Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Goodnight & Goodgod

This Saturday marks the last ever night of Goodgod Small Club.

Documenting the zany history of this utopia would be impossible and frankly irresponsible, as this room as meant so many things to so many people. So instead, here are just a few of the countless memories I've acquired from this legendary time in Sydney.


1. I remember NOT going to Goodgod after We Love Sounds in 2009. Apparently it was the funnest night ever (but that was said about most nights there).  

2. I remember my first night at Goodgod Small Club. It was a United Colours party featuring Solo, Kato, Bad Ezzy, Act Yo Age, Generic DJs, Charlie Chux and Wax Motif. Walking through La Campana was always a novelty experience, but that back room felt very homely from day one.

Jimmy Sing played the best set that night, and I remember Levins running around the club making sure everyone was singing along to every song. It wasn’t until later that I found out it was supposed to be the last ever night of Goodgod (though as we know this didn't quite happen). 

I’m really glad they stuck around, but I reckon that set was one of the most legendary moments in a long history of Sydney clubbing. Total 'I was there' moment. 

I also remember the Crazy Cousins remix of Kyla - Do You Mind, and how it is still my favourite song ever. 

3. I remember catching the train up from Wollongong to hit Goodgod almost every weekend for about 3 years straight. The music was always different, but you could always count on an open-armed attitude when you got there. I also remember the sunrise keeping us company on the 5.30AM train home, but I remember it was always worth it.

4. I remember not being at Goodgod for the Major Lazer takeover, but I remember being really proud when Aziz Ansari talked about it on Kimmell a few days later.

5. I remember the Club Kooky afterparty at SlowBlow’s ‘Smoke n’ Lazers’ party during Vivid. Starving Yet Full (from Azari & III) taught me how to dance, and Soulwax played in the front bar. Canyons played the best set that night, but no one knew who it was on account of all the smoke! 

6. I remember taking all my friends to The Dip, and always feeling pretty cool when Levins would bring out something extra for us. 

7. I remember feeling exhausted, emotional, tired and drunk, but I never felt sad inside Goodgod.  I remember Big Freedia’s ridiculous party, and Ben UFO’s euphoric all nighter, and stomping to Night Slugs at 6am, and SlowBlow's smoke machines,and all night sets from Four Tet and Jamie XX, and surprise sets from everyone, and Toni Toni Lee's 'The Intercom' and...just great music week in week out. 

8. I especially remember slapping the floor to Dexys Midnight Runners ‘Come on Eileen’ at the very last Ro Sham Bo.

9. I remember DJing in the front bar for Astral People's first birthday (who I met at Goodgod, and would later work with for another four years). I was booked to play at the same time as Ryan Hemsworth, but in the middle of Gwen Guthrie's 'It Could Have Been You', I could see him singing along on the dance floor. 

10. I remember finding out about Goodgod Closing, and immediately feeling nothing but happiness for Jimmy and Hana to not just leave such a globally-known legacy, but to feel free to continue making Sydney amazing in new ways (or at least take a well earned break). 

I also remember talking to Jimmy last week who, at one of Goodgod’s last ever parties, maintained that it was the people that made the space and we would all still be around regardless of a venue. I remember being in awe of these two people who, after so many years defining what will go down as one of Sydney’s most legendary spaces, would continue championing everyone inside who made it so great. 

Goodgod, thanks for the good times. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Your pal,


Goodgod’s last ever dance goes down this Saturday night. Come and raise a jug of sangria for a few years of fun. Jimmy Sing is going to close the party. Grab your tickets here