Monday, January 31, 2011


I have no idea how this slipped so far under the (ie: my) radar, but two of my up-there favourite producers out of the UK, TODDLA T and ROSKA, have combined to form some totally galactical, space/time and bass warping project of musical excellence to pretty much run the world scene for a few months. TODDSKA, as it is pretty-obviously named, combines the mental and hard hitting riddim-dancehall-electro style of Sheffield wonderboy Toddla-T with the tribal drums, synths and bass of Roska just great. The picture above is pretty bad as Toddla T is ridiculously younger than what he looks there. Roska looks...just about right. Yeah..

Cowboy/Bad Gal From England (know plenty of thoze) is filled with wobbles and harsh basslines, nicely combining the diverse sounds of both members indictive style, though the lines sometimes seem a little unoriginal (when comparing to the creative sickness of both members recent full-length albums). It's definitely worth a listen though, and is released as of TODAY, so you can buy it where you probably buy all your good shieeet. Also, how cool is Toddla T in general?


Hercvlez Faaact

A while ago there was a post on here pretty much losing it over the new Hercules and Love Affair single 'My House', the NYC disco underdoggs gaining huge respect for the retro video lines and all-around radness of the track (its seriously fucking good). Even BETTER than that though, is the fact that their entire sophomore album, Blue Songs, has finally been released on Moshi Moshi records. Yes yes and YES!

The album pays as much respect to the 80s/90's house sounds that inspired them to the music of today and beyond. Despite being insanely rad, its also a really diverse and layered album that respects many influences as much as their own original style. But yeah, it's cool, and you can stream it on soundcloud hurrrrr- but you should buy it from anywhere that's cool (I reccomend on vinyl).

Even BETTER though, is the recent and rare mix produced by Hercules and Love Affair for FACT Magazine, a serious trip into old and older-sounding house, techno and funk aka all the things you really want in a mix from these dudes. You should download this coz its free, only available for THREE WEEKS and also because its REALLY GOOD. Having seen Hercules and Love Affair live in da flesh I also reccomend you do that too, because it was probably the most fun I had in 2010. Yeahz and yewz all round.

FACT mix 218 - Hercules & Love Affair (Jan '11) by factmag

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yo, so I am mad drunk blogging right now but thats O.K.A.Y. because this latest release from the San-Fran tech house massive is 100% worth anything anyone could post on it, in any state of mind.

Worthy's latest stomper of an EP 'The Big Perm' sums up a huge history of Worthy, San Fransisco, Tech House, 2011, Anabatic and Dirtybird releases with a simple bleepy track devoted to the big hairstyle of decades past. Filled with twerky blips and un-typical techy goodness, the original mix plays mid-range homage between Cajmere's 90's wondertune 'Perculator' and a minority of forward thinking tech house from a lot of europe and a-not-so-much of the U.S.A. It's sick anyway though, and has been getting massive support from biiiiiig names inc. the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, who included the huge Harvard Bass remix on their revolutionary all-exclusive 'Post Time Travel Nosebleed Mix' which (being released in Jan 2011) is already one of the years best. All I can say about this? - TUUNNNEEEEEEEEE! check it!

(Out now on Discobelle Records - ft. remixes from Harvard Bass, a really disappointing Renaissance Man version and a super cool Femme En Fourrure deep-ish mix).

Very, very nice.

DBR009 Worthy - Big Perm by discobelle

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasure Fingers Tour + Ticket Giveaway.

It's a bit of a testament to how great Australia is in the summer how many of our overseas musical visitors come back really-not-that long after their previous tours, with a whole heap of DJ's and artists playing shows just months after leaving. Coming from an era where most acts take 2-3 year gaps between tours, it's just nice to see some of our favorites returning to welcoming shores./

Brooklyn native and total-dude TREASURE FINGERS is a pretty fine example of returning favourites, the mega house/funk/disco producer touring Australia again after playing last years Field Day festival. Funk, house and disco are pretty much the three key words of the summer (along with Rap, Waves and Corona) so this is pretty much a REALLY GOOD idea.

Treasure Fingers produces insanely infectious and catchy house with throwbacks and samples of fine-funk records of past and present. Releasing one of the jams of 2008 'Cross The Dancefloor' on A-Traks' Fools Gold Records, real-named Ashley Jones followed up with remixes for the likes of James Curd, Classixx, Peaches and Tensnake for his recent 'Coma Cat' remix package (all the while accumulating international recognition from names like Erol Alkan, The Juan MaClean and Boys Noize) . Add to that more releases on Defected and Fools Gold, work and touring with DnB outfit EVOL INTENT (I know - wut??) and DJ-sets on all corners of the globe and you have a rare-winning combination of being the perfect artist at the perfect time, creating incredibly fun music as sun-drenched festivals called for it. In other words - vibe. If you need some reminder of how dope he is there are mega-tunes at the bottom of this mega-post. Mega!

Anyway TREASURE FINGERS has kicked off a nationwide tour to bring positive summer disco vibes from coast to coast, sometimes by himself, sometimes supporting some unknowns like ReSet or Roger Sanchez. Being a locally-infused blog, I'm pretty stoked to even TELL YOU about his NSW shows, taking place in Sydney and my hometown, Wollongong!

Treasure Fingers will be playing a huge show at OneFiveOne in Wollongong, mostly-relevant to the fact he is being supported by two massive names in the BoysNoize stable - DJEdjotronic and HouseMeister. I'm going to keep this brief but you NEED to see these names. Both touring in 2009/10, I've hardly heard such freaky house and techno as I have from them, so I'm predicting the trio to be a bit mind-bending. Also upstairs is the now-commonplace dubstep room featuring Filth Collins, a local making big waves on international labels, and Struz who is soon making his debut at Sydney's massive DubRave parties.

Wollongong has been on the steady incline with big names, and one of the key-groups in that much-required incline is the Phantoms crew, made of a few clued in guys who are catering for a demand that everyone else has somehow slept on. Independantly running their own parties from scratch, the dudes recently hosted underground-star Lee Curtiss whilst throwing warehouse parties (shh) and supporting most of the big-guns who make their way down our shores.
I'm really stoked dudes like this are taking over the monopoly on club culture, and equally refreshed to not see the same cookie-cutter djs playing the same music on the same nights. Big yes for diversity, so buy a ticket and support bigger things. And its only $15! Here's the ticket link!

Or, if your feeling really lucky, you can WIN A DOUBLE PASS courtesy of Phantoms, all you need to do is email your full name to FRUITBEATS@GMAIL.COM If your lucky you and a mate will go for free. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BLOG.

Also not to forget the all-important and all-massive Sydney Show, taking place at the Civic Hotel on Sunday, January 29th, presented by, yeah, you guessed it, the Generic DJ's! The most important club-group in Sydney bring you another night of looseness and disco jams. Whilst this show has TF on the single, he is being supported by a super-amazing-special B2B set by two of Sydneys premier purveyors of cool - McInnes and Boonie, FBi presenters, Future Classic representatives and..flatmates. Anyway, this is going to be one of the coolest sets your likely to see in the early year, so don't sleep on it. If you head to the Generic Collective website, you can even win some tickets there too, so free entry all round (if your lucky enough). Yew! Facebook that shit up.

treasure fingers - Cross The Dancefloor by treasurefingers

Treasure Fingers - What Am I Supposed To Do

N.A.S.A - Gifted (Treasure Fingers Remix)

AND LOVE AFFAIR, the NYC disco group who KILLED 2007 with their self titled debut, are finally returning with a new album titled 'Blue Songs'. Misleading title aside, its out on Jan 30th on Moshi Moshi records and is one of my/everyones most anticipated albums of late. I was lucky enough to catch these dudes play a one-off show in an abandoned tube tunnel in London, and I gotta say it was one of the most fun gigs I've ever been too. Whilst the line-up is ever-changing, Andy Butler remains at the helm with new (techno) producer Patrick Pulsinger bringing necessary synths and 90's vibe to the already dope-sound that is Hercules...

Anyway their debut single off the new album is called 'My House' and is oficially my jam for the summer. It's such a perfect throwback to 90's era New York that you feel like your dancing alongside Michael Alig the entire time, not to mention it's video which I am nominating as the


Hercules and Love Affair - My house

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rinsed up, tuned - down, James Blake's 'Harmonimix' moniker goes beyond anything you've ever heard attached to the term 'dubstep' and is 300% awesome. Emotional, raw, minimised and spacey as anything, this was the rising style of 2010. 2011 removes the term rising and replaces it with more complex and thought out mixes, super special and better than anything I could think possible (my fault for underestimating).
Check this video, huuuuge OMG moment with the first song, a mix of Lil Wayne and Drake's 'Right Above It', sounding very much like its under his Harmonimix moniker, exemplifying his style of messing around with wavey dubs and hip-hop inspiration. I like it a lot, maybe even more than his own original work. Examples and amazingness below. Debut full album dropping soon, you will see it here as soon as it does.

Lil Wayne - A Milli (James Blake Harmonimix) by KaL!

Riddim culture is something that took me a long time to really understand, and even more to enjoy. I found the appeal of a song being how the vocals work with the music, and trust that the best cut has been selected by the artist for the release. With Riddims, especially in dancehall releases, you can get up to 4-5-6 different artist singing over the one track, which can be difficult when selecting the best one (not that you always have to).

DJ SX' 'Woo Riddim' is a bit of a game changer in being a beat remixed as much by vocalists as other producers. Residing nicely in that grey area between grime instrumentals and dubstep, the bass-heavy minimal beat has seen a huge and diverse range cuts and freestyles which are all different in their own right. The vs. with Ramadanmans 'Glut/Work Them' is my favourite as it pretty much takes the best parts out of two (and a half) standout anthems for the year. This however, is proving to be one of the biggest beats of the year so be on the lookout. Huge!

DJSX - Woo Riddim

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not sure what to say about this track - Boddika makes 1/2 of Instra:mental and is 1 whole amazing. This got continually blasted at all the Night Slugs parties, mainly coz its just so fucking great. Cannot wait to hear this out.


Back in April 2010, Levins AKA Levins made this killer mix and followed it with an attempt to make one every month. Being Levins, that attempt failed - but he's been keeping busy with throwing butt-busting hip-hop parties, running a weekly radio show on FBi, creatively managing Heaps Decent, busting gastronomic excursions into stoner food, travelling worldwide and just generally being a huge dick.

Adding to those endeavours, he's somehow found time to throw a new WEEKLY party at everyones favourite GoodGod SmallClub. CLUB AL has the best party description of all time (...) but in short ALlows Andrew Levins to ALeviate his ALlergies to ALternative..yknow what fuck this. Its Levins playing whatever the fuck he wants from 10 till ridiculousAM, with cheap cider (YES) and the occasional special guest. This week (Jan 20) its HEALTH, the incredible Los Angeles noise inovators as GoodGodSmallClub hosts the official FBi SMAC awards afterparty (for which Levins is nominated TWICE under Heaps Decent and Halfway Crooks - yew!).

To Celebrate, AL himself finally recorded a new mix of things you are likely to hear in der clerrb. It's actually a really dope mix, packed with some killer dancehall, hip hop, slow-disco jams and the occasional band cut. Again he has promised to make a new one every month - we will be dutifully standing by if he doesn't. Download, enjoy and say hi this Thursday at CLUB AL @ GOODGODSMALLCLUB.

Levins - Club AL Volume 1 (MEGA RECCOMENDED!)



MAVADO nuh fraid a dem

BUGLE there for you

SHAZAM hello cat

LOLE Y SU CONJUNTO falsa moneda


RDX skip

THE VERY BEST warm heart of africa (ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI remix)


SUGAR BEAR don’t scandalize mine

MELLOW MAN ACE mentirosa



E.S.P. it’s you

CAJMERE believe in me (CHIT CHAT remix)

THE XX vcr (FOUR TET remix)


WEEN it’s gonna be (alright)

Friday, January 14, 2011

After a bit of an extended blogging vay-cay, and major - time spent in Berlin, Paris and London, I'm feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. It also helps that I just got back to Australia - SYD is still #001 yeah? Yeah. Happy to be back!

Anyway, 2011 is still as exciting as it was when I last wrote, and I'm pretty stoked to exemplify that with one of the rising stars within. JAM CITY released one of the best white labels of last year, the Refixes EP on Night Slugs which surely became their most coveted effort (I have it signed!). Combining jacking US sounds with grimey UK stylings and music from everywhere else in the world, his production is rhythm focused explorations in future-sounds, with spacey synths and intended rust. Only a year into production, its found it's place as a necessary release in grey-area music definition, and it's really really good. His latest EP, Magic Drops (out again on Night Slugs) is bass music at its best and most creative, a super special release that is to be followed with a feature album this year. Having caught the stupidly young dude a few times over the past months, I can definitely vouch for his live freaky-house ethics, and will definitely fly his work as the most promising of the now.

Benji B recently invited Jam City to record a set for his Radio1 show, and its a downright scorcher with 100% original and 90% unreleased tracks. Many a tune on this (the piston hits in 'Pit Dive' is a serious highlight) so don't sleep on it. Familiarize yourself, and take the lower Bok Bok remix of Lil Scrappy's 'Look At Me' because its fucking cool. Yes 2011!

Jam City Mix for Benji B (Radio1) (via Night Slugs)

Lil' Scrappy - Look At Me (Bok Bok Remix)

10-Jam City - Magic Drops by T Gully