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Well it looks way nicer, its linked up to hypem, we got bro's everywhere. Better music, better interviews, better features, an exclusive mix series from Australias rising stars. It's just better. Also--- lots of toucans. Evrryone luvs toucans.
Go there now. And DONT EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN (Unless its for archive lolz - but all the good posts are on the new site anyway so dont come back unless u like shitty art).












Sunday, August 7, 2011


I'm happy to not say that this "isn't the sort of thing we usually post" because it is. Because we love Daniel Merriweather! We also love that he is playing at TONE, Surry Hills this wednesday. We also love that we are giving away a DOUBLE PASS for the thing (see bottom of post).

What I don't love though is 2 things:

1) Posts being taken down for having "illeagal content" in the form of a youtube video.


2) People writing better music Bio's than myself.

Unfortunatly, both these things happened, so this point should have been made a long time ago. ANYWAY due to the bio for Daniel Merriweather being better and probably more logical than my own, I have no choice but to copy it.

Melbourne’s own Daniel Merriweather is one local singer/ songwriter who can truly say his dreams have become a reality. It’s not every day that you can say you have shared the stage with names like Kanye West, The Roots, Justin Timberlake and Q-Tip or collaborated with Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson and Adele to name a few.

Daniel first came to Australia’s attention with his debut single “City Rules” (which was produced by Mark Ronson who instantly saw the incredible talent in the young artist) and follow up single “She’s Got Me”. Both releases became hits amongst Australia’s clubbing scenes and earned the Melbourne lad prestigious accolades including ARIA & APRA awards.Already having a reputable relationship with DJ/ Producer Mark Ronson, the world took notice of Merriweather’s soulful talent when he featured on Ronson’s chart topping cover of The Smith’s “Stop Me”. And from there the international acclaim has rolled in.His highly anticipated album, “Love & War”, helped Merriweather cement his success overseas with the album debuting on the UK Album Charts at Number 2.A favourite with some of the world’s biggest R&B and hip hop names, Merriweather has featured on the lineup of some of the world’s biggest musical events including Glastonbury, Global Gathering, Montreux Jazz Festival, the MTV Video Music Awards and The Brit Awards. The talented singer/ songwriter has also been a guest on popular US-based programs ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ and ‘TheLate Show with David Letterman’.Although constantly praised by the international music industry, Merriweather’s heart still lies very much at home. Always remembering his roots, the singer/ songwriter from Sassafras will perform a live, acoustic and exclusive show.

Yes thats a super intimate (seriously TONE is perfectly sized) acoustic gig for all excellent fans. For this super special occasion, we have a DOUBLE PASS up for grabs for FREEEBIEEZZZ. Yeww! Email your full name + mobile number (so I can let u know u won a free double pass to Daniel Merriweather) to and maybe u can win a free...double pass to...okay yeah enough. GO FOR IT!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Missy Elliot has been pretty quiet over the past few years, but makes up for it in the biggest way with a brand spanking new dancehall cut straight from the clubs in Stateside Jamaica.

Maxing out on the colab with Kingston resident SPICE, Miss-E raps mad on new track FUN, off the new Wash Belly riddim. It sits nicely in that wacky, amazingly danceable reggae sound and works will against Spice's JA-born and bred authenticity. Of course this isn't Elliot's first foray into dancehall, after the awesome VYBZ Kartel-fronted jam 'Bad Man' off The Cookbook. Check both below. And just for more Missy Elliot jamaican themed madness check out these two awesome Edits the UK's HEATWAVE did ft. the Bad girl on vocals. Big ting running Pass Da Dutch over the Sleng Teng riddim (a classic if there ever was one) but club master goes to the Dirtsman crossover featuring Timbalands amazing instrumental for Get Ur Freak On. HUGE!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


"There are currently four distinct styles of vogue: Old Way (pre-1990); New Way (post-1990); Vogue Femme (circa 1995); and Dramatics, which includes stunts and tricks"

This coming saturday night GoodGod Small Club will be hosting what is probably the most suitably thrown party in the whole of 2011. Like..who the fuck else is going to throw down a night of the classic sounds, the hippest-house and the vogue-stylings of a more reasonable time other than Sydney's finest female-talent troop HOOPS. And where the fuck else is this going to be rather than Sydneys most underground, electric time-warp of a venue GoodGod. Be at one With The Bubble and make Time For the Percolator with Hoops founders ANNA LUNOE and BAD EZZY, alongside dude-bro's and similar gatherers of the ghetto TONI TONI LEE and KATO. All these dudes just ripped shit up at Splendour 2011 and are widely known to cause a severe ruckus pretty much everywhere they go. And armed with this much 90s house, you have caution to be nervous. SRS BIZ ALERT: These are pretty much my favorite DJ's in Sydney, and I think this is a genuine recipe for ghetto gospel magic. I know how many more times can I say the word Ghetto without sounding this white. It's impossible!

So you are probably wondering..."omg fruitbeats what the fuck does that all mean??" Well dude, It means Classic house, trax, new house, hip-hop, hip house, Soul Train, Diva Magic (from the real Divas), Jacking chi town make-u-combust bullshit and probably a LOT of drag queen/vogue next level shit. Did you ever watch The New Dance Show? The film clip for The Percolator? How about Hercules and Love Affair's My House (Thats 2011 u have no excuse). Its like that. Clap beats and 808-cowbells at the ready, U have from 10pm till late to strut your stuff like no tomorrow.

Speaking of the strut and as an added bonus, the previously mentioned recipe for magic includes crowd interactivity like U have NEVER SEEN BEFORE. In a special challenge taken out to the whole of Australia, Hoops want YOU to swank your best on the luminous GoodGod stage for a chance at prizes and massive-cred from Sydney's Finest Dance Crew (as selected by themselves). GoodGod are calling SERIOUS (not really..but really) dancers for a SERIOUS swag-off to some fine-ass sounds from some fine-ass DJs. Example trax and an essential practice video below.

This glamour-magic can only be intensified by the idea of FREEEE TIKITZ. Yeah we have a DOUBLE PASS to giveaway for freebies! All you have to do is email your full name to for a shot for 2. Its gonna be that E-Z.

For all you regulators out there entry is a ridiculous $5 before 11 and $10 after. Amazingly cheap, amazingly worth-it and amazingly vogue. Enter the comp before listening to these mad-tunes born for U 2 WORK!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Luke Million - Arnold

Oh Arnold, how could you be in any less trouble right now. Family problems, government problems, country problems and lets not forget the fact that you are nowhere near as ripped/dreamboat-y as you used to be. Between (love) child support payments, too-many mistresses and an unfortunately ailing movie career, I can't imagine you have much to smile about. I do believe however this may just break the drought.

Future Classic, the ever-quality Sydney based dance label are sitting on fire with their latest exclusive, limited edition 7" pressing of Arnold, a meaty disco stomper by Adelaides' Luke Million. With a soul-killing retro bassline and worded instructions by the Terminator himself, this perfect ode to disco leaves a great amount of room to vibe and sits comfortably with over the top clothing and associated dance moves. Real Starsky and Hutch shit. B/side 'Sun Splash' hits directly as the name implies, with a nice little summer jam a few months too-early. Those fatty textural synths work well with classic piano chord/hi-hat jam-outs for a smooth sun drenched voyage that, really, only Australia could produce.

The incredible accompanying video for Arnold displays Mr. Olympia at his finest, giving an added layer of context on that muscley bassline, which stands rather tall amongst the real-muscles of Arnie at his physical peak.

This is club tracks at its Terminating best.

Luke Million - Arnold / Sun Splash by future classic

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hugo Frederick: Remix EP

So there are a few reasons why you might remember Hugo Frederick. You may remember him because he's awesome and from Australia. You may remember when we wrote about hin here. You might remember him because his tracks are amazing and cross a lot of electronic borders mostly unheard in Australia. You might remember him from a crazy good remix of Bon Chat Bon Rat, or a multitude of swirling, RnB/drone influenced experiments in sound and emotion. You might remember being lost in the sounds, and therefore found again should his wildly fluctuating styles call for it.

Or you might not remember him at all.

Either way, become re-aquatinted with one of Australia's truly unpretentious rising stars, with music made without ego or a requirement to explode. They hum and seethe, circulating around varying influences based from popular genres and the sinister motivations behind them. His latest release, a 3-track remix EP of popular tracks from the 90s add a disquieting exposition of what can be made from something as harmless as the originals, with flair and restraint usually reserved for artists twice his age. Though twice his age isn't that old its still wildly respectable.

The EP is FREE and features three remixes and interpretations that you won't guess could be possible. 'Ain't Another Woman , a take on a Justin Timberlake #1 strips it down to a bone-chilling bass-tune layered with the vocal cuts and choppy ducked-out drum patterns to keep it danceable. Signature tune 'Family Affair' takes from the Mary J Blige track of the same name, pitching down the vox to the Harmonimix level, allowing the 808 toms and gliding high-ends to pull you in. The late-Aaliyah features on #3 with 'Aint Another Woman' with a sparse backing track allowing the vocals to carry it through. Beautiful, credible electronic music that never goes too far in either directions.

Similarities and comparisons to those of the new era, James Blake and Mt. Kimbie etc continue to surface, and it is with great pride that Australia finally has an artist to challenge the impending cultural dominance by foreign zones. The EP is free so you have no reason to not download it, with the added bonus of some dope trax as a reward for your bandwidth. This EP is also a precurser to a new EP of original material due for release over the coming months. Do not forget.

Consume endlessly.

Hugo Frederick - Remix EP (Free Download via. Bandcamp).

1. Ain't Another Woman (Reworking Justin Timberlake)
2. If Your Girl Only Knew (Reworking Aaliyah)
3. Family Affair (Reworking Mary J. Blige)

Guest contributor: Kayla Morlando

Friday, July 22, 2011


This is like one of those 'where-to-begin' moments. So I'll pause, take a deep breath and steady the spaceship for this post.

Machinedrum, is the man of New York city who has been doing the astounding things in the underground electronic music scene over the past decade. Born as Travis Stewart, he has released 9 steady, yet diverse and equally mind boggling albums, as well as a myriad of remixes, singles and EPs, since his emergence on the scene in the late 90s. Room(s), his 10th album and first for London powerhouse label Planet Mu, is set to be released in a couple days. And I for one cannot wait. You can stream the whole thing at the bottom of the page and holy shit is it G.O.O.D! Stop what you're doing right now and go listen to it. I won't get into it now, but it's an album that is heavily focused around jungle and footwork and it's bloody amazing.

Alarma is one release I can tackle now. It is a huge 4 track 12", which was released on the always impeccable LuckyMe label last month. If you're unfamiliar with Machinedrum's production magic this EP is a perfect reason for you to learn to love him. The opening track Alarma is a track that's done it's rounds of late in London's Boiler Room world and it's an in-your-face screaming wonder! It starts out with a typical drum pattern, tapping hi-hats paired with howling vocals before it shifts into a blazing fusion of heavy bubbling synths and frantic wobbling bass.

Next up we see drastic tempo change in the short and concise I'mabrat, which amazingly uses the vocal samples from a freestyle Lil Wayne's daughter did in his The Carter documentary! If you've seen the documentary, you'd know it's kind of a weird moment when the 12 year old busts out the freestyle... It feels more at home on this crunk Machinedrum beat.

Banger-paced to crunk-paced to footwork-Dream-edit paced. Yep, third track, Loveking is an edit of The Dream original by the same name. The Dream seems to be one of those artists that doesn't get the same remix attention as our RnB heros like Cassie or Ciara. Maybe it's because his incredible voice doesn't translate as well in a dance floor pace, but Machinedrum goes all out in this one. Filtered Dream vocals, manic juke/footwork pace, sick synth pattern backed by some o' that evil pulsating basssssss - TUNE.

Last up is party closer, YNY and it taps into some swirling future boogie vibes. A change up in the concept of the EP, but I think it could be my favourite of the bunch. As you'd expect, it holds some flawless production values and is, as always, harmoniously coherent in structure. It doesn't pack the same punch as the earlier tracks, but works well all the same.

The Alarma EP is a perfect companion to his earlier single release, Sacred Frequency and to the forthcoming sounds of Room(s). Therefore my excitement is now thousandfold!

Machinedrum is a producer that deserves his accolades; he's prolific, ever-evolving and always seeking a new genre realm to explore. A man of veteran/legend/hero status - if you're not all up in his work, that's okay, you've got a decade of music to get into.

As always if ya dig, please go support.

You can buy the Alarma EP on Boomkat/Juno and you can pre-order Room(s) HERE.

STREAM the new album:

His phenomenal FACT Mix is inspired by the same footwork/jungle sounds of Room(s) and is a must:

Here are some of other tracks, incase you arn't convinced yet:
Carry The Weight - Machinedrum (Highly recommended) BUY

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Longing. Yearning.
Love. Lust.

This basically gives me an excuse to post some older, forgotten tracks. It was insanely hard to get this down to a manageable playlist. There are sooooo many more tracks that should be in here... Nevertheless, I present to YOU 12 tracks that all embody a common theme of DESIRE. Enjoy.

Slow drums, soulful lyrics, emotions running high, shed a tear to this jam, bro

Funky synths, disco bpm, it's goddam passion on the dance floor

Watching You - Slave
Honestly this be the JAM of the century in my mind. Slave are THE funk band of all funk bands. Steve Arrington is the king of the ladies. Learn from him. "I gotta tell you my name is Stevie, What's yours, baby, whoa"

You'll always have a place in my heart Edwyn Collins. Great punk ish track, born in Scotland from the year 1984.
Lee Moses - a mystery man of soul music. This is a track off his only album, Time and Place, originally released in 1971. His rugged, raw voice demands your attention.

A cruising, funky jazz track from his African Flower album. It'll creep and crawl through your speakers.

He's a talented folk hero. Depressingly beautiful listen. I highly recommend the whole album. It's called Pink Moon and it was his last on this earth.

A new moody hip-hop orientated beat. Downtempo drums, moving violins strings, a yearning hunger.

Amazing track off the new self-titled JP album. It's magical and I don't know what the chanting vocals mean, but it overflows with a weird haunting desire.

DOOM in his lesser known Viktor Vaughn character. He tells a captivating story of love and passion. It's DOOM at his lyrical best.

An R&B/Hip Hop duo with spectacular voices. This track is off their 1997 album Saturday Night.
It's that perfect slow R&B style, preaching that undiscovered love. Ya heard!

Killer g-funk beat on this one. Ever seen the film Phat Beach? Well this is where this track comes from...

Here's the whole bunch in a zip file for you lazy internet users:

A few tracks should have be included.
Shout outs to:

(Youtube vids)

Monday, July 4, 2011


(Photo: Jacob Ring)

ENTER Guerre.

Welcome to them vibes, my friends.

Sydney right now is an insane melting pot of incredible music and Guerre is one artist who deserves some sort of critically acclaimed high five. Conceived in Toronto, now residing in the city of Sydney, this guy is making AMAZING music.

Hollow, evocative washing rhythms. It's like lo-fi RnB explored in murmured moments. The man really makes strikingly sincere and affectionate jams. Listen to his debut EP, Darker My Love and you'll understand what I'm talking about. The EP highlights Guerre's brilliance in creating some sort of introspective galaxy through his lustful harmonies and sparse bounding vocals. It's basically music that needs to be heard. I cannot recommend this enough.

Prior to the release of his debut, a remixed version of the EP was made available via the Yes Please Records Bandcamp and it's absolutely great. As a remix EP it works perfectly and it is powered by an all Australian cast including Fishing, Collarbones, Wintercoats, The Townhouses, Albatross, Marseilles, Naminé and Saltcreek Coyotes. Standout remixes have got to be Fishing's insane remix of River Hymnal. It's like the perfect conflict between happiness and sadness. Chanting vocal stabs carried along by rhythmic hand claps over a chopped up bouncing beat. It's one of the more spirited reworks on the EP that seems to find that perfect balance of originality. Wintercoat's interpretation of Guerre's Transnautica deserves an honourable mention too. It's equally mind blowing. Oh Oh OH and the Marseilles remix!

Guerre is currently wooing Europe into a soulful stupor alongside fellow Sydney wonder duo Fishing, so head over to his tumblr for all the happenings if you're on that side of the globe.You can download the amazing Darker My Love over on the Yes Please Records Bandcamp for a name-your-price donation. And the Darker My Love: Remixes EP is available for FREE download on there too.

Additional Guerre genius:

And as a fitting outro, absorb the SOUUUUUUUL in the video for River Hymnal:

Monday, June 27, 2011

CLAMS CASINO - Rainforest EP

(New Rainforest EP - some insane pixelated hyperreality going on in this cover)

Mike Volpe, aka Clams Casino, is the producer all up in everybody’s soul right now. The talented New Jersey native is blowing collective minds on the back of his incredible hip-hop productions. Crafting woosy, moving soundscapes backed by pounding drums and slowed stoner vocals, Clams has been reinventing new-age rap philosophies from his mother's attic for a couple years now. The dude has already acquired an impressive stack of spooky beats for the likes of Lil B, Soulja Boy and Squadda B, to name a few.

(btw the film he used with the track is the Herzog epic Aguirre, the Wrath of God)

An obvious collaborator and crusader of the ‘based’ rap production style, popularized by internet phenom and ethereal bay area rapper Lil B, his productions seem to aim a little bit higher then most. The FREE Instrumental Mixtape, he released earlier this year, featured 12 of his beats, minus their usual oddball rappers. It is a phenomenal collection that not only showed the power of his productions as stand-alone tracks, but also managed to redefine the bravado that usually accompanies hip-hop productions. Constructing moody, swirling atmospheres that seem to move right through you, sucking up all your emotional attention, whilst at the same time not straying too far from logical drummed out rhythms. It’s basically some incredible head nod shit. And it leaves you lingering, dreary eyed and wanting more. The opening and super fitting track, 'Motivation' serves as the centrefold for Clams Casino’s dark magic. Do yourself a favour and put it on repeat, for… FOREVER.

A hip-hop producer of the new world, Clams Casino, somehow creates rap music that doesn’t need the rap and his latest offering seems to be a complete testament to this. The debut EP, Rainforest, is out now on the mighty London/NY upstart label Tri-Angle Records (How To Dress Well, Balam Acab, oOoOO). And it sees Clams stretch his sound further, moving away from type of production that requires the added element of an MC as he continues to push himself into a mysterious yet fitting terrain. Each of the five tracks highlights his skill in creating momentum through beautiful layers and earthly texture.

Clams Casino - Gorilla by TriAngleRecords

The aptly titled track, 'Gorilla' is Clams Casino’s expressive sound. Crashing cymbals, haunting vocal cries, a tattered metropolis seems to rise up from the undergrowth - a living-breathing sprawl, methodically built up and then poetically torn apart in an explosion of distortion.

Although a relatively short release, it really is powerful debut. Building on the cinematic highs of his first mixtape, this new material certainly highlights this man's accelerated talent and it will be interesting to see where he takes his unique sound. The future, for this otherworldly beat wizard is no doubt, shrouded in a dark mystery, but I think that's the way I like it. I can almost see his enigmatic smile now.

You can go buy the EP on iTunes or order it from Tri Angle's website. And it should be available almost everywhere else. You can also grab the physical release of his Instrumental Mixtape, when it comes out on Type Records.

Fact Mix 258 - Clams Casino - Direct download (The dude's killer ALL RAP mix he did for Fact Magazine)

Instrumental Mixtape (HIGHLY recommended)

Other notable screwed jams:

What's My Name - Clams Casino (!!! slow jamz 4 yo mamz)

Dem Wan (Deezy D) - Clams Casino (bass drumzzzz)

Tell Me When to Go [E-40 ft. Keak Da Sneak] (Remix) - Clams Casino

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The dude with the coolest name in dance, Tittsworth, is coming to TOWN. Actually he already landed, and was cool enough to hit us up with some crazy-dope interview before he rips all your shit up.

Co-head of the mystifying and brain blowing T&A (with DJ Ayres), owner of DC's hottest place of music U-Hall, BFF with Mad Decent and metaphorical brother to superstars Nadastrom and the entire East coast of the USA, the heavily tattoo'd f00d-freak has gained respect on all corners with a ravey, genre splitting style of djing perfect for nowhere. His mixes and international tours are now notorious for energy and also he EATS FUCKING LIVE OCTOPUS. FUCK THAT.

Check some tunes AND tour dates below alongside his latest 2-strokes-live-mix, which features TONNES of T&A exclusives for those who want to be in the know. SUPER DOPE!

Fruitbeats x Tittsworth
1. Welcome back to AUS! What the hell took you so long to come back?? Or most importantly, what DID bring you back?

Crack cocaine! What's good for our ex-major is good enough for me!
nah forreal tho, I opened a night club with a bunch of homies! now
that U-Hall is on an POPPIN', i'm ready to eat more kangaroo and emu
and whatever weirdness i have been missing out on. i have brought
back a bunch of heavy exclusive beats, a strong stomach and likely a
food borne illness or two!!!

2. A lot has changed musically since your last visit, with the Mad Decent, Dubstep and Moombahton era's moving in and out of consciousness. These were styles you were and are pushing greatly, so where do you see yourself going now to stay ahead?
I'm the type of guy where if i'm playing the same set even 2 nights in
a row i'm bored as hell. i thrive on freshness and though i don't
genre hop for the sake of it, staying ahead of the curve is how i stay
excited and hungry. expect new acclaimed bits off my new 2 strokes
raw ep, tons of forthcoming stuff from T&A and plant. our moombahton
video (for Pendejas) is just about to drop, shortly followed by a
massive club banger w/ alvin risk & maluca (La Campana).. oh and im
working on an RNB song w/ q-tip and theophilus
3. What was your goal when opening U-Hall? Is there a musical void in DC that you believe you are filling? If so, how?
The dance scene in DC needed a new home and a swift kick in the balls.
some homies and i recognized the team to try and make that
difference. i grew up on underground dance music and it hurt me to
see it so weak-- to see so many homies pass up my hometown for gigs--
to see DC become a bad bottle service town w/ bad sound.

4. Where is everything at with T&A right now? Can we get some info on forthcoming releases.

The torro torro stuff has KILLIN IT in my sets. if you open with blue
blouse in any country, it pops off, hard. i'll play multiple remixes
of it back to back and it never fails. recently hung out with those
dudes and we've been talking about doing a record together. me and
johnny love (deathface) have been kicking around the idea of a LARP
themed 40 sided DIE tour hahaha. his EP has been HUGE in my crate.
steve starks has been putting out music that has a big influence on me
as a producer and as a MAN. im currently remixing clicks & whistles
and can't get "neva get caught" outta my head. bangers from
grandtheft, amazing remixes from alvaro, the list goes on, the T&A
roster is strong and i could go on for days! look out for the munchi
shottas remixes!

5. Whilst your contemporaries from the east coast (Dave Nada, Eli Escobar, Top Billin etc) still continue to kill it, who has come recently that you see now as direct competition (and compliment) to your style?

Oh i dont know that i see folks as competition but more influences and
support there are folks that i look up to and continue to be a big
influence on me, you mention dave and nadastrom is definitely at the
top of that list. i've mentioned steve starks before, munchi has a
lot of heads cocked, i like Figure a lot, johnny love / deathface,
canblaster, Nguzunguzu, torro torro, codes, dj fresh, drop the lime /
trouble and bass, james blake, untold, disclosure, terravita, billy
the gent, too many to name.
6. Three part question: Your tattoos are pretty insane - How many tat's do you actually have? Why the obsession, and how much of your heritage is ingrained within it?
I dont know how to number the amount of tattoos i have because body
parts are starting to disappear. i think i had 5 or 6 tattoos before
getting a half sleeve, my entire back, etc. tattoos represent a form
of expression that come with pain and permanence, what else can you
say that about? some of my tattoos are very personal and hint at
heritage, history or other shit, some of are less serious-- for
example, klever recently tattooed me... he was drunk...oh and doesn't
know how to tattoo! hahaha
7. As it IS your first Australian tour in ages, why should we be so damn excited?

Because i haven't spent this time slackin'. i play better and more
intensely than ever before. i own a nightclub with a world class
sound system and i know how to use it. my production ear and on stage
swag is at an all time high. i party hard with the best of em, and
after party in tattoo shops for those that can still hang!!!!

Tittsworth Plays 151 NightClub Wollongong Thursday 23rd June, Brisbane on the 24th, Chinese Laundry in Sydney on the 25th, Marble Bar Adelaide on the 30th and Limelite, Perth on the 1st July. DO THING.

Tittsworth - 2-strokes Live Mix. (Highly Reccomended) (Tracklist Here)

Tittsworth - WTF (Nadastrom Remix)

Rob Threezy - Round House (Tittsworth Remix)