Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hyetal Broadcasts

Of course, the UK massive continues to bring the emotion. And isn't this pretty much the best promo-pic ever?

You may remember HYETAL for just being a dude. You may also remember him for some incredibly trail-blazing productions mixing raw emotion with other-worldy noise and a more than danceable heartbeat. You could remember him from his secret side-project with Julio Bashmore 'Velour' releasing a one-off EP on coveted Night Slugs. You could remember him via remixes for Ratatat or Dan Le Sac, or colabs with Baobinga, Shortstuff and too many others. Or you could have thought I was writing about HeyTell and skipped it all completely. Either way, he is a boss with endless production output and creativity to turn you soul-less. In a good way of course.

Hyetal's debut album 'Broadcast' is released today, featuring 10 tracks of audio-ideas spanning multiple genres and backgrounds, it speeds from dance to bassless synth jams, all with a typical nightmarish visions of the future that makes something like this such a dream to hear. Tracks like 'Beach Scene' and The Chase seem entirely on a 80s depression, whilst Phoenix, Searchlight add a little more beat for buck. Black Black Black and Transmission remain freakishly ambient, surrounding an album made for mood. Whilst it lacks the utter desolace (and diversity) of a release such as the Egyptrixx LP 'Bible Eyes', it holds its own as a strictly UK influence on music of the now. That of course being music of the future. Catch up here ya hear??

Hyetal - Phoenix

Ratatat - Neckbrace (Hyetal Remix)

Hyetal & Baobinga -

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Great Britain (Hyetal Remix)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sharing is caring right? And if the Generic Collective havn't shared the best nights you've had in Sydney (over the past 2 years anyway) then I don't know who has. The Generic Collective caress, for you, for the beauty that is Sydney nightlife and for the good times that have shaped many a rowdy evening out, with many more to come.

Hot off the heels of touring some of the premier artists the past year has seen - Mosca, Cooly G, Renaissance Man, French Fries, the Generics have been behind some of the coolest club-takeovers seen in a long time, and are part of the rising revolt against cloned nightlife, providing positive, creative and ultimately fun places to party. Despite the fact we should be thanking them for all the good times, it is in fact them who are saying thankyou to US, that thanks coming in the form of a FREEE RAAAVVVVEEEE - that awesome thing that is a rave and also free. Obviously.

The Generic Collective (with a couple of special guests) are taking over Phoenix Bar, on Oxford Street, for a super-dirty night of good music and good vibes, featuring every GC member going B2B over every style of music you've ever heard, and probably a few you havn't. There will be free exclusive mix-tape giveaways and a buttload of drink specials, swag all night long. Extra swag perhaps.

So yeah check the facebook page here and then be at Phoenix this Sat for ultra party vibes. EVERYONES ON THE GUESTLIST. As an added bonus, Pipemix did this RIDICULOUS mix of 57 tunes in 49 minutes to pre-rave for the free-rave. I don't even know how he did that, but its fucking fantastic and should absolutely be downloaded without hesistation, unless you fear being blown out of your mind. In that case, you should probably stay at home.

Free Rave Mix - Mixed by Pipemix by Generic Collective

Friday, April 22, 2011

LoveTing video + release

Refusing to let go of the summer past, our very own Anna Lunoe + Wax Motif have finally released their funk phenomena 'Love Ting' (touched upon here). Sampling classic 80s track 'It's a Love Thing' by The Whispers, its purely for reminiscing upon sunshine past, and looking forward to that of future. Its also very good and very very danceable.

It's out on Sweat it Out! records now (right about here), with a super-cute accompanying video compiling all these stupidly lovely moments on the silver screen, the small screen and the 3d-video (DOOM) screen, all with some sneaky Lunoe/Motif insignia hidden within. Its almost t00-suited to the track at hand, but there aint anything wrong with that, so enjoy the vid and then buy the song. ITS SO EASY.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fruitbeats Interview #04 - DAVE NADA

I would attribute our latest interview guest as one of my personal inspirations into heavy handed dance music, blazing a trail of incredibly diverse yet consistently mind-blowing tracks spanning too many genres, backgrounds and influence. Releasing on the likes of Dubsided with future plans for Diplo's Mad Decent label, a back-catalogue of Bmore, house, techno and latin influenced beats has shined through an infectious and high energy production aesthetic that comes through hard in live sets. Actually the first time I saw this dude still remains one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever.

And by 'this dude' I mean, of course, Dave Nada.

Dave Nada hails from Baltimore, USA, and is as much a solo player as one half of Nadastrom, the tech/bmore/house crossover duo with highly-reguarded buddy Matt Nordstrom. Crafting a genuinely diverse library of sounds, the seperate influence of both these artists meets as well as the split-down-the-middle name, a perfect combination of bursting madness and technical restraint. I could write for ages here and post a billion proper tunes from these dudes, but you may have to do your own digging. In my opinion everything they have done have only forwarded themselves as one of the best out there right now, and you won't find a bad track however here are some big ones to get you onto it. Then go here and buy the rest. Massive massive massive things.

Dave Nada - Jacks Horny

Dave Nada - Apocalypse Theme
- fucking massive

Edu K - Raver Lovin' (Nadastrom Remix)

Nadastrom - Pussy - still one of the biggest buildups ever.

All these game-changing productions are of course alongside non-stop touring (stopping by our shores only in June last year) as well as creating AND leading the pack on one of the hottest new genres about - Moombahton - reggaetons dutch-house cousin on drugz.

Nadastrom - Moombahton

Dave Nada - Drop Buddy Gal (free download via soundcloud)

Touring now for the Creamfields tour with select sideshows (including in my hood Wollongong!), he happens to be one of the best dudes out, and joined us for a slight e-chat in preparation for the big OZ-based times ahead. Some premier Dave Nada/Nadastrom jams at the bottom too!!

Fruitbeats x Dave Nada
1: It's been just about under a year since you guys last came to our shores. What keeps you coming back to Australia??

It's gotta be the flat whites! haha. but seriously, i cant get enough of australia. easily the best crowds i've ever had the privilage of djing for. oz vibes the hardest!
2: In this past year we havn't seen heaps from you, but I get the feeling that you've been saving some real special things for this year. Can we get a heads up on Dave Nada/Nadastrom circa 2011?

Right now i'm pushing this new sound called moombahton with my brutha Matt Nordstrom from Nadastrom. We plan on dropping it heavy on this Creamfields tour. we have tons of new remixes, singles, and collaborations and eager to test the waters!

3: Switch's 'Dubsided' label has released most of your latest singles, despite their different vibes. M.U.H is pretty dark techno, with 'All Night' and 'Theo' a bit more on the positive house side. Are you surprised to have such diverse releases supported on the same label?

not at all! i feel like dubsided has always been a forward thinking open minded institution. Dubsided loves our new stuff just as much as we do, so it's been a blast to have such genuine support from Switch and the label.

4: With a lot of your new productions, you seemed to have diversified a lot, though slightly distancing yourself from your Bmore background. Will we ever see a return to that?

my bmore influence will always be there! you can hear it in the latest nadastrom remix we did for blaqstarr's "rider girl" as well as my remix for Waka Flaka's "No Hands" single that came out in january. there's definitely some bmore in our "ALL NIGHT" single as well. with that said, i'm not against the idea of putting out another baltimore club release! just gotta plan it right!

5: A lot of the new moombahton producers out there are stupidly young. Like Munchi is what - 21 now? And you got JWLS from Miami who is 20, and even a few dudes from down here are only just hitting their 20s. Do you think this is purely young-producers domain? Do you fear the risk of those jumping on the bandwagon?

I love the fact that the producers in moombahton are young. it refreshes the pallet and i get inspired all over again. although, i dont it's limited to just young producers. veterans like Sabo and myself are lucky to have the experience and insight of rocking clubs and making records for years and use that to make even crazier music as we get older. just gotta make sure we wear our earplugs haha!!

6: You have been hookin' up with Steel City whiz kid Toddla T alongside quite a few big names from the UK massive. How did all that come about?

Toddla's been a huge supporter and fan of moombahton ever since he saw Diplo and Munchi play it at HARD fest last year in LA. he's reached out and we've been in touch ever since.

7: Keeping on the UK side, despite the latin influence on your work, do you find a connection to what your doing and the whole dancehall/club crossover going on over there right now? They seem to be definitely feeling it.

i always pay attention to what's going on in the UK. i feel like they're always ahead of the curve when it comes to music, so to have such a good buzz for moombahton out there feels like i can relate to them even more. moombahton has been a good bridge for all kinds of music scenes!

8: Your touring for the Creamfields festival nationwide (with a few sideshows inbetween). Ya'll got any surprises in store for us??

tons of exclusive new music to test out, but no real crazy tricks up our sleeves. we're just two music junkies looking to rage with the crowd and let the music speak for itself. so stoked!

With new releases on Switch's 'Dubsided' label out only this week, you should definitely get listening and check out Nadastrom wherever you can. I promise you wont regret it. Listen to this funky funk-sampling banger and tell me you don't want to dance to that.

Seriously. That. Good.

Creamfields tours nationally. Nadastrom play Wollongong on the 21st April @ 151 Nightclub.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

420 megapost

Happy Holidays everyone!

Whilst I don't (publicly) condone celebration of 20th April aka 420 day, I do think its important to post a whole bunch of anthems for those who want to enjoy responsibly. Now I don't consider myself a complete expert on the art of the 'weed jam', but I think I know what sounds good and when. So consider this a small guide in enjoying the day! Woo!

Funnily enough, two of the acts I want to highlight both have the same name. The Heatwave covers twice, once for the UK-Dancehall/Reggae mashup expert contrasting quite nicely with The Heatwave, the 70s funk band that paved the way for many funk heroes of the future. Well known for their mainstreaming album 'Too Hot to Handle' the US-based funksters always mixed a super catchy mix of beats and brass thats still potent enough to keep things moving. Throw a few more random funk trax for good measure and things are looking good.

The Heatwave - Beat Your Booty

The Heatwave - Lay It On Me

The Heatwave - Ain't No Half Steppin'

Rick James - Mary Jane

UK-Based Heatwave is on the complete other side of the spectrum, using an absolutely insane knowledge of reggae, dancehall and club trax to create a massive catalogue of bootlegs and mashups which are truly ridiculous. Mixing up hip-hop, dancehall, dubstep and house in no particular order, his tracks make you wonder why they didn't make it like that in the first place, but are usually vibing too hard to care. Mixing vocals from proper stars Missy Elliot, Beenie Man, Warrior Queen, Mary J Blige and more over instrumentals from Kelis, Lily Allen and Wiley, it is unbelievable how hard you can zone over these, but its all crazy fun. Check Heatwaves website as there are about a billion more mp3's (all for free) to check out.

Lily Allen + General Levy - MADLDN (Heatwave Refix) (yes!)

Nicki Minaj, Kanye West & Mr. Lexx - Monster (Heatwave Refix)

Missy Elliot - Pass That Sleng Teng (Heatwave Refix)

Kelis, Beenie Man & T.O.K - Trick Me Twice (Heatwave Refix) (good.)

Warrior Queen + Heatwave - Things Change

Dirtsman + Missy Elliot - Get Impeccable

Keeping on the reggae side, it is impossible to deny the vibe attained from a good reggae playlist, and here are some fine cuts for the day. Mr. Vegas' classic 'Heads High' is an absolute treat, but tracks from UB40, Bone Thugz, South Rakkas Crew, VYBZ Cartal and even Major Lazer are surely suitable.

UB40 - The Buzz Feeling (via youtube)

Mr. Vegas - Heads High

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Buddha Lovers

Major Lazer - Can't Stop Me Now

Gorilla Black - Compton

South Rakkas Crew - Under Mi Sensi (ft. Mr. Vegas, Alozade & Hollow Point) (retro mix) Very special this one.

Released only very very recently (like 2 days ago), the Pursue Riddim from Creative NOIZE is slow-take dancehall at its 2011 finest, a piano based jam featuring vocal cuts from Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel and Cecile. Speaking of Cecile, the dancehall super-woman will be making an appearance on FBi radios 'Stolen Records' show tonight at 6.00pm, doin some live thangs with resident Shantan Wantan Ichiban. Should be very cool, and very suitable for the times.

CREATIVE NOIZE - PURSUE RIDDIM (Features vox cuts from Cecile, Tony Rebel, Sheema, Queen Ifrica and Shema)

And some bonus'


Sabo + Cassady - La Curura (via soundcloud)

Enjoy responsibly.

Monday, April 18, 2011


1/2 Instra:Mental 1/2 just plain Mental, Boddika continues to defy logic with the amount of incredible tunes he has been pumping out lately. From 2010s smash 'When I Dip' the skies are limitless with support from just about anyone who you would want to support the badness comin' out of here. Crossing between dark techno and those next level things you can't adjectify, Boddika sits halfway between the gutter and the stars, and the music couldn't be any finer.

Today, his latest EP '2727' is released as en exclusive 12" on Swamp81, the latest hype-label out of Europe. Filled with insanely catchy rhythms settled in bass and turned to 11, the 4-track essential is funky enough to get you moving, with that saw-toothed acidic edge to make you feel dirty enough to dance the clubs it will surely be played in. In other words, its fucking cool.

Sometimes by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

Rubba by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

Clearly not the dude to ever slow down, Boddika has ANOTHER forthcoming release in the pipeline thats set to shoot Swamp 81 into the Stratosphere. Colabbing with fellow mind-bender Joy Orbison, new track titled 'Swims' is the perfect meeting point for two of the future stars of the year. Combining Joy Orbisons background in detroit house with Boddikas mind for the future, Swims samples legendary Robbie Tronco house jam 'Walk 4 Me' with a gnarly acid line and sweet as cowbells. Its the perfect tune, and bound to be a big thing for the year.

Big. Big. Thing.


Your friendly neighbourhood...guy (and all around great guy...guy!) Levins is back (albeit a little late) with Volume 3 in his promised once-a-month mix serious for his promised once-a-week party called CLUB AL! Three Months in with no end in sight, Levins continues to take over the speakers at GOODGODSMALLCLUB every thursday night playing whatever he wants to. (I've's pretty great.)

Anyway as said, CLUB AL VOL. 3 has hit cinemas - record stores THE INTERNET now, and is probably the most worthwhile mix you will download this month. Fifty-eight minutes packed full of now and then glory tunes you probably have never heard, but glad you had. And I mean that.

I've always found the Club AL mix series so fascinating, in that they are amongst the most intriguing, engaging and thoughtful mixes I have heard ever - despite being devoid of tracks that are standards by any means. They are exclusive of 'exclusives' and pretty much every track is released and widely available to anyone, yet they are full of mystics you would never listen to, or even come across by any general search. Crusading through RnB, Reggae, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Surf Rock and just about everything else you can think of, this is one of those things where by the end you don't just appreciate the tunes at hand, but the fact that music exists in general. Not to mention the return of Wavey Davey B. Appreciation 101.

Download it, and allow the music to take over your life. Levins himself has very strict instructions on how to listen to this mix, so you will have to go over to his site if you want to maximise your experience. If you shed as many tears as I did for the Shaggy track at 17 mins then lets have a drink.

If you want to experience LIVE TEARS then Club AL @ GoodGod Small Club every Thursday is actually your jam. Its a lot of fun.

And if you download any mix this month, make it this one.



COLLARBONES beaman park

DEMARCO true friend

BLAQSTARR bang hard

GETO BOYS straight gangsterism

SHUGGIE OTIS strawberry letter 23

SHAGGY bad mon don’t cry

METRONOMY a thing for me (BREAKBOT remix)

504 BOYZ i can tell you wanna fuck

DJ NATE maybe sum day

SAN SODA kylie bling


OTOUTO w. hillier


YOUNG L conscious minds


THE LIJADU SISTERS lifes gone down low


FRANK OCEAN american wedding

MOTT THE HOOPLE all the young dudes

Drrrrpd Up!

Vlsonn is riding a wave of Toronto creativity, following incred releases from the likes of Egyptrixx and Azari & III in forward thinking music from every genre. Undertaking (and surpassing) remixes for the likes of James Blake, Whiz Khalifa and Blue Neptune, his sounds carry rinsed down bass, tweaked from the borders of the UK with enough ethereal influence to make it from the stars. Its not uplifting, it never goes too far dubstep, but is restrained enough to tout this guy as a serious contender in the non-UK-UK-bass scene that is challenging most bloggers to define shit everywhere. But I think thats why it is so good.

OG track 'Draped Up' is one of those truly sick tracks, the kind where you don't even notice how much your enjoying it until it ends and your head is nodding to nothing (dissapointing). His rmx for James Blake is just great also and if you want something heavy then the Black and Yellow mix is your bag baby. Expect more on here as often as he creates.

Vlsonn - Draped Up (Highly Recommended)

Vlsonn - Cold War Politics

James Blake - I Never Learnt To Share (Vlsonn Remix) (Highly Recommended)

Whiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow (Vlsonn Remix)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Record Store Day!

Happy Record Store day everyone! Go and buy yourself some amazing releases and support independent record dealers, the likes of which provide you with quality release after quality release on their shelves for YOU. Here are some of many releases you should look into, and if you go to the Records Day site you will find a list of all local events for your area.

Enjoy the day and support the artists + record dealers!!!

RUFUS/FRAMES and the Sydney Autumn

Sydney's weather lately is making me super happy, hitting the 2nd most perfect time of year with hot summer months dying down, retaining those insanely beautiful sunrays with the added darkness of early nightfall and cool-temperature. Parties begin earlier, drinking runs later, hangovers last longer but seem a little more tolerable as books come off their shelves, and music tastes go that little bit darker. These dudes seem to be channeling that change of season for one seriously special talent bound to make it big just in time for the next.

RÜFÜS are a Sydney three piece exploring that time when Van She and Cut Copy were the only thing you ever listened to. There was a reason for that, and that reason (if you have forgotton) becomes apparent amongst synthy, drony dream music for the summer that passed, and the winter to come. I'm thoroughly enjoying these guys immensely and would completely support them as true successors to the not-yet dead pioneers of a style I truly believe only Australia could creative. Y'know all this incredibly autumn sun we've been having lately? It's like that...but in song! Really good.

RÜFÜS - Paris Collides

RÜFÜS - We Left

RÜFÜS - Trent's A Mess

Equally as important to the goodness that is these dudes is the goodness that is the remixing of these dudes. And once again Sydney represents whole-heartedly with one of our finest disco-loving, FBI-presenting super dudes going by the name of Frames. I've touched on Frames before (and a few times since) so I'll skip the introduction, but his remix is going global, with 5000+ plays on youtube, many video copys and blog attention from Poland to Kansas. This is, of course, for good reason, as the young gun provides forward momentum to the early-presets-ish 'Paris Collides' via moody electronics and a sweet clap/cowbell thats pretty much perfect for the song. Actually yeah..its just about perfect. Best of all, it's a free download, so get on that, support good music and keep a very keen ear out for a very..very promising act in the near future. Very near.

RÜFÜS - Paris Collides (Frames Remix)
- FB Highly reccomended.

U Can catch frames at any of the following, as either himself or his Boonie alter-ego (whoever THAT Adult Disco/FBi/World Bar playing dude that is)

Sat 23rd April - World Bar (AKA B's Farewell - more info coming soon)
Sun 24th April - Storm in a Teacup @ World Bar
Sat 4th June @ Adult Disco (Supporting Abillion EP Launch + CASSIAN!)


Parisian/Club Chevallian Sam Tiba is really quite the unstoppable force right now, owing my ears a bit of an apology after these bass-heavy super stormers. Remixing Dr. Gonzo's (thats Savage Skulls + Crookers to you!) massive-before-it-was-massive 'Bust Dem Up' alongside a slew of UK/FR crossover beats that are not always 100% danceable, but always 110% amazing, and 200% worth your time. Check these nutters out for proof that this is the one you should be watching right about now. Seriously, his remix of Eccy has me speachless and deaf in one fell swoop and I'm not unhappy about this.

Dr. Gonzo - Bust Dem Up (Sam Tiba Remix) - PREVIEW by samtiba

Eccy - Old Snake Rapier (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix) by samtiba

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Chrissy Murderbot needs to settle down on the redbulls, the Chicago representative of Juke/Footwork absolutely SLAYING the genre (alongside many others) with high octane, 6th gear, next level shit that I believe to be pretty much as mainstream appealing as juke is ever going to be. However little that may be, this mega-producers latest EP 'Bussin Down' is every bit as awesome as chicago juke is going to get, with beats to get you moving from influences the world over.

Bussin' Down traverses a lot of genres and their respective continents, the title track a ridiculously dope holla to his hometown (as if the AWESOME cover art isnt enough!), followed by the Sleng-Teng Riddim sampling Braaain (from Jamaica, of course). The three following remixes of 'The Vibe is So Right' feature SA's MC ZULU, and come with cuts from oddballs Ghosts on Tape, low-flyer Atki2, and a characteristically insaneo version from DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad, with a high-tempo take on a genre they are known to champion. It all adds to a chicago house, juke, kwaito, detroit, reggae and NY jazz infused EP thats bound to turn heads to the awesomeness that is Footwork. It's out TODAY on Planet Mu (the perfect label for this) and you should go cop it now!

Chrissy Murderbot XLR8R Podcast

Chrissy Murderbot - "Bussin' Down" EP (ZIQ293) by chrissymurderbot


Sydney based atmospherics Bon Chat Bon Rat continue to defy sounds, as one of the truly great bands of the upcoming Sydney. Their last self titled EP, a tidal wave of undefinable beats, cut-up melodies and haunting vocal lines laid serious groundwork for a very hopeful 2011, which opens (for them) with their latest single 'BlackBird'.

A track in writing since at least June last year, BlackBird makes up for their somewhat ambiguous atmospherics with a slice of chilly, well presented song writing, and an excellent video to match. With one of the clearer melodies out of their library, it is a halfway between intentionally clear songwriting for the future, and extremely nostalgic electronica of the past. I find it quite video-game-esque (I'm going to go so far as to say the pop equivalent of the SNES, but thats a mighty call). It's a little bit guilt-ridden, a little bit claustrophobic but above all an extremely well-made foray into sound. Best of all, the single, and remixes by the ever-awesome Hugo Frederick, Collarbones and Marseilles are all available for FREE. It's a free EP, so you really have no excuse to ignore it. The video, by Xiaofu Wang is just as special, and something really great for a domestic group of any calibre (it's at the bottom of the post!)

To launch the single (a surefire catapault for the dudes), they will be playing a very special gig THIS FRIDAY (April 8th) at TONE, in Surry Hills. They will be playing alongside much-hyped Melbourne beatmaker Andras Fox (with guest Sui Xhen) and Moon Holiday, the atmospheric wonder signed to the impeccable Future Classic record label. Wedding Ring Fingers (these dudes) will be jamming between and after the bands, alongside celebrating 1/2 of their birthdays*. It's going to be an awesome night at one of Sydney's best new venues, so again, you have no reason to ignore. Hit the attending button here.

Blackbird from Bon Chat, Bon Rat on Vimeo.

*Happy Birthday Badfield, we wish you the best year ahead and the dopest possible trip offshore.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


A not-so-surprising (but still very surprising) colab hit the interwebs today in the form of Bok Jam, the somewhat obvious production moniker of two of my absolute favorite producers at this point in time - Bok Bok and Jam City. Both core members of the impeccable Night Slugs crew and regular DJ partners on their Rinse FM slot, the two have joined forces for what is hoped to me more than the one track effort which we have here now.

Crude Speculations carries equal influence from both artists, from Bok's grimey, black light infused neon jams to Jam Citys sensual, dark 80s feel. Juno 6's and 808s aplenty, its massively on a balearic trip thats begging for some dirty vocals, potentially of the chopped and screwed variety. That, and more tracks we can only hope for, but this is a very exciting endeavor I personally look forward to following.

Bok Jam - Crude Speculations