Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Sydney bizzzz

Two of Sydneys most hyped/soon to be most-hyped electronic acts, Bon Chat, Bon Rat and Collarbones (respectively) have been brewing up audio/visual storms of recent, finally seeing public viewings after months of heavy love-filled labour.

First up, Bon Chat Bon Rat, the Sydney wave-making, Toro Y Moi supporting, indie-electronic 3-piece are set to cause actual-tsunamis in 2011 with new material worked on since their first EP came out (thats a pretty long time). Whilst original material is still a few weeks away, they recently completed their first ever remix, perhaps inspired after being remixed themselves by UK upper xxxy. Remixing fellow Sydney-siders Kids At Risk, the boys have formed some dark, atmospheric takes on what is essentially a pop act, filled with stuttered shrieking synths, over-electrified drum beats and the creepily mellow low-ends that make Bon Chat the effectively original band they are. Very special, and is available on the Kids At Risk EP on iTunes.

Sydney/Adelaide duo Collarbones recently tapped into some serious Brainfeeder/Warp recs bizness with their screwed up pop mixtape and debut album 'Iconography' out in March. The video for the lead single, 'Don Juan' has just been released and pretty much visually represents the track perfectly - as any good video should. But seriously, the chopped up beat weirdness of Don Juan is scarily synced up to creepy stock-black and white footage for relentless creep action. The dreamyness of the track somehow works with this vid, and those soliders star jumping on the boat is an image to stick with me for a long time. Also, really cool.

Perhaps support these artists and make Sydney a better place? Or just jump on the bandwagon before everyone else does. Whatever your excuse, don't sleep on this as its going to blow up whether you like it or not. Yew!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In case you didn't know, Cooly G is pretty much the biggest bro in UK-house right now if not ever. And when I use the term bro I obviously mean the term 'babe' as she has many-handedly bought UK bass-come-house to a standstill with dubbed out tunes to rival the best. Sweeping, RnB focused melodic rhythms hit hard bass lines and harder percussion for edgy, funked out future music for now. Also, where would any hard hitting female be if they didn't play a show in Sydney. It helps if that show is THIS SATURDAY, because it IS, and is going to be one of the bassiest nights The Civic has seen in forever.

Swooping from Soul to RnB to house to hip hop, to grime, the sub-bass movement and beyond, Cooly G produces tunes (and often vocals) as diverse as her influences, retaining a fun, seductive aesthetic wherever they go- a constant variant. Releasing music with the likes of DVA on Hyperdub, she has seen a huge rise in popularity following the uprising of the post-dubstep funky sound. I personally consider her a true persona of the 'now', an artist who has been inspired by (fallen) genres of the past to create beautiful, longer lasting music for the future. Considering the throwaway genres of today, to make a big impact on any scene is a big thing, and Cooly has done it in bucketloads.

I use these compliments as such to prove the point that this Saturday she is playing her first every show in Sydney, and you would be a dang fool to miss it. I have only experienced youtube videos of her live, and the never-ending stream of comments saying just how great she is. Expect massive tunes from every side of the spectrum and back again. Or perhaps it would be easier to expect nothing, and just be surprised on the night. It's your call, so long as you go.

If you are a fan of the UK sound (which you obvs are) you would know of certain other gigs around the city on this date/time, but I can assure you that:

a) none of them are being thrown by purveryors of quality parties The Generic Collective,

b) None of them are being supported by Monkfly & Mas Gosford (big names in their own right!)



Tunes for example, listen, love and show-the-fuck-up!

Cooly G - Dubplated

Cooly G - Floating


So ya'll know I love Levins, but his 4th (or probably higher) alter-ego AL has definitely gone next level in terms of enjoyment. I think he could be a cooler dude too, he spams less and you don't even have to worry about being photobomb'd. Thus, it is with due care, responsibility and excitement that I present his latest mix, CLUB AL VOL. 2, in accompaniment to his weekly party going by the same name (minus the vol.2 - that was weeks ago dick!)

AL DJs whatever he wants every Thursday night in the amazing GoodGod front bar @ CLUB AL!, busting jams from every genre ever played, and a few that havn't. For some literal perspective, think new-age bass goodness to old school reggae, some latin cumbia crunk, some golden RnB and a sprinkling of epic. Thats about it, oh and it's free. And sometimes sick guests come in (LA crazy's Health played before!).

For even more literal perspective, think mixing Gold Panda, into Erykah Badu into N-Tyce, and that is exactly what AL does on this mix, amongst some incredible slow-jams from every perspective (not to mention the incredible intro vocal drop from THE MAN Wavey Davey B).. Of the mix, AL himself says: "the perfect soundtrack for pie baking, bath taking, piñata making or orgasm faking. Any of those four things. Nothing else" but theres plenty of other things, including but not limited to blasting at 3am whilst eating a ham sandwich watching The Dog Whisperer*

AL has sifted through many-a solid track (and the far-too-often bad one) to lock these funky gems into place, and it shows through tightly mixed mega-tunes to have you vibing to midnight. If you do take my obviously correct advice and hit CLUB AL, you will vibe way past midnight, but hey we have to work some time right? (joke, I'm more unemployed than you are), and its a GREAT every-not-thursday-night soundtrack.

Club AL Vol. 2 is my favourite mix of this month, and as most of Levins' mix go, probably for a few months more after that. It's worth the bandwidth, and you can download it here, or hit up and download it there. It's the same thing. Honestly...



JULIO BASHMORE the horn that time forgot

FABOLOUS you be killin em

THA RAYNE didn’t you know


ERYKAH BADU the healer

N-TYCE hush hush tip

GRAV feat AL TARIQ & LIL’ RAY city to city

BEN E KING street tough

GUIDO way you make me feel

WARD 21 feat T.O.K. funeral spot

SABO & CASSIDY la curura

MOSCA tilt shift

MANTRONIX who is it? (dance mix)


BLAQSTARR turning out

ADELE rolling in the deep (JAMIE XX shuffle)

WIN WIN interleave with you

SPLIT ENZ one step ahead


...and as A Little bonus, if your an Erykah Badu fan and was wondering where the sample from 'The Healer is from (on this mix *post related*) it comes from a French-Japanese fusion album named 'Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki' I came across back in 2006. The entire album mixes Japanese choir and native sounds to french/american rock, recorded in the 70s. Truly bizzare but some incredible things on it!

* I did this

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fruitbeats Massively In Depth Review #007 - Hoops & Ro Sham Bo 2Getha At Last - GoodGod Small Club, 19th Feb 2011.

AKA How to have the most fun this year in just one night.

By Hoops + RoShamBo 2Getha At Last and yo boiye CBFruitbeats:

Step 1: Start your night with a cheeky beer at world bar, as disco lovechild Harry Cotton pulls 50 people on the dancefloor out of fucking nowhere. Pre-groove to the likes of Toni Toni Lee and other sick slow-jam cuts. Awesome!

2: Leave said awesome dancefloor for GoodGod SmallClub, where Hoops & Ro Sham Bo are going b2b alll nigghhttt looonggg (and for only $5). Enter said GoodGod to find an already packed dancefloor already heated (note: molten hot) with extra babe-ness by Hoops contingent Bad Ezzy and Nina Las Vegas. Enjoy the 2007-ness of the clothing, including ridiculous amounts of bling and other enjoyable touches. AL was wearing a Muscles 'Ice Cream Is Going To Save The Day' Tshirt which was the best joke of the night (also the best joke of 2007).

3: Have Spruce Lee as MC, announcing a strictly 2006/2007 set all night. Have all four members of Ro Sham Bo (AL, Moriarty, Jimmy Sing + Spruce Lee) and 2/3 of Hoops (Bad Ezzy + Nina Las Vegas) stick to this policy. And I mean, stick to the fucking policy.

4: Play pretty much the best tunes from said 2006/2007 era to one of the most full-GoodGod dancefloors I have ever seen. Think Hoops playing M.I.A (XR2 FTW), Cassie (Me and U) Ciara, Missy Elliot, Tweet, Santogold, Mary J Blige and every other girl-power RnB star in existence. Think Ro Sham Bo (at this point just AL aka Levins) playing Aaliyah, Rye Rye, Pitbull (Bojangles yo), E-40, Ratatat, Elephant Man (Jook Gal Remixxxx!!), the Diplo Riddim, Justin Timberlake (Rock Your Body is such a damn tune), and probably half the Timbaland back catalogue. Gwen Stefani got multiple plays (good). Think everyone in the club dancing to oblivion and Coopers on repeat (I didn't drink Coopers in 2007 but who did amirite?). Also, did you know that 2006 and 7 were actually the best years for music ever?? Good choice.

5: Take a full Ro Sham Bo takeover of the decks inc. some of the best/most danceable Bmore, Dancehall, Reggae and Bass stuffs from the past few years and crank that shit up. Play some FIDGET HOUSE (it is 2007 remember?) and fist pump like it aint no thang (because again it is 2006/7 when fist pumping was actually no-thang). Moriarty and Levins on bass, Toni Toni Lee as MC and Jimmy Sing dropping the odd dancehall jam for a half musical journey/half load of fun. Not to forget Hoops badass dance moves throughout the entire thing. Also, you don't notice it but everyone here is simply a really fucking good DJ. Like really..really 'best in Australia' good (not exaggerating/#nogroupie) (#maybealittlegroupie).

6. More Coopers.

7. Bad Ezzy and Nina Las Vegas rounding out with a super-party hip hop/RnB set as GoodGod parties into the morning. This included Bad Ezzy playing tracks from previous all-girl rap group S.Y.L.K (all night all day YEW). More bmore, more rap, more goodness. I genuinely havn't seen the place so alive before, and everyone who is good at partying was there. Wicked fun.

8. ??????????????????????????? (2.30-3.30 am)

9. Have Jimmy Sing and Moriarty round out the night with Dancehall classics from artists I wish I knew/could list. I heard Gyptians 'Hold Yuh' and a few people dancing 4am slow jam style. Best ever end to such a party night, especially at GoodGod. Good.

10. Leave, miss train by 2 minutes, wait an hour for another, take 2 hour trip home (this wasn't fun but it did happen).

11: Think on train trip how much I have missed Hoops and Ro Sham Bo, and having both on the night is a seriously unstoppable party circuit for anyone with the legs to get there. Think how even though the night was ridiculously fun it was super interesting to get the 2006/7 perspective on music, and hearing artists like Jesse Rose and Benga (who got plays) just start to gain major publicity for genres only big now, as things popular at the time (oh hey Justice) become completely obsolete and a little bit of a joke. Realise that GoodGod does retro party times like nowhere else (see also: Credibility).

12. Think/make sure that Hoops and Ro Sham Bo do another one of these parties again and make it soon. And then make sure that yourself and anyone you know attends. This was maybe one of the most fun nights ever, so major-props to all involved.

2007, Hoops and Ro Sham Bo ftw.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sydney Rulez pt. 1 - Collarbones

The best part of this year is the fact that there has never been a need to post international music due to the amount of GOOD THINGS happening within. Like really, really good exciting things which outweigh international good things. YEAH THINGS!

On the subject of things (and good things at that), Collarbones are a way-too-fastly upcoming Sydney/Adelaide duo channeling some next level experimental goodness, mixing the best so-called 'chillwave' grooves with super diverse and widely influenced electronic beats/chops/screws/etc.

Remixing (and I use that term strongly) the likes of Justin Bieber, Destinys Child and more, the groups first larger release, a mixtape entitled 'Tiger Beats', sees these pop-majors re-edited, pitched and backed by original, complex-yet-lazy beats for a fully-fledged original tape. It (to me) is a true original style influenced, but not dominated by the type of weird shit you hear from Flying Lotus, Girls, Salem, Bibio and other Warp Record beat-tailors. But this has a raw quality and shameless style its inspirations lack amongst their hype. And its freakishly mellow.
Collarbones are set to release a full-original album, 'Iconography' on March 18th. Cutting a fine line between laid-back, treated voices and warped backing tracks, the LP carrys weight in simplified complexcity, backed by supurb remixes, beginning with the free release of lead single 'Don Juan' and it's Dro Carey re-interpretation.

It's super great to see something so original and truly knowledgeable come out of Sydney or anywhere for that matter, so don't be surprised when the name Collarbones name comes up more as this already incredible year progresses. 'Iconography' is out on March 18th' but here are some intros to acquaint yourself before.

Collarbones - Don Juan (highly reccomended yknow?)

Collarbones - Don Juan (Dro Carey Remix) (also highly highly recommended)

Collarbones - TigerBeats Mixtape (via Bandcamp) (also really really good)

Sydney Rules pt. 3 - Ame @ Adult Disco AND TICKET GIVEAWAY.

Adult Disco continue to RUN Sydney's (proper) disco scene, the weekly party at The Civic hotel hitting a dedicated niche who appreciate fine grooves, the good crowd and the incredibly awesome/rare music that accompanies. Such a fine-taste party basks in its reputation and consistently brings out more daring and unexpected acts as the months wear on.

Germany's Âme hits instant cool status due to having a creepishly un-english letter symbol in their name (it's pronounced 'Ahm', French for 'soul'). Never mind the fact that the deep house innovator has collaborated with some of the biggest names in dance (think Henrik Schwartz and Dixon), gained respect from every corner of the deep loving world, or even the fact that their single 'Rej' sold over twenty thousand VINYL copies becoming one of the best selling records of the past decade period. No, you can forget those things as Âme's tunes have such seductive complexity that they do not beg, but simply suggest for you to lose yourself in the moment. Mixing classic techno with new-age soulful house, this is an act of pure soul, and something to remember, especially as they are playing at Adult Disco this saturday, and ESPECIALLY with the impeccable Future Classic DJs keeping the vibe support throughout.

Whilst you may not have heard Âme, this unique Adult Disco is set to be pretty special and something far removed from what you usually experience on a saturday night in the city (or any night for that matter).

To celebrate this diversity, fruitbeats is giving you the chance to go for free, with a DOUBLE PASS UP FOR GRABS. Just email your full name to with the subject title 'Adult Disco' and your in the running, and I'll hit you back Saturday morning if you are the lucky winner. Too easy, too free, too good.

If you dont want to risk waiting for then to get a ticket, hit up Moshtix nowww yknow?

Take things deep.

Ame - Rej by Despina

Sydney is awesome pt. 2- Cassian

Sydneys general killing-me-ness continues into the night as disco stalwart and all-time youngman CASSIAN set to re-blow Sydney with a funk bomb (aka new release) under the title. 'I Like What Your Doing', which is coincidentally the first thing I would say to Cassian should ever get the chance to meet him.

Cassian makes ridiculously fun disco jams halfway between the grooves of times past (see the 80s and 90s) and the nu-disco jams of the future (see: Death Strobe, Disco 3000, 3/4 of the DJs living in Bondi). Sometimes piano driven, sometimes bass heavy but always rad, your best to look alongside the lines of Shazam and any other Bang Gang 12inchs release, which is funny enough considering that is what this new EP will be released under, and it's a scorcher too! Mixing some dope old-school funk vocals + influence, the title track is just freaking cool, with supports 'Nobody' and 'Getting High' hitting hard on that line between old and very new. Its seriously good, and the remixes support beautifully with some funky imagining by Mitzi, Lorenz Rhode and The Courtesans, whose re-imagining takes you to a very special, very deep place.

Apparently all the remixes were given out for free download to 1 exclusive blog a day, and apparently FruitBeats is not cool enough to be one of them, so catch the soundcloud links and buy it on Beatport (digital only right hurrr) when it comes out TOMORRROW!! (Friday 19th Feb 2011).

Live and let funk.

I Like What You're Doing EP by cassian

2getha AGAIN

Sooo if you have noticed a few posts down, Anna Lunoe and Bad Ezzy (aka 2/3 of HOOPS) are slightly killing it in the way of major production/mixtape efforts. Anna Lunoe + Wax Motif's 'Love Ting' is set to be the summer jam of the now, and Bad Ezzy + Kween G 'Airwaves' mixtape to run the Sydney chapter of the UK bass scene for an unspecified time to come.

Both these far-too-cool gyals share relations under the team-dj HOOPS, with Nina Las Vegas, who coincidently (or maybe not so coincidently!) are throwing a great big boss of a party alongside Sydney kingpins and bro-buddies RO SHAM BO. YES, thats Hoops Vs Ro Sham Bo 2Getha Again after a series of these parties stopping Sydney nightlight in its own tracks! These are Sydneys two finest and most-knowledgeable/fun dj collectives, clocking up too-many years in experience and too-many unimaginable stories as a result. Not forgetting the too-many good tunes which you are sure to hear on this night. As Hoops (Bad Ezzy + Nina Las Vegas tonight only) mix Hip Hop, RnB, Uk Funky and general girl-power tunes, Ro Sham Bo (aka Photobomber and major-dude Levins, Bass King Moriarty and GoodGod owner/dancehall magician Jimmy Sing) will be playing the next generation bass, dubstep and 2step with the last generation (see also: classics) in reggae, dancehall and the occasional rap/rock jam. In other words, heaps of diverse music, heaps of DJs and heaps of fun. And its only $5 before 12 - fucking bargain for the goodness.

This is all going down at the best place GoodGod Small Club, this saturday from 10pm onwards. Gettt onn ittttt!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You have got to be kidding me!!!!

Bad Ezzy is deadset one of my favorite DJs in Australia, if not the world. Consistantly mixing the best in freak-out house, Italo Disco, Uk Funky, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Dancehall, the superwoman can regularly be seen killing dancefloors nation wide and especially within the most fun United Colours parties run with fellow dancefloor destroyers Kato, Wax Motif and Charlie Chux.

Kween G is one half of KillaQueenz and one whole of the worlds premier female MC's, delivering hard hitting rhymes to harder hitting beats, with an undeniable committment to clarity and bass that spins the world round.

BUT, what the fuck happens when you combine the two?? Aplocalpyse? Time Travel? Music divided by zero?? No, none of these things, but you would be successful looking under the terms 'Worldwide Bass Explosion' - with killer UK/Dancehall tunes maxxed out with live MCing, killer drops, vocal cuts and intros by some of the worlds biggest funky stars and beyond. Supporting everyone from Diplo to Kelis, Salt n' Pepa, Wu Tang and further, the two stars have finally combined for a new project entitled 'Airwaves', a suburb explosion of worldwide music and heavy bass, inspired by the world but produced locally (as all good things should be). Live sets will be delivered and minds will be blown as the two mix their diverse influences into some next level Australian-yet-worldwide brand of bass music goodness.

The first mixtape 'The Airwaves' is an excellent introduction into this sound, weaving incredible country-slapping club hits from all over the globe. Hip Hop royalty such as Busta Rhymes, Ciara and Beyonce rubs down perfectly with the UK-funkyness of Ms. Dynamite (!!), Donae'o, Katy B and Professor Green, ALSO sitting alongside worldwide dance stars like Gregor Salto, Afrojack, Frenchman Canblaster and Sheffields own Toddla T. This is combined with some live MC-ing by Kween G herself and Bad Ezzy's downright naughty mixing skills for an irristable introduction into world music for dance-lovers of any standard. Just listen to the intro mix and prepare to lose yourself (seriously, I completely lost my mind!). THAT GOOD. Don't be afraid of this mix, but you should probably be afraid of this mix. So Fiiierrccceeeeeeee.

As said, live sets are to follow, but keep this mix as a close reminder of whats to come - and tell yo friends, AIRWAVES R COMING 4 UUUUUU.

The Airwaves by Kween G & Bad Ezzy

Kween G – The Airwaves Intro
Busta Rhymes Feat. Kween G – Look At Me Now
Ciara – Ride (So Shifty Remix)
Savage Skulls & Douster – Bad Gal
Martin Brothers Feat. Kween G – Duckface/7 O’Clock Report
Professor Green – Monster (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
Douster – Schlaggada (Swaggada Edit)
Beyonce – Diva (J-Wow Remix)
T. Williams – Getting Mine (Drumstramental)
Donae’o Feat. Kween G – African Warrior
French Fries – Senta
Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
DJ Zinc – Nexx (Bad Ezzy Pumps In The Club Edit)
Afrojack & Gregor Salto – I’ll Be There
So Called Friend Feat. Kween G – Bumble Bee
K.I.G – Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez (Donae’O Mix)
Ms Dynamite & Geenius – Get Low
Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Toddla T remix Feat. Double E)
Katy B – Lights On (Girl Unit Remix)
Kween G – The Airwaves Outro

AL + WM 'Love Ting'


So summer is getting a little bit close to ending ( :( ) but that doesn't at all mean an end to summer-vibery tunes, especially the sort that transport your soul into a super happy place where BBQ's (like the one I just got home from) are full of your best friends and an un-setting sun and where everything is just really...really good.

Anna Lunoe (One of Australias best genderunspecificdjs) + Wax Motif (One of Australias best genreunspecificdjs) TODAY released a preview of their new track, 'Love Ting' which is a perfect audio-definition of these moments in time. Featuring a pure-80s guitar + vocal samples with fat kicks reminiscent of Duck Sauce's recent attack on dance moves, the track follows its nu-disco inspirations in providing a new level of fun based on music of the past. I feel this track, sure to be the big disco hitter of 2011, is something that could only have been produced in Australia, as it can only remind me of the things that I love about this country the most. Late nights, summer sun, outdoor parties, boats, harbours, people, clubs and vibe - all the things that we take for granted and cannot be replicated in any other country in the world (and trust me I've done the ground work). Oh and its funky as hell.

Anna Lunoe and Wax Motif have done something really special and fun, and I cannot WAIT to vibe out to this in the future. Hello 2011, hello Australia, hello good times - here is Wax Motif and Anna Lunoe. "Love Ting" is out on Sweat It Out soon...

Love Ting- Anna Lunoe & Wax Motif by Anna Lunoe

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frames 200 GET!

So this is the fruitbeatz 200th POST and what better way to congratulate ourselves, Sydney, the friends we have, the people we like and the music we love than by dedicating itself to a true local hero, that also being a true local dj hero mostly known to all as Frames.

You can check here for Frames' bio and whatever it is we think of him (he's good), but if your running short on time you should know that we got luv 4 Frames. On top of his way-cool re-edits and mixes, the Sydney local, FBi Radio host and total dude recently remixed Shit Robot's 'Take Em Up' but added some funk, some bass, some acid and most importantly some major vibe for an almost-too-cool, almost too-fast slow jam. It works, it bangs, its good. Oh and its free. Yeww!

Frames plays in the best city in the world, you can check his info and dates HURRRR.

Shit Robot - Take Em' Up (ft. Nancy Wang) (Frames Re-Edit)
via mediafire

Take Em Up (Frames Edit) - Shit Robot by Frames

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines day everyone! Please enjoy these romantic tracks with a glass of wine and the thing you love. For me thats a half cut watermelon and David Attenboroughs 'Life' on blu-ray, but whatever suits...

Released TODAY is this beautiful new track by Sampha and Jessie Ware, the latter you might remember from her colab with SBTRKT, the shattering 'Nervous'. It's appropriatly named 'Valentine' and is appropriately stunning. Plus the vinyl is HEART SHAPED. Amazing!

JESSIE WARE + SAMPHA / Valentine by Young Turks

Jessie Ware ft. SBTRKT - Nervous

French Fries similarly yet more banging 'Laquisha' EP is also released completely today, and contains the truly great original plus banger 'Merel' and mind-blowing remixes from Lil Silva, Canblaster and Buraka Som Sistema's J-Wow. REALLY GOOD.

French Fries - Laquisha (Feat. Taiwan) from Youngunz on Vimeo.

As stated earlier, SOUND PELLEGRINO's latest release, Savage Skull's Caravan/Watching You is too released today (yeah todays a good day), the storming tech banger super fun and irresistable. B side Watching You is so dirty don't be surprised to have mud bleeding from your speakers. Amazing.

SAVAGE SKULLS 'Caravan / Watching You' EP preview by soundpellegrino

Also released TODAY is a brand new mix from the brilliance that is Glasgow's Hudson Mohawke. 'Valentines Slow Jams Ch. IV' is a super sexy late night mix of early 00's R'n'B and hip hop for when things get heavy. Very seductive, but thats 100% okay.

Hudson Mohawke - Valentines Slow Jams Ch. IV (direct link)

Also out NOW is OFWGKTA's (no I'm not gonna explain who they are you should know by now) Tyler, The Creator, with a new remix of Lykki Li. Whilst Odd Future and romantic don't necessarily go together this is a more skewed halfway point of the two. He also released a brand new single but it would be sacrilege to post it on a romance post because it....well..its just not.

I Follow Rivers – I Follow You Tyler the Creator remix by LykkeLi

and finally released SOON is the L-Vis 1990 + Cubic Zirconia remix of Cassius' 'I <3 You So'. Really spaced out love vibes here, BIG fan. As there is no link or anything here is a vid of the Masters at Work.

Last but certainly not least, here are some incredible and romantic bits and pieces from the past and present to keep you positive. All these songs are truly highlights and there is not a single one I could not reccomend highly enough for you to listen and enjoy. Fruitbeats wishes you all the happiest of days and a SEXY year ahead.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's impossible to not get waaaay too excited when Sound Pellegrino drop something new, and it really has gotten to the point where one can post anything from there without even listening to, such is the quality of a digital-only label changing the face of dance music worldwide. For example, I have nothing but respect for anyone who can tune me into Gabber-House. Yeah..I went there.

Savage Skulls are Swedes Måns and Carli (better known as 'Marcus Price and Carli' for the 100% incred 'Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed' EP) whose impeccably produced house bangers have been littering the sets of major-djs for years, with a personal style and taste for true madness an infectious quality for anyone involved. According to the amazing breakdown of the EP found here, this latest release 'Caravan/Watching You' came about after Teki Latex and Orgasmic heard the unreleased former in a Brodinski live set. Direct quote: "We HAD to have it" and its pretty clear why.

'Caravan' hails nicely to truly danceable tech house, with chopped up sexy-eastern European vocals and a way-too catchy breakdown that is impossible to resist. A truly sensual yet banging house track, this is true to now, and a completely un-stoppable example of Swede studio brilliance. B-side 'Watching You' is a filthy techno stomper, co-produced by Tony Senghore and vocal'd by Sprinkle Juice. To me, this is the standout on the EP, a truly dirty answer to anyone who wont get their face on the dancefloor (or any other location really). The Senghore influence is clear as the low, distorted vocals of Sprinkle juice speak far-too seductively with a grinding bassline than anything near what should be legal. Add a 90's style sex - mix by Jacques Greene and an unclassifiable re-edit by Payme303 and we have what is a true representation of house in 2011, something I cannot wait to do un-explainable things to and then tell your friends about it.

Released on the 14th of January aka SOON via BeatPort. YEW.

SAVAGE SKULLS 'Caravan / Watching You' EP preview by soundpellegrino

Fuckingg Newwiee!!!!

Newcastle has kept a major downlow on the production front lately, though its quick to point out that this was the calm before a major storm, as locals from the north-ish rival city upload future classics and jealousy-inducing stormers. Lucky!

ONE-NIL scored majorly last year when Brodinski featured his techy bomb 'Congo Static' on the Mystery Mix Vol 2. Picked up by Discobelle records and released not long later, the tune single handidly scored him support from big guns Dubbel Dutch, Douster and Yolanda Be Cool as follow up TUNES and mixes solidified a major up-comer description in the NSW dance scene. Chanelling the techy goodness of Mowgli, Solo and most of the Jackmode crew with bleepy influence courtesy of the future, One-Nil has carved a style from house of music of the past & future, and its super exciting to see where this young one will go. His full debut EP, 'Gutterstorm' (yes that IS cool name) is coming out too soon on Top Billin' the amazing label which released some of my favourite jams of last year from Club Cheval, Manare and Camel UFO's. The release, if you weren't impressed already, is helped out with some incredible remixes from LOLboys and Milt Mortez. There are too many big names in this post, so catch it before he joins them! Huge!

Stream the dope-ness here!


Oh and yeah..Newie, I forgot you kill it more than once. BCATTZ, FruitBeatz first regular 'dude' and all around 'dude' is back again making atmospheric techno that sounds a lot more mature than it should for a man of his age (in a good way obviously).
This latest, 'The Toaster' is super moody, dark sounding bizness with superior percussion and weird sounds creating an all-encompassing and groovy experience. Along with the deeply soul infused 'Get At', you will be vibing before you know it, but in a weird, 7-am-I-have-no-idea-where-I-am sort of way. Dont act like you've never been there...

The Toaster - Brenton Catt by BCATTZ

Get at (Original) BrentonCatt by BCATTZ

Monday, February 7, 2011

United Colours ft. MOWGLI

Woowooooo! United Colours, the ORIGINAL tropical party -now- interracial house music excellent vibe night is BACK in Sydney after the crazy b2b-ness of Round Table Knights in December and Zombie Disco Squad in very early January. One of, if not, the best regular club-nights in Sydney, United Colours has made a name for itself on massively fun timez with the most excellent music, the best crowd and of course the best venue (GoodGod Small Club obvs).

As said, this saturday the fun timez return, though a little deeper, with Italian tech-master MOWGLI in the big font on the poster. Still reeling after his MASSIVE hit London to Paris (and vice versa), Mowgli has remained head of the tech game, his Deadfish imprint releasing consistently groovy EP's from the likes of Tom Flynn, Camel and Solo, all Fruitbeats favez. Releasing on Made to Play and too many other labels to mention, his in-demand technical skills in the live and production game has kept him busy world-wide. Keeping the vibe constant and the melodies light, Mowgli in his own right calls upon a diverse style of lightweight house music- sometimes deep, never boring. His latest stomper, La Lokomotiva, is some dangerously funky goodness and I think Sydney will be spoiled rotten with this experienced master of the good time.

MOWGLI - La Lokomotiva Ep by Mowgli

Yeah, I think this will be fun.

Also, United Colours being United Colours means that Sydney's best are on support from start to finish. Thats Kato, Bad Ezzy, Chux and Wax Motif to treat your ears with the latest house, trop jams and everything inbetween awlllnigghtlaawwnngg. Best!

To prep you up for the radness, super-dude KATO has recorded an exclusive mix full of chunky vibe-house, a warning strike for Saturdays sick times. Check it below with some other warm up chooonz!

I don't even need to go into how much fun United Colours parties are, but if you go to anything this Saturday I urge you to make this it. It's all happening at GoodGod Small Club this Saturday (12th Feb) and is $15 for sick presales ($20 at the door). Buy your tickets here, so you can have fun here. Yes yes annnd....yes.


Kato UC Colourcast by Barnee Kato

Mowgli - London to Paris

Mowgli - Paris to London

Mowgli - We Think Its Cool

Sunday, February 6, 2011


With 2011 being already amazing and all, it is still no less surprising or exciting to have one of Sydneys finest and most hyped bands STILL being recognized locally and internationally. Bon Chat Bon Rat released their self titled debut-EP for free last year to critical acclaim from all corners of the globe and beyond. Being the relentless force of quality Sydney music (and indie-electronica), they have just now been remixed by UK major up-comer XXXY, who has given their sombre 'Le Rayon Vert' an swirling 2-stepped edge. Packing a moody punch, the mix works complex drum patterns with a relaxed synthy edge, making a really nice and uk-ified version of the already excellent track. Also its free so you have no excuse.
Bon Chat Bon Rat have some very very good and exciting new things coming up for the next few months, so consider this a prequel post. 2011, keeps getting better right? Right.

Bon Chat, Bon Rat - Le Rayon Vert (xxxy Remix) by future classic

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I swear Parisian d00d French Fries is on absolute FIRE as of late, releasing a slew of insane remixes that are never off colour and always on point. Somewhere between house and post-dubstep bass nastyness, his style is of crazy colour and vibe - see also: ridiculously danceable.

In 2011, French Fries is making Valentines day the little bit more bearable by releasing his new AMAZING single 'Laquisha' on the love infused date. The only thing I will be loving on that day is this track, the romantic guarchero vibes impossible to resist. Whilst retaining dancehall sensibilities (courtesy of vox from Taiwan), its a pure joy to listen to, the softly enduring synths marrying the relaxed tropical drum beat perfectly. It sits perfectly as its own track, and I do hope it is one of the bigger hits of early, if not all of, 2011. The cool original video is definitely worth a look also, and is released on Youngunz on Valentines Day.

In other conquests, his remix of Jean Nipon's 'Stamina' is making me look for a bigger speaker set to blow it on, but his remix of Amerie's 'One Thing' from Brodinskis 'Best of Everything' Compilation is a true headblower. Big tingz.

Jean Nipon - Stamina (French Fries Remix)

Amerie - One Thing (French Fries Remix)


Good music from domestic shores, whilst in no state of decline, is still the most exciting thing ever, casing a sense of national pride with absolutely dope tunes to match. Melbourne dude Swick just got about 100 points for this latest release, 'Jogalani' which just came out on Malente's 'No Brainer' record label. Also if you were wondering that picture is of Swick eating some hungry jacks..

Those 100 points go up to about 1000 when you actually hear the techy, tropical business within, using the standard elements for some really fun and catchy carribean beats. Featuring a slew of remixes that dont suck from Chaos In the CBD, Douster, Malente and the INCREDIBLE Vhyce track, this is a seriously all-round solid EP from a local sure-to-be monster. It's really good to see the EP originals equalling if not trumping the international remixers, and I think this is the very good start to a winning year for local produce.

BUY the EP from Beatport HURRRRRRRR, stream it below, and then grab the Mayavanya remix for free. Sick.

Swick – Brocolli (MayaVanya Remix) (direct link)(via discobelle)

Swick - Jogalani EP (NBR004) by No Brainer Records


When it comes to Gucci Mane - I fucking give up. Last time I checked, the rap-world (and the real world) were celebrating his release from prison on murder charges. Yes? yes - all good. So why the fuck did Sinden just release one of the best mixtapes in ages under the guise of "Free Gucci 2: The Burrrrtish Edition". Thats a completely rhetorical question, because this is SO GOOD that I am not going to fight it no matter what its called.

As the name kinda hints towards, this is the British based sequel to the real-slick Diplo Free Gucci mixtape that emerged from the Mad Decent crew last year. Chock full of remixes from the best produces in the UK/World, watch yourself lose your mind to brand new/exclusive mixes by the likes of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Mosca, Sinden, Toddla T (see below), Scratcha DVA and Mele. Amazing artists in their own right, each bringing an extremely original, bass-fuelled and self-styled take on one of raps most..confusing..stars. Opening with a swagged out Sinden produced mix, the tape flows through the spacey synth-dubs of Rustie and Hudmo, moving through UK Funky, dubstep, grime and all the other genres the UK are spearheading right now. Definitely reccomend this with a big set of speakers, coz its really not worth pressing on anything else. I wish I had another word other than swag to use but that is all this is. Blah!

Hit up THIS LINK or click on the picture to be directed to the download page, and say yes to supporting prison releases through good sounds. Really good sounds...