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Fruitbeats Interview #004 - BEN PETERSON: Owner of TONE the venue.

Ben Peterson
is Sydneys latest superhero. Without a cape, or a mask, or any other form of genre-ripping disguise, the owner of Tone (the dopest Surry Hills bar/club/venue in ever) has launched himself into a very limited league of Sydney citizen who strive to not only create, but enforce a local scene based on community, sharing, quality and dope music for all.

TONE opened in a previously underused space that has gone under a few names over its existence, converting it from a tired bar into a multi-purpose (and genre) performance space, hosting (in its short lifespan) some of the best acts of generations past present and future.

Roska, Lorn, Arabian Prince, Wolf & Lamb, Dam Funk, Seekae, BBC1's Benji B, Mark Pritchard as well as anonymous nights themed from Swing/Jazz, local hip hop, Cumbia, French Trance and too-many more to mention, the highly innovative and original space is drawing just about anyone whose ever wanted a local scene to support. As well as owning the best new venue in town, Peterson also runs SWAT productions, Sydney's own excellent Funk/Disco/Hip Hop label.

Fruitbeats was lucky enough to catch up with the dude, to see how things were, how they are, and how they are going to be. This interview is definitely a worthwhile read if you've ever wanted to support the city that wishes to support your back.

Fruitbeats x Ben Peterson

1.Was there any particular moment where you knew that starting your own venue was what you wanted? A moment where you decided to risk it all to provide Sydney with a new home for Hip Hop/Soul/Funk/Underground dance EVERYTHING?

I think a lot of people dream of opening their own bar/pub/venue. My father was a Disco Promoter in the early 80's so I've always been around venues and parties. It's something that I've always planned on doing so I guess I've been in the market since I could afford it (although I'm not sure I can afford it now!)
I've been complaining for years about Sydney's lack of depth when it comes to music venues and I was quite frankly sick of hearing how much better Melbourne is in this regard so I decided to put my money where my mouth is.

2. Mars Lounge (and one-night Black Boater) didn't have the best presence amongst fans of these genres. How did you go about changing this image?

It was actually a lot more difficult than I anticipated and there is still quite a lot of stigma attached to the building through years of mismanagement and bad experiences with the different owners. One of the main strategies to change the perception of the venue was to repaint it and put up a new sign but I'm still waiting on Council approval (10 months later...). The best way of achieving a change of image of course is to put on as many kick arse events as possible which we're doing to the best of our ability.

3. Your roster so far has been incredibly diverse, from Gangstars Dam Funk and Arabian Prince to UK dude Roska and now techno legend Marcellus Pitman and Brainfeeder signon Teebs. Is there a set goal within such a consistently changing lineup?

Our only real music policy is underground/alt/indie. We embrace anyone who does it a lil different.

4. One of the biggest avenues of revenue for any club is money made over the bar, though many nights at Tone are funk/soul/hip hop nights ending earlier than a club that kicks on until the next morning. Do you see this as a challenge? or are you adopting a 'music comes first' policy?

Good point. We certainly do have a 'music comes first' policy but the reality is that we have to pay the rent and being in Surry Hills our rent is obviously enormous. The hope is that enough of the Sydney music community will support us along the way for us to remain viable without having to resort to dodgy commercial dance and RNB.

5. How do you go about choosing the right crews/promotors to run nights at Tone. Do you try to form a balance? or do you lean towards particular genres.

I definitely try to form a balance and as I get more time to look at the big picture I then seek out people doing great things in different genres. I've forged some great musical alliances already and I'll continue to invest my time and resources heavily in this area. Tone cant work without the support of the music community so my main job is to make it a place that people want to be a part of and share.

6. I understand you have a very new family to look after alongside this very new, fresh and innovative space. Which one is more difficult?

Haha, well I'd say that it would be a tie. My kids come in to the venue with me a lot and my wife is obviously extremely patient and amazing so we're all in this together.

7. What is happening over at Swat Promotions whilst you are running the club? Anything for us to look forward to?

I guess the venue is an extension of SWAT Promotions in a lot of ways though I still handle a lot of Entertainment booking at other venues through SWAT. The record label is on hold at the moment as I've just been too busy (and broke!) to give it my all but we will soon be building our new recording studio in the basement of Tone and have some big plans for the label over the next 12 months.

8. You described yourself in 3DWorld as a 'member of the hip hop community'. How important has it been for you to maintain a local hip hop scene, and do you feel it is flailing for flourishing amongst the closure of too-many alternative venues.

This is really a tough one for a venue. On the one hand our local hip hop scene really is making some waves and the level of production and quality of tracks is truly world class from a lot of crews but the flip side is that hip hop tends to attract kids from the wrong side of the tracks. My naivety led me to actually think that because most of the people that come to the gigs know me personally that we would avoid all of the damage that goes hand in hand with hip hop gigs but the constant (sometimes thousands of dollars worth of ) damage which occurs at every hip hop gig is slowly killing my willingness to support the scene. I'm not sure how the Sando and Lansdowne deal with the issue but they seem to be the places that hip hop is gravitating towards anyway.

9. Running on from that, which Sydney crews do you look forward to working with the most? Are there any names your experiencing which you feel need to be heard right now?

There are so many great collectives and alt labels killing it at the moment. Birds Robe Collective, Happy Handclaps, Space Is The Place, Oz Soul Collective, DsVision, TV Party, Jazz Rooms, CDR, Cold Crush, Big Village, Other Tongues, East to West, Mobile Industries and Big Tree are just some of the amazing crews that I have the pleasure of working with on a regular basis.

10.Whats the strangest thing you've ever seen in your own club? (I heard about some incredible senior-citizen'd promiscuity at Arabian Prince...)

I wont tell you the strangest thing but one of the funniest things has to be when a girl held her birthday with us. She had a super fancy cake made to impress her friends. She's had quite a few glasses of bubbles so when the cake came out she grabbed it and started dancing around showing it off until it fell off the plate onto the floor. Pure Gold (we watched the footage for hours laughing hard).

Tone Website

Fruitbeats Oficiall Mix #2: Down Kick

After getting some pretty sick feedback from a) the fact that we are doing a mix series and b) the fact that I won't be doing another one, it is c) with an insane amount of pride that we introduce #002 in what is becoming one of the more-exciting projects of late. This week, a wickedly catchy mix of diverse mega jams from Sydney's own DOWN KICK that truly is a must hear for those of you who like the bassier side of everything.

Down Kick hails from glorious Sydney (as all good producers should) and crafts sets from only the finest jams all the world over ( all the good should). With interests stemming from the underground, the mainstream, the under-seen genres, bass, Sound Pellegrino, Moombahton, Juke, Booty, Night Slugs, Mad Decent and So Fresh 1990-2000 (which I disagree as I think 00-03 were the best), it is clear that a diverse taste calls for a diverse representation, which is pretty much what we have here with this megamix right hurrr.

This mix traverses from some of the most awesome things coming out of every corner of the globe, all of which definitely worth your time. Opening with some incred UK/US club rap crossovers, the undefinable 45 minutes that follow hike through future bass musics from all spectrums. A dope Juke section procedes some of the future beats you didn't think could exist, the Parisian house-style whose production talents never cease to amaze, the latest in a never ending stream of (good) Moombahton and of course the UK beats that define just about everything in between. It's swiftly mixed, and packed full of suitable jams designed to push even your finest subs to the limit. I am amazingly stoked to post this as an exclusive, and I genuinely recommend you download it for the simple fact that it WILL make you bounce. Hard. Hurrrrd.

01. Gucci Mane - Be Everywhere (Mumdance Remix)
02. Lunice feat. Troy Dunnit - The Name Dunnit
03. Party Boyz - Ha Ha Bitch (Manare & Marvy Da Pimp Remix feat. Spank Rock & J0ke)
04. DJ Rashad - Bob It Low
05. Canblaster - Dawgs In Da House
06. Canblaster - Thunderdome Got Crunk
07. Lunice - Fancy Forty (Rustie Remix)
08. New Young Pony Club - Chaos (Mele Remix)
09. Mele - Mugged
10. Bambounou - Nappy Head
11. Savage Skulls ft. Tony Senghore & Sprinkle Juice - Watching You
12. Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (Swick Remix)
13. Manare - Sugar Rush
14. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out (SBTRKT Remix)
15. High Powered Boys - Udon
16. Amerie - One Thing (French Fries Remix)
17. Blaqstarr - Rider Girl (Nadastrom Remix)
18. Dillon Francis & Dave Nada - Brazzers Theme
19. Wildlife! ft. Major Mackerel - Galang So

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Out in the streets

This tune was first described on radio as 'big' and there really is no other word to describe it, as it is pretty much the definition of the word 'big. And maybe in large capital letters. It's BIG. Africa Hi-Tech, the Warp released guise of Aus dude Mark Pritchard and Steve White, have taken their blend of highly condensed and thought-out beats and placed them in a jukesphere named 'Out in the Streets'. Sampling tropical vocal cuts and nutty 155+bpm beats, it crafts a freakishly derranged atmosphere in just over 5 minutes and leaves you feeling..well...prtty damn tired.

As the lead single from a new album out on Warp Records, you can get an instant download if you buy their new album, '93 Million Miles' from Bleep. Considering this is going to be one of the most complex and rich LP's of the year, thats pretty much a hole-in-one. Buy it.

Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets by Warp Records

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pinky and The Brain

Zombie Disco Squad are just way too much fucking fun. Seriously. Everything they do is just packed with so much punch its almost painful, with enough tropical vibe to keep any party rolling for hours. Playing Sydneys best United Colours party this January (yeah I missed it fuck), and on the back of a slew of excellent releases under Sound Pellegrino and Made to Play, they hit back on any doubters with their new, very well titled 'Pinky and the Brain' EP, which has pretty much blown my headphones out of the water.

Lead track 'Pinky' references some kind of spastic-African tribal techy goodness, with an incredibly uplifting vocal backing the uber-bongo levelled bassline. Its fun as fuck, and is going to go off on dancefloors world wide. Bside 'The Brain' feels a little deeper, a funk-based backroom stormer for attaining the vibe needed to drop the A. ZDS craft a deep bassline with sly-hints to the percussion that they are known for, with a descending synth drop putting things into overdrive.

I can't level with anyone on how awesome this EP is, so I'll let the sounds do the talking and you can do the rest. The words iTunes, beatport, and now come into play it.

Pinky - sound cloud edit and low bit rate sample by Zombie Disco Squad

The Brain - Sound Cloud edit - low bit rate by Zombie Disco Squad

TRUANCY - highly reccomended.

TRAUNTS is a bullshit crazy blog out of London, acting as personal favorite to myself and representative of a local scene that they are fortunate enough to be a front-runner of. Providing interviews with some of the most talented producers in time (this one is very very worthwhile), and celebrating music with people not for dollars, they have become not only the most popular blog in the London sphere, but throughout the world, represented with their first (free) compilation released today.

TRUANCY COMPILATION 1 officially upgrades the site to epic status, with a great description im not even going to try to emulate:

"Truancy Compilation One features fourteen tracks from a mixture of both upcoming and established artists based from all corners of the world, something we consider to be an important and essential venture with our first release as it embodies our ethos on music as a blog, having talked and written about DJs and producers from all over the world."

And that's pretty much what is, representing producers young and old from every corner of the globe for an incredible journey through sound, time and space (and some very special tracks along the way). Previously mentioned LA-dude NGUZUNGUZU, alongside Helsinki's 'Teeth" and Parisians 'Chaos in the CBD' have all crafted haunting melodies, alongside 808-inspired bangers from Femme en Fourre, Brey and Tanka. The highlight though has (of course) got to come from main-men Teki Latex and LOLboys, whose 'Modern', a deep, new age take on a classic vocal sample (think Felix the Housecat) is already one of this years standouts. A truly well-produced, thought out and detailed track worth the download alone.

This EP is FREE. REPEAT: FREE. So you really have no reason not to download it. They are however collecting donations alongside the EP launch for the sitch in Libya, so that is obviously of concern to you. Give generously, and enjoy generously.

LOL Boys & Teki - Modern by TRUANTS

Truancy Compilation One by TRUANTS


NGUZUNGUZU, an impossible to pronounce, hard to spell and integral member of the not-from-London (but-still-making-london-music) scene, has hit hard today with a remix EP to his brilliantly moody 'Mirage' EP - a galaxial, freak out ride made of synths, RnB vocal snippets and the most interesting percussion heard in a long time. This is very good. This also means new GIRL UNIT (with as much bass and originality as ever), Brenmar (bringing the RnB back as always), Munchi (INCREDIBLE Juke shit), Canblaster and more alongside new tracks and never-before released mega tunes that are all of vital importance to your ears. Oh and if I didn't forget. NEW GIRL UNIT. Bawwsssssss.

Femme En Fourrur - Bronco (NGUZUNGUZU Remix) (via XLR8R) (new shieet)

Nguzunguzu - Mirage (Jim - e - Stack remix)

Nguzunguzu - Mirage (Brenmar Remix) (release date March 28!) by BRENMAR

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frutibeats Mix Series #1

I do believe personal touch is what separates extraordinary artists from eachother and the less-talented. That adding a single note from the heart is better than a whole track from the wallet, and that songs selected by someone with purpose to give is better than tracks selected by someone wanting to recieve. In terms of mixes, this is the difference between posting a mix of outdated top 40 x house bootlegs (not that this was acceptable in the first place Mr. Trumpet) and a mix of worldwide jams made for you to feel.

Behind excellent interviews and the odd gig-review, purpose-built mixes were inevitable, and have come to fruition in what I hope to be a new series of excellent DJ's recording excellent tunes, excellently exclusive to here. Again with much optimism I hope the first to be the only one provided by myself, as the most local way possible to start any journey is within. Corny shit aside, I made a mix, and you should listen to it.

Kicking things off is an international buffet of tasty musical treats from just about every space and time parameter possible. Running through offbeat sounds of the UK, the 90's, Jamaica, South Africa, 3000AD, France, Germany, Sydney and a heap more, these are the things that rock a small part of my world, some of which is probably a bit surprising, and a part unreleased. Download it and share my hope that all following guest mixes will be better. Track thoughts are in the comments.

Fruitbeats Mix Series #1: Fruitbeats Himself.


1: Mosca - Square One (Bok Bok Remix)

2: Jacques Greene - Holdin' On (Braiden Remix)

3. Gene Ferris - Visions Of The Future (Roy Davis & D.J. Skull Wreckin' Shop 96' Remix)

4.BD182 - Trails (Jam City Rmx)

5. DJ Sdoko - World on Fire

6. Marcus Price & Carli - Bubblegum (Sam Tiba remix)

7. Canblaster - Lost in the Shell

8.Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em (Kingdom Remix)

9. Joe x Cassie - Kiss Me On My Claptrap (brey edit)

10. DJ Sdunkero - Choosing Love x Jessie Ware - Nervous

11. Mike V - Feelings

12. Doctor - Gotta Man

13. Hugo Frederick - Pass Dat Dutch

14. Es-Pee-Dee and DJ Distroi - Alphawave

15. Boddika - When I Dip

16. Reclash Dub

17. Salva - Icey

18.Jessie Ware & Sampha - Valentine

Monday, March 21, 2011

NSWL Pearson Sound

Night Slugs is BACK with a much anticipated addition to their already incredible White Label Series, the NS - vinyl only offshoot that is a bit too cheeky, sample wise, to be official. Past editions like Jam City's 'Refixes EP' and Bok Bok/Ikonika's 'Hoes Come Out at Night' have burned critial and dancefloor fire the world over. Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman, one of 2010's most hyped up alter-egos represents on the latest, with a double header for the screwed up house lover in all of us.

Deep Inside/Working With sees the insanely young bass-prodigy take a new-age take on two classics, that being Hard Drive's instantly recognizable 'Deep Inside' and Rod Lee's legendary Bmore classic 'Let Me See What Your Working With', adding the static snares, spared melody and heavy bass hits that make Pearson the refix king of the year. I've heard some hate for this, but I think its insanely cool, and you should definitely get yourself a record player for the purpose.

Pearson Sound 'Deep Inside/Working With' refixes is out now exclusively on 12". Buy it or some junk.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Speaking of Jamie XX, absolutely on fire since his INCREDIBLE Gil Scott Heron remix album 'We're New Here', just came through in a big way, this time skipping the remix treatment and moving straight onto maybe the best cover I have heard this decade.

Collaborating with London's Yasmin (with one name she really couldn't be more of a babe if she tried), XX Member and dubplate specialist has taken 90s seminal house classic 'Touch Me' by Rui Di Silva and turned it into a super sweet, melodic funk-jam, channeling steel drums and minimal-vocal samples for a light yet incredibly funky change of tune. I played this to my mum and even she knew the original track, which is really weird but indicative of the transcendent nature of quality music - let alone how one exceptionally talented producer can completely change the meaning of it. There may be a white label forthcoming, but so far youtube is your best option, so happily waste away your bandwith for my track of the month.



Collarbones have been mentioned more times here than I care to deal with, for a pretty good reason that they are REALLY REALLY GOOD and representing Australia in the incredible-beat-maker platform that is mostly, and unfortunately, under exposed in general media. The Sydney/Adelaide duo have caught onto some serious fire with some very...very creative remixes for the pop massive, as well as an ever-growing back catalogue of original work. Genre-spanning, intelligent and highly original, their work is of complex and raw emotion, channeling the likes of Flying Lotus and Thom Yorke, with the ambient depression of Salem as well as the R'n'B sampling/synths of James Blake and Jamie XX. But not even any of those, its so original and purposely off-point that it...well its just great.

Their debut album, ICONOGRAPHY, is out now, and has been so well received that it has hit FBi's 'Feature album of the Week' which is a pretty huge accomplishment. It features lead single 'Don Juan' (complete with its mind-boggling stock-video) alongside many other-worldly jams definitely worth your time. Expect to see this on more than a few best-of 2011 lists (it shall be on mine). You can - ney - will! buy this online via iTunes or bandcamp (helpfully linked just below!), and physically via JB Hi-Fi.

If you dig the album (a surety) and live in the general Sydney area you should DEFINITELY attend the Collarbones album launch at the Red Rattler next Friday 1st April. Despite a surely stunning performance from the duo, they are heavily supported by Fishing, Dro Carey, CleptoPeon (aka Peon from Seekae and Cleptoclectics) and Huggz. It's $10 on the door which defines value and is going to be great, so you should definitely get that happening.

So yeah, go buy the album! Three of the tracks are available for free download below, alongside the Dro Carey remix of Don Juan. If you havn't made up your mind yet, this should seal the deal for one of this years truly sure-fire hits.

Collarbones - Don Juan (free download via Mediafire

Collarbones - Beaman Park (Free Download via Mediafire)

Collarbones - Kill Off Your Vowels (via soundcloud - free download)


Collarbones - Don Juan (Dro Carey Remix) (free - via mediafire).

This is Deanjay. Actually, this is a drawing of Deanjay but it looks pretty similar to him IRL. He is part of a very select minority of DJs/artists on Sydneys outer that respects and enjoys quality music - that being anything but what is inflicted from our dismal night life and radio stations (there are lucky days when we pick up FBi but that doesn't count).

To prove the point, the dude has recorded this 1/2 hour mix of funky and incredibly fat house tracks for pure pre-vibe. The mixing is tight, with chunky basslines, dark under-tones and sparse vocals underlining pseudo-tropical and constantly busy percussion sections. It's fat as shiiiiittt, being the type of mix you can listen whilst drinking to, then listen to whilst regretting it.


DEAN RELF - 30 minute mix by Dean Relf


Davide Squillace - Cubism
Luigi Rocca & Pleasurekraft - Nostromo
The Gathering - In My System (Jef K System Mix)
Chris James - Duro (Yankee Zulu Remix)
Mark Knight - Yalta Groove
DJ Madskillz - Carnival Chaos (Format B Remix)
NICe7 - Point
Manuel De La Mare & Marshall Aka Luigi Rocca - Blackbird
Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Hugo Remix)
Pirupa - Whatever Girl
BNZO - Agbadza (Jay Lumen Remix)
Luca M - Grumpli
Round Table Knights - Stomper
Popof - Blow Me Down
Sebastien Leger - Origines

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a quick heads for the massive freak-level on this one.

Cosmic visionary, Sydney native and undisputed member of the West Coast, Toni Toni Lee, TODAY releases his most freakishly addictive single yet, following from 2010 funk-bombs Feelin' Real Good and Last Love (up there with my favourite tunes for the year). BODY HEAT follows a sound inspired and credited to the smoothest moment of your life, with a sexy undercurrent to sweep any dancefloor off your feet. A ridiculously contagious vocal line (in the works for over a year) hits perfectly with a sultry bassline for one of the sexiest audio lines released this year. SEXXXXX.

Noting the dangerously electric nature of dancefloor romance, Toni Toni Lee has crafted a contagious 5 minute foray into funk and freak-beats that will cause head nods for days. Supporting this single on its quest for lustful domination are remixes by K.I.M (from The Presets taking things dark), AD Bourke on the 80s style synth + clap beat and the remix highlight from Playmode, the United Colours alumni and alias of one of Sydney's leading DJs.

This single is basically the shit, and you should buy it now from ITUNES or JUNO DOWNLOAD or BEATPORT (this link will be up when available). I would say support Sydney music but this is so worldwide I say support AWESOME music, and perhaps catch Toni Toni Lee at one of his incred live shows (see!) at the dates listed below. As a bit of an insanely coincidental side note, the death of Nate Dogg reported yesterday (RIP) syncs with the release of a Toni Toni lee Nate Dogg powermix, containing 90 minutes of the favourite tracks by the Lee's favourite artist. Now a memorial mix, download this goodness for free and pay respect to one of (if not) THE finest g-funk stars ever.

Toni Toni Lee - Nate Dogg Power/Memorial Mix

Body Heat by Toni Toni Lee

Toni Toni Lee - Last Love Original Mix by Toni Toni Lee

Toni Toni Lee Live Tour dates:

17th March - Supporting ARABIAN PRINCE @ Tone

19th March - Absolut Art Collection Show


Thought: Currently enjoying the fact two of my favourite non-related continental collectives are joining forces for one of the most-real nights Sydney is set to see this year.

Reason: Representative, label opener and bassey-eyed visionary MOSCA is touring Australia for the first non-L-Vis 1990 Night Slug to tour Sydney. Bought by the ever-forward Generic Crew (recently touring fellow south-londoner Cooly G), Sydney is set to leap and bound into the next generation courtesy of one of the finest young talents to emerge in the current-decade.

My favourite description of Mosca comes from Red Bull Music Academy: "takes in tribal percussion, Karizma-like horns, the longing bass of Joy Orbison, cut-up R'n'B and patois samples - so basically everything good in music ever" - concerning the Night Slugs #001 'Square One' EP, featuring the well known bombs making dancefloors interesting all over the world. That description is my favourite coz its so true. Diverse, percussive elements driven by RnB and crate digging for the longest time has resulted in a fusion of raw emotion and floor-driving beats, a brilliant meeting point of what makes us feel good, and what makes us feel.

Emerging recently with 'Tilt Shift' - a ticking synthy R'n'B time bomb, Mosca has peppered a stellar 2010 with sets at Fabric, remixes for Four Tet, remix honours by Bok Bok and Greena and ups from some unknowns like Burial and Kode9. All up, a pretty huge deal, and diverse (see also: amazing) DJ sets are now common. I was lucky enough to see him three times (conscious for two) in the UK and if anything, the only common thing was the un-common nature of his sets, which expand on the many, many genres that influence and inspire.

Satisfaction comes with a gig like this, and it is infinitely required that you go if cosmic/dubsteppish/RnB/Tribal/everything else awesome sort of music is your thing. Actually, go even if it isn't your thing. Supports are just as exciting, with Bass-Selecta Preacha being joined by the dude Kato, and your fave (and eternally debted) Generic DJs choosing just the right warm up/upper/uppest beats for the rest. Seeing a Night Slugs label next to a Sydney one is good, and hopefully an indicator (or path-maker) for the future of our exciting bass scene (the one that doesn't have Skrillex in it).

Also also also, Preacha did a really fantastic promo mix featuring some of the more next-level bass stuff going around right now, from the insanity of Roska/Toddla T concept Todska to the darkness of Martyn and Instra:Mental and the crazy beat weirdness of Jamie XX and Mike Slott. It's all there for you. DOWNLOAAAD It.

All this and (definitely) more is going down at Phoenix Bar THIS FRIDAY (19th March) from 10pm. Buy your presale tickets here ($10 presale VALUE), click attending HERE, then lose your shit on these tunes herrrrre :


Preacha Promo Mix
- Highly Reccomended (tracklist at bottom of page)*

Mosca - Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore Remix)

Mosca - Square One (Greena Remix) (amazing)


01 - T Williams - Heartbeat (Mosca Remix) (Local Action)
02 - Martyn & Mike Slott - All Nights (All City Dublin)
03 - Cassie - Me & U (Brackles Remix) (Local Action)
04 - GuGu - AC Riddim (DVA Music)
05 - Martyn - Left Hander (3024)
06 - Bad Autopsy - Rotpot (Ramp)
07 - Slackk - Theme From Slackk (Numbers)
08 - Toddska - Gal From England (Girls Music)
09 - Creep - Days (Deadboy Remix) (Young Turks)
10 - Pearson Sound - Blanked (Hessle Audio)
11 - Amerie - One Thing (French Fries Remix) (Free Download)
12 - Instra:Mental - Voyeur (Disfigured Dubz)
13 - Addison Groove - Footcrab VIP (Swamp 81)
14 - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - NY Is Killing Me (XL / Young Turks)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fruitbeats REALLY GOOD interview #003 - MAT CAN'T.

Mat Cant
can. Or so we all think, as the genre hopping major player of Melbournes (not-so-seedy) underground club scene continues to defy space and a 24 hour-in-a-day time limit. As one part of the blog/label empire known as Scattermusic, Cant pulls together club music from all over the world through many mediums, gaining major international recognition and props from the biggest of the big. From radio shows to national tours, to parties and label-mate at Scattermusic, Cant is a serious contributor to Melbourne's jealousy-inducing club scene and a seriously fine DJ on his own. His mixes have featured here as some of my favourites, with a knack for featuring everything I love/will love over a far-too-extended period. Constantly colab-ing with artists from all round the globe, he has recently delved into some seriously dope production efforts set to rival many of his influences.

In other words: He's worldwide.

Fruitbeats was SERIOUSLY LUCKY to get a chance to interview the dude on his many, many projects, the Australian reaction to new-era dance music and his own thoughts on new-new era stuff aka THE NEXT LEVEL. Enjoy!

1: MAT CANT! Give us a brief run down of who you are and how you came to be.

DJ/Producer/Boss from Melbourne... was that a bit too brief?

2: You run the massive Scatterblog/Scattermusic label/Scatterparties, as well as involvement in the Get Low Radio Show/Party, the Loose Joints radio show, Too Much! club night, Jackpot club night as well as touring the Australian coast and keeping shit on lock in Melbourne. How the fuck do you find time to breathe?????
haha when you put it like that it does seem pretty hectic, honestly though im always looking to do more work and get involved in more things that im interested in. The scatter empire is something i run with other guys and is something im really proud of and cant wait to see where things go this year with it all. Get Low is a new project of mine, i suppose its a brand because i'm doing a online radio show on Loose Joints radio ( and a monthly club night at Revolver Upstairs. Its all really new at the moment so still finding out what works and what doesn't and its good to have a project thats 100% my own that i can get involved with. Too much is an amazing crew in melbourne that has been doing dubstep/bass parties for ages and we recently joined the brains behind scattermusic and too much to create a bi-monthly club night "Jackpot" that is more about the new bass/club music coming out of the UK at the moment. We have some really exciting parties coming up this year with Jackpot. Im also DJing for melbourne rapper 360 at the moment too and with his album coming out this may im going to get twice as busy touring with him. Oh and trying to produce music... whenever i have time

3: You are a main contributor to the now empire-esque world of Scattermusic. With a huge upcoming release schedule/back catalogue and props/shoutouts from the entire globe, do you feel as though you have finally found your place, or (as the releases have been so diverse) is it a goal to somewhat not-to.

Scattermusic has been great and is always growing, we have a great following over seas but we really need to boost our local image. We are changing a lot of things with scattermusic/scatterblog this year too, giving the website a make over, some people have left, some new writers from all over oz have joined, changing the structure of the label, its going to be a new and improved "scatter-empire" this year

4: You and the fellow Scattermusic crew just escaped your comfort zone and toured the entire East Coast of Oz. How was that experience? - Did you find the crowd reactions to differ (get weirder) the further you got away from your hometown?

hahaha yeh we sure did, we all got back to melbourne with such a greater appreciation for our city. The tour was great to do and we all had a ball, but not quite sure how much it did for our brand though hahaha. We treated it like a bit of a paid holiday and a great opportunity to push our sound and our brand to some areas that had never heard of us. Big ups to everyone that came along to the shows though, we would love to do it again some time and hopefully tie it in with some locals crews along the way.

5: Amongst everything, you seem to push a variety of world-flavoured bass music (mainly from the UK) onto Australian audiences. How receptive do you think we have come to the UK scene and why does it seem to resonate so well here (rather than anywhere else outside Europe).

Yeh ive been really into UK bass music for a while now and there is some great crews around australia doing some amazing parties and i think the sound is only getting bigger out here. I don't think its taken over the majority yet but there is some great UK DJs, Producers and even MCs coming out to Australia helping push there scene out here. Personally im really into the JA/UK connect club music and try to push that as much as i can, 2012 is the year dancehall and and dancehall/bashment influenced club music starts to be come more accepted in the Australian club scene (i hope)

6: Whilst radio shows have been the start of many a-DJ's career, you seem to have flipped it over with this-year contributions to more than one. Why now?

Well it is actually one, Loose Joints is the radio station and Get Low is my radio show on that station. Radio is something ive always wanted to do but never really known how to go about getting started in it so when the guys at Loose joints approached me about doing a online radio show i couldn't say no. Im having heaps of fun doing the radio show too, i get so many promos of pre release tunes so its great to share that with people and hopefully open people up to new music and things that wouldnt usually hear anywhere else. I think we are looking to do a scattermusic radio show sometime this year as well, will have to see how we go.

7: With a quiet slew of your own remixes and originals trickling their way into dj crates worldwide, give us some background into your production ideas and what your trying to achieve. Some inspirations? Any news on future-releases/more plans of your own?

I really should be a lot better at my production than i am but my own procrastination is to blame for that. Ive been mucking around with making music for the past 5 years but have never really taken it serious until the end of last year where i decided to sit down and concentrate on getting more music out. Im working on some new originals at the moment, putting together some things for release mid year but will be more song based music than club tunes. Im working with vocalists on all my originals, something ive always wanted to do and cant wait to get them out. As well as my originals im working all the time on remixes with some new ones coming out very soon.

8: Lets talk music - 2011 is who, what and why. Who are you digging, and who is going to kill it.

well ive already talked music 2012 so i need to bridge the gap to make that work. I really cant wait for Katy B's album to come out, with so many amazing producers involved and her voice that i cant get enough of i can see it being one of my favourite albums of the year. Toddla T i think is bringing out his follow up album to "skanky skanky" this year too and he is one of my favourite producers so im really looking forward to that, someone needs to bring him to australia this year too. Hmm French Fries is doing this side project with his sister and canblaster that i think that is coming out this year that i believe is going to make a big impact on the scene, he showed me some demos when he was over here last and it was amazing. SBTRKT, Kingdom, Redlight, they are all doing no wrong at the moment... There is sooo many producers at the moment that can all take over 2011, its exciting time for club music i believe.

9: Last but not least - favorite fruit and why. Summer is over, but we can take notes for next year.

well last time i said cantelope ** cos it had my name in it but im going to go with another fruit i love.. PASSIONFRUIT

why?? reminds me of my child hood, so good

* I think it sums it up quite nicely

** MY BAD)

Mat Cant - Bo Bo (Original Mix) (Snippet) by Mat Cant

Mat Cant - Get Low Promo Mix (Loose Joints Radio) by Mat Cant

Ciara - Gimme Dat (Mat Cant Rethink) by Mat Cant

Monday, March 7, 2011


Did you know this is the best blog?

Unless you have been living under a rock (or simply not read inthemix, 3d world or drum media (or your local-music magazine of choice) ) then you would surely know that this April sees CREAMFIELDS making a return to Australia, the legendary UK dance festival spreading its global wings to our welcoming shores for the second year running. With a pretty massive lineup (bought by Totem, OneLove, Inthemix and Nova) in 2010 trumped this year, you would be hard pressed to find something that 'isnt' your thing, especially when you got legends such as NADASTROM (!!!!!!!) , Derrick May (vs Kevin Saunderson as Hi Tek Soul OMG), Mumbai Science, Tim Green, Surkin and past- United Colours alumni Round Table Knights. And thats the bottom of the lineup.

There are some headliners like Deadmau5 (with his new live show which I saw in Belgium and is actually pretty dope - check the vid below!), Martin Solveig, Skrillex (...) and Bingo Players but whoever said they needed attention?? NO ONE coz beatport has that shit on lock. Undeniably big names, the vibes will be gained and attained in pretty much every mainland capital city (the dates + full lineup are at the bottom of the post!).

As said, there is many things worth seeing, from the Baltimore/tech-crunk sounds of Dave Nada + Matt Nordstroms 'Nadastrom' (pictured- who I have been lucky enough to see twice and had the best time of my life to...twice!), to the bouncy tech house of Tim Green, to a 25 years of Detroit Celebration by Hi Tek Soul, piano-ish electro fun from Surkin and bleepy dance-tingz from Mumbai Science and Bingo Players- the day will be well covered before headliners get their LED shows on and finish the night with a bang.
...Also, festivals have a tendency to feature Emmy's Turkish Gozleme which I happen to believe is worth the ticket price alone. It's half the reason I go to festivals. Good.

All up, it should be a pretty dope day, but these dope things are always made doper when they are FREE. And FruitBeats is proud to announce our Biggest Giveaway yet - TWO. YES. TWO DOUBLE PASSES TO THE AUSTRALIAN CREAMFIELDS OF YOUR CHOICE.

Anyone from any city Creamfields is visiting can enter, so long as you answer the following question!


Send your entries to FRUITBEATS@GMAIL.COM Along with your full name (as per your 18+ ID), Email Address you want the tickets sent to (should you win-lucky!), and most importantly the city you will be attending. All this before the 12th of April! Winners will be notified on the 14th.

White Knight Two by Surkin

Cassius - 1999 (Tim Green Remix) by timgreen

Derrick May - 6 Mix BBC Radio 6 - 31-10-2009 by R_co


Creamfields Australia 2011 National Tour Dates:

Friday Apr 22 Planet Cream (Adelaide) - Adelaide Ent Centre (Indoor Stadium Show)
(2pm – midnight)

Saturday Apr 23 Creamfields (Perth) - Claremont Showgrounds
(12 noon - 10pm) (Subject to Council Approval)

Monday Apr 25 Creamfields (Melbourne) - Melbourne Showgrounds
(12 noon- 10pm - Public Holiday Monday/Tuesday)

Saturday Apr 30 Creamfields (Sydney) - Showring & Hordern Pavilion
(12 noon - 10pm)

Sunday May 1 Creamfields (Brisbane) - RNA Showgrounds
(12 noon- 10pm - May Day Public Holiday Eve)


Martin Solveig
Simon Patterson
Gabriel & Dresden
Wynter Gordon (PA)
Hi Tek Soul: Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May
Bingo Players
Dada Life
Round Table Knights
Sandwell District
Tim Green
Bart Claessen
Mumbai Science
And more to come..

Appearing at Planet Cream Adelaide (Indoor Stadium Show)
Martin Solveig
Wynter Gordon (PA)
Bingo Players

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This week is officially GOODGOD week, as everything you will ever need is going down at the best club in Australia/world/inter-planetary twilight zone. I swear its not even intentional but I have found my diary for the week sees me there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and probably Saturday. Whether myself, my bank or my body allows this to happen is yet to be seen, but that doesn't mean you can't join in the festivities, and join you SHOULD, as everything listed here is going to be D.O.P.E.

So to start, Mount Kimbie is playing on Wednesday night, the next level, minimised, cross over dubstep-duo playing a super intimate near-sold out gig in the danceteria. File this one under beautiful, close up, tear-worthy shit. I was lucky enough to see Kimbie go B2B with James Blake in London, and it is definitely a show worth seeing, their super melodic low-end tunes translating perfectly to the crowd. In case your unaware, their 'Crooks and Lovers' LP made too-many best of 2010 lists * and are leading the way of the post-dubstep minimal sound. Get your tickets here, or if they have sold out peep the almost-as-intimate second show at the Oxford Arts Factory here!

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated by subraw

Thursday sees Levins aka AL helm the decks for Club AL, his weekly thursday night which we touched on here. If you like music from every-genre (un)imaginable, good times and photobombs, be in the front bar on thurs night for the free-est vibes you will ever have. I will be there post-chemical-brothers sideshow so come get on the groove (and probably see me wasted).

Friday however is the peak of the good times as Sydneys best dance crew, WAMP WAMP, get their shit together and bring one of my favourite producers of 2010 to the best club of 2000-and ever. J-WOW, from baile-funk psychotics BURAKA SOM SISTEMA is coming down for a one-off, seriously special Sydney show, bringing fellow Burakian MC Kalaf along for the ride.

JWOW is one of the main producers for kuduro-club bass act Buraka Som Sistema, who got the world on manic, bass infused sounds from South America. Releasing their album 'Black Diamond' in 2008 saw world-wide fame and support from evveerryyyoonneeee involved in any of the sub genres that Buraka coverered in their album. Thats a lot of subgenres - and thus a lot of good people . Gigs at Fabric, Melt, Coachella & Sydneys own Laneway supported this, and three years later the tracks sound just as fresh (and bat-shit insane) as they did upon the first listen.

As his own dude, JWow is responsible for way too many dope remixes and originals covering super bassy house, trop-tech and hip hop, all with the maniacal synthy edge that took Buraka as far as they went. Releasing the insaneo 'O Dedo' (meaning: 'The Finger') on Diplo's 'Mad Decent', he has featured on Kitsune, Younggunz, Brodinski's Best of Everything compilation and his own label Enchufada. Alongside MC Kalaf, his live set promises to be nothing but fierce, funky, bass fused madness, spanning the many diverse but too-fun genres of his releases.

Supports from Kato, Levins, the Wedding Ring Fingers and the Generic DJ's could also be written as Sydney's best (and I wouldn't even be lying). Wamp Wamp is put together by the best for the best, and that would definitely include yourself if you rocked up on the night (which you will..obviously). Check the example tunes below, be hypnotised, and prepare to get freaky. REAL freaky.


Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro (Feat. M.I.A) - essential tune - also mad.

J-Wow Australian Promo Mix (via LooseJoints)

Beyonce - Diva (J-Wow remix)

Freeze Me (J-Wow Remix) - Young Dro, T.I + Gucci Mane

Bonus: Check this fucking ridiculous promo vid for mega-tune 'O Dedo' merging a Werner Herzog doco on freaky African tribal traditions. Dont even start me on this one!

Daaayuummm GoodGod, you be KILLING IT.

* reviews are as followed:
Pitchfork: 8/10, NME: 8/10 , Drowned in Sound 9/10 , Mixmag 4/5 ,
iDJ Magazine 10/10 ,
DJ Magazine 8/10 ,
Uncut 4* ,
Sunday Times Culture 4* ,
Loud & Quiet 9/10 ,
Beatport Album Of The Week ,
Resident Advisor 4/5 ,
The Sun 5/5 ,
Vice Magazine 10/10