Monday, June 27, 2011

CLAMS CASINO - Rainforest EP

(New Rainforest EP - some insane pixelated hyperreality going on in this cover)

Mike Volpe, aka Clams Casino, is the producer all up in everybody’s soul right now. The talented New Jersey native is blowing collective minds on the back of his incredible hip-hop productions. Crafting woosy, moving soundscapes backed by pounding drums and slowed stoner vocals, Clams has been reinventing new-age rap philosophies from his mother's attic for a couple years now. The dude has already acquired an impressive stack of spooky beats for the likes of Lil B, Soulja Boy and Squadda B, to name a few.

(btw the film he used with the track is the Herzog epic Aguirre, the Wrath of God)

An obvious collaborator and crusader of the ‘based’ rap production style, popularized by internet phenom and ethereal bay area rapper Lil B, his productions seem to aim a little bit higher then most. The FREE Instrumental Mixtape, he released earlier this year, featured 12 of his beats, minus their usual oddball rappers. It is a phenomenal collection that not only showed the power of his productions as stand-alone tracks, but also managed to redefine the bravado that usually accompanies hip-hop productions. Constructing moody, swirling atmospheres that seem to move right through you, sucking up all your emotional attention, whilst at the same time not straying too far from logical drummed out rhythms. It’s basically some incredible head nod shit. And it leaves you lingering, dreary eyed and wanting more. The opening and super fitting track, 'Motivation' serves as the centrefold for Clams Casino’s dark magic. Do yourself a favour and put it on repeat, for… FOREVER.

A hip-hop producer of the new world, Clams Casino, somehow creates rap music that doesn’t need the rap and his latest offering seems to be a complete testament to this. The debut EP, Rainforest, is out now on the mighty London/NY upstart label Tri-Angle Records (How To Dress Well, Balam Acab, oOoOO). And it sees Clams stretch his sound further, moving away from type of production that requires the added element of an MC as he continues to push himself into a mysterious yet fitting terrain. Each of the five tracks highlights his skill in creating momentum through beautiful layers and earthly texture.

Clams Casino - Gorilla by TriAngleRecords

The aptly titled track, 'Gorilla' is Clams Casino’s expressive sound. Crashing cymbals, haunting vocal cries, a tattered metropolis seems to rise up from the undergrowth - a living-breathing sprawl, methodically built up and then poetically torn apart in an explosion of distortion.

Although a relatively short release, it really is powerful debut. Building on the cinematic highs of his first mixtape, this new material certainly highlights this man's accelerated talent and it will be interesting to see where he takes his unique sound. The future, for this otherworldly beat wizard is no doubt, shrouded in a dark mystery, but I think that's the way I like it. I can almost see his enigmatic smile now.

You can go buy the EP on iTunes or order it from Tri Angle's website. And it should be available almost everywhere else. You can also grab the physical release of his Instrumental Mixtape, when it comes out on Type Records.

Fact Mix 258 - Clams Casino - Direct download (The dude's killer ALL RAP mix he did for Fact Magazine)

Instrumental Mixtape (HIGHLY recommended)

Other notable screwed jams:

What's My Name - Clams Casino (!!! slow jamz 4 yo mamz)

Dem Wan (Deezy D) - Clams Casino (bass drumzzzz)

Tell Me When to Go [E-40 ft. Keak Da Sneak] (Remix) - Clams Casino

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The dude with the coolest name in dance, Tittsworth, is coming to TOWN. Actually he already landed, and was cool enough to hit us up with some crazy-dope interview before he rips all your shit up.

Co-head of the mystifying and brain blowing T&A (with DJ Ayres), owner of DC's hottest place of music U-Hall, BFF with Mad Decent and metaphorical brother to superstars Nadastrom and the entire East coast of the USA, the heavily tattoo'd f00d-freak has gained respect on all corners with a ravey, genre splitting style of djing perfect for nowhere. His mixes and international tours are now notorious for energy and also he EATS FUCKING LIVE OCTOPUS. FUCK THAT.

Check some tunes AND tour dates below alongside his latest 2-strokes-live-mix, which features TONNES of T&A exclusives for those who want to be in the know. SUPER DOPE!

Fruitbeats x Tittsworth
1. Welcome back to AUS! What the hell took you so long to come back?? Or most importantly, what DID bring you back?

Crack cocaine! What's good for our ex-major is good enough for me!
nah forreal tho, I opened a night club with a bunch of homies! now
that U-Hall is on an POPPIN', i'm ready to eat more kangaroo and emu
and whatever weirdness i have been missing out on. i have brought
back a bunch of heavy exclusive beats, a strong stomach and likely a
food borne illness or two!!!

2. A lot has changed musically since your last visit, with the Mad Decent, Dubstep and Moombahton era's moving in and out of consciousness. These were styles you were and are pushing greatly, so where do you see yourself going now to stay ahead?
I'm the type of guy where if i'm playing the same set even 2 nights in
a row i'm bored as hell. i thrive on freshness and though i don't
genre hop for the sake of it, staying ahead of the curve is how i stay
excited and hungry. expect new acclaimed bits off my new 2 strokes
raw ep, tons of forthcoming stuff from T&A and plant. our moombahton
video (for Pendejas) is just about to drop, shortly followed by a
massive club banger w/ alvin risk & maluca (La Campana).. oh and im
working on an RNB song w/ q-tip and theophilus
3. What was your goal when opening U-Hall? Is there a musical void in DC that you believe you are filling? If so, how?
The dance scene in DC needed a new home and a swift kick in the balls.
some homies and i recognized the team to try and make that
difference. i grew up on underground dance music and it hurt me to
see it so weak-- to see so many homies pass up my hometown for gigs--
to see DC become a bad bottle service town w/ bad sound.

4. Where is everything at with T&A right now? Can we get some info on forthcoming releases.

The torro torro stuff has KILLIN IT in my sets. if you open with blue
blouse in any country, it pops off, hard. i'll play multiple remixes
of it back to back and it never fails. recently hung out with those
dudes and we've been talking about doing a record together. me and
johnny love (deathface) have been kicking around the idea of a LARP
themed 40 sided DIE tour hahaha. his EP has been HUGE in my crate.
steve starks has been putting out music that has a big influence on me
as a producer and as a MAN. im currently remixing clicks & whistles
and can't get "neva get caught" outta my head. bangers from
grandtheft, amazing remixes from alvaro, the list goes on, the T&A
roster is strong and i could go on for days! look out for the munchi
shottas remixes!

5. Whilst your contemporaries from the east coast (Dave Nada, Eli Escobar, Top Billin etc) still continue to kill it, who has come recently that you see now as direct competition (and compliment) to your style?

Oh i dont know that i see folks as competition but more influences and
support there are folks that i look up to and continue to be a big
influence on me, you mention dave and nadastrom is definitely at the
top of that list. i've mentioned steve starks before, munchi has a
lot of heads cocked, i like Figure a lot, johnny love / deathface,
canblaster, Nguzunguzu, torro torro, codes, dj fresh, drop the lime /
trouble and bass, james blake, untold, disclosure, terravita, billy
the gent, too many to name.
6. Three part question: Your tattoos are pretty insane - How many tat's do you actually have? Why the obsession, and how much of your heritage is ingrained within it?
I dont know how to number the amount of tattoos i have because body
parts are starting to disappear. i think i had 5 or 6 tattoos before
getting a half sleeve, my entire back, etc. tattoos represent a form
of expression that come with pain and permanence, what else can you
say that about? some of my tattoos are very personal and hint at
heritage, history or other shit, some of are less serious-- for
example, klever recently tattooed me... he was drunk...oh and doesn't
know how to tattoo! hahaha
7. As it IS your first Australian tour in ages, why should we be so damn excited?

Because i haven't spent this time slackin'. i play better and more
intensely than ever before. i own a nightclub with a world class
sound system and i know how to use it. my production ear and on stage
swag is at an all time high. i party hard with the best of em, and
after party in tattoo shops for those that can still hang!!!!

Tittsworth Plays 151 NightClub Wollongong Thursday 23rd June, Brisbane on the 24th, Chinese Laundry in Sydney on the 25th, Marble Bar Adelaide on the 30th and Limelite, Perth on the 1st July. DO THING.

Tittsworth - 2-strokes Live Mix. (Highly Reccomended) (Tracklist Here)

Tittsworth - WTF (Nadastrom Remix)

Rob Threezy - Round House (Tittsworth Remix)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Um hey ya'll, excuse the mega amount of caps/bold about to occur in this post. But it's big shit, and every upsized letter is well deserved coz this is pretty much the biggest thing to his so far in 2011.

This friday marks tha first edition of RUDE! a NEW PARTY in Sydney that hits up all the good tings that we don't see enough of in our nightclubs. For you, that means UK Funky, afro-house, booty rocking bass waves, battle weapons, non-brostep thing, classic jams, garage, grime, future house and who the fuck KNOWS but its gonna go down in a huge way, considering the debut party's roof-blowing talent roster. For U, that means DOC DANEEKA and JILLIONAIRE. As in THE Doc Daneeka and THE motherfucking Jillionaire. That is holy-shit huge!

Doc Daneeka is a pioneer of the UK Funky sound, which isn't really a genre but more like mixing 50 thousand amazing bits about club music into one jammin' melting pot that maybe sits between tropical house and soca club - with some healthy JA vibe for good measure. Super fun, a lil' bit aggresive and for some reasons gets people popping off in the biggest way. Regular sets at Fabric, releases on Ten Thousand Yen, Ramp and Blunted Robots and remixes for the likes of Delphic, Breach (HUUGEE!) and Jazzanova (plus way more) define the dude as indefinable, though that heavy tropical percussion and bass synth undertones stand the stuff out as amazingly danceable.

Doc Daneeka - Drums in the Deep

Breach - Fatherless (Doc Daneeka Remix) (big tune)

Doc Daneeka - Dizzying Heights

Jazzanova - I Can See (Doc Daneeka Dub Bump Mix)

JILLIONAIRE ramps that shit up even further, the Trinidad-born ultra-dude making huge waves as Mad Decent regular go-to dude and tour DJ for MAJ-J-JOR LAZZZERRRR. Raised in the Carribean and all it has to offer, his grossly irresponsible brand of dancehall/house/disco/booty club madness has whipped dancefloors into fevered frenzies worldwide, including an apparent dancehall riot at Notting Hill Carnival...

...And from someone who has experienced Notting Hill Carnival, I can tell you that shit is absolutely insane.

Lil Rick + Michael Montano - Go Dung (Jillionaire African Talk Edit)

Jillioanire + Fellow - Run de Dance

Recognition and collaboration with some of the most influential producers worldwide, The Jillionaire has crushed speakers alongside Switch, Diplo, Boody B (from Palms out Sounds as Harlem Soul Collective) and M.I.A as well as a raft of pacific- based vocalists and dancehall superstars. A ridiculously energetic aesthetic almost aggressively inclined to make you dance has kept him at the top of dancefloors and record labels, again leading to a home with dem wild Mad Decent dudes. On the decks, his sets are known to traverse countries and backgrounds from all over the world, with an emphasis on making you move. In other words U GONNA LOSE YO MIND. Check this stupidly good mix for a salivating taste of whats in store.

Plugcast 013 – Jillionaire’s TROPICanada (via MadDecent)


I ACTUALLY believe that seeing these two dudes go head to head will be one of the oh-shit moments of 2011 people will be talking about for far too long in the future. With combined interest in the funkiest, most danceable tunes around the world, there is a serious risk of dancefloor ruckus and a bangover you will never forget. Supports come from the trop-club king KATO and beach-bandits the Generic DJ's. Tickets are $15 prepaid HERE or $20 on the door.

But because at Fruitbeats we are dedicated to FREE AMAZING TIMEZ, we are giving a double pass away for NOTHING. Yeah BITCH thats a FREE PASS to probably the standout gig of 2011 and a precursor for many amazing parties to come. All u gotta do is email your full name to and if your lucky enough U and a +1 will score the door. DO IT.

Free or not, you should really go to this fucking party.

Friday, June 17, 2011

James Drake

woah Woah WOAH!

I suppose after The Grey album and Wu Tang vs. The Beatles mix-thing I probably shouldn't be as surprised to see this happen, but either way it did, and thats just a bit of alright.

This madness right here is called the James Drake mixtape, and comes courtesy of Bombe and Mr. Carribean out of Philladelphia, USA. It is what it rhymes as - A mixtape nearly half hour long smashing together the pseudo-soulful dark bass sounds of UK hype-beast James Blake alongside the bouncy synth-rap aesthetic from Drake. Besides the fact the entire project is creative ambition at its most-2011, it goes above and beyond in not just being a bunch of rap vocals over Blake, but a well-balanced instrumental tape combining two year-defining artists whose influences are as similar as opposite.

Really fucking cool too.

James Drake Mixtape - Bombé & Mr. Caribbean by

2 Phreeky.

What does Sydney have in common with dirt-funk and the west coast? With freaky citizens, vinyl infatuations and neon disco for the latest hour of the evening?? With 90s house, detroit, chicago, disco, soul and everything else built for ur body to dance???

Toni Toni Lee, thats whut.

His new EP '2 PHREEKY' is exactly what it sounds like, with a title track rockin the synth pads, high-pitched g-funk synths and vocal lines assuring that he cares...for you. This is a super up-tempo thing but pays homage to his house ways in only the best way. Real talk

Remixes come from Beni and Diamond Lights. One of them kills it, one of them does not (you be the judge). B-side 'Invert' stands though as highlight of the release, a slow-burning disco-wobble that goes well on every side of the night. But only at night. Like Gremlins...

It's out on YesYesRecords and is very worth your time. Buy it from Beatport now and iTunes maybe a week or so. Of course if U can't wait go and check out his past BOMBS Body Heat, Feelin' Real Good, Last Love and The Intercom. And then go check out our exclusive interview with the due HERE.

Sydney's finest remains so.

2 Phreeky by Toni Toni Lee

Invert by Toni Toni Lee

Miimali Gang Stars (Toni Toni Lee Remix) by Toni Toni Lee

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Label Profile: Fade to Mind

For the past few years, the worldwide bass-driven club scene has largely seen focus on the UK, thanks to a huge amount of inward-support and forward thinking regulators filtering out the mundane in charts. A well-balanced mix of artists, collaborators and bands have seen club music turn from 4/4 forgettable pieces into epic productions packing emotion and raw energy incomparable to others. The dirty, dark nature of the United Kingdom underground, combined with the curiously similar societal tendencies of the entire land had led much more influenced and raw outputs of musical strength, supported by forward thinking crowds and a fixture on the vinyl format.

In turn with the relative success of a scene based on location and vibe, worldwide copycats have nearly all unsuccessfully attempted to recreate what is happening. With exceptional circumstances (Salva, Jimmy Edgar, Ikonika, Optimum, Dro Carey etc) aside, this effort has largely failed, the cause of which I do not attribute to location, but lack of understanding of the influence and upbringing of the style of music dominating today. It has taken many many years of buildup to get to where things are at now, fly-by genres had to happen, dubstep had to happen etc, but it is through those years of experimentation that the critically acclaimed middle ground has been set. The UK now though is over-exposed and without competition, dominating DJ-charts and music sources worldwide. It is however with great excitement that a new label has emerged, with respect to the years of club testing and personal taste which are sure to set it apart, with a US-based influence sure to set it to the future.

FADE TO MIND, a label and style opened by Brooklyn-born (personal favourite) DJ and producer Kingdom, is the US equivalent of the feeling-led bass label scene from the UK, with a specialized focus on a sound born only out of America. Lacking the dirty weather and subsequent city-moods, a sun-drenched Los Angeles sets to be the backdrop of what will hopefully morph into a singular style all together:

(Fade to Mind) "Refers to music and experiences that make you transition to deeper or altered mind-states. For example NGUZUNGUZUs music, or 420."

With an already crowded roster of forthcoming artists, assumptions can already be made of the goals and potential outcomes which tend to include some of my now and yet-to-be favorite artists. There seems to be a very strong mindset within the label for a sound-ethic they want to achieve, and an even stronger focus on the feelings associated through the senses. Beginning with the ear, check below for a bit of a focus on the artists set to release through Fade2Mind.

Kingdom remains label founder, head, curator and visionary, already achieved through a huge catalogue of released and unreleased tracks that keep you guessing and, most importantly, questioning. A club format only provides a slight framework for music which relies heavily on twisted R&B sample and strong influence from bmore, jungle rave and footwork the States-over. His numerous mixes for some of the top-music sources today are amongst the toughest (and most vulnerable) stateside, with incredibly valuable live sets retaining his position as one of the most crucial (and underestimated) forward thinkers in the US. Releases on Fools Gold and Night Slugs help.

Marcus Price, Carli - Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed (Kingdom Remix)

Telepathe - Chromes On It (Kingdom Remix)

Kingdom - Seven Chirp (highly recommended)

Kingdom Xlr8r Podcast (very very special)

Kingdom Mix For Discobelle (Best mix hands down of 2009) - tracks are still on fire.

Core Fam Nguzunguzu has the name that says all you want to know about them. File under: incredibly indescribable bass weapons that connects and challenges the soul. Their music lies between ambient emotion and intergalactic bangers and the feeling of floating on air, courtesy of a collaberative spirit and requirement to challenge sensory expectations. Getting past and present legends like DJ Pierre & Girl Unit to mix them is surely a precursor to the rest of the world getting involved. DJ Phantasma (occasional tour DJ for M.I.A) and DJ Na met in Chicago through a love for music from everywhere else, though their move to LA, combined with effortless musical experimentation has led to a project that everyone has problems pronouncing, both musically and phonetically.

Nguzu's have claim to #Fade001, an EP entitled 'Time's Up' of which only one tune has been heard. 'Wake Sleep' sounds incred but the geometry-meets liquid artwork is absolutely mind-shatteringly cool.

Ciara - Deuces (NGUZUNGUZU Remix)

Stardone - S.E.T.I. (Nguzunguzu Remix)

Lazer Sword - Batman (Nguzunguzu Remix)

Nguzunguzu - Perfect Lullaby Mixtape - un-fucking-believable R&B and world-perfecting tunes.

Total Freedom maintains almost as mysterious as his counterparts, though his souncloud indicates a love of the unknown in music, followed closely by bass, RnB and hard-dance. Ain't nothing wrong with that. His mix of Yummy Bingham from Kingdoms last XLR8R podcast still remains highly sought after and I believe this will not be a singular occurrence. I have a vague feeling a lot of DJ's are gonna be pissed when TF unleashes some of these hard hitting love bombs.

You might be wondering why the hardstyle song below would be included here, but I believe it's tracks like these that show complete disregaurd for convention and are the MOST important in any respecting forward thinking labels mindset. Also it's ironic and cool as fuck.



Original. Amazing.

Continuing along those lines, Cedaa is a name that continues to pop up again and again, and has been doing so for almost too long, with highly original takes on sounds begging to be loved. With that central Rn'B flavour almost crucial within anything Kingdom is involved with (already apparent through this roster), Cedaa mixes the playable with the implacable, with sounds so shockingly vibrant they tend to bring on visual cues. Treating music as craft, his catalogue suggests interests in worldwide bass, chanelled through mixes for Canblaster, Aaliyah and Sydney's own Dro Carey and a slew of wildly original tracks for the future. Reference: Juke and R&B. Highlight word: FUTURE.

Cedaa - Justine

Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody

Clicks&Whistles - When I Feel (Cedaa Remix)

Holy shit this is cool.

Dro Carey - Much Coke (Cedaa Remix) by Cedaa

If you've ever been in a club and heard the audiotag 'This is a DJMIKEQ Production, you will either know or find out soon that its really time to dance. DJ Mike Q has somehow managed to become the face and leader of vogue and ballroom house in the US, leading those incredible runway dancers with dirty influence from Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago and his native New Jersey. Mixing into some disgustingly danceable skank-tracks for a frustratingly clean generation, Q has become one of the most recognizable names in the most obscure genre out - check the dance vid below. Foggy and with a lot more filth than some are prepared to deal with, Mike Q has pioneered a sound with such stamina and production-output that it is nearly impossible to keep up, let alone have time to dance to it all. It's music for the dirtiest backrooms of the 90s, for those who missed out. Check out the AMAZING dance vid too. On such a level of cool that its impossible to get even close. Seriously. Dont even try.

DJ MikeQ ft. Maurcia Rodriguez – Maurica

Dj Mike Q - I Whip My Ha

Dj Mike Q - XL8R Podcast

DJ MikeQ - Pusssy Took The Night by Qween Beat Productions

Clicks&Whistles perhaps provide a little too much sound-description within their name, though through their complex and at times brain-melting brand of bass, the southern US future-star(s?) are already chanelling (and one-upping) a sound universally embraced by knowledgeable club-enthusiasts, taking a US-Rap come Bounce influence that propelled Girl Unit's 'Wut' into the stratosphere. I repeat: US Rap instrumentals, synth-based emotional melody lines ...and bounce. Whurk.

Clicks and Whistles - Hello


Yo this is amazing.
Radiator EMB007B by Clicks & Whistles

Lastly and potentially most-importantly, the Sounds of Fatima Al Qadiri are sure to become part not only of a label roster so inescapably defined with vision, but of a generation bound by progressive and constructive artistic mediums - inspired by the past and looking to the future. Born and raised in Kuwait, the multi-medium artist musically operates with anxious unsurety and global skepticism. Inspired heavily by euro-rave and the breakdown following, a bitter mix of toned instrumentals and raw anger set in amongst a backdrop of ambience and calm. It's kinda disturbing and scary, but really really special.

Fatima Al Qadari makes music influenced by a wealth of lifetime experience and disturbances, and it is within this emotional context that the music, alongside a lot of Fade to Mind's potential presence, stands on emotionally higher ground than far too many labels who have spent years chasing the good rather than creating it.

Official Website

hip hop spa by Fatima Al Qadiri

I spose if your in NYC you should get to this. F.U.

Fade to Mind sets to roster special artists in a multi-sensory experience including artist collaborations and physical pieces. Already the Logo, cover art for #001 and night-poster, designed by DJ Bok Bok, flows heavily in ideas between liquid elements and geometric grids, a synthesis of sorts that reflects the ideas of both. As most of the artists listed exemplify, a physical image of crystals, waterfalls, geometry, prism-bending and 3d-rendered computer art (almost archived from the early days of the internet) references more than the ear can provide, proving Fade to Mind as one of the most exciting projects of the year, if not the early decade.


Monday, June 13, 2011


More beautiful music from the most mind-numbingly young talent in the longest time, as vibe influenced club musician Jam City creates one of the most stunningly original remixes of the year. Turning up the juno and putting down the 4/4s, the sometime-Night Slug has crafted his own take on BeautyHearts etheral indie piece '2 Good'. I'm also in love with this original, a drum and glokenspiel led slice of love much in line with something from Micachu and the Shapes or any other well-thought-out pop-but-not-that-kind-of-pop band. But as said, it's the remix that brings it home, and Jam delivers nicely.

It's not particularly clubby nor danceable, but it is with an almost perfect synocpated sense of timing that it works as a balearic journey in Space Romance. You will recognize the gear from a lot of his past tracks but by knocking back the bass and an expectation to make people dance, each piece and chord feels completely original and unheard, something that I think every musician (regardless of genre) should be striving for. Out now.

2 Good (Jam City Remix) by BEATYHEART


Thursday, June 9, 2011


These next snippets of awesome come from Sydney's very own (and very young) Templar Sound , a truly exciting label making a name as Australia's answer to the worldwide forward thinking community.

Two dude futurists Grown Folk made an exciting debut on the label last month with the release of the 'City Wind EP'. Holding momentum through ethereal synth sounds and an often driving percussion, their work brings to mind worldwide sounds inspired from the night.
Two new tracks following this EP (which you can check below) have surfaced courtesy of the continuously awesome TS crew. 'U Know The Time' would not sound out of place in sets from Ikonika, Ampersand or any of the UK-lead bass massive. Its tempo holds just as much as the galactic synth work which can only be described as inspiring.

The Dream gets a rework on no.2 with a dubbed out mix including Lil Wayne and Kelly Rowland. Everyone knows The Dream is one of the best produces out right now and the bootleg stands true in respect. Well worth your time.

Grown Folk - U Know The Time (highly reccomended)

The Dream/Kelly Rowland/Lil Wayne - Motivation (Grown Folk bootleg)

Grown Folk - City Wind EP - Templar Sound (TS003) by Grown Folk

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sydney gets a seriously once-in-a-lifetime treat this weekend with DJ JAZZY JAY, founding member Zulu Nation and pretty much hip hop in general bringing the FUNK to the long weekend in Sydney. Please dont be mistaken by this cold there will be sweat dripping off the walls here

Buy your tickets here right now or scroll to the bottom of the page for competition info. I dont even know why you are bothering to read the rest of this post. Just fucking get a ticket. Its Jazzy Jay!!!!

Witness the mix master in his first solo Sydney performance ever! Jazzy is set to lay down a blistering 2 hour set of True School Funk, Hip Hop + B-Boy/B-Girl Breaks that are sure to have you pop lockin' and body rockin'! He has promised to serve up that old skool flavour taking you back to an era when Hip Hop was all about the funk, the boogie and the party!

Having a career that's spanned over 30 years, Jazzy Jay is one of the true Hip Hop pioneers. In the early 1980's his DJ skills ruled both NYC's street parties and the city's most famed clubs, including The Roxy and Danceteria. In 1984, Jazzy Jay famously played himself in the role of club DJ in the classic Hip-Hop film, Beat Street. This film took the four elements of Hip-Hop to the masses and became an overground hit in Australia. Marking the 27th anniversary of this groundbreaking film, Jazzy Jay will touch down in Sydney to confirm to us how fun and influential this era was.

Jay went on to become a certified hit machine when he co-produced Afrika Bambaataa's anthemic Planet Rock and recorded the single: "Jazzy Sensation" as part of the Jazzy 5. He assisted in founding Def Jam and Strong City Records and later collaborated with the finest including The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Fat Joe, Brand Nubian and more. His experimentation with turntable trickery saw him later inducted into the DMC DJ Hall of Fame and featured in the DJ documentary, Scratch: All The Way Live. - he's done it all.

Ticket Givea-jazzy-jay!

Oh and it's at GoodGod. Best! Don't be afraid of this cold weather that is ruining everything right now. This will be insane enough as it is, and with I think very very few presale tickets left one of the sweatiest nights in Sydney this year. Seriously this guy is the jam and you cannot miss out if classic hip hop and funk are your bag. If that isn't then I dunno, you suck. If tickets are sold out this will make it sweeter, as we have a DOUBLE PASS to giveaway to whichever legend emails me their name and gets lucky enough for it to be chosen. Be a legend!!!! Do it!!!!!!!!!!

If not, buy tickets here!