Saturday, December 25, 2010


Competition deets down below peoplezzzzzz

If your in Australia, Christmas is over, hangovers are surely killing and New Years is approaching as the ever-exciting prospects of 2011 loom waaaaaay too closely. Whatever your new years plan is one hopes it to be the best yet (and there is waaay too much on this year for it not to be).

Regardless, two thousand and eleven is looking high and mighty before it's first week is over, as premier party players UNITED COLOURS throw their very first tropical bash for the year, with probably their most exciting guests yet as London's very own ZOMBIE DISCO SQUAD takeover GoodGodSmallClub with a 3 hour set to blow your mind to another pacific dimension.

Round Table Knights vs. Bauchamp - Calypso (Zombie Disco Squad vs. Miman Remix) by Made to Play

Zombie Disco Squad are made of Lucas Hunter & Nat Self, two supercontinental producers pushing a house sound based on maybe every country IN THE WORLD. Devoid of gimmick and ignorant of trend, the major dudes have scored slots on some of the most important radio and club stages throughout the world, constantly referencing the past for a sound of the future. As house producers, ZDS have set a benchmark for consistently refreshing and un-classifiable tunes, cramming sounds of baile funk, dancehall, hip hop, jacking sounds and other yet-to-be invented genres into well-rounded 4/4 beats and tropic surprises. Scoring major 2010 support from mad decent, Sound Pellegrino, Made to Play and deadfish, ZDS hit it big with some major remixes, originals and live sets that are renowned for general mind-blowing-ness.

Zombie Disco Squad - Hobo by Made to Play

Playmode- Citylights by Playmode

With all that being said, Zombie Disco Squad (in my opinion) make one of the most perfect-fitted guests that United Colours has had to offer, pushing the no-barrier house sounds of the world that Kato & co. have been doing for months. I've only heard super dope things about these guys, and I HONESTLY cannot think of any better way to start off your New Year. As an amazingly added bonus comes a super secret support guest - international man of mystery and future star of house PlayMode. Playmode is making his first ever appearance on Australian shores, the proclaimed tech house prodigy gaining massive support from kingpins like OneLove, SweatItOut, Exploited Records, Exit Row (Bass Kleph's label) and more. Bringing a funk-filled deep flavour to house and tech, this is one hell of a cherry on an already dope fruit salad. If that wasn't enough - it's at GoodGod. If someone didn't already say best - I will say it now - BEESSSTTTTTTTTTTT!!! It goes down on Sunday January 2nd, and its going to be BOOOSSSS DAWWWGGGG.

NOW also, the title of this post was no lie, and I am super stoked to announce the first ever FRUITBEATS GIVEAWAY- Way- way- way. As a friend of United Colours and spiritual/blogual benefactor, we have ONE DOUBLE PASS TO GIVEAWAY TO ONE LUCKY READER (& guest). All you gotta do is email FRUITBEATS@GMAIL.COM with your full name before New Years Day (1st Dec - duh). I'll put all those names in a hat and notify the lucky rader via email. Then you get mad United Colours vibes for FREE. YEEEEEW.


Thursday, December 23, 2010



Hope you all have a wonderfully fruity Christmas and New Years, filled with wonderful times, friends, family, tunes and Home Alone 2 (because we all know its the best Christmas movie EVER). And yay for christmas tunes!

Prince Zimboo - Santa Flaws (Douster & the chipmunks mix) by douster

Wintercoats - the creepishly ambient Australian dude killing balearic movements around the world has rounded out a stunning year with a washed out Christmas track for enjoyment and ultimate xmas chill after the alcohol and food wears you down. Beautifully restrained and in perfect mood for the holidays. And you can have it for free! <3 U WINTERCOATZZZZ



Friday, December 17, 2010



THIS was one hell of an exciting year. I have to keep it short and let the music speak for itself, but this year has meant more to me than any else. New amazing people, experiences, club nights, music, cities and friends have developed around a changing sense for music and forward thought to an ever-approaching future. 2010 bought together many people for music, and I am genuinely proud to have been a part of the world throughout. Here are some lists to demonstrate what I thought of the 12 months past. One list of 20, the other 10. 2010. Get it?

FRUITBEATS PRESENTS: 20 Of the Biggest Winners of 2010.

1. Sydney, Australia.

- Maybe the best, most beautiful city in the world represented global music amazingly well this year, alongside the opening of amazing nights and frontiers for a bigger future. DJs, Labels and party planners such as ultimate bro's The Generic Collective, Wedding Ring Fingers, Anna Lunoe, Kato, Ro Sham Bo, Levins, Bad Ezzy, Adult Disco, Future Classic, Death Strobe and Niche Productions completely upped the quality of music in a somewhat tired city, whilst original music from the likes of Toni Toni Lee, Bon Chat Bon Rat, Light Year, Yolanda Be Cool and Flight Facilities were completely represented with huge popularity both locally and internationally. GoodGod and World Bar bought the best times set amongst the stunning backdrop of..well....all of Sydney. In a year where I visited and lived in some of the largest cities in the world, Sydney remains my resolute favourite, and by far the most stunning of any. Much love to you.

2. Night Slugs

- The super hyped Bass Label fronted by L-vis 1990 and Bok Bok simply released the best EP's of the year. They bought Girl Unit to mainstream popularity, released incredible sounds from Jam City, Kingdom and Egyptrixx whilst bracing us for the future with upcoming releases from Optimum and Jacques Greene. Curators of 2010 no doubt.

3. United Colours

- Pretty much running the most fun nights in all of Australia, the UC crew of Kato, Bad Ezzy, Chux and Wax Motif toured some of the most relevant artists this year, maintaining the tropical twist that keeps it alive. If you have been following this blog you will know how much fun is to be had here, so don't sleep on upcoming shows. I promise you the most fun vibe on this side of the Carribean.

4. Janelle Monae

- As a literal definition of the word Dynamo, Monae released one of the most stunning albums this year, accompanied by probably the 2nd best live show I saw all year (I saw Paul McCartney last week in a small theatre so lil' bit of bias there). The ArchAndroid remains to be at the top of way too many 'best of 2010' lists, and it is well and truly deserved. A star not in the making, but made and getting better.

5. Girl Unit

- Despite creating 'Wut' one of the most incredibly powerful tunes ever, Girl Unit (or Girl U-No-It's-True) also created my favourite mix for the year back in may (the only mix to ever hit my top25 most played), the music in which just being released now. His 'IRL' EP was a bass favourite, and dj sets confirmed an unpredictable and incredibly diverse love for all types of dance music, from hip hop to house to juke and beyond. Definitive star of the year.

Girl Unit - Wut by charliebeharrell

6. Espere: Hope 4 Haiti @ World Bar

- This night back in early jan had Radioclit playing a MASSIVE terrace world bar set for about 4 hours for the Haiti Earthquake Benefit show alongside every DJ whose ever played in Sydney. It kinda sucked that one of the best times I had of the year was at the very start, but in hindsight I don't regret it.

7. Toni Toni Lee.

- Funk all-star, saviour of boogie and Sydney's insanely obvious answer to Prince, Toni Toni Lee proved as one of the coolest superstars to ever be born in the state. Obviously residing in another dimension, Toni Toni Lee released multiple explorations into classic house and funk music, becoming his own dude and live persona in the process. Making a debut with support for Dam Funk and blowing minds since, this guy is THE dude of 2010, representing SYD with more swag than what could ever be considered possible.

Toni Toni Lee - Last Love Original Mix by Toni Toni Lee

8. Munchi

- Revolutionizing Dave Nada's Moombahton subgenre as more than just a tempo gimmick, Munchi spent his year creating incredibly dope and banging ORIGINAL moombahton chooonz, with influences from Bmore, Dutch House, Cumbia and Latin Crunk. As one of my international stars for the year, he also released everything for free, as if becoming the symbol of a genre is not enough.

Munchi - Sandungueo (Moombahton) by Munchi

9. Flying Lotus

- The beatmaker for your life rounded this year with stunning opus 'Cosmogramma' and followed up with the equally insane 'Pattern and Grid World. As a man who has revolutionized music of the future, this is by far his best work, and I was lucky to see two incredibly dope live sets by him by this year, once as DJ and once in live mode. Live or on album , Flying Lotus crafts aural worlds so stunning that you never want to leave. PHYSICS FOR EVERYBODY!

10. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

OFWGKTA or just Odd Future are this years underdog rap group. I've unfortunately been told by Levins that if I compare them to Wu Tang Clan I get punched in the face, or he quits the internet or something. I wouldn't do that anyway. But they are seriously wicked. Dark as hell beats, ideas dripping of insanity, soul piercing synth lines and rhymes about farts, vomit and buttsex work together to make certainly one of the most original and refreshing rap groups of recent times. Domo Genesis 'Rolling Papers' has topped most of the best of lists, and I cannot help but agree. Just don't cut one of these dudes off in the supermarket...

11. Major Lazer

- Yeah yeah, the album came out in 2009, but this spot is basically made for their La Roux mashup album. As one of the more under-rated releases of the year, the free mixtape contained work from both ML and La Roux, turning low-points on both albums into true stunners. I also was lucky enough to see Major Lazer on NYE, and it was one of the most fun things ever. Their secret show at GoodGod was so mad it made it onto Jimmy Kimmel, and seeing them in july proved the vibes were just as dope. From what I hear, triumphant sets in Australia over at Stereosonic mean we havn't seen shit from Diplo and Switch yet.

12. Moombahton

- Moombahton remained in a limbo of haters and lovers for a long period of time, but luckily enough Dave Nada's self-invented tempo drop of dutch house has manifested itself into something entirely new. Yes the 110BPm has remained the same, but releases from Munchi, Heartbreak and Dave Nada himself are continually flipping the genre onto itself. Munchi's 'Cumbia XXX' and Nadastroms' 'Rum n' Coke' EP are two prime examples of what this genre may turn out to be. Whilst I at first was a lil' bit of a hater, citing the same weak arguments that are still typed, it wasn't until I saw Nadastrom rock a half hour encore of it after one of the dopest sets of my life that I truly understood how crazy it is. It needs to be experienced, as it is a world away from a lot that you have ever seen, and mega-fun to boot.

Skitzofrenix - Drop Buddy Gal (Dave Nada Moombahton Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD!!) (2010) by SkitzoFrenix

13. Erykah Badu

- Despite winning this spot for simply being Erykah Badu, 'New Amerykah Pt II; Return of the Ankh' was one of the best RnB/Hip Hop albums this year. Add an AMAZING gig at Brixton Academy (yes I am one lucky dude!) and an announced 1st Australian tour and the queen of everything soul has proved herself just as relevant as Baduizm was back in 1997. Not to mention this awesome Girl Unit juke mix.

14. Club Cheval

- Canblaster, MYD and Panteros666 make up Club Cheval, which to me have proven as the most genuinely creative dance music crew today. With classic french style the boys have crafted INCREDIBLE original and remixed tracks both solo and together, culminating in the latest Sound Pellegrino release XLova/Herrero/Kegstand. Huuuuuge things to come, but enough to be proud of already.

15. Adult Disco

- Arguably Sydney's most dedicated and best night devoted to REAL DISCO, Future Classic have set a precedent for themed nights, pushing incredible sounds, artists and an important local element that allows anyone to compare it with the premier disco scenes of the world. A classy party for better times.


17. R & S Records.

- R&S has had a slightly boring last couple of years, but returning true to brilliant form in 2010, the almost too-diverse label has curated a roster of artists and releases that ooze thought, atmosphere and true brilliance. No doubt a star, James Blake proved just how effective ambient dubstep can be, whilst releases from Space Dimension Controller and Pariah re-affirmed the label as the envy of anybody trying to do something special.

18. GoodGodSmallClub

- Without fail THE BEST CLUB IN AUSTRALIA, GoodGodSmallClub is one of Sydney's only true underground night clubs, constantly pushing incredible new music in an environment impossible to describe . Suffering an unfortunate closing mid-year, it reopened with a new front bar, retaining the amazing vibe that it always has - BUT BETTER SEATS. It attracts the best acts, the best djs, best crowd and the best jugs of Sangria you will ever have, whilst filling an EXTREMELY important role in Sydney's club scene, proving that you can still run a business whilst contributing to a crucial local arts scene - something that is unfortunately missing in many of our venues. A beacon of hope and a home for fun, GoodGodSmallClub IS 2010.

19. Heaps Decent

- FruitBeats charity of choice and a truly standout program, Heaps Decent would have died long ago if it wasn't for Levins' and Nina Las Vegas' hard work teaching troubled youth creative output. With workshops led by superstars like A-Trak, 12th Planet, Brodinski, Sinden and Spank Rock, Heaps Decent targeted an often forgotten section of youth, and did something different to change their lives. Add an awesome large-scale production at the Sydney Opera House, HD continues its rise as one of the best alternative-youth programs in Australia. With luck, 2011 will be even bigger. Congrats.

20. London, United Kingdom.

- It would be silly of me to ignore how much this city has changed my perception of music, as living here for the better half of a year has opened my eyes a WHOLE LOT. Music scenes of every kind here are dedicated and knowledgeable, reflected by awesome crowds and killer parties. Internationally, just about all my favorite artists have come out of the UK, and its international influence is completely undeniable. London is the city every one else seems to want to catch up to, and once being here that is very much understood. Not to mention its fucking beautiful.

Top 10 Tunes of 2010. (In order and VERY IMO)


2011: OR What I think anyway. - Sound Pellegrino/Mexican Guarchero music/Post Dubstep crazyness/New Orleans Bounce/Duke/South African House/French/Wedding Ring Fingers/Club Cheval/FruitBeats/GenericCollective/New York Rockabilly/bass music and

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am still trying to figure out how I'm going to re-cap 2010, certainly one of the best years ever for just about everything in the world, for me anyway. A lot of the trouble is figuring out how to file all the goodness this year has had to offer into a numbered list below five thousand. One thing that is without a doubt though, is the winner of party of the year, which is 100% without fail UNITED COLOURS.

United Colours has this year thrown pretty much the most fun nights of 2010. They have booked more then a few of the premier artists this year has to offered, with consistently awesome line ups and ideas, all with the tropical twist that separates it from others. Some of my personal favourites this year, Solo, Kingdom, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team et al have played these parties and, in a lot of cases, introduced me to the goodness of underground world party music. This, and the fact that I probably had more fun here than anywhere else. This review and this review could solidify that.

Anyway, I'm absolute stoked to type that United Colours is BACK again, presenting one of Sweden (and the world's) finest exports - cutting edge house meisters and all around dudes ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS.

To intrduce, we will keep this simple. Round Table Knights did Calypso.

Calypso Ep Minimix by Round Table Knights

Yeah. THAT Calypso.

The ultimate trop-house tune of 2010 and seriously one of the best things in ever. This track pretty much kicked off tropical sounds in mainstream dance music, and to this day gives me chills with the breakdown. Fortunately for us, that didn't cut it - releasing some ultra EP's on both Jesse Rose's Made To Play and Mowgli's 'Deadfish Audio', jams like Cut to the Top, Stomper and the recent B.O.S.S remix of Tensnake's 'Coma Cat' have solidified a house sound on the edge of reason - filled with small references to jazz and blues, classic house, balkan sounds and the ever-important carribean twist. Constructing some much-praised live sets and respect from...well...everyone, it is with much honesty that I urge you to check these guys out before they are headlining everything.

The best part? Better than RTK in da flesh hosted by United Colours? It's taking place in the house of the God, Gold and The Carribean - GoodGodSmallClub. Take this as one last opportunity in 2010 for awesome times with the UC crew. Kato, Bad Ezzy, Wax Motif, Charlie Chux and guest Naany will be stacking vibe upon vibe for the Bush Christmas celebration of the year. I must repeat that UC parties are the BEST. Again, read this and this for assurance. Check out these tunes, and on Saturday 17th December you take yourself to GoodGodSmallClub for the house jam of the year. Click on the poster for the facebook page aka the 'attending button', dance dance dance, then you might be able to wind it down** Check out this dope dope DOPE video advert for it. Rollerbladers are making me pee myself coz they're so cool.

Tensnake - Coma Cat RTK Remix by Round Table Knights

Cut To The Top by Round Table Knights

Stomper by Round Table Knights

**Sorry I lied... I can't tell you to wind yourself down after this, as 2011's tropical contingent will be beginning very...very early. Jan 2nd early, as Zombie Disco Squad present a 3 hour epic GoodGod set. Brace yourself people....BRACE YOURSELF. More to come on that very soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was told to never trust someone with two first names, but in this case I might have to make an exception.
Hugo Frederick is too young to be making music as good as he does, and too Australian to be making music from the other side of the world. Hailed by someone I know as Australia's answer to James Blake, I really can't disagree, with his warped, diverse remixing style going above and beyond whilst paying homage to the best genre's of the future. IF THATS EVEN POSSIBLE?

Based from the production and vocal style of RnB from every era, Frederick explores whomping bass and swirling synth lines on top of major pitch switch-ups and a constantly varying BPM. His unconventional style brings to mind (in a huge way) the aforementioned James Blake, though the sounds of Bashmore, Mount Kimbie, Kingdom, Hyetal or Ramadanman definitely come into mind. There is a tendancy to label these producers as the best of 2010, and with more releases I fully expect Hugo Frederick to hit just as hard. The fact that these sounds are coming from Australia make it even better, and its about fucking time.

Big ups to Hugo Frederick. Whilst releases are somewhat sorted, we will inform you with due harrasment when the details become way more solid. In the meen time check out these amazing tracks sampling the likes of Missy Elliot, Mary J. Blige and Aaliyah. Awesome.

Family Affair by HugoFrederick

Pass That Dutch by HugoFrederick

If Your Girl by HugoFrederick

Waiting by HugoFrederick

Salva Salvia.

SALVA brings to mind two things upon a first listen. First: Salvia as in the drug as in that Miley Cyrus video that made my respect go up for her by 200 points. Second, well...more drugs. But not in a bad way, because his music is so cosmically awesome that I didn't even know it was possible for such things to be heard in sober states.

Based in San Fransisco but producing sounds a lot more UK-like, Salva uses some very analogue gear to mix acidic pangs with wet basslines, a sound that is as fluid as it is muddy. Uplifting and depressive synth ascensions, probably taking hours to produce, are merely used as backtracks whilst melodies shoot lazer-like creative precision to the centre of your brain. As head of the under-rated Fritenite label, his history and future within detroit techno, cosmic funk, future-dubstep, disco and house fuse together to form something that is rather hard to place a finger on. But its really cool! I will definitely be showcasing some of the Frite-Nite artists over the next couple of weeks, because they definitely deserve it.

Salva has an album, Complex Housing, out for release next febuary. Despite having the coolest album name in forever, it also stands to contain some incredible tracks, the first being this ULTRA TUNE, first heard on Girl Unit's Nmbrs podcast. 40 Carats. This could definitely make my tops for 2010. The amazing synth work topping off the murky basslines and crackly vocals - major. Included also is a remix which made XLR8R, and a recent mix for International Tapes - a great excerpt of his style, and containing a lot of FriteNite exclusives if you get the urge to check them out. I would highly recommend it as I promise this isn't the last you have heard from here.

Salva - "40 Karats" ft. Zackey Force Funk by FoF Music / Non Projects

Blue by SALVA

Girl Unit's 'Wut' has been probably the most anticipated AND satisfying release of the year, an overtly hyped record that has probably made people cry, if not a little weak at the knees. Whilst the title track does take the cake in terms of sheer-power, it was VERY strongly supported by the other 2 releases - the epic horror show of 'Everytime' and ghetto influence within 'Showstoppa' (my personal favourite on the record.
Girl Unit himself explicitely stated that he made the record for artists to work themselves into, and we are now starting to see that dream come into fruition, courtesy of fellow Night Slug Kingdom. This mashup of 'Everytime' with Ciara's 'Ride' and, one of the best tunes (and videos) in a loooong time. Hopefully this comes to the commoners!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Oh baby oh baby!

GoodGod small club has proven itself as THE nightclub of 2010/2011/your life. Curating pretty much the best events in Sydney over the 4 months since its re-opening (with the AMAZING front bar), it has again proved itself as the go-to place for alternate, insane and wickedly fun nights out. In this time it has also proved itself as Sydney's saviour to good clubs and is constantly paving the way for a more cultural and diverse Australian landscape.

The Reggae and Dancehall scene in Syd is something that I wish existed more than it does. Whilst some terrific DJ's throw some wickedly cool nights around, it is rare to see either large reggae stars down under, or a regular night for them to appear in.
Noting this very unfortunate circumstance, your friends at GoodGod have opted to make a change and bring down one of the premiere purveyors of dancehall, The Heatwave for one night only.

Heatwave was started as a (now legendary) club night by Gabriel Myddelton in 2003, raising enough ruckus, bass-waves and popularity to expand into a multi-armed musical machine to fight the world over. Pushing only the most rowdy reggae and dancehall the world over, their style resonated into a touring soundsystem, amazing amazing amazing blog and a Reggae show on Rinse FM, now known to hype the most important artists of now and the future. This includes releasing music from Natalee Storm, Serocee, Warrior Queen, and Sean Paul. Yes...that Sean Paul. This is alongside their own remixes, a few of which you can catch underneath this post. Before you brush off reggae or dancehall or (carribean rave) as not your ting, please take a listen, as they are a LOT better then you can imagine. Their ability to mix in these huge beats (inc. house and dubstep) into such a diverse mix of reggae stars are second-to-none , and I promise some of these will have you vibing for months on end. But regardless, who the fuck brushes off Carribean Rave? Best. Genre. Ever.

To close out I'm going to put this simply because there's not much else you need to know. If you have ever/think you ever will be interested in Reggae, Dancehall or tropical sounds- you need to get down to this. If you like jamaican vibes and crazy times - you need to get down to this. If you are in Sydney this friday the 10th of december in the GoodGod area (or any area really) - you need to get down to this. Heatwave are amongst the most important and relevant purveyors of dancehall music, on top of their undeniable ability to whip a crowd into a frenzy. And theres something about this stuff on a loud system that really hits the head.

ALL the artists mentioned above have appeared here in some point, so it is with upmost faith that I reccomend you to get down to this gig. Supporting these legends are even more legends in the form of Ro Sham Bo (Sydney's best tropical tag-team) Hoops (3-girl babe fest who you really should know by now) and FruitBeat major-dude Kato. All these peeps have DEFINITELY made FruitBeats all-star status, so this will definitely be the night to remember.

And with all this rain I'm hearing about, what better way to kick off your summer than with a Heatwave??

feat THE HEATWAVE (Rinse FM, UK)

From 10pm
$15, tickets available at

Beenie Man & Wiley - Rolex It Up (The Heatwave Refix) - omgomgomgomg!!!!!

Missy Elliot - Pass that Sleng Teng (Heatwave Refix) - This is so cool!!!!!

Sean Paul 'Temperature' vs Sirens Riddim (Heatwave Refix) (Hey remember when the review of Teki + Orgasmic and Bad Ezzy played this and I didn't know what it was - love you Heatwave!)

Natalee Storm & Footsteps - Play Di Ting (The Heatwave Refix) - skanky!

Donaeo, Rubi Dan, Capleton, Vybz Kartel & Danny English - Party Harder (The Heatwave Refix)

Benga/Coki/Rubi Dan - It's On Tonight (The Heatwave Refix)