Monday, May 30, 2011

Bok Bok - Southside EP

It has been worryingly difficult to write this post without being lost in a flourish of pointless adjectives and backgrounds which are already known.

Upon the release of a Night Slugs EP, there is a constant struggle between excitement and nervousness. Excitement by the potential of a continuation of Night Slugs gravity-defying quality control, held under by their tight-knit artist roster and decidedly heterogeneous influence from the entire musical spectrum. 'Wut' 'Night Skanker' 'Ecstasy Refix' - these are pieces of music that have locked in a moment in time, both sonically and visually. For myself, it is the neon darkness and unpromising hope that both electrifies and sedates the dirty dancefloors of the most darkly opportunistic city in the world. What follows ia an underlying disquiet - that maybe this could be the end. Will it become lost in the onslaught of bass music worldwide and become part of the generic sound that, whilst intricately produced, is similar and unsatisfactory. Kingdoms 'That Mystic' EP still fails to ignite my senses in the way a Kingdom release should, despite the fact I have one of 10 test copies that the dudes handed me themselves. Long story.

Regardless, NS010 comes from label head and founder Bok Bok, taking clear influence from years of music past, and years of visuals for the future. The 'Southside' EP traverses years of musical impact and decades of genres past, uncovering Bok Bok not only as a very special curator and DJ, but a genuine game-changer in multiple genres, scenes, cities and galaxys. Needless to say, this release enforces the quality control and multi-genre/universe spanning ideas that hold Night Slugs as head of the pack.

Southside opens with 'Charisma Theme', opening with ethereally 80s sounding synths and a dusty glow of anticipation. It's opening beat hints at the sawtooth bangers Night Slugs pushed in the past, before launching into unexpected space with an extra-terrestial bassline and escalated clap-beats. A chorus of sorts takes the weight off the basslines though the next dip is never long around the corner. It is a multi-emotional journey of sorts, a constantly diving ride that launches the EP into the deep-space it sets to remain in.

BOK BOK - Charsma Theme (NS010 preview) by BokBok

A bizzarre vocal sample introduces the dark-energy of second track 'Hyperpass'. Lifts the refreshing elements off Charisma Theme, the track aims to both intimidate and transport almost deeper into the unknown. With background in grime, followed by the house and techno of the 80s and 90s, Bok Bok references the darker side of club tracks, with clear interest in the future and the uncertain. Brief hints of melody and standard structure dispel quickly, replaced by freakishly unnerving and disorientating framework - themes I believe Bok Bok delves in with your mind in his.

BOK BOK - Hyperpass (NS010 preview) by BokBok

Third track 'Reminder' has clearly been in the making for a long time, standing for the grime productions which have influenced its producer so much. Almost every Bok Bok mix in the past has included grime in some form or another, with focus on the pre/post dubstep influence that it's instrumentals have had. With undeniable muscle, the grimey, repetitive bassline hits hard as the constantly ascending EP never ceases to climb. With definite potential for vocals, I believe this will be the track we will here more of in the future.

BOK BOK Reminder (NS010 preview) by BokBok

'Silo Pass' still remains the most sought after piece here, and rightly so. After appearing in mixes from Kingdom to any other Night Slug, the offensively harsh bass track is one of those need-to-hear situations, as most of the sounds go far beyond literary description. A true conquest, the mighty banger sets deceptive atmosphere with the unintelligble percussion that laces the sounds of fellow slug Jam City. Another grimey bassline remains almost off-beat, as if trying to keep up with the rushed beats, almost as if the track itself cant wait for it to be finished, an almost VIP-style mix towards the end feels as though ideas have been run dry, which, after the final track, is one of the few downsides to basing entire songs around single ideas.

Jam City - Ecstasy Refix

Dizzee Rascal - Wheel

BOK BOK - Silo Pass (NS010 preview) by BokBok

'Look (Dub)' will sound familiar to anyone with an ear for bass tunes, circa late-2010. It is a dub, though it retains the skeleton first of Bok Bok's own remix of Girl Unit's 'IRL' (one of my favourites) , and then Lil' Scrappy's 'Look at Me'. The third incarnation of this track proves just how many times a single idea can be presented, though I feel that this is out of place and almost put out there for the sake of it, which is significantly frustrating considering the amount of material Night Slugs currently have forthcoming. However, it closes out an EP that feels purposely lost in time, somewhere between the future and it's future, desolate in nature and influence. Utilizing instruments and track ideas from the past, it is with great propulsion that Southside is launched into movable darkness. I re-use the term 'dark energy' as that is exactly what it feels like. Dirty, lost, spacial and entirely irresistible for the dancefloor.

Lil Scrappy - Look At Me (Bok Bok remix)

Girl Unit - IRL (Bok Bok Remix) (youtube)

BOK BOK - Look (NS010 preview) by BokBok

From start to finish, it is with unnerving gladness that the ideals and inwards attitude of Night Slugs remains intact, as ideas and influence continue as original and creative processes. Visual ques are hinted from a constantly teasing set, carefully placed to disorientate and distort a standard view of club track that is unfortunately (and unoriginally) infiltrating the music community. I feel very strongly about this release as a state of what artists should aspire to, disreguarding any complete sound-element. It is the non-audio influence and personal endeavor to transport that makes this special, and we can only expect more in the future..whatever that sounds like.

...A special special thing indeed.

Seww Lonnng

Crossover tracks always catch my ear, so long as they reference what needs to be in a way that pays it justice. That may sound a bit vague but it may make sense upon the hearing of the latest Fina Records release, a future-produced house EP that calls upon revolutions in deep tempos and ethics.

'So Long' perfectly blends loungey deep vibes with an up-beat, completely danceable house background, supported and enforced with fat-as bass synths and hard kicks. A four track release, it maintains a truly relaxed vibe whilst crossing quite nicely to the dancefloor ear, potentially due to the obese 'Bide the Time' going straight into a remix by legendary German housemeister Move D, moving the pianos forward and spotlighting the stunning vocal from Donna Lea.

File this under early-evening vibe ting. Out now on Fina recs.

Leif - Bide the Time (reccomended)

Leif - So Long ft. Donna Lea (Move D rmx)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Probably one of the few things permanently established on here is the genuine fact that United Colours host the best house parties in Sydney. I should actually say club-house parties, coz no one would want that ruckus in their place! Bringing the most past-influenced forward thinking house stars worldwide, the party (now well over a year old!) has tempted our tastebuds with dudes as big as the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Zombie Disco Squad, Round Table Knights, Kingdom and plenty more.

Having proved enough cred to bring such large names in dance to the irreplaceable GoodGod Small Club, it has almost become a frequent point that the supports nearly ALWAYS trump the headliners. I don't mean that in an offensive way to the internationals, I've never seen a bad set there - but when you look back on photos/videos/drunk flashback memories, its always the locals who make us dance the most. ALWAYS! I think Jimmy Sings set back at the 2nd party (with Solo) was probably one of the best things I've ever seen in our city.

And apparently I'm not the only person to recognize this local talent, as United Colours returns THIS FRIDAY NIGHT (27th may) with a strictly local, amazing night of worldwide club beats eminating from the cities finest purveyors of what is technically known as 'da funk'. It is, as one would say, booty shaking trop beats. Word.

UC regulars Bad Ezzy, Kato and Charlie Chux are known time and time again to bring what they refer to as the 'interracial house' beats to the club, mixing captivating 4/4 rhythms from all continents world-round. They are joined by some super special guests, including dance qween Ms. Gabby, a techno/house DUDE (nb: actually a woman) who I've seen causing damage via the funkiest possible route. TWENTY97 are super-upcoming future-house explorers from Newcastle making an exciting debut, and Rubio who I am unfortunately lacking info on, though United Colours quality control can only mean fine things.

Vibe tonight will be categorized under 'worldwide' which is something I can't stress enough. Since the beginning not a single territory has gone unnoticed, heritage- traversing house from the tropics of the pacific to the Balkan horns and back home again for some sweet didge action. Classic house, future house, 90s house, jazz- house, vogue, chicago, bootlegs, mash ups, originals, remixes. EVERYTHING. All bought by people who love to party, love the music they play, and wont go back to their hotel room the second they've finished. This is a party of passion, and at only $5 (before 12) that's a low price for true love.

Kato did this dope mix to prepare. It's packed full of the sounds you will probably hear on the night, including a sick Bee Gees jam, some slow burning Jamie Jones-ish house and trax from past United Colours alumni Round Table Knights. I always get pumped for Kato mix and this is SUPER FUN so u should 2!!!! Woo party! And why the fuck not post a whole bunch of stupidly good house songs I would dance to on the night.
So to recap: Sydneys best house party, Sydney's best DJ's. Sydneys best night club. This friday night. $5 before 12. Heart, fun, warmth and the best music pallette on the east coast. You. Me. Party. Together.


Oh and also, United Colours DJ's have been added to this years massive Vivid Live fest, which I will be touching upon very very soon. PLaying alongside the luminous 2manydjs for their sold out gig, they will be uniting the dancefloor in the only way possible. Keep your eyes and booty peeled.

Marco Corola - Play it Loud.

Cajmere - Percolator (Derrick Carter Bonus Mix)

Mastiksoul - La Suica Pimp

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There are certain moments in time that truly are unforgettable, when the time, temperature, mood, and location can completely overwhelm into an ingrained fragment of memory for the rest of your life. To base one of these moments around a single song is a huge statement, but I think in anyones mind it is only those special single songs that propel a moment into unforgettable oblivion.

See that bridge closest to the bottom of that beautiful picture of London there? Thats where I was standing the first time I ever heard Girl Unit's mammoth 'Wut' as snow fell down against a midnight blue sky. There was something about the dark blue lunar-glow from the lights on the Royal Festival Hall against the darkly promising London skyline that set something off , and I knew that it was a very special moment indeed. A few weeks later, I would see Girl Unit play (for the third time) at the very special Night Slugs All Stars party in an abandoned tube tunnel in Southwark. I took some self-explanatory footage.

Naturally, 'Wut' took off as pretty much the biggest electronic track of 2010, and it is only in may 2011 that we see the first oficiall (and listenable) remix of a classic.

The Claude Von Stroke remix was hinted at briefly on the Sound Pellegrino podcast all the way back in January when L-Vis 1990 (co-owner of Night Slugs) hinted that someone 'dirty' 'who flies' would be doing a remix. Von Stroke (owner of the inspiring 'DirtyBird' label (clue makes sense now?)) tweeted a hint that it was happening and 5 months later the first appearance of the remix makes way on the essential fortnightly Night Slugs show on RINSE.FM.

The remix itself does exactly what any remix should; it takes the original ideas that make a track special, puts them asides, and crafts something in a new direction with new purpose and meaning. Minimising the epic synth lines which propels Wut into space, focus is placed on heavy 808 booms and clicks, driving some sparse yet un-definable synth sounds unlike anything I've heard before. It's a genuinely extra-terrestrial overload, exemplifying the originality and creativity that make Night Slugs my favorite label to ever release records (sorry Trax).

The rmx is without a release date (surprise!) but is definitely confirmed under the label. Whether this will make a full release or one of the limited NS White Labels is yet to be seen, but hey either way this ones unforgettable.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Into the Valley

Today I have a mega cold. Here's a hot tip: Dont go swimming in the ocean in May.

Anyway Classixx are making pretty much everything better with their new single 'Into The Valley' featuring the smoothest vocal ever courtesy of Karl Dixon. A lovely disco-electro take on soul sounds, the LA dudes continue to defy the sexiest moments of your life, its great to see big-room vocals make an appearance in relatively mainstream disco movements. The KnightRiders track 'Let The Music Move You', from legendary Trax Records seems a big influence, a nice little pinpoint between the old and the new.

Probably better than the original itself are the remixes, the first of which comes FREE from crazy-cult wonder-boyz YACHT, who up the tempo and throw in way too many drum machines for it NOT to be awesome. I shouldn't even be talking about it, but the yet-to-be mix from resident future-advisor Julio Bashmore is mind-fucking disco at its finest. DO WANT, but it is due for release around early June. It's all out now (FOR FREE) on Green Label Sounds, a strange label owned by Mountain Dew and home to Chromeo and fellow disco dudes Holy Ghost! . Also included is an incredibly danceable dub of Madonna, a remix for Nite Jewel and the forthcoming remix of Mayer Hawthorne for the ever-incredible Stones Throw Records. Vibe!

Oh and dont forget Classixx are touring Australia REALLY SOON, the Sydney leg taking place on June 12th as a very special, Oxford-Arts-Factory based version of ADULT DISCO, the weekly party that never fails to bring the vibe. The incred Death Strobe Records support, alongside DiscoPunx and mega tastemakers Future Classic, so in other words good tunes all night. It's goin down on June 12th and is going to be one of the sexiest nights of the year, so dont sleep on that. Facebook info is hurrrr.

Classixx (Ft. Karl Dixon) - Into the Valley (link via Green Label Sound)

Classixx (feat. Karl Dixon) Into The Valley (YACHT Remix)

Mayer Hawthorne - No Strings (Classixx Original)

Madonna - Fortunate Star (Classixx Cover)

Nite Jewel – Am I Real (Classixx TPS-L2 Remix)

Scion x Trouble & Bass: Sounds of NYC

What do one of America's greenest car companys have in common with one of its most forward-thinking music labels?? Until last week, not that much to be fair - though SCION comes through as the biggest supporter of electronic music stateside pretty much ever. This time the toyota-owned mega company release a free, 5 track compilation compiled by NYC's elusive Trouble and Bass, owned and curated by the big-dude himself Drop the Lime.

Trouble and Bass: Sound of NYC follows a very carefully laid outline of sounds not only favourited by the label, but championed and prepared for the future of the city's ever-expanding dance scene. Drop the Lime opens with his now-favourited movement of rockabilly dance, beginning with his huge last single 'Hot as Hell'. In a very, very cool move, Hussle Club come through on #2 with their insanely catchy punk-jam 'Quarenteenagers', a bass-line led jam that wouldn't feel out of place on the Strokes latest record (if it didn't suck). Michna channels the old-style electro feel of the label, known to have released some of the biggest tracks of the wobble era with their tune 'Kings Highway' leaving two wildly non-US sounding megstars to take it out on a high note. Kingdom winds down with 'Uptown Buck', an extremely UK-influenced track very much streamlined with his Night Slugs family (but with more southern rap), preceding Cubic Zirconias chill-jam 'Lucid in the Sky' proving the Brooklyn based project as one of the most exciting of recent.

A very required and very free release, SCION deliver more fire following compilations for Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Azari & III and more. Tracks here sit nicely between the US-based geography of the label with the worldwide influence that clearly inspire them, as well as the genres and sounds of a time that may have been previously forgotten. As the musical landscape continues to change, Trouble and Bass remain as relevant, and bottom heavy, as always.

SCION A/V + Trouble & Bass Present: Sounds of NYC

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wed Night LOCKED.

Say whutttttturrrp to Hump Day celebrations in our culturally cringe-less city, your wednesday nights filled with enough bump and grind to fastpass yourself to the weekend. What, didn't you watch the Australian Amazing Race last night??

The World Bars weekly art+music showcase 'THE WALL' has made a full recovery from short hiatus, proving on every wednesday night how they do what they do best. That is; weekly art exhibitions from emerging Sydney Artists, a sparsely defined night of good music, a setting for social interaction and the best damn drinks in the cross.

This week The Wall is proudly presenting a collective exhibition entitled 'DreamState', featuring three brand new artists all with a take on the surreal and dream-like. With a clue influence from the Bondi beach she lives on, Veronika Tomin crafts incredibly beautiful abstract works that are based on colour as a state of mind. Helen Shelley works with Patterns for Portraiture as Jarrah Flanagan's supposed Dream Catcher installations a sight to behold. Downstairs, dubstep and basslines rule the floor with eclectic music surprises never to be guarenteed but surely to be enjoyed.

Veronika Tomin's stunning abstract.

All that drinking and dreaming is surely to make a dude hungry, and it is with utmost excitement and pride that we announce the opening of THE DIP, GoodGod SmallClubs very own unique kitchen owned and R00led by none other than Levins, alongside his true partner in crime The SandwichFace. The Dip promises spectacular takes on staple (delicious) items. Hot Dog with too many toppings, kangaroo burgers, avocado ice cream with strawberry salsa, there is no creative limit to one of the most exciting food-projects ever to hit the city. The official launch is tomorrow night as The Dip opens Wed-> Saturday Nights every week. Themed nights, much like the MIND BLOWING stoner degustation fronted by Levins at Duke will follow and with some luck there will be some dope music/food colabs.

Some excellent interviews explain the concept, intention and naming of The Dip here and here. Well worth the read yknow???

So there. Incredible art, music, drinks and food all in a single night, WHERE CAN U GO WRONG??? Anywhere else, thats where. Here's some dreamy/bassy/fat as fuck tunes to follow you through. New Joker featuring my FAVOURITE vocalist right now Jessie Ware colab on the super dope 'let me breathe' which is a free download. . Some oldies to follow. Woo.

The Wall goes down at The World Bar, Bayswater Road Kings Cross. The Dip hits your tastebuds hard at 55 Liverpool Street, Chinatown.

Joker - The Vision (feat. Jessie Ware) by KineticMuzik

Todd Edwards - I might Be (Joy Orbison Rmx)

Mr. Fingers - Amnesia (youtube)

Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest

Terror Danjah - With You (Ft. Shola Ama) (youtube)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Heads up that this is one very important post!

One of Sydneys most important collective are making a debut colab with one of Sydneys most important music-venues, to bring a true pioneer and innovator of rhymes and freak-beats thats shaped the musical soundscape a lot more than you may know. Yes yes. Way 2 Fonky (those super-dope dudes behind the rap parties!) and Tone (The Venue - here!) are proudly comibining forces to bring none other than KURTIS BLOW to our mother-freaking shores. One word - BIG.

Where do we start with one of the most important performers in African American (if not global) music development of the past 30 years? Well he was one of the first commercially successful rappers and the first to sign with a major record label. "The Breaks", a single from his 1980 eponymous debut album, is the first certified gold record rap song and he hasn't stopped since!

Kurtis brings his 30th Anniversary Tour of The Breaks to it's conclusion on our sunny (well ok not sunny as it's the pits of winter) shores. With the album originally selling over half a million copies upon it's release and still sounding as fresh as ever, one can expect a show full of old skool Hip Hop and the finest Funk.

Way 2 Fonky know how to throw a super-dope party, and Tone is one of the best venues out, hosting the likes recently of Dam Funk, Roska and Arabian Prince. This is one of those crazy once-in-an-era artists that is making a super rare appearance in an intimate and truly freaky venue. With supports from the Paper Plane Project, Kato,
Gian Arpino and Mike Who?, dope music, crowd and vibe are all guaranteed, but not limited. It all goes down @ Tone, Surry Hills on Thursday May 26th, so get in quick. Seriously, do not sleep on this epic shit. Facebook link and important stuff is hurrr.

Of course such dope things are always made better when they come free, so we have a super special DOUBLE PASS TO GIVEAWAY TO ONE LUCKY KURTIS BLOW FAN. ALL U GOTTA DO IS EMAIL FRUITBEATS@GMAIL.COM WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND YOUR IN THE RUNNING. YEWWWW


Don' Get Dat Lemon

File this badboy under MEGA TUNE ALERT!!

Roska Kicks and Snares hits hard again with another (rare) edition of their floor-defying releases (that isn't from the namesake himself. Mr Tickle's 'Citrus (Dont Get Lemon) EP holds true as an outside take on the sound and vibe attained by the Squarky man himself, taking those funky rhythms, springy percussion sections and undeniably tropical vocal cuts, packing them all in to an amazingly danceable 5-track journey in bounce.
Lead track Citrus (Dont Get Lemon) remains a viable opener, the heavy drums mixing nicely with similar 'Predator' and the darker 'Run The Style'. Though it is 2nd round track 'Grindin' that remains the standout, holding that Roska style of simple yet unforgettable rhythm lines that has had me vibing for days. DAYS! The lone remix comes from RINSEFM's DJ Shox, clearly taking influence from uncountable hours hosting the most forward thinking, influential radio show on the planet.

Iz well good innit. Out now.

Mr Tickle - Don't Get Lemon E.P [Release: May 9th 2011] by Mr Tickle


Roska - Squark

Roska - Wonderful Day

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Heads up on the Teki Latex front, the MAN behind Sound Pellegrino, Institubes (RIP), TTC and a thousand other collaborative projects (literally) is back with yet more gravity defying amazingness, this time flying in conjunction with Paris' second most gravity-defying producer/time traveller - Para One. No stranger to collaboration (check below), their style is of no signature but mind-bending production efforts seems to be a common theme. This new business is evident of that, and drops this week.

The single is entitled '5th Dimension' taking form as a 2-track single on Institubes phonenix and successor, Marble. Whilst Institubes failed due to lack of sales and therefore passion, Marble is running as a platform amongst the worlds artist to debut material for bigger and better things. And if this release is anything to go by, its off to a flying start. An intergalactic acid synth line waves through distorted spoken word (regarding alien experimentation on humans- cool!) , with Para One's signature static melody and you have a truly multi-dimensional representation in sound. I promise you, nothing you have heard this year can prepare you for such a dismally dizzying tune in all respects. At worst, it is absolutely the most original. B/side 'Deep Sea Creatures' followed the intergalactic theme set out by its namesake, though opts for a more chilled out, acidic mood, the type of listening/dance music that is both remarkable and utterly repeatable.

This entire release is truly ridiculous, and a 128kpb version of the lead track has been released via the always informative XLR8R. But you can of course buy the whole release here. Here are some extra goodies to get you informed also - 'ToadStool' still stands as 2010 most ridiculous house number, though everything here has a quality rating of 'really really good'.

Teki Latex + Para One - 5th Dimension

Para One & Teki Latex - Deep Sea Creatures (Snippet) by Marble Music

Canblaster - Clockworks (Para One + Teki Latex remix)

Para One - Toadstool

Teki Latex - Dinosaurs With Guns (Funkin' Matt Remix) (via souncloud)

Teki Latex - I Was Sober

Hot Raw Sex.

Jimmy Edgar is absolutely up there with the best producers of today, always work to deliver the freak in seizure-inducing volumes. Rooted in the music of disco, detroit and other freaky cities around the world , thefreak of nature, enticing lover and super producer has constantly raised the bar with releases on Warp and !K7, with last years 'XXX' quickly becoming one of my favorites for the year. With pretty much every track causing mental meltdowns at the pure finesse and detail within, its a passion for original sound and complex underlying influences (subconscious and otherwise) that has him as one of the most original and on-point artists of the generation. His track 'I Wanna Be Your STD' - a personal favourite - made it to Warp Records most loved tracks over 20 years which is its own achievement. He is also a freak, and probably the coolest looking dude ever, so you can't even compete.

Despite last years release, he only today released an incredibly large amount of new material on his soundcloud, including new tracks, re-fixes, edits and more. Some downloadable and some not-so, this includes the lead single from his NEW single 'Tell It To the Heart', a hard-edged sex-track thats amazingly listenable at all hours. This single will be released on No.19, the label owned by Art Department, featuring remixes from fellow-increds Soul Clap (!), Sergio Santos (!!) and Gene Farris (!!!). Check it + some bonus goodies (including remixes of mega-tune Hot Raw Sex from Instra:Mental) here.

All of these come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

New Stuff

Barker + Baumecker - Can't Stand It (Jimmy Edgar Makeover)

Jimmy Edgar - Tell It To the Heart (New single on No.19)

Jimmy Edgar & Aux88 "Mad Scientist" by jimmyedgar

Jimmy Edgar - I Wanna Be Your STD (yes yes yes!)

Jimmy Edgar - Midnite Fone Call (standout production on this)

Jimmy Edgar - Hot Raw Sex

Jimmy Edgar - Hot Raw Sex (Instra:Mental Remix)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Patience. Lil Silva.

NS All Star and all around badman of the good beats, LIL SILVA is back in a HUGE way, finally releasing some of the killer dubplates that have been infiltrating just about every RINSE FM, Boiler Room, Fabric and any other forward thinking DJ's set the world over.
Lil' Silva of course is one at the forefront of skanky, grungy UK beats, channeling both the US and South-East London side of things via aggressive sawtooth synths, hard hitting drum-crackles and a freakishly large outpouring of production day in day out. Not all of it is excellent (his style is often repetitive and desensitizing over long-term listens) but what is good is really good and his latest EP is really..really good.

PATIENCE/CHEESE N' BUN/ON YOUR OWN is absolute energy, forcing together bit-smashed basslines, chopped up vocals and impossible to describe fx for an ultra violent tune-clash that will keep your ears vibrating long after the needle lifts off the record. The Colab with rising star (and one of the best voices this year) Sampha, entitled 'On Your Own' is its own track, melding characteristic aggression with a beautiful vocal line and bounding restraint that match up pretty damn perfectly. In my opinion, its a B/side in purest form, and absolutely the highlight of the record.

The Patience EP is out TODAY on GoodYear records. Yeah its 12" only, but totally worth it, that is if keeping up with the forefront of 2011 is your thing....
As a bonus is a 1/2 hour mix from the launch of the single. Patience makes an appearance 5 mins in but the entire thing is worth a definite listen. Check some more Lil' Silva jams to keep you 'tained, and from the Night Slugs camp, check this purely for-the-lolz mix of Ginuwine and Bok Bok for listening hilarity. Its kinda cool though.

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Lil Silva Remix)

Lil Silva - Perfussion

Lil Silva - Seasons (choon)

Tyler the Creator - Yonkers (Lil Silva Dub)

Bok Bok vs. Genuwine - Pony

Lil Silva Ft Sampha - On your Own ( Mistajam Radio Rip) by goodyearsldn

Lil Silva Get Me Mix/ Patience EP . The Launch by goodyearsldn

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cassians Many Friends.

Daaaamn Cassian, first u gotta smash some sick stuff at Creamfields yesterday (full review coming real soon) but then you go and get 3000 friends on Facebook and release a completely dope new edit to celebrate.

Worth every fan click, John Legend, Adele and The Dead Rose Music Company are all thrown into a blender for a super smooth mix of one of Adele's bigger tracks of late. Yeah..that one. Its in the essence of a perfect mash, featuring some super clear beats over restrained big band braass and the utter facemelt that is a John Legend vocal on anything.

Deserves to be played at just about every hour of the day.

Rolling In The Deep, Just A Bitter Love (Cassian Edit) by cassian