually think shit is going to get real.

French Fries, or (Fr3nch Fri3s if you like to replace your e's with 3's but who does that?) has done more from age 14 than we probably will in our lives (and then some). Becoming a resident @ the legendary La Favela Chic and simultaneously catching a serious case of Inca fever, the young Frenchman spent enough time hiding from cops in clubs to plant the ideas that would define him a bit later. Beginning production efforts at age 16, his latin condition became worse and worse (aka better and better) and struck gold age 18 (aka this year aka WUT) with his ARMA EP, a release that got unanimous praise from just about everyone you would want to praise your breakthrough EP. French Fries created more than a few 'tracks of the year' with this EP, his instant hit 'Senta' being just about everyone you would want to play your instant hit. I don't actually think the WMC got sick of this track, and neither did the rest of the world. Being picked up by Sound Pellegrino, remixing Night Slugs and collaborating with just about everyone who killed this year, the prodigious kid has settled himself into a nice position, with 'innovator', 'amazernator' and 'trouble maker' all common tags to his name. Being a part of future-party-bass-creators Youngunz with the likes of Manare and Bambounou probably helps.

Personally, I think French Fries defines what made a good part of the past year, his chunky, afro-latin ravey riddims tapping into some awesome inspirations making for ridiculous times. His simple club esthetic is amazingly refreshing and so on-point with the emerging tropical and bass movements relevant to the now. Whilst tracks like Senta and Predator showcase his party-starting vibes its his work with Bambounou (the giant 'Coconut' and the incredible remix of Manare's 'Voodoo') and remixes for the likes of Girl Unit that propel his work above that of most producers for the year. Diversity reigns supreme over simple fun-ness. RAVE.

If you look back at 2010, French Fries will be a name that will definitely pop up in some place or another. He has done too much for it not to. This is your chance to not only see him on home soil, but to also say that you have seen him on home soil (not to mention the amount of good timez you will definitely have. It all goes down at Club 77 this Friday (nov. 5th) and is $10 before 11. As always the unstoppable Generic DJ's will be supporting, with added help from buddy and real girl-unit Cassette. All the deets and the essential attending button are here. Below are the mentioned tracks to vibe out too, and some of my favourites + a special mix he did for JJJ last week (thats triple j yo). If you don't nod your head to some of these I warrant you to stop reading this site.

Have fun and stay safe people!

The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa (French Fries remix)
- F+B favourite!

French Fries - Senta

DirtyBeats - Alone in the Dark (French Fries remix)

French Fries - Coconut (Ft. Bambounou)